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[00:00:05] #multimc - Tue Aug 22 00:00:05 2017
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[00:00:13] * Topic is ':MultiMC is a Minecraft launcher. Get it here: | Post bug reports and feature requests at | Support us on Patreon! | See the ever growing pile of ideas:'
[00:00:13] * Set by peterix! on Thu Mar 24 22:42:23
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[01:56:01] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> I keep crashing, can someone figure out why with my crash report?
[01:59:33] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> You should probably post it so someone can see it
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[02:05:28] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> Gotta love the 2k character limit. So silly.
[02:06:29] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> Upload button in top right corner of console.
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[02:08:40] <ruby-bot> <A​ae>
[02:11:12] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> I just keep getting the lovely "not responding" and freezing when I try to start it up now.
[02:11:36] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> How much ream did you give it?
[02:11:59] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> I've never dealt with that so probably none? I'm an utter computer noob.
[02:12:40] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> That's probably the reason why. Look like it might have the basic ½ to 1 GB which isn't enough.
[02:12:51] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> How do I give it more?
[02:20:35] <ruby-bot> <A​ae>
[02:21:00] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> Is your computer 64 bit?
[02:21:31] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> I should say, running a 64-bit OS?
[02:28:05] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> I believe so
[02:29:12] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> You need to uninstall the 32-bit Java and install 64-bit Java then. As long as you are running a 64-bit OS
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[03:07:59] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> That didn't work : P
[03:16:50] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> What do you mean by "it didn't work"? Did the game still crash, or did Java fail to install?
[03:33:18] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> The game continues to freeze and crash
[03:33:35] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> Logs?
[03:37:06] <ruby-bot> <A​ae>
[03:37:45] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> `java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded`
[03:37:53] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> You need to allocate more RAM still
[03:38:04] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> D: but  I just downloaded the java thing
[03:38:10] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> both are necessary
[03:38:22] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> the root problem in the latest log is not giving enough ram
[03:38:27] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> You can't use over 1.5GB of RAM with 32 bit Java anyway
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[03:44:06] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> Sorry for being completely stupid but how do I give it more ram without reinstalling java again since that didn't seem to work
[03:45:00] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> It's how you did it before, you don't need to reinstall Java
[03:45:22] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon>
[03:46:55] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> also reinstalling java won't give it more ram anyway, this is unrelated to installation of java
[03:47:16] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> except if you have a 32-bit java you are limited to some maximum amount of RAM you can give to it
[03:51:10] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> So I should fiddle with this
[03:51:16] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> Yes
[03:52:04] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> Im just going to hit the up arrow a few billion times on all of them and see if  I fix it or break it more
[03:52:46] <ruby-bot> <D​arkenMoon> Set your maxium memory allocation to 4096 MB, leave your minimum alone
[03:52:47] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> just enter values
[03:53:06] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> the "MB" stays there even if you type in a number
[03:59:33] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> Thank you so much, I can finally play after a good few hours of mod installing and trying to fix it lol.
[03:59:36] <ruby-bot> <A​ae> Have a good day o/
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[04:26:11] <ruby-bot> <l​ekro> np^^
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[11:23:47] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> New smooth look for channels
[11:23:48] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken>
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[16:05:27] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> wat to do?
[16:05:28] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras>
[16:06:10] <@peterix> use the upload button.
[16:07:29] <IoP> I wonder how hard it would be to code an irssi script which strips nicks from cord and creates competion set for discord nicks but does not proper hilight need some UID prepended to nick?
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[16:10:39] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras>
[16:11:37] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> Is it just me or is that an old AF copy of java?
[16:12:28] <IoP> and?
[16:12:39] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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[16:13:12] <IoP> C:/Users/Lukis/Desktop/MultiMC/instances/1.12.1/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar (missing) Why it's missing?
[16:13:28] <IoP> Did you change something manually?
[16:13:43] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Idk. MultiMC is confusing
[16:13:50] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Lemme check that directory.
[16:13:58] <IoP> where is your forge?
[16:14:07] <IoP> is that forge mod or jar mod?
[16:14:20] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> jar
[16:14:34] <@peterix> is it?
[16:14:39] <@peterix> are you absolutely sure?
[16:14:40] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Lemme create a new instance.
[16:14:54] <IoP> - Ported to 1.12.x, update your Forge version!
[16:15:19] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> positive.
[16:15:20] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras>
[16:15:21] <@peterix> it does not look like a jar mod to me
[16:15:37] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> ugh
[16:15:45] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> just because the extension is .jar doesn't mean it is a jar mod
[16:15:57] <@peterix> it is not.
[16:15:58] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> 😮
[16:16:11] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> #themoreyouknow
[16:16:28] <IoP> outdated installation guide: "This mod is for Minecraft 1.11 only and requires Forge."
