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[00:00:15] #spongedev - Sat Jun 24 00:00:15 2017
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[05:08:37] <cj89898> Hey, how do I stop my plugin from being loaded if there is no economy service?
[05:23:13] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> you can't stop it from being loaded, but there's something you can do. The code below will remove all event listeners and commands registered by your plugin java if (!economyPresent) {     Sponge.getEventManager().unregisterListeners(this);     Sponge.getCommandManager().getOwnedBy(this).forEach(mapping -> Sponge.getCommandManager().removeMapping(mapping)); }
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[05:24:28] <cj89898> and that will pretty much make it useless?
[05:25:37] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> it should, as long as you're plugin's not doing anything else, for example running repeating tasks
[05:25:47] <cj89898> nope, don't believe so lol
[05:26:03] <cj89898> I'm trying to make a reload event, right
[05:27:23] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> how does a reload event correspond to an economy being available?
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[05:28:17] <cj89898> and I have this so far:
[05:28:33] <cj89898> RysingDragon, it doesn't. This is another issue
[05:28:43] <cj89898> I just had to get the link to the github real quick so it took a while lol
[05:29:07] <cj89898> Either way, I have the debug there (printing out the shops list and the item I'm changing)
[05:29:21] <cj89898> But when I change the config, it stays the same amount
[05:29:36] <cj89898> I start the server with the amount as "1"
[05:29:41] <cj89898> and I change it to "5"
[05:29:48] <cj89898> i reload, and it still prints out "1"
[05:32:49] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> try replacing in your reload event the method createConfig() with loadConfig()
[05:33:02] <cj89898> okie dokie
[05:33:55] <cj89898> didn't work
[05:34:11] <cj89898> my createConfig() has loadConfig() and saveConfig() built into it btw
[05:36:29] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> I know, my guess was that since it was creating a new loader it wasn't working.
[05:36:48] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> To clarify: it is a config setting you're trying to change on reload correct?
[05:37:00] <cj89898> yes
[05:37:24] <cj89898> if you check the shops.json in the resources area, i'm changing the "amount" under the diamond axe btw
[05:38:02] <cj89898> And yes, it reloads fine if I just restart the server
[05:38:26] <cj89898> and no, I'm not just changing it in the plugin, then re-exporting it lol
[05:41:55] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> I don't get it, using ConfigurationLoader#loadshould give you the updated ConfigurationNode. I even just checked a very old plugin of mine and that's pretty much exactly how I did it back then
[05:42:14] <cj89898> ya, i'm super confused...
[05:42:25] <cj89898> because the reload does in fact activate
[05:42:31] <cj89898> it clears the shop list and all
[05:45:21] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> I think I know what you're doing wrong. In your Utils class you have this: private static ConfigurationNode conf = plugin.getConfig(); That variable isn't getting updated whenever you reload
[05:45:41] <cj89898> oh my bad
[05:45:48] <cj89898> I've done that in two different plugins now xD
[05:46:34] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> that's not great practice, only use static variables when you know you need to.
[05:46:52] <cj89898> Ya I always do it and I'm not sure why
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[05:50:02] <cj89898> Hey, do you know how to make an ItemStack with like 5 diamond axes?
[05:51:29] <cj89898> because currently (if you look in my Shop class) the refresh() method, when making something unstackable, puts 5 different axes in
[05:52:13] <cj89898> and I was wondering if there was a way to just make it 1 slot, 5 axes
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[05:55:08] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> I don't think so, I'm pretty sure most tools only have a max stack size of 1
[05:55:58] <cj89898> Ya, they all do. I know that in spigot (Essentials is an example) you can give yourself like a stack of 5 diamond axes or whatever you'd like
[05:56:08] <cj89898> (I'm not sure how it works, I just want it for display purposes)
[05:57:27] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> I have no idea how that works, in sponge you can't set a stack quantity past the max.
[05:59:00] <cj89898> damn, that's really annoying actually
[05:59:18] <cj89898> I guess I would have to set the amount with lore then...
[05:59:19] <cj89898> ugh
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[06:00:56] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​y​s​i​n​g​D​r​a​g​o​n​> Well that's how it's supposed to be, if minecraft wanted tools to be stackable they would. My guess is that spigot used some method to exploit a bug in minecraft in order to do that.
