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[00:00:36] #prism - Mon Oct 23 00:00:36 2017
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[00:00:52] * Topic is ':Prism v3 for Sponge | Site/Docs: | Dev Builds: | Prism v2: BukkitDev:'
[00:00:53] * Set by viveleroi!~botskonet@ on Fri Aug 11 22:46:22
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[20:22:29] <Akii> Heya
[20:22:40] <Akii> Ok so uh Prism 1.12?
[20:23:49] <@viveleroi> I have a push for sponge ready, just a simple API tweak
[20:24:33] <Akii> oh i see hang on lets dig around sponge
[20:25:51] <Akii> Now what is Sponge?
[20:26:01] <Akii> Is it a different type of 1.12.jar file the server runs on?
[20:27:16] <@viveleroi> more or less, yes. it was born after bukkit died and is vastly superior technically, better api, more powerful (especially the forge version) etc
[20:28:01] <Akii> Ah ok
[20:28:11] <Akii> Is Prism compatible with other .jars?
[20:28:14] <Akii> or just Sponge?
[20:28:32] <Akii> Also, what's the difference between prism-all and just prism?
[20:29:08] <@viveleroi> only sponge, no longer any bukkit-based platform
[20:29:18] <@viveleroi> prism-all includes libs needed for mongodb use
[20:29:37] <Akii> ah ok
[20:30:51] <Akii> Oh my server doesn't support sponge
[20:30:59] <Akii> As in it doesnt have the option to set the .jar as sponge