[16:16:33] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> k so what do I do
[16:16:51] <@peterix> add it to loader mods.
[16:16:59] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> install forge with the install forge button as well
[16:17:13] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> so all of this versions are outdated
[16:17:13] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras>
[16:17:36] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> that doesn't mean they are outdated it means none of them are "stable"
[16:17:41] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> all of these are way too new.
[16:17:44] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Sorry. I have hard time handling installing mods.
[16:18:02] <IoP> If they are outdated which version are you looking for?
[16:18:06] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> 1.12 is too new...
[16:18:10] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> 1.12.1
[16:19:01] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> cuz mod is compatible with that afaik.
[16:19:11] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> yeah so just install the top one it isn't old
[16:20:00] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> ok but what I do with the jar's extention file?
[16:20:03] <IoP> I honestly don't see any problem(s) here. Do you?
[16:20:17] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> do I use '"install mods"?
[16:20:26] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> well my minecraft didn't load
[16:20:38] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> yes install mods
[16:20:41] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> And I think I should have clicked "launch"
[16:20:43] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> which I did
[16:20:53] * NolanSyKinsley (~NolanSyKi@2606:6000:5112:df00:9ebb:13b3:95d1:81a6) has joined #MultiMC
[16:21:54] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> ok i'll see if now it works
[16:24:20] <joonatoona> Hello. It said to talk to you here before contributing. Would implementing more features from the twitch/curse launcher be out of scope?
[16:24:46] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> I would call it 'dangerous'
[16:24:57] <joonatoona> I guess
[16:25:07] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> possibly 'unwanted'
[16:25:20] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> what other features are there lol
[16:25:27] <joonatoona> So it would be better to leave it in a seperate program?
[16:25:29] <joonatoona> Or a fork?
[16:25:58] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> as long as you do not call it MultiMC and it doesn't have my name on it...
[16:26:13] <joonatoona> I did read the license...
[16:26:27] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> you can argue with curse and its lawyers if it becomes popular.
[16:26:33] <joonatoona> I'kk just stay away from it then
[16:26:36] <joonatoona> i'll
[16:26:54] <IoP> Did you read Curse's ToS?
[16:27:05] <joonatoona> I read some of it
[16:27:22] <joonatoona> Didn't see anything about scraping public information
[16:27:36] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> public?
[16:27:44] <joonatoona> As in internet facing
[16:27:59] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> you need to be logged in under your curse account to get real data out of it.
[16:28:04] <joonatoona> No?
[16:28:06] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> yes.
[16:28:18] <joonatoona> Well, I can download mods just fine without being logged in
[16:28:21] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> the 'public' side of it is very much filtered
[16:28:37] <joonatoona> I have never made an account, what's not availible publically?
[16:29:23] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> sometimes entire mods, old mod versions
[16:29:31] <joonatoona> Huh
[16:29:35] <joonatoona> Any examples?
[16:29:58] <IoP> it dod not say anything about scraping?!
[16:30:03] <IoP> "access any website, server, software application, or other computer resource owned, used and/or licensed by Twitch, including but not limited to the Twitch Services, by means of any robot, spider, scraper, crawler or other automated means for any purpose, or bypass any measures Twitch may use to prevent or restrict access to any website, server, software application, or other computer resource owned, used
[16:30:09] <IoP> and/or licensed Twitch, including but not limited to the Twitch Services;"
[16:30:34] <joonatoona> I don't think that's a thing you can enforce
[16:30:37] <joonatoona> I don't know
[16:31:06] <joonatoona> Then wouldn't your modpack downloading feature against the TOS?
[16:31:14] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> yes.
[16:31:23] <IoP> yes it is. Just ban the user/IP from service if requests are created by third party applications
[16:31:32] <IoP> compare with old ToS: " use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," "offline readers," etc., that accesses the Websites in a manner that sends more request messages to the Curse servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a convention on-line web browse"
[16:31:40] <joonatoona> Well
[16:31:50] <joonatoona> My current implementation sends less requests than a human
[16:31:56] <joonatoona> So it would have been fine under the old ToS
[16:31:58] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> do I install optifine through adding .jar  or clicing install mods?
[16:32:05] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> I do not want any more integration with anything curse or twitch than there is now.
[16:32:16] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> you install everything via install mods virtually nothing is a jar mod anymore
[16:32:24] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> gotcha
[16:32:24] <joonatoona> Ok, I'll stay away then
[16:32:25] <ruby-bot> <t​ehbasshunter> @TavoKošmaras drop the jar in the mod folder
[16:32:29] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> for any modern version of minecraft
[16:32:50] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> @tehbasshunter 🎣 multiMC's or mc's
[16:32:55] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> if you want to work on pretty much anything else, there's a huge pile of ideas on workflowy
[16:33:00] <joonatoona> Link?
