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[00:00:37] #commandhelper - Mon May 01 00:00:37 2017
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[00:00:40] * Topic is ':The wiki is THE source for info: | Don't use 3.3.0, use dev builds instead: | Substantial features get pinged with @testers | Pastebin: | Extension skeleton: Build CH first if you have issues!'
[00:00:40] * Set by LewsTherin! on Wed Sep 03 17:05:25
[04:04:27] * PseudoKnight ( has joined #commandHelper
[05:21:06] * kookster2 (kiwiirc@ has joined #commandHelper
[05:21:57] <kookster2> anyone know why if you wrap a server with nodejs capturing its output, msg() with color codes doesnt appear, but console() with color codes does
[05:23:22] <kookster2> IE: msg( colorize( '&4test' ) ); // this appears red
[05:23:32] <kookster2> sorry it doesnt
[05:23:43] <kookster2> console( colorize( '&4test' ) ); // this does appear red
[05:24:10] <kookster2> PseudoKnight: any idea why this would be ^
[05:24:28] <PseudoKnight> i'm looking
[05:24:35] <kookster2> thanks man
[05:24:43] <PseudoKnight> but i'm afraid that's outside my experience
[05:25:27] <kookster2> that makes 2 of us
[05:25:43] <kookster2> i just want to make a server wrapper dangit...
[05:25:51] <kookster2> rip my dreams
[05:26:22] <PseudoKnight> it looks like console and msg do the same thing in regards to color
[05:26:40] <kookster2> even more puzzling
[05:27:25] <PseudoKnight> there are variations, but nothing that should change it, as far as i can tell
[05:27:46] <kookster2> i wonder if its the version of CH on this server
[05:28:03] <kookster2> this is a old dinky test server, im not even sure whats on it
[05:28:25] <PseudoKnight> it'd have to be years old, i'd think
[05:28:55] <kookster2> how about 2 years
[05:28:55] <PseudoKnight> wait, there was a recent commit about colors
[05:29:09] <PseudoKnight>
[05:29:32] <kookster2> ill try a newer build
[05:29:51] <PseudoKnight> that doesn't seem to change how msg and console handle it though
[05:30:34] <kookster2> i can give you the code im using to test this if you like, its a really simple nodejs file
[05:31:22] <kookster2> that is if this next test doesnt work
[05:31:31] <PseudoKnight> i don't have nodejs setup, but i don't think its necessary
[05:31:42] <kookster2> nodejs is really easy to install
[05:32:17] <PseudoKnight> i imagine, but then i'd uninstall it right away heh
[05:33:19] <kookster2> dont like node?
[05:33:38] <PseudoKnight> haven't used it yet
[05:33:47] <kookster2> i like node a lot
[05:33:57] <PseudoKnight> well, you like JS
[05:34:11] <kookster2> yep
[05:38:51] <kookster2> im going to try the latest build
[05:39:13] <PseudoKnight> it might fix it, but i'm not sure how the changes do what it says it does
[05:39:46] <PseudoKnight> looks like it mostly affects resets, but it also removes a Unix check
[05:40:30] <kookster2> the build i was trying was 3170
[05:40:34] <kookster2> the latest is 3192
[05:41:17] <PseudoKnight> oh, then that's after the change anyway
[05:41:28] <kookster2> still no color
[05:41:50] <kookster2> let me get a fresh server and try this
[05:41:56] <kookster2> make sure i didnt mess anything up
[05:45:38] <kookster2> alright doesnt get any fresher than that
[05:45:51] <kookster2> here goes nothing
[05:47:49] <kookster2> no dice
[05:47:54] <kookster2> weird
[05:49:41] <kookster2> is this a LadyCailin thing then?
[05:50:47] <PseudoKnight> pieter did the latest commit on it too
[05:51:01] <PseudoKnight> both functions call the same method though
[05:52:00] <kookster2> heres the JS code:
[05:52:10] <kookster2> you would just have to replace the jar file name on line 4
[05:55:06] <PseudoKnight> both functions call Static.MCToANSIColors()
[05:55:42] <PseudoKnight> only difference is msg() calls flush() after
[05:57:43] <kookster2> dunno
[05:58:00] <PseudoKnight> i guess its possible that it has a commandsender
[05:58:08] <PseudoKnight> so it skips that
[05:58:58] <PseudoKnight> ya, that's probably it
[05:59:20] <kookster2> is there anyway we can verify that without code changes?
[05:59:29] <PseudoKnight> CH doesn't change the color codes if it has a commandsender with msg()
[05:59:45] <PseudoKnight> and an environment
[06:00:09] <PseudoKnight> so it'd work if running in cmdline mode
[06:00:23] <PseudoKnight> otherwise just use console()
[06:00:43] <kookster2> problem is a lot of commands i have use msg
[06:00:50] <kookster2> cause they are intended for console or players
[06:01:28] <PseudoKnight> i could add a check to see if the commandsender is console.
[06:01:40] <kookster2> i would gladly test it for you
[06:08:44] <kookster2> shall i stick around, or is this something you'll do later?
[06:09:00] <PseudoKnight> thinking through the implications.. looked at the craftbukkit code and it doesn't tie into anything, so it might be okay
[06:10:02] <kookster2> k
[06:10:18] <PseudoKnight> built it for you to test
[06:10:22] <kookster2> sweet
[06:10:28] <kookster2> link?
[06:10:33] <PseudoKnight> almost uploaded
[06:10:35] <kookster2> k
[06:11:10] <PseudoKnight>
[06:11:52] <kookster2> restarting server
[06:12:16] <kookster2> that fixed it!
[06:12:57] <PseudoKnight> nice
[06:13:19] <kookster2> sweet now i can get back to my wrapper
[06:13:29] <kookster2> im assuming you will commit that to CH itself now?
[06:13:46] <PseudoKnight> i'll think about this change a bit more before i commit it.. it's a simple change, though
[06:14:05] <kookster2> k
[06:14:41] <PseudoKnight> ya, i think this is good.. there are 3 commandsenders, players, console, and commandblocks
[06:14:49] <kookster2> verified msg() with colors works for in game players
[06:15:30] <PseudoKnight> wonder if runas('~console' will change
[06:16:25] <kookster2> gonna try