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[00:00:36] #commandhelper - Mon Oct 23 00:00:36 2017
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[00:00:38] * Topic is ':The wiki is THE source for info: | Don't use 3.3.0, use dev builds instead: | Substantial features get pinged with @testers | Pastebin: | Extension skeleton: Build CH first if you have issues!'
[00:00:39] * Set by LewsTherin! on Wed Sep 03 17:05:25
[00:25:22] <Oboist> set_block_at() is not firing block_place event, so LogBlock will not see it. Yes, only my own logfile, i suppose...
[00:33:40] <DaddyEric> or you can write a java extension to add into that or contact the author of the logblock extension and see what is going on with it
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[04:10:43] <Lildirt> is that some good old fashioned leaking that I see? :P
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[04:47:29] <Oboist> Good morning.
[05:13:35] <PseudoKnight> Oboist, i could take a look at CHLogBlock if that's the logging plugin you use
[05:14:05] <Lildirt> I wonder if trigger() works for block_place? not that it works in 90% of cases lol
[05:14:18] <PseudoKnight> heh, or i could make trigger() work for it, i think
[05:14:26] <Lildirt> (clarify: it's horrible and doesn't work)
[05:14:42] <PseudoKnight> which would create a bukkit event that other plugins could listen to
[05:15:16] <Oboist> Wow? trigger() sounds wonderful, not only in that situation
[05:15:27] <PseudoKnight> each event needs to be updated for it, and nobody's cared enough to make trigger() work for them heh
[05:15:29] <Lildirt> but most events have 0 support for it.
[05:16:28] <Oboist> trigger() or extension - i will be very grateful
[05:24:29] <Oboist> by the way... that specific functions is not working with entity-spawn events? entity_spec(@event[caught]) in player_fish still gives BadEntityException
[05:25:52] <PseudoKnight> caught isn't injected, hook is, that's probably the wrong entity for that event
[05:26:16] <PseudoKnight> wait, isn't player_fish like an encompassing event for a lot of fishing actions
[05:27:23] <PseudoKnight> i might have to look and see which type of fishing action it is and inject the appropriate entity
[05:28:14] <PseudoKnight> i think FISHING is where i'd do hook, and CAUGHT_ENTITY and CAUGHT_FISH i'd do the caught entity
[05:29:26] <PseudoKnight> ya, but i'll double check the code
[05:30:54] <Oboist> hope it will work =)
[05:31:22] <PseudoKnight> ya, that's how it works
[05:42:51] <PseudoKnight> it just occurred to me that the one instance that I forgot to fix was the one specific case someone mentioned on the tracker lol
[05:52:02] <PhanaticD> +1 making trigger work for block place and block break
[06:18:54] <Oboist> I don't understand... i thought that Staged API documentation is updated automatically, but things like get|set_entity_gravity() (added 4 months ago) and many other functions are not there yet
[06:19:50] <PseudoKnight> LC is in the process of moving the documentation to a new site
[06:20:10] <PseudoKnight> so the automatic generating of the API hasn't been run in a while
[06:20:12] <Oboist> Oh.
[06:21:57] <PseudoKnight> it needs some formatting improvements, but you can see it here
[06:23:10] <Oboist> Thank you!
[06:23:24] <PseudoKnight> it's not completely uptodate, but it's much closer
[06:25:04] <Oboist> yeah, title() isn't there yet, but in /docs
[06:33:35] <PseudoKnight> i use some custom css on it right now
[06:54:44] <Oboist> Is there page for events?
[06:57:06] <PseudoKnight> don't think so
[07:02:44] <PseudoKnight> man, blockplaceevent has a large constructor... nooooo
[07:09:48] <PseudoKnight> this really needs a separate documentation column, because the output is not always the same as the input
[07:12:03] <PseudoKnight> i should wrap this and throw an exception that outputs all the fields necessary until we can update event api generation
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[09:15:01] <SocBot> [CommandHelper] PseudoKnight pushed 8 new commits to master:
[09:15:01] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master 1023197 Junhyeong Lim: Add block_fade event
[09:15:01] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master fa3c087 Junhyeong Lim: Fix some
[09:15:01] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master b0b2232 Junhyeong Lim: Remove olddata, newtype, newdata
[09:15:02] <SocBot> [CommandHelper] PseudoKnight closed pull request #456: Add block_fade event (master...master)
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[09:21:42] <travis-ci> EngineHub/CommandHelper#629 (master - 8eeba96 : PseudoKnight): The build passed.