[16:33:06] <joonatoona> There was a link in the README
[16:33:07] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> using the install mods button does that for you
[16:33:09] <joonatoona> But it was broken
[16:33:45] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix>
[16:34:41] <joonatoona> Awesome
[16:34:47] <joonatoona> i'll look through that
[16:35:15] <IoP> @T​avoKošmaras did previous problem solve itself?
[16:36:18] <joonatoona> Is that not linked anywhere in the repo?
[16:36:32] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> it should be linked all over the place
[16:36:39] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> including the irc channel you are in
[16:36:44] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> and the website
[16:37:04] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> is it missing somewhere?
[16:37:06] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> hmm
[16:37:42] <joonatoona> Well the channel MOTD is cut off for me
[16:37:42] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> yeah, it was solved
[16:37:47] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> I used "install mods".
[16:37:48] <joonatoona> And I didn't see it anywhere in the repo
[16:37:53] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Now a bit unrelated question.
[16:38:06] <IoP> joonatoona: try /topic
[16:38:06] <ruby-bot> <p​eterix> alright... so probably something to look into 😃
[16:38:19] <joonatoona> Ah
[16:38:21] <joonatoona> It's at the end
[16:38:24] <ruby-bot> <T​avoKošmaras> Where I do put a schematic in after launching through the launcher
[16:38:25] <IoP> or check from beginning of your backlog
[16:38:52] <joonatoona> It's nowhere in the repo though
[16:39:37] <joonatoona> `rg 'workflowy' | wc -l` `0`
[16:39:39] <@peterix> hmm... alright
[16:40:29] <joonatoona> Some of those look fun
[16:40:36] <joonatoona> So just pick one and work on it?
[16:43:26] <joonatoona> Is there priorities?
[16:44:05] <IoP> hmm. I was going to comment one item in the workflowy bug
[16:44:07] <IoP> but
[16:44:12] * HeufyTablet ( has joined #MultiMC
[16:44:49] <IoP> Does workflowy allow copying at all.
[16:46:14] <@peterix> joonatoona: well, it would be best to talk about it first :)
[16:46:22] <joonatoona> So which ones need doing?
[16:47:47] <@peterix> well, the 0.6.0 stuff does need doing to get 0.6.0 out of the door
[16:47:57] <@peterix> which is very much overdue now.
[16:48:24] <@peterix> some of it is pretty damn crazy tho :)
[16:48:32] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> peterix what are the numbers on develop nowadays
[16:49:32] <joonatoona> I'm assuming the ones tagged required are more important
[16:49:55] <@peterix> about 4%
[16:50:01] <@peterix> much higher than I'd like
[16:50:28] <@peterix> and yes. but it will probably need quite a bit of explaning. or documenting
[16:50:56] <@peterix> basically, there are some changes that need to happen before Minecraft 1.13
[16:51:15] <IoP> btw is that AV blocking final move to instance folder caused by blocking/locking source file while reading or destination while writing?
[16:51:35] <joonatoona> How do you even debug AV issues?
[16:51:35] <@peterix> I have no idea. it needs looking at
[16:51:51] <@peterix> you install ... in this case Kaspersky
[16:51:57] <@peterix> in a snapshotted VM
[16:52:07] <@peterix> and observe what it does
[16:52:13] <IoP> and then strace/similar to see which part is failing
[16:52:26] <joonatoona> That sounds interesting
[16:52:42] <@peterix> it sounds painful tbh :)
[16:52:52] <@peterix> it involves windows and running stuff on windows
[16:53:03] <IoP> iirc I saw someone reading files twice to circemvent that problem. Sadly the PRhas been disappeared from net
[16:53:05] <joonatoona> Anything involving windows is painful
[16:53:20] <joonatoona> I think I'm gonna try fixing that
[16:53:25] <@peterix> that would be nice
[16:53:48] <joonatoona> Is there a bug report for that?
[16:53:57] <joonatoona> There's very little information in the workflowy
[16:54:16] <@peterix> I don't think so. it was just someone coming by on irc or discord and talking about it I think
[16:54:23] <joonatoona> Huh
[16:54:27] <joonatoona> That makes it harder ;-;
[16:54:38] <@peterix> well, windows, kaspaersky, creating instances
[16:54:41] <joonatoona> You at least know the AV and OS version, right?
[16:54:42] <joonatoona> Yeah
[16:54:47] <joonatoona> Win7 probably?