[06:03:29] <cj89898>
[06:03:35] <cj89898> somebody said minecraft even supports it
[06:04:03] <cj89898> and that does work :L
[06:06:53] <cj89898> welp, time to add lore
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[06:50:16] <@gabizou> cj89898 it's somewhat of a safety issue
[06:50:31] <cj89898> Ya for mods I guess
[06:50:44] <@gabizou> since 1.11, they changed the stack size stuff to self validate
[06:50:47] <cj89898> But I'm pretty sure minecraft has pure support for overstacked itemstacks
[06:51:03] <cj89898> Even for modded items I'm pretty sure
[06:51:11] <@gabizou> it doesn't have pure support for it at all
[06:51:28] <cj89898> As in you can give yourself it with a command
[06:51:47] <cj89898> Which should really be able to be done through sponge (IMO), just as it can be done with Spigot
[06:52:34] <cj89898> I've read your reasons why as well
[06:52:43] <cj89898> It's mainly "what happens when..." for modded items
[06:52:59] <cj89898> because vanilla minecraft items work fine with it
[06:53:03] <@kashike> just because another API does it does not mean it's an ok thing to do
[06:53:06] <@gabizou>
[06:53:15] <@gabizou> it doesn't allow past the max stack size
[06:53:24] <cj89898> Hmm?
[06:53:29] <cj89898> is that minecraft's code?
[06:53:32] <@gabizou> yep
[06:53:39] <cj89898> you see the command on the github right?
[06:53:39] <@gabizou> see how it validates the stack limit?
[06:53:45] <@gabizou> nope
[06:53:45] <cj89898> I tried that exact command and it works fine
[06:53:51] <cj89898> `/replaceitem entity ChrisMack slot.hotbar.7 minecraft:iron_sword 60 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:6}]}`
[06:53:59] <@gabizou> did you try giving yourself two swoards?
[06:54:16] <cj89898>
[06:54:18] <cj89898> There
[06:54:25] <cj89898> I gave myself 60
[06:54:53] <@gabizou> that's interesting, it shouldn't be able to do so >.>
[06:54:58] <cj89898> Also, even with the /give command
[06:55:01] <@kashike> Spigot might be changing it
[06:55:02] <cj89898> it stacks the two swords
[06:55:26] <@gabizou> yeah, pretty sure spigot changed it then
[06:55:28] <cj89898> ./give cj89898 minecraft:iron_sword 2 gave me two swords in 1 slot
[06:55:35] <cj89898> I'm not using spigot
[06:55:39] <cj89898> not on this server
[06:55:44] <cj89898> it's running SpongeVanilla
[06:55:45] <@gabizou> cause it should not be allowing it at all
[06:56:05] <cj89898> Welp, it works perfectly fine
[06:56:12] <@kashike> ItemSword sets maxStackSize to 1
[06:56:16] <cj89898> I know that
[06:56:20] <cj89898> I know how the minecraft code is set
[06:56:26] <cj89898> but it works fine
[06:56:33] <cj89898> I'll try it in SP
[06:56:38] <@gabizou> well i'll be damned
[06:56:43] <@gabizou> it works in vanilla....
[06:56:48] <cj89898> yep
[06:56:52] <@kashike> how though
[06:56:56] <@kashike> it clamps the value
[06:57:01] <cj89898> which is why I think it should be added to sponge
[06:57:01] <@gabizou> kashike it's not clamping
[06:57:05] <cj89898> as an option
[06:57:18] <cj89898> I like the "boolean unsafe" option somebody suggested
[06:57:28] <@kashike> int k = args.length > i ? parseInt(args[i++], 1, item.getItemStackLimit()) : 1;
[06:57:30] <@kashike> public static int parseInt(String input, int min, int max) throws NumberInvalidException {
[06:57:46] <cj89898> see
[06:57:49] <cj89898> you read that wrong
[06:57:51] <@kashike> it does clamp
[06:57:53] <cj89898> both of you I think
[06:57:56] <@minecrell> Doesn't work for me
[06:57:57] <cj89898> because
[06:58:03] <cj89898> It doesn't let you give yourself over 64
[06:58:04] <cj89898> of any item
[06:58:16] <cj89898> What are you running minecrell ?
[06:58:26] <cj89898> As in, which version
[06:58:47] <@gabizou>
[06:58:50] <@gabizou> 1.12 btw
[06:58:55] <cj89898> let me try on 1.12
[06:58:57] <@gabizou> not sure if past versions had it changed.
