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[00:00:05] #towny - Tue Aug 22 00:00:05 2017
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[00:00:07] * Topic is ':Towny | Website: | Say !cmd for channel commands | Do not join and ask if you can ask a question, ask the question. Do not join and ask if anyone is here, we are here. | Now on Discord: (Not for support!)'
[00:00:07] * Set by LlmDl!~LlmDl@ on Tue Jun 27 00:27:13
[04:51:49] * Mike5357 ( has joined #towny
[04:51:57] <Mike5357> Hello
[04:51:57] <+townybot> Hello Mike5357
[04:52:13] <Mike5357> is there a way to see town bank/balance logs?
[04:53:33] <Mike5357> have had a few players come back after a few days of inactivity and finding their towns deleted and claiming that they 'definitely' had enough money in the town bank, so was wondering if there was a way I could show them a log of their towns account to show where the money went/how much money was remaining when the town was deleted
[04:56:17] <Mike5357> nvm found what I was looking for :P sorry!
[04:56:26] <Mike5357> unless theres a way to view it ingame through a command?
[04:57:28] <@LlmDl> you can see the balance in /town
[04:57:43] <@LlmDl> or in your economy plugin's balance command using town-namehere
[04:58:45] <@LlmDl> if you use essentials economy for you economy, thats a known issue with that plugin
[04:58:49] <@LlmDl> !using esseco
[04:58:50] <+townybot> EssEco has been reseting bank accounts because of changes to their handling of fake-player-accounts. Essentials no longer gives support for their plugins for users of MC 1.8 and there is no update for 1.8 users in sight. Consider changing to iConomy 5.05 on the website.
[05:01:40] <Mike5357> yeah no I meant a command to see like the information that is printed in the logs folder
[05:01:44] <Mike5357> like the money file
[05:01:51] <Mike5357> but only display the information relevant to your town
[05:02:04] <Mike5357> so youd be able to see when taxes were taken and how much, etc
[05:03:52] <@LlmDl> there's a towny money.csv in the towny\logs folder
[05:04:10] <@LlmDl> whats your eco plugin
[05:07:58] <Mike5357> iconomy lol
[05:08:21] <Mike5357> thats the file im talking about the money.csv
[05:08:38] <Mike5357> but a way for mayors to view their towns relevant information with a command
[05:08:41] <@LlmDl> there's no ingame command
[05:09:02] <@LlmDl> there's already a ticket on the tracker for mayors to be able to see their bank logs
[05:20:47] <Mike5357> ah ok great ty
[05:20:58] * Mike5357 ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)