[09:21:42] <travis-ci> Change view :
[09:21:42] <travis-ci> Build details :
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[09:23:47] <@LadyCailin> lol, Bloack
[09:26:03] <PseudoKnight> only one more bukkit PR to get through
[09:26:12] <@LadyCailin> \o/
[09:27:06] <PseudoKnight> technically i'm using it as a ticket holder since i've had to fix this in many places
[09:55:52] <PseudoKnight> gonna push a couple small things to attempt another build
[09:56:14] <SocBot> [CommandHelper] PseudoKnight pushed 2 new commits to master:
[09:56:14] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master 3b7e6b6 PseudoKnight: Remove unsupported method of getting entity metadata
[09:56:14] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master 66e4271 PseudoKnight: Clarify play_sound docs
[10:00:05] <PseudoKnight> okay, good
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[10:02:22] <travis-ci> EngineHub/CommandHelper#630 (master - 66e4271 : PseudoKnight): The build passed.
[10:02:23] <travis-ci> Change view :
[10:02:23] <travis-ci> Build details :
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[10:27:28] <Oboist> now entity_spec(@event[caught]) causes stacktrace...
[10:28:03] <PseudoKnight> really? huh
[10:28:13] <Oboist>
[10:30:04] <PseudoKnight> oh, BukkitMCPlayerFishEvent doesn't get the specific entity like the other events do
[10:31:09] <PseudoKnight> i should double check the others, just in case
[10:32:38] <PseudoKnight> somewhat the same thing with projectile launches
[10:51:30] <SocBot> [CommandHelper] PseudoKnight pushed 1 new commit to master:
[10:51:31] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master 59700b1 PseudoKnight: Fix entity_spec() in projectile_launch and player_fish
[10:55:11] <PseudoKnight> that stupid test that randomly fails lol
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[10:58:19] <travis-ci> EngineHub/CommandHelper#631 (master - 59700b1 : PseudoKnight): The build passed.
[10:58:19] <travis-ci> Change view :
[10:58:19] <travis-ci> Build details :
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[14:03:06] <Oboist> still not available at enginehub...
[14:05:23] <PseudoKnight> ya, i knwo
[14:06:21] <PseudoKnight> it doesn't break existing code, though, so i'm finishing something else up first to commit
[14:08:01] <Oboist> real hero =D
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[15:10:49] <SocBot> [CommandHelper] PseudoKnight pushed 1 new commit to master:
[15:10:49] <SocBot> CommandHelper/master fc4bf4e PseudoKnight: Add optional single slot parameter in set_pinv() (and optimizations)...
[15:11:29] <PseudoKnight> hopefully that makes it
[15:11:54] <PseudoKnight> otherwise i'll have to complete more of my backlog
[15:14:11] <PseudoKnight> yay, there we go
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[15:18:09] <travis-ci> EngineHub/CommandHelper#632 (master - fc4bf4e : PseudoKnight): The build passed.
[15:18:09] <travis-ci> Change view :
[15:18:09] <travis-ci> Build details :
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[15:27:09] <kookster> good morning/evening/afternoon
[15:30:05] <PseudoKnight> it's morning where i live
[15:30:15] <PseudoKnight> it's night how i live
[16:17:26] <@LadyCailin> lol
[16:17:34] <@LadyCailin> PseudoKnight: You're nearly on Norwegian time :D
[16:17:51] <@LadyCailin> Speaking of, would you like a job in Norway?
[16:18:20] <PseudoKnight> lol, nearly everything i hear about norway is pretty great right now
[16:18:29] <PseudoKnight> you sure chose wisely
[16:18:30] <@LadyCailin> Yeah, we don't have Trump
[16:18:37] <@LadyCailin> That's the main thing, I think
[16:18:43] <PseudoKnight> i mean, even compared to neighboring countries
[16:19:14] <@LadyCailin> Also, I just got a "frikort" which means that my healthcare is free for the rest of the year. To date, I have only spent 2,205 kroner, or about $250.
