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[00:00:57] #spongedev - Sun Jan 22 00:00:57 2017
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[00:20:21] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] M​inecrell pushed 1 commit to bleeding <>
[00:20:22] <+Spongie> SpongeCommon/bleeding b676c6fe: Implement Fixes #1458 (by M​inecrell)
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[00:25:11] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] M​inecrell pushed 1 commit to bleeding <>
[00:25:12] <+Spongie> SpongeCommon/bleeding 480f81cb: Fix exception when DedicatedServer.getHostname returns null. Fixes #1120 (by M​inecrell)
[00:25:50] <heartsemma> Is there a way to securely send a user a key?
[00:26:13] <heartsemma> My only other alternative is to send it through a chat message and I don't think that's an encrypted channel
[00:26:17] <heartsemma> I definitely don't want it logged
[00:30:05] <Lord_Ralex> why would you be sending private keys like that
[00:31:36] <+mbaxter> What kind of keys are we talking
[00:31:37] <@phroa> generate the key on the server
[00:31:46] <+mbaxter> maybe he means housekey
[00:32:51] <heartsemma> mbaxter, phroa, Lord_Ralex, I need to send a player a key for TOTP code generation
[00:33:14] <heartsemma> It's a key used to generate codes for 2FA
[00:33:49] <heartsemma> I can send it over chat and it'd still be a security improvement, as it only needs to be sent once, but I'd really rather not
[00:34:22] <+mbaxter> Well, mc is encryped
[00:34:26] <+mbaxter> isnt it
[00:34:30] <heartsemma> Like the connection from client to server?
[00:34:37] <+mbaxter> yarr
[00:34:39] <+mbaxter> w 30
[00:34:40] <heartsemma> That's good then, that's what I was worried about actually.
[00:34:49] <kenzierocks> uh... it is?
[00:34:52] <@Deamon> yeah
[00:35:00] <heartsemma> How does that work?
[00:35:01] <kenzierocks> when did that happen
[00:35:03] <heartsemma> Btw
[00:35:07] <+mbaxter> years ago
[00:35:21] <kenzierocks> yarrs ago*
[00:35:27] <+mbaxter> yarrrrr
[00:35:43] <heartsemma> That doesn't... Make sense to me. How come people can just set up minecraft serevrs that serve encrypted connections without creating certificates and stuff?
[00:35:45] <+mbaxter> iirc online-mode=false disabled it
[00:35:58] <kenzierocks> encryption doesn't require certs
[00:36:04] <+mbaxter> yarr
[00:36:04] <kenzierocks> that's just how HTTPS does it
[00:36:14] <kenzierocks> it probably uses your user token or something
[00:36:32] <@Deamon> its an asymmetric cipher
[00:36:38] <heartsemma> Oh I see
[00:36:42] <heartsemma> It's centralized
[00:36:46] <heartsemma> With mojang
[00:36:56] <+mbaxter> yup!
[00:36:59] <heartsemma> That's why it's only enabled with online-mode servers
[00:37:02] <heartsemma> It's like how skype works
[00:37:03] <heartsemma> Got it
[00:37:12] <@Deamon>
[00:37:14] <+mbaxter> That's insulting
[00:37:16] <@Deamon> here a nice description
[00:37:41] <@Deamon> oh I lied
[00:37:45] <@Deamon> its symmetric :P
[00:38:14] <heartsemma> Yeah I thought so
[00:38:31] <heartsemma> It's still fine, I understand now.
[00:38:45] <heartsemma> Does Sponge log commands?
[00:39:10] <gabizou> sponge itself doesn't
[00:39:16] <gabizou> vanilla has the option to log commands
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[00:39:51] <heartsemma> Can I disable that or at least check for it in my plugin?
[00:40:02] <heartsemma> And ask the server owner to disable it?
[00:40:50] <gabizou> I think it's just a server properties thing
[00:40:57] <gabizou> logAdminCommands=false
[00:41:25] <heartsemma> With the specific protocol I'm using (TOTP) it's not that big of a deal because every authentication code expires in 30 seconds or whatever.
[00:41:34] <heartsemma> But I'm just worried about the initial registration being logged
[00:41:52] <heartsemma> I will tell the server owner to disable that if he has it on then...
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[00:42:27] <kenzierocks> why not just create QR codes or something
[00:42:32] <kenzierocks> this is in-game, correct?
[00:42:48] <kenzierocks> you could show the player a map with a QR code on it
[00:43:07] <kenzierocks> scan and import to the 2FA app
[00:45:35] <heartsemma> Oh that's a really good idea actually
[00:45:45] <heartsemma> thanks kenzierocks I didn't think of that
[00:45:58] <kenzierocks> no problem
[00:46:27] <heartsemma> Would the app actually recognize a qr code generated on a map?
[00:46:36] <kenzierocks> if you get the pixels right
[00:46:59] <gabizou> heartsemma google auth does pretty well
[00:47:35] <@phroa> I don't see the issue with the _response_ to registration containing the 2fa code.  the user never sends the code back to the server in a command that would be logged
[00:47:35] <heartsemma> Ok, I'll try that instead of sending the user the long code in hexidecimal
[00:47:39] <heartsemma> Seems easier and more secure
[00:47:47] <@phroa> (speaking as someone that can't use the QR code, please...)
[00:48:17] <heartsemma> Are server messages logged though?
[00:48:27] <heartsemma> I vaguely remember using MyMCAdmin on my old server
[00:48:44] <heartsemma> I could see the chat and a lot of server messages at the control panel
[00:48:57] <@phroa> well the server can always be modified, but outgoing plugin-generated messages should not be logged by default
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[00:49:15] <heartsemma> Ok, then that's alright. If the server is modified there's not much I can do anyways.
[00:49:23] <heartsemma> I'll provide both options, I suppose.
[00:49:27] <heartsemma> GTG
[00:49:28] <heartsemma> thx
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[01:16:20] <Katrix> Hey windy, my project on Ore HomeSweetHome doesn't have a discussion tab and no thread was created on the forums. Anything I can do to fix it?
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[01:28:51] <@Me4502> Anyone know if there's some handy API method to convert a Location<Chunk> to a Location<World> ?
[01:28:56] <@Me4502> Not a big deal if not
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[01:35:16] <@simon816> Me4502, look at Server#getChunkLayout()
[01:35:23] <@Me4502> many thank
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[01:52:51] <Mitch> Hey there - I'm trying to set a block at a specific location to a modded ID, can someone suggest a way in which I might do that?
[01:53:20] <@Me4502> Yes, you want to use the GameRegistry to grab the modded blocktype
[01:53:37] <@Me4502> I believe it's Sponge.getRegistry().getType(BlockType.class, "modded:id");
[01:53:50] <@Me4502> Eg, if it was somemod:super_stone, you'd enter that in place of modded:id
[01:53:53] <Mitch> Fantastic, thanks!
[01:53:57] <@Me4502> You're welcome
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[02:07:34] <Mitch> Second question - does anyone know of a way that I can set the drops for a broken block?
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[02:18:29] <@simon816> Mitch, listen for the event DropItemEvent.Destruct
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[02:28:28] <samson> i have a question about the data api
[02:28:41] <samson> when calling getOrCreate, is the data manipulator's fill() method called
[02:33:56] <+Spongie> [SpongeAPI] m​e4502 closed PR #1407: Replace PASSENGERS data with UUIDs. <>
[02:33:57] <+Spongie> [SpongeAPI] m​e4502 pushed 1 commit to bleeding <>
[02:33:58] <+Spongie> SpongeAPI/bleeding 1721fb6d: Replace PASSENGERS data with UUIDs. (#1407) (by M​atthew Miller)
[02:34:04] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] m​e4502 closed PR #1007: Implement clearPassengers, and removePassenger(Entity) <>
[02:34:05] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] m​e4502 pushed 1 commit to bleeding <>
[02:34:06] <+Spongie> SpongeCommon/bleeding 369ea1bf: Implement clearPassengers, and removePassenger(Entity) (#1007) (by M​atthew Miller)
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[03:45:31] <Mitch> Okay so I've got a setup wherein I grab entity groups and adjust some drop rates as necessary, now, in order to complete what I'm trying to do I need to first work out what the block was broken with
[03:45:54] <Mitch> I'm listening to DropItemEvent.Destruct as suggested earlier, and I have the block from that
[03:46:01] <Mitch> Is there a way I can find out who/what broke it?
[04:01:08] <xcube> Mitch: I don't know much about item drops yet, but might there be something in the Cause that came with the event?
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[04:07:07] <Mitch> You could be right, I suppose I can just list off the causes and see if I get one to match
[04:29:27] <@Me4502> Just sout the entire cause
[04:29:29] <@Me4502> that's what I do
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[05:44:57] <Mitch> I'm passing player/blocktype args to a dropitem.destruct event
[05:45:04] <Mitch> public void onItemDrop(DropItemEvent.Destruct event, @First BlockType block, @First Player player)
[05:45:28] <Mitch> But when running the code with either arg it doesn't seem to register (it does without) can anyone offer a suggestion as to why