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[00:00:52] #thaumcraft - Fri Feb 24 00:00:52 2017
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[00:00:52] * Topic is ':Thaumcraft mod irc, latest version 5.2.4 - Post bug reports here: TO ADDON DEVS: please go check out the addon section of the MC forum post for some guidelines. Patreon link: Also I'm on twitter now @Azanor1'
[00:00:52] * Set by Azanor! on Thu Mar 17 17:30:11
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[00:22:39] <Xilandro> Indeed, I'm excited given what I've seen of the alphas thus far
[00:27:10] <Nnystyxx> i'm very excited about the focus changes
[00:27:25] <Nnystyxx> & gauntlets, i'm glad to see TC6 taking advantage of the off hand system
[00:28:48] <Nnystyxx> and I think research is going to be the best it's ever been
[00:29:11] <Nnystyxx> I like the HQM-esque progressive research from the preview video, finding out stuff progressively, having hints on what to do next
[00:29:17] <Nnystyxx> it really makes it feel more cohesive and reasonable
[00:32:59] <Sunconure11> by any chance, are the gauntlets as customizable as the now defunct(?) wands
[00:33:41] <Nnystyxx> i know there's tiers of them but i don't know if they're modular
[00:34:09] <Sunconure11> only one way for you to find out... try crafting them as if they were modular
[00:34:18] <Nnystyxx> i think making them customizable would be an extra layer of complexity since the textures have to wrap around a lot more, i imagine each tier has a fixed crafting recipe
[00:34:20] <Nnystyxx> shrug
[00:34:57] <Nnystyxx> i want a gold gauntlet, though, even if it's not that effective, I want a big gaudy infinity gauntlet-looking thing
[00:38:40] <Xilandro> lol
[00:40:21] <Murrlin> Don't shoot food!
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[01:01:18] <Nnystyxx> i made another effortpost about the crimson cult on the mc forum thread
[01:01:23] <Nnystyxx> ~ideas~
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