[16:54:52] <@peterix> probably
[16:54:55] <joonatoona> Cool
[16:55:03] <@peterix> I have win 7 and 8.1 around
[16:55:06] <@peterix> and XP
[16:55:25] <@peterix> I'm still supporting XP until Qt 5.6 reaches end of support
[16:55:32] <joonatoona> I have a Win7 and Win10 VM
[16:55:36] <joonatoona> I'll test with 7 first
[16:55:49] <joonatoona> You added analytics, how many people are actually using XP?
[16:57:22] <@peterix> oh god, there's someone running it on 98
[16:57:28] <@peterix> that must be a troll
[16:57:29] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> wait wat
[16:57:29] <joonatoona> It works on 98?!?!?
[16:57:42] <joonatoona> Someone spoofing analytics probably lol
[16:57:45] <@peterix> well, kernel 4.10
[16:57:52] <@peterix> so ... one of the ancient ones
[16:58:14] <@peterix> one person on windows 2000
[16:58:22] <joonatoona> I think mine is set to Windows ME
[16:58:41] <@peterix> 0.34% are still on XP
[16:58:49] <joonatoona> Welp, AV is gonna be impossible to debug
[16:58:55] <joonatoona> Unless someone wants to pay for it
[16:59:16] <@peterix> doesn't it have some sort of trial version?
[16:59:35] <joonatoona> Not that I could see
[16:59:46] <@peterix>
[16:59:53] <joonatoona> I just saw paid versions
[16:59:57] <joonatoona> Am I just blind?
[17:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #895 of meta-update started
[17:00:13] <@peterix> anyway, the other 0.6.0 stuff
[17:00:14] <build-kitteh> build #895 of meta-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[17:00:20] <@peterix> is pretty damn involved
[17:00:20] <joonatoona> Good kitteh
[17:00:46] <joonatoona> So I can't really help with any of the other stuff?
[17:00:53] <@peterix> you migh
[17:00:54] <@peterix> t
[17:01:20] <@peterix> actually, maybe you won't get stuck on it like me :)
[17:01:25] <joonatoona> ?
[17:02:04] <@peterix> well, there are a few things that need to happen before 1.13, because mojang is switching to lwjgl 3
[17:02:15] <joonatoona> I saw that
[17:02:20] <joonatoona> It wasn't very specific
[17:02:37] <@peterix> well, right now, the dependencies are hardcoded
[17:02:43] <joonatoona> That's no good
[17:02:44] <@peterix> and there's no dependency resolution
[17:02:52] <joonatoona> Yeah, that might not work ;P
[17:02:55] <@peterix> yep
[17:03:04] <joonatoona> So you need depencency resolution?
[17:03:05] <@peterix> and LWJGL is a separate thing
[17:03:08] <joonatoona> Yep
[17:03:11] <@peterix> pretty much
[17:03:17] <joonatoona> I can look into that
[17:03:19] <@peterix> or something that works well enough
[17:03:33] <joonatoona> So "Depencency Resolution" is good enough ;P
[17:04:15] <@peterix> one of the things that do need to happen is separating the instance.cfg into a user config file and pack config file
[17:04:47] <@peterix> and it should just have a list of these components, instead of having hardcoded keys for minecraft, forge, lwjgl and liteloader
[17:04:59] <joonatoona> That will make my external scripts work better too ;P
[17:05:06] <@peterix> I bet
[17:05:14] <@peterix> it needs to happen
[17:05:15] <joonatoona> You commented about that at some point
[17:05:16] <joonatoona> Yeah
[17:05:25] <joonatoona> That would be awesome
[17:05:45] <@peterix> thing is, it should still work with existing instances
[17:05:53] <joonatoona> That might complicate things
[17:05:58] <joonatoona> You can't declare breaking changes?
[17:06:10] <@peterix> yeah... that's why I've been stuck on it
[17:06:17] <@peterix> I never did, in years.
[17:06:22] <joonatoona> Wouldn't it be easier to write a migration script?
[17:06:35] <joonatoona> So if I make an instance with the first release, it will work with the newest commit?
[17:06:47] <@peterix> well, multimc kinda contains migration code for previous changes
[17:06:53] <@peterix> it's just all very, very messy
[17:07:04] <joonatoona> Now I wanna look at that ;P
[17:07:25] <@peterix> so I'm kinda torn between just starting over with a new instance format and fixing up the current one
[17:07:30] <joonatoona> Well
[17:07:34] <joonatoona> The current format is kind of a mess
[17:07:34] <joonatoona> Sorry
[17:08:05] <joonatoona> Would an external migration script be too awful?
[17:08:09] <@peterix> yes
[17:08:15] <joonatoona> Ok
[17:08:32] <@peterix> I don't think most of the users even understand what a script is.
[17:08:36] <joonatoona> Lol
[17:08:39] <joonatoona> Probably
[17:08:48] <joonatoona> So if it is breaking, migrations need to be applied automatically
[17:09:03] <@peterix> yep.