[06:59:02] <@minecrell>
[06:59:30] <cj89898> aha
[06:59:31] <cj89898> 1.12
[06:59:34] <cj89898> it patched it
[06:59:39] <@Zidane> Yes lol
[06:59:44] <@Zidane> They stopped it :p
[06:59:49] <cj89898> 1.11.2 it works fine
[06:59:55] <@kashike> because it's a bug
[06:59:57] <@kashike> and it was fixed
[07:00:44] <@minecrell> Can you still tell the client to have more than allowed? Or is it also checked on the client?
[07:01:05] <@gabizou> minecrell Zidane I just did it on vanilla 1.12
[07:01:11] <@gabizou> it's not clamping and it accepted it
[07:01:22] <@minecrell> uh
[07:01:22] <@gabizou> (ignore the massive hole I always make with tnt)
[07:02:23] <cj89898> gabizou: how so
[07:02:26] <cj89898> or, where
[07:02:27] <@kashike> doesn't work in vanilla 1.12
[07:02:34] <cj89898> didn't work in vanilla 1.12 for me
[07:02:43] <@minecrell> Yeah, it doesn't work for me either
[07:02:45] <@gabizou> oh, 1.11.2 silly me
[07:03:00] <cj89898> ^^^
[07:03:00] <@kashike> CommandReplaceItem, for example:
[07:03:02] <@kashike> 1.11.2:            int k = args.length > i ? parseInt(args[i++], 1, 64) : 1;
[07:03:03] <@Zidane> *facepalm*
[07:03:04] <@kashike> 1.12.0:            int k = args.length > i ? parseInt(args[i++], 1, item.getItemStackLimit()) : 1;
[07:03:11] <cj89898> ^^
[07:03:14] <cj89898> it clamps is
[07:03:15] * @gabizou shrugs
[07:03:16] <cj89898> it
[07:03:55] <cj89898> so, is there a way to possibly do this with sponge on 1.11.2 or no?
[07:04:07] <@kashike> it's a bug
[07:04:12] <@kashike> not intended behaviour
[07:04:15] <@minecrell> You can always use NMS if you want to abuse bugs
[07:04:19] <@minecrell> or MCP rather
[07:04:29] <cj89898> I don't want to "abuse bugs"
[07:04:52] <+Spongie> [DC] <C​o​n​n​o​r​ ​H​a​r​t​l​e​y​ ​<​V​e​c​t​r​i​x​>​> Give em a good knock on the head
[07:08:33] <+Spongie> [DC] <L​u​m​i​n​a​r​i​ ​G​e​k​> Ouch
[07:10:09] <cj89898> ya know
[07:10:17] <@minecrell> We can't add something to the API that will definitely break in the near future. Especially because it's already broken in the current version of Minecraft
[07:10:19] <cj89898> I read all the changelogs from 1.11.2 to 1.12 and I see no mention of it
[07:10:24] <cj89898> Hmm
[07:10:47] <cj89898> minecrell: do you know if it's currently possible to do it with sponge on 1.11.2 since minecraft has it in the code? or no
[07:13:07] <@kashike> use MCP
[07:13:46] <cj89898> Can you kind of explain that a bit more? I'm not exactly sure what ya mean
[07:14:13] <@kashike>
[07:14:59] <cj89898> This will work with Vanilla still?
[07:15:09] <cj89898> just making sure
[07:15:30] <@minecrell> yes
[07:15:41] <cj89898> Oh wait can I only use gradle?
[07:16:07] <@kashike> yes.
[07:16:16] <cj89898> well shet
[07:16:19] <cj89898> I don't use gradle
[07:16:24] <cj89898> (don't bug me about it please)
[07:16:27] <@minecrell> A good time to start using it
[07:16:31] * @kashike bugs you about it
[07:16:36] <cj89898> Eh, I can just use lore for now
[07:17:15] <@minecrell> It's not impossible to do it without Gradle, just a lot of work :P
[07:17:25] <cj89898> ah
[07:17:34] <cj89898> Can I just put it as an external jar or something?
[07:18:04] <@minecrell> No, because it needs to deobfuscate and later reobfuscate the Minecraft code (and the things you reference in your plugin)
[07:18:20] <@minecrell> Unlike for Spigot, you get an (almost) completely deobfuscated environment
[07:18:23] <cj89898> ah, i'd need to shade it?
