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[00:00:52] #thermalexpansion - Fri Feb 24 00:00:52 2017
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[00:01:08] * Topic is ':Mod is being developed for 1.10.2. No, there is no ETA. Also, we have a Curse channel:'
[00:01:08] * Set by KingLemming!~quassel@2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe73:66ff on Wed Jan 11 21:33:41
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[01:43:55] <Murrlin> from , "...Upgrading an existing machine to the next tier using a special recipe."
[01:44:10] <Murrlin> is this still the case or no longer the case?
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[02:53:35] <@KingLemming> still the case in TE4
[02:53:39] <@KingLemming> won't be in TE5
[03:12:22] * ThermalWiki1185 (webchat@ has joined #ThermalExpansion
[03:13:01] <ThermalWiki1185> cofhcore 3.2.0?
[03:13:30] <@KingLemming> ?
[03:14:05] <ThermalWiki1185> the beta version 1.10.2. where can I download it?
[03:14:10] <@KingLemming> you can't
[03:14:15] <@KingLemming> there is no beta version
[03:14:30] <ThermalWiki1185> but the ftb beyond have?
[03:14:36] <@KingLemming> they sure do
[03:14:44] <ThermalWiki1185> how can they get it
[03:14:59] <@KingLemming> because they need it to develop the pack
[03:15:03] <@KingLemming> but it's not a functional mod atm
[03:15:14] <ThermalWiki1185> where did they download it
[03:15:19] <@KingLemming> They didn't
[03:15:29] <ThermalWiki1185> How can they get it
[03:15:32] <@KingLemming> We sent it directly to them
[03:15:48] <ThermalWiki1185> Could you send it to me?
[03:15:56] <@KingLemming> No, sorry
[03:16:00] <ThermalWiki1185> Why?
[03:16:03] <@KingLemming> It's not functional, it wouldn't do you any good
[03:16:17] <@KingLemming> We're still writing
[03:16:20] <ThermalWiki1185> I can test it and report bug to you
[03:16:31] <@KingLemming> thank you, but we're fine
[03:16:48] <@KingLemming> at this point, you wouldn't know what's an actual bug and what's just not yet implemented
[03:17:58] <ThermalWiki1185> you can give me what you have written. The jar file
[03:20:00] <ThermalWiki1185> Please
[03:20:54] <@KingLemming> I'm sorry but that's not happening. Hopefully something will be out in a few days
[03:22:35] <ThermalWiki1185> Why it is just taking so long?
[03:22:52] <@KingLemming> because we have lives and jobs
[03:23:08] <@KingLemming> this is a hobby, it doesn't pay the bills
[03:23:15] <@KingLemming> we can't code anything if we starve to death
[03:24:36] <@KingLemming> glad you like the mods, but sorry, we have to prioritize
[03:26:39] <ThermalWiki1185> How can the FTB team convince you to get the mod?
[03:27:21] <ThermalWiki1185> Yep. my question is so stupid
[03:29:30] <@KingLemming> They need it for worldgen
[03:29:40] <@KingLemming> and that's one of the parts which is working
[03:30:23] <ThermalWiki1185> Can you give me Thermal Foundation?