[17:09:50] <@peterix> I plan to take a nice long vacation once I'm done with the current project at work and power through all that nonsense
[17:09:54] <joonatoona> Lol
[17:09:55] <joonatoona> Well
[17:09:59] <joonatoona> I can look into that too
[17:10:26] <joonatoona> A good instance format would be super useful for me
[17:10:55] <@peterix> well, it's already pretty good... it just has a lot of ... history
[17:11:03] <joonatoona> Well....
[17:11:06] <@peterix> so making further changes is harder and harder
[17:11:12] <joonatoona> The forge patch file is a mess
[17:11:16] <@peterix> no
[17:11:20] <joonatoona> Well
[17:11:21] <@peterix> that stays the same
[17:11:26] <@peterix> that is the only good part.
[17:11:43] <joonatoona> so what exactly needs to be changed?
[17:12:32] <@peterix> splitting user and pack config. turning the hardcoded keys for the (currently 4) components into a list that can take more properties
[17:13:16] <joonatoona> I'm not too familiar with that
[17:13:29] <joonatoona> Ah
[17:13:56] <joonatoona> So in `instance.cfg`, it has every single detial about the instance
[17:14:00] <@peterix> yes
[17:14:01] <joonatoona> You want to split that up?
[17:14:09] <@peterix> maybe even change the format
[17:14:14] <joonatoona> JSON?
[17:14:21] <@peterix> probably
[17:14:31] <joonatoona> That makes sense to me
[17:14:44] <joonatoona> And it will actually respect the forge and liteloader versions in the config?
[17:14:59] <@peterix> like, instance would have the things set by the user, and local info like how long the instance was played
[17:15:04] <@peterix> it does.
[17:15:12] <joonatoona> Really?
[17:15:18] <joonatoona> It's never worked for me
[17:15:20] <@peterix> yes, that is how it works now
[17:15:27] <joonatoona> Huh
[17:15:32] <@peterix> not in the stable version of course
[17:15:38] <joonatoona> I am in the git version
[17:15:50] <joonatoona> I'm probably just doing it wrong
[17:15:52] <@peterix> then that only uses those versions now
[17:16:10] <joonatoona> Ok
[17:16:15] <joonatoona> So what needs to be done is
[17:16:18] <@peterix> it does not generate patches for things that can get installed from the meta repo
[17:16:21] <joonatoona> Splitting it up into user settings
[17:16:23] <joonatoona> and pack info
[17:16:27] <@peterix> yeah
[17:16:27] <joonatoona> And maybe switching it to JSON?
[17:16:32] <@peterix> yep
[17:16:32] <joonatoona> Without breaking compatibility
[17:16:34] <@peterix> yes
[17:16:39] <joonatoona> Ok, I undestand now
[17:16:43] <joonatoona> understand
[17:17:46] <@peterix> the forge installer stuff... that's a bit insane
[17:18:42] <@peterix> basically, forge plans to move the srg patching to the installer
[17:18:54] <@peterix> well, there's no installer in multimc
[17:19:03] <@peterix> so something needs to do that
[17:19:40] <@peterix> it can probably be hardcoded at first, but the generic approach is to turn the patch files into something like makefiles...
[17:19:45] <joonatoona> I understood none of that
[17:19:46] <joonatoona> ;P
[17:19:53] <@peterix> ... right
[17:20:00] <@peterix> it's batshit crazy
[17:20:00] <joonatoona> This is a lot more complicated than I realized ;-;
[17:20:07] <joonatoona> I agree with that statement
[17:20:43] <@peterix> I really hope they do not go ahead with that
[17:20:50] <joonatoona> They probably will...
[17:21:02] <@peterix> it would mean having a build system in multimc ... essentially
[17:21:12] <joonatoona> Which sounds like GREAT FUN!
[17:21:13] <joonatoona> ;-;
[17:21:16] <@peterix> I mean, package management, process management, build system
[17:21:24] <@peterix> sounds like we're making an OS :D
[17:21:26] <joonatoona> MultiMC_OS?
[17:21:27] <joonatoona> Lol
[17:21:48] <@peterix> it doesn't have a compiler
[17:21:58] <joonatoona> An OS doesn't need a compiler
[17:22:03] <joonatoona> Just look at Emacs
[17:22:07] <joonatoona> Wait, Emacs has a compiler
[17:22:10] <@peterix> lol
[17:22:16] <@peterix> anyway, insane
[17:22:23] <joonatoona> Yep
[17:22:41] <joonatoona> "we now have less than 0 running instances"
[17:22:42] <joonatoona> Wat
[17:22:45] <@peterix> anyway, I made a few attempts and I always ended up nuking all the compatibility stuff
[17:22:57] <@peterix> huh?