[07:18:29] <@kashike> no
[07:18:48] <cj89898> Welp that's the extent of my knowledge. So I'll just use lore
[07:18:55] <cj89898> I could make it look pretty nice I feel
[07:22:09] <@minecrell> lol
[07:23:29] <@minecrell> That didn't go well
[07:23:30] <@minecrell>
[07:23:42] <cj89898> ya
[07:23:45] <cj89898> that's what happens lol
[07:23:49] <cj89898> I tried it with 5 diamond axes
[07:23:56] <@kashike> LOL
[07:24:05] <cj89898> it just filled the shop (chest)
[07:24:16] <@kashike> minecrell: that's great
[07:24:34] <cj89898> btw is minecraft:air a type?
[07:24:37] <gbui> nice helmet
[07:24:37] <cj89898> just wondering if ya guys know
[07:24:45] <@kashike> yes
[07:24:47] <@kashike> it is
[07:24:49] <cj89898> Thanks
[07:25:00] <cj89898> I should probably throw an error :L
[07:25:14] * gbui (~gbui@ Quit (Quit: Going to bed)
[07:25:14] <@minecrell> ah
[07:25:19] <@minecrell> it's just Sponge API that splits them up
[07:25:45] * Zachoz (~Zachoz@2001:19f0:5800:8483:5400:ff:fe06:49ea) Quit (Ping timeout: 383 seconds)
[07:25:56] <@minecrell> Works using MCP
[07:26:05] * sneezing_panda ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[07:26:35] <cj89898> ...
[07:26:36] <cj89898> thanks man
[07:27:05] <@minecrell> I think splitting them up makes sense though
[07:27:35] * Zachoz (~Zachoz@2001:19f0:5800:8483:5400:ff:fe06:49ea) has joined #spongedev
[07:27:35] <@minecrell> It would make more sense to give me two swords with /give @p diamond_sword 2 instead of the error
[07:27:40] <@minecrell> two separate swords that is
[07:38:10] <cj89898> Anybody know why this error happens?
[07:38:14] <cj89898> Class:
[07:38:58] <@minecrell> You don't initialize the lore field
[07:39:12] <cj89898> oh I'm a dumbass
[07:39:19] <cj89898> I was just like "ye add it to a blank list"
[07:40:28] <cj89898> don't mind me, just being stupid over here
[07:40:44] * Larry1123 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 383 seconds)
[07:41:28] <cj89898> hmm, it didn't seem to add the lore
[07:43:24] * Hunterz (~hunterz@ has joined #spongedev
[07:45:11] <cj89898> How do I add lore to an item?
[07:45:21] <cj89898> it only does it if it has a lore
[07:45:27] <cj89898> how do I make it "have a lore"
[07:48:11] <@minecrell> Offer it without the check
[07:48:18] <cj89898> i did that as well
[07:48:22] <cj89898> it didn't seem to work
[07:48:54] <cj89898> i'll try again, might have messed up
[07:49:12] <cj89898> didn't work
[07:49:20] <cj89898> atleast, not when I added it to the shop inventory
[07:49:42] <cj89898>
[07:54:54] <cj89898> i am doing that correctly, right?
[08:00:30] * TomyLobo (~TomyLobo@2a02:8109:87c0:20c:85bb:c6d4:412d:8779) has joined #spongedev
[08:04:00] <cj89898> minecrell: it says the transaction result is a failure
[08:13:30] * Larry1123 ( has joined #spongedev
[08:23:20] * Bammerbom ( has joined #spongedev
[08:25:18] * Bammerbom ( Quit (Client Quit)
[08:27:32] <cj89898> Anybody have an idea?
[08:41:22] * Noppes ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[08:52:18] <@minecrell> cj89898: Hm it works for me
[08:52:35] <cj89898> Maybe it's the way it's being added to the inventory?
[08:52:47] <cj89898>
[08:53:02] <cj89898>
[08:53:08] <cj89898> openShop
[08:53:18] <cj89898> but it just opens shop.getInv()
[08:53:39] <@minecrell> Not sure, but I doubt it. Maybe try it separately first though
[08:53:41] <@minecrell> I did
[08:53:41] <cj89898> oh wait nvm xD it gives transaction failed i forgot
[08:53:43] <@minecrell> and that works fine
[08:54:10] <cj89898> gimme 1 sec
[08:58:14] <cj89898> odd
[08:58:16] <cj89898> that worked fine
[09:01:11] <cj89898> testing some stuffs
[09:01:13] <cj89898> :L
[09:01:27] <cj89898> hmm
[09:01:33] <cj89898> I'm so confused
[09:02:41] <cj89898> Do you have any idea or no?