[16:19:16] <@LadyCailin> Heh, yeah
[16:19:51] <@LadyCailin> Anyways, mostly serious question. Our team is hiring. Want a job?
[16:20:13] <@LadyCailin> And if so, would you move to Norway. lol
[16:20:58] <PseudoKnight> i wish i could, but i'm really close to my family
[16:21:14] <@LadyCailin> Fair enough ^^
[16:21:25] <@LadyCailin> I mean, I don't understand at all, cause I hate my family, but fair enough. lol
[16:23:20] <PseudoKnight> ya, apparently i lucked out
[16:24:46] <@LadyCailin> But this frikort (free card) is pretty cool
[16:25:01] <@LadyCailin> All dr. visits and prescriptions are totally and 100% free the rest of the year
[16:25:52] <@LadyCailin> It's like a healthcare plan where you have a $25 copay, but even that goes away once you hit the deductable of $250
[16:26:21] <@LadyCailin> I mean, I paid a shit ton in taxes this year
[16:26:29] <@LadyCailin> But even if I lose my job, I keep the insurance
[16:27:12] <PseudoKnight> tieing health insurance to jobs is the weirdest thing
[16:29:31] <@LadyCailin> It really is though
[16:31:07] <@LadyCailin> Back before they did that, nobody had insurance, but at least healthcare was generally affordable. But then, to attract better employees, some jobs started offering it as an extra incentive. But then it caught on, and so healthcare providers realized they could start charging more, so they did, and then the people that didn't have insurance couldn't afford healthcare, so basically all jobs...
[16:31:09] <@LadyCailin> ...had to start providing the insurance as well.
[16:32:35] <@LadyCailin> Well, the government could have stepped in, but lol, fuck socialism, even if it means people die, amiright?
[16:34:20] <PseudoKnight> ya, i don't get the rationalization.. beneath every vote against universal healthcare is the implication that they want poor people to die
[16:37:41] <PseudoKnight> my parents healthcare under the ACA dropped from over $1200 a month to under $600 a month
[16:38:56] <PseudoKnight> i hadn't been covered at all for nearly a decade
[16:40:12] <PseudoKnight> it's still pretty shitty, though. finding care providers that take your coverage is difficult
[16:41:47] <PseudoKnight> they can only have a small percentage, like 7%, of their patients with this coverage.. it pays too little
[16:42:39] <PseudoKnight> but if i move my coverage to a insurer, the government will pay my premiums and the providers will be paid more.. it's like it's built to favor the insurance companies
[16:43:34] <PseudoKnight> and all of it is super complicated to figure out
[16:44:02] <PseudoKnight> needs a rewrite lol
[16:45:10] <@LadyCailin> Yeah. Insurance is totally a scam.
[16:45:17] <@LadyCailin> It's a waste of capital
[17:00:36] <Lildirt> ^ no bloody joke, especially auto insurance.
[17:01:31] <PseudoKnight> you know you have it made when the government requires almost everyone to pay you
[17:02:19] <PseudoKnight> wonder what will happen to that after self-driving cars are a thing
[17:03:16] <PseudoKnight> speaking of which, i don't own a car.. screw that noise
[17:04:43] <Lildirt> when you live in a small town, cars are mandatory :/
[17:23:15] <PseudoKnight> they keep adding more and more fees here. people are driving to work to pay for driving to their work
[17:24:01] <PseudoKnight> but a lot of people love driving, so there's that
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[18:06:32] <Oboist> in player_fish there is mutable field 'chance', and it can be from 0 to 1, but seems to not affecting anyting at all (or i misunderstood it purpose)
[18:06:52] <PseudoKnight> that's something bukkit deprecated
[18:07:13] <PseudoKnight> not sure it even works on latest versions
[18:07:51] <PseudoKnight> ya "has no effect in newer Minecraft versions"
[18:09:21] <PseudoKnight> not sure when that happened
[18:09:48] <PseudoKnight> but was deprecated apr 2016
[18:13:13] <Oboist> well, then i just want to thank you for the latest changes! =)
[18:13:54] <PseudoKnight> :)
[18:15:54] * Oboist (~Oboist@ Quit (Quit: Going offline, see ya! (
[18:18:08] <PseudoKnight> looks like bitechance stopped working before 1.7.10 so i can remove it