[17:23:27] <joonatoona> Well
[17:23:27] <joonatoona> i'm looking through code
[17:23:27] <joonatoona> Is that a case that's ever actually reached?
[17:23:35] <@peterix> I sure hope not. that would be a funny bug :)
[17:24:02] <joonatoona> If you break compat, isn't it best to just write migrations?
[17:24:09] <joonatoona> I don't know anything about your codebase
[17:25:53] <joonatoona> Yay I found where you read instance configs!
[17:26:33] <@peterix> that system has been around since the start
[17:26:40] <@peterix> of multimc5 anyway
[17:27:01] <joonatoona> Ok
[17:27:03] <@peterix> you basically create a config object on top of a file, and register keys
[17:27:12] <joonatoona> Yes
[17:27:25] <@peterix> and you can layer the config objects pretty much arbitrarily by registering keys in different ways
[17:27:43] <joonatoona> So I see no issue with the current format, moving to JSON would probably not be fun
[17:27:57] <@peterix> yeah. it's decent
[17:28:09] <joonatoona> So you want to move to more like a modpack platform
[17:28:18] <@peterix> it's good for user configs and things that have to allow overrides
[17:28:31] <@peterix> like ... that instance uses different java than the default is
[17:28:36] <@peterix> and so on
[17:28:46] <@peterix> but yeah, I do want to actually add modpack support
[17:28:50] <joonatoona> Where instnaces are more like packs
[17:28:50] <joonatoona> That's what I understand from the thingy
[17:29:16] <@peterix> well, instances would have some pack-specific info
[17:29:23] <joonatoona> Shure
[17:29:30] <joonatoona> And auto updating would be really nice
[17:29:49] <@peterix> the idea is to keep it in a separate file, because when you go and export a pack, you probably don't want to include your personal java settings with it
[17:29:56] <@peterix> or notes, or whatever
[17:29:57] <joonatoona> True
[17:29:59] <joonatoona> Yeah, I agree
[17:30:12] <joonatoona> So you want to split into 2 files, one that makes sense to export
[17:30:15] <joonatoona> And one that doesnt
[17:30:19] <@peterix> yeah
[17:30:22] <joonatoona> Awesome
[17:30:38] <joonatoona> That sounds cool
[17:31:04] <joonatoona> (Full disclaimer, I have absolutley no idea what I'm doing0
[17:31:06] <joonatoona> *)
[17:31:20] <@peterix> great
[17:31:29] <@peterix> that is probably better
[17:31:45] <@peterix> because I know too much and I'm too careful because of that
[17:31:58] <@peterix> :D
[17:31:58] <joonatoona> Well, I've maybe written 20 lines of C++
[17:32:01] <joonatoona> So that's no good
[17:32:06] <@peterix> hmmm
[17:32:12] <joonatoona> I mean I've written enough C
[17:32:17] <joonatoona> But C++ just looks funky
[17:32:37] <joonatoona> I didn't realize how massive your codebase is
[17:32:45] <@peterix> this is really Qt-flavored C++
[17:32:48] <joonatoona> It's gonna take me a few hours to read over it and understand it
[17:32:58] <joonatoona> I mean I can understand all the code just fine
[17:33:02] <joonatoona> I just don't have too much experience
[17:33:33] <@peterix> if you get C, this is just that plus weird implicit code generation
[17:33:40] <joonatoona> Yeah
[17:33:51] <joonatoona> It's just gonna take a ton of time to read through your code
[17:33:51] <joonatoona> lol
[17:35:10] <joonatoona> `resize(694, 563)` that's an oddly specific number
[17:35:18] <@peterix> main window?
[17:35:21] <joonatoona> Ye
[17:35:28] <@peterix> it was originally generated code
[17:35:36] <joonatoona> Ah, that makes more sense
[17:36:07] <@peterix> I would have kept it generated, but the generator comes with Qt and didn't support something that needed to be done
[17:36:19] <joonatoona> I don't like the Qt generator
[17:36:22] <@peterix> so now it's not an XML file, but a lot of ugly C++
[17:36:26] <joonatoona> Lol
[17:37:13] <@peterix> yeah... if I could redo everything from scratch, I would have kept the core of multimc4 - it was a lot cleaner
[17:37:19] <@peterix> plain old c++
[17:37:26] <@peterix> and just used Qt for GUI
[17:37:30] <joonatoona> I've never seen mmc4
[17:37:43] <@peterix> it was c++ with wxwidgets
[17:37:48] <joonatoona> You can clearly see when the generated code ends ;P
[17:38:01] <joonatoona> MultiMC5's UI looks awesome though
[17:38:03] <@peterix> and wxwidgets was, at the time, poorly maintained
[17:38:16] <joonatoona> Isn't it still poorly maintaned?
[17:38:26] <@peterix> maybe?