[09:04:08] <@minecrell> Not really
[09:05:04] <cj89898> hmm wait
[09:05:11] <cj89898> when it reads it out
[09:05:20] <cj89898> [04:03:55 WARN] [chiefshop]: DataTransactionResult{resultType=FAILURE, rejectedData=[], replacedData=[], successfulData=[]}
[09:05:25] <cj89898> there is no rejectedData
[09:06:28] <cj89898> Is it because it's colored?
[09:07:24] <cj89898> nope
[09:08:51] <cj89898> have you ever seen a sponge console be all red?
[09:08:59] <cj89898> like, all the INFO is even red
[09:09:04] <cj89898> and i have no idea what happened
[09:09:34] <cj89898> okay it's not the console
[09:09:55] <cj89898> idk how i made the console red lol
[09:11:25] <cj89898> this is so confusing
[09:14:14] <cj89898> i feel I should just give up
[09:14:20] <cj89898> it is rejecting it for no damn reason
[09:16:44] <cj89898> I can't even give it a custom display name
[09:16:45] <cj89898> ugh
[09:20:03] <cj89898> oh
[09:20:03] <cj89898> wait
[09:20:15] <cj89898> umm
[09:20:21] <cj89898> minecrell: it worked when I reloaded...
[09:23:12] <@minecrell> "reloaded"?
[09:23:49] <cj89898> ./sponge plugins reload
[09:23:54] <@minecrell> um
[09:23:56] <@minecrell> that does nothing
[09:23:59] <cj89898> so maybe I don't have it in GameInitializationEvent
[09:23:59] <@minecrell> except fire an event
[09:24:11] <cj89898> I'm saying, maybe it happens too early
[09:24:12] <@minecrell> That's possible
[09:24:27] <@minecrell> You don't really need it that early
[09:24:30] <cj89898> I'm gonna try PostInitializationEvent I guess
[09:24:32] <@minecrell> maybe do it in Starting or Started
[09:24:39] <cj89898> oh I can do it that late?
[09:25:09] <cj89898> I didn't know how many events there were :O
[09:25:25] <cj89898> post initialization worked
[09:25:26] <cj89898> yay
[09:25:31] <@minecrell> Awesome
[09:25:45] <cj89898> doesn't look the best xD
[09:25:55] <cj89898>
[09:25:56] <cj89898> lol
[09:26:52] * Larry1123 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 201 seconds)
[09:27:23] <@minecrell> well
[09:27:28] <@minecrell> You might want to choose a nicer name
[09:27:34] <cj89898> ya lol
[09:27:43] <cj89898> Hmm I'll have to see how
[09:27:50] <cj89898> Does sponge have those names implemented?
[09:28:01] <@minecrell> I'd recommend getTranslation()
[09:28:02] <cj89898> or will I have to split it at : and then replaced _ with spaces and such?
[09:28:04] <@minecrell> I think ItemStack has it
[09:28:13] <cj89898> oh ItemStack has it
[09:28:14] <@minecrell> then use a TranslatableText
[09:28:21] <@minecrell> it will translate automatically on the client
[09:29:01] <cj89898> How can I use TranslatableTexT?
[09:31:56] <cj89898> Also, do you know why this happens every time I type /stop in-game instead of console?
[09:33:36] <@minecrell> uh
[09:33:39] <@minecrell> gabizou may know
[09:34:53] <@minecrell> Just do Text.of(stack.getTranslation()) and append it to the builder where you want it (or Text.builder(stack.getTranslation()) if you want to add colors or something)
[09:36:12] <cj89898> I got that
[09:36:30] <cj89898> I thought you meant like, translate to a different language somehow
[09:37:57] <@minecrell> If you select another language on the client it would normally also display the translated item name
[09:38:03] <cj89898> Should it?
[09:38:06] <cj89898> It didn't for me
[09:38:20] <@minecrell> Yeah, it doesn't work for item display names
[09:38:21] <cj89898> I tried Espanol
[09:38:24] <cj89898> ah okay
[09:38:59] <@minecrell> I'd still use this, hopefully MC will fix it at some point
[09:45:04] <cj89898> hey could you help identify which part is causing the NullPointerException here?
