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[00:00:57] #towny - Sun Jan 22 00:00:57 2017
[00:00:57] ---
[00:00:58] * Topic is ':Towny | Website: | Say !cmd for channel commands | Do not join and ask if you can ask a question, ask the question. Do not join and ask if anyone is here, we are here. | Use the Dev Builds for 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11, Release Builds to Come Shortly.'
[00:00:58] * Set by LlmDl!~LlmDl@ on Sat Jan 21 22:32:43
[04:20:12] * Nicolai12011 ( has joined #towny
[04:20:18] <Nicolai12011> Hey
[04:20:32] <Nicolai12011> I need help?
[04:20:51] <Nicolai12011> !using
[04:21:06] <Nicolai12011> Hello!
[04:21:07] <townybot> Please ask what you came to say, someone will see it and respond.
[04:21:41] <Nicolai12011> Okay, why can a normal player destroy and build, in a town they not are in ?
[04:22:05] <@LlmDl> What permission nodes did you give players in yoru permission plugin
[04:22:42] <Nicolai12011> Should i have an permission plugin hooked up to it?
[04:22:55] <Nicolai12011> Because we tried to do both
[04:22:59] <Nicolai12011> but still not work.
[04:23:03] <@LlmDl> most people that have that issue have added nodes tehy ought not to have
[04:23:13] <@LlmDl> go to one of the plots and do /plot perm,
[04:23:20] <@LlmDl> then tell me the perm line you see
[04:26:32] <Nicolai12011> Perm: Build = f - - destroy = switch = f - - item = f -- pvp : off, explosions: off, firespread off, mob spawns: off
[04:27:06] <@LlmDl> ok your townyperms.yml and your permission plugin's file
[04:29:01] <Nicolai12011> here :
[04:30:07] <@LlmDl> looks fine, !dothis
[04:30:07] <townybot> Stop your server. Start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. A new latest.log will be created in your logs folder. Please upload it to or and post the link in the channel. Describe your problem to the channel. Someone will answer you when they are available.
[04:35:09] <Nicolai12011> here is the log :
[04:36:14] <@LlmDl> you
[04:36:27] <Nicolai12011> ?
[04:36:36] <@LlmDl> *you're using the wrong versino of towny, you need to update your version of MC to 1.8.3 or newer
[04:36:47] <@LlmDl> and use the newest release
[04:36:51] <@LlmDl> !download
[04:36:51] <townybot> Grab Towny Advanced for 1.8 here: ( )
[04:41:12] <Nicolai12011> log now :
[04:43:53] <Nicolai12011> .
[04:46:12] <@LlmDl> You didnt update your spigot
[04:46:22] <@LlmDl> you're on 1.8 and you need to be on 1.8.3 or newer
[04:53:09] <Nicolai12011> THANKS!
[04:53:16] <Nicolai12011> It works now !
[05:25:27] * Nicolai12011 ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)