[17:38:36] <@peterix> I haven't used it since
[17:38:38] <joonatoona> You should embrace w e b s c a l e! ELECTRON IS THE FUTURE! /s
[17:38:45] <@peterix> no.
[17:38:57] <joonatoona> Good
[17:39:19] <@peterix> I do not want yet another copy of the same chrome binaries sitting on my disk
[17:39:25] <joonatoona> Nobody does
[17:39:26] <@peterix> slowly getting obsolete
[17:39:39] <@peterix> and full of security holes
[17:39:43] <joonatoona> And using 2g of ram
[17:39:50] <@peterix> heh
[17:40:00] <joonatoona> I think the Twitch launcher is electron
[17:40:04] <@peterix> yeah, it was something around 400MB for a simple window last I checked
[17:40:07] <joonatoona> You can't play MC without closing it, because it eats all your ram
[17:40:18] <joonatoona> A hello world in electron is around 500mb now
[17:40:42] <@peterix> if I embraced the web, I would turn multimc into a server written in pure C
[17:40:56] <joonatoona> Oh god that would be awful
[17:41:03] <@peterix> and let people use their existing browsers :P
[17:41:17] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> The curse client is a web server
[17:41:18] <joonatoona> That's what my modpack manager originally did
[17:41:30] <@peterix> lol
[17:41:35] <joonatoona> It sucked though
[17:41:37] <@peterix> well, it's an entertaining idea
[17:41:47] <@peterix> so was doing everything in a browser
[17:41:52] <joonatoona> Never touch webUIs
[17:42:31] <joonatoona> Ok, I'm almost a third of the way through the main window code ;-;
[17:42:34] <joonatoona> This is gonna take all day
[17:43:04] <@peterix> that part changes so rarely that it's probably not really worth looking at
[17:43:06] <@peterix> tbh
[17:43:11] <joonatoona> Well
[17:43:17] <joonatoona> I need to understand the entire codebas
[17:43:26] <joonatoona> If I want to do anything remotely useful
[17:44:05] <@peterix> ok :)
[17:44:31] <joonatoona> Well
[17:44:39] <joonatoona> Where are the configs loaded?
[17:44:45] <joonatoona> I see wherer they're parsed
[17:44:50] <joonatoona> But not where the parser is being called from
[17:45:28] <@peterix> so. when the instances are constructed, the config objects are fed to them
[17:45:47] <@peterix> so, sometime before the instance is created in memory
[17:46:02] <@peterix> the way the config is interpreted is however up to the instance
[17:46:16] <joonatoona> Ok
[17:46:28] <@peterix> they register the various config keys in their constructors, mostly
[17:46:28] <joonatoona> I think I understand this enough to try making a few changes
[17:46:35] <joonatoona> *segfault*
[17:48:31] <@peterix>
[17:48:33] <@peterix> here
[17:48:41] <@peterix> that's what opens the file
[17:48:51] <joonatoona> Awesome
[17:48:58] <joonatoona> So that just needs to open multiple files
[17:49:03] <joonatoona> And split off settings
[17:49:23] <@peterix> then it reads the instance type from it and hands the config object to the newly created instance
[17:49:35] <joonatoona> Yeah, that makes sense
[17:49:38] <joonatoona> So maybe
[17:49:43] <joonatoona> That could store the pack info
[17:49:51] <joonatoona> And the instance object could then read the user settings
[17:50:08] <joonatoona> That way it might not break compat
[17:50:43] <joonatoona> You already have an InstanceType
[17:50:46] <@peterix> well, there's one file with both right now
[17:50:53] <joonatoona> Yes
[17:51:11] <joonatoona> If you had a new InstanceType
[17:51:15] <@peterix> so the stuff that doesn't belong in there anymore should find its way out of it
[17:51:17] <joonatoona> Then old ones would continue functioning
[17:51:18] <joonatoona> Yep
[17:51:20] <@peterix> yeah
[17:51:27] <@peterix> that would probably be the cleanest thing
[17:51:29] <joonatoona> So compat isn't a huge issue?
[17:51:37] <joonatoona> And eventually you could write migration code
[17:51:40] <@peterix> it's a ton of refactoring
[17:51:49] <@peterix> but yeah
[17:51:53] <@peterix> should be doable
[17:52:10] <joonatoona> I'm gonna mess around and try and make a new instance type
[17:52:25] <@peterix> especially if I force myself to ignore all the code duplication for a while :P
[17:52:29] <joonatoona> What's the name `OneSix` from?
[17:52:37] <joonatoona> Just random?