[09:45:21] <cj89898>
[09:45:39] <cj89898>
[09:45:43] <cj89898> It happens when I click an empty space
[09:46:00] <cj89898> Line 45 on that version
[09:46:28] <cj89898> oh wait
[09:46:30] <cj89898> I
[09:46:32] <cj89898> am stupid
[09:46:39] <cj89898> disregard
[09:52:58] <cj89898> Is there a way to get the player's inventory slots, not including armor/offhand?
[09:53:20] <@minecrell> Probably, Faithcaio may know
[09:54:35] <@Faithcaio> query for it
[09:54:51] <@Faithcaio> gridinventory and hotbar
[09:54:56] <@Faithcaio> should do the thing
[09:57:13] <cj89898> can I use strings or is there a type for that
[09:57:27] <cj89898> sorry, nvm that
[09:57:47] <cj89898> How do I query multiple?
[09:58:38] <cj89898> Ohhh it accepts multiple
[09:58:40] <cj89898> my bad
[09:58:42] <cj89898> thanks man
[09:59:32] * Meronat ( has joined #spongedev
[10:03:10] * Larry1123 ( has joined #spongedev
[10:04:41] <cj89898> hmm
[10:04:47] <cj89898> I have a slight issue ugh
[10:05:06] <cj89898> It doesn't fail to offer 5 diamond axes when there are only two slots left :L
[10:06:00] <@Faithcaio> check the return value of offer
[10:06:36] <cj89898> as in getType()
[10:06:37] <cj89898> ?
[10:06:41] * turtledude01 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
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[11:03:10] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] F​aithcaio pushed 1 commit to fix/flowevents <>
[11:03:11] <+Spongie> SpongeCommon/fix/flowevents 821eeb51: capture blocks formed by water and lava (by A​nselm Brehme)
[11:03:12] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] F​aithcaio created branch fix/flowevents
[11:03:53] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] F​aithcaio opened PR #1408: capture blocks formed by water and lava <>
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[14:16:12] <+Spongie> [SpongeForge] b​loodmc pushed 1 commit to stable-6 <>
[14:16:13] <+Spongie> SpongeForge/stable-6 33871fa7: Fix wrong NamedCause being used during block decay. Fixes #1598 (by b​loodshot)
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[14:20:06] <+Spongie> [DC] <F​r​a​n​i​> who is the dev of the MC dev idea plugin?
[14:21:17] <+Spongie> [DC] <S​c​r​u​f​f​y​R​u​l​e​s​> This thing?
[14:21:33] <+Spongie> [DC] <S​c​r​u​f​f​y​R​u​l​e​s​> @DemonWav is.
[14:21:46] <+Spongie> [DC] <F​r​a​n​i​> yea
[14:44:49] * Waterpicker (~Waterpick@2602:306:35ba:ca40:9c49:f11b:2c0:1104) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[15:05:10] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] F​aithcaio pushed 1 commit to fix/flowevents <>
[15:05:11] <+Spongie> [SpongeCommon] F​aithcaio synchronize PR #1408: capture blocks formed by water and lava <>
[15:05:12] <+Spongie> SpongeCommon/fix/flowevents 17039438: pre event for mixing (by A​nselm Brehme)
[15:05:13] <+Spongie> [SpongeAPI] F​aithcaio pushed 1 commit to fix/flowevents <>
[15:05:14] <+Spongie> [SpongeAPI] F​aithcaio created branch fix/flowevents
[15:05:15] <+Spongie> SpongeAPI/fix/flowevents 0ba97fc2: pre event for mixing (by A​nselm Brehme)
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[15:18:21] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> Anyone know how to resolve this:
[15:18:53] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> I was able to fix it by removing the module-info.class from my plugin that is automatically generated (afaics)
[15:20:07] <+Spongie> [DC] <F​r​a​n​i​> and what is in the module-info.class(??)
[15:20:35] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> Not sure, JD-GUI wont open it either.
[15:27:54] <@minecrell> You need a Java 8 JDK and make sure that your source and target class level is set to Java 8
[15:27:59] <@minecrell> That looks a lot like Java 9
[15:30:49] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> That's what I checked after I googled. I'm certain I'm running java 8
[15:31:48] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> I'm using 1.8.0_101, Ill update to latest 1.8
[15:34:29] <+Spongie> [SpongeAPI] d​ualspiral edited PR #1587: Add new high-level command API <>
[15:38:18] <+Spongie> [DC] <R​o​b​> No luck.