[17:52:39] <@peterix> it was for Minecraft 1.6
[17:52:43] <joonatoona> That makes sense
[17:52:54] <@peterix> it now handles all the versions
[17:52:58] <joonatoona> Lol
[17:53:00] <joonatoona> Well
[17:53:07] <@peterix> but legacy is still a thing
[17:53:09] <joonatoona> I'll just name it somethign random for now
[17:53:13] <@peterix> never got migrated
[17:53:31] <joonatoona> Legacy code?!? Bad ;P
[17:53:45] <@peterix> legacy instance format... for legacy minecraft
[17:53:55] <@peterix> basically support for instances from mmc 4 and 3
[17:54:09] <@peterix> that format changed over time too...
[17:54:26] <joonatoona> That makes sense
[17:54:37] <joonatoona> I guess that makes compat easier
[17:55:58] <joonatoona> Ok, I'm just gonna copy onesix
[17:56:06] <joonatoona> And use a different settings format
[17:56:11] <joonatoona> It
[17:56:23] <joonatoona> Awful hack, ton's of code duplication, awful idea
[17:56:38] <@peterix> I ... couldn't make myself do it
[17:56:39] <@peterix> :D
[17:56:49] <joonatoona> Well, I'll make the awful mess for you ;P
[17:56:51] <@peterix> but I guess it's the only good way forward
[17:56:57] <joonatoona> I mean
[17:57:05] <joonatoona> It would be ideal to have all reused code externally
[17:57:12] <joonatoona> But that's a major refactor
[17:57:17] <@peterix> yes
[17:57:24] <joonatoona> I'm not familiar enough with the codebase
[17:57:33] <joonatoona> And you don't want to put yourself through that awful monstrosity ;P
[17:57:41] <@peterix> it's a big pile of work or really bad pile of code sticking around
[17:57:50] <joonatoona> Or both ;P
[17:58:03] <@peterix> yeah...
[17:58:11] <@peterix> anyway, things.
[17:58:23] <joonatoona> Maybe I should start with something smaller
[17:58:25] <@peterix> I'd like to keep this in develop, or as close to develop as possible
[17:58:30] <joonatoona> Any small things that need to be done?
[17:58:40] <joonatoona> Yeah, makes sense
[17:58:45] <@peterix> hmm... bug fixes?
[17:58:53] <@peterix> there are some bugs around
[17:58:54] <joonatoona> That sounds more doable
[17:59:02] <joonatoona> I'll just read the GH issues ;P
[17:59:02] <@peterix> could be a way to take a look at things
[17:59:30] <joonatoona> "Easter Eggs do not work"
[17:59:35] <joonatoona> THAT'S A MAJOR ISSUE :P
[18:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #896 of meta-update started
[18:00:03] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> i know i said the same thing
[18:00:07] <@peterix> yep. got removed, I am planning to use the instance badge icons for things like update and status notifications
[18:00:15] <build-kitteh> build #896 of meta-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[18:00:20] <@peterix> instead of easter egg stuff
[18:00:54] <joonatoona> Awwwww
[18:01:20] <joonatoona> Badge icons sound cool though
[18:02:08] <joonatoona> Oh
[18:02:11] <joonatoona> issues
[18:02:24] <joonatoona> That sounds like it wouldn't be absurdly difficult
[18:02:35] <@peterix> yeah
[18:02:43] <@peterix> api changed
[18:02:46] <joonatoona> I'll look into that
[18:02:55] <@peterix> it really needs fixing
[18:03:00] <joonatoona> That sounds like an easy way to get started
[18:03:01] <joonatoona> I think
[18:03:22] <@peterix> basically, the api key I registered for it is in some sort of legacy mode
[18:03:31] <@peterix> and is still supported as an exception
[18:03:35] <joonatoona> Ah
[18:03:38] <joonatoona> That makes sense
[18:03:40] <@peterix> but people can't use their own anymore
[18:03:49] <joonatoona> Would you consider moving to another paste service?
[18:03:51] <@peterix> because they can't make legacy keys
[18:03:55] <joonatoona> That makes sense
[18:04:04] <@peterix> ... not really. is nice
[18:04:11] <joonatoona> I mean it requires JS :/
[18:04:17] <@peterix> no js.
[18:04:25] <joonatoona> It doesn't work for me without JS?
[18:04:34] <@peterix> oh, you mean the website?
[18:04:35] <joonatoona> Not my place to say anything
[18:04:39] <joonatoona> I'll look at fixing it
[18:04:41] <joonatoona> Yes
[18:04:47] <@peterix> hmm
[18:04:50] <joonatoona> The site doesnt' work without JS and cookies enabled
[18:04:51] <joonatoona> Lol
[18:04:54] <@peterix> oh
[18:05:00] <joonatoona> is nice
[18:05:01] <joonatoona> But whatever
[18:05:02] <@peterix> idk... that's browser stuff
[18:05:09] <joonatoona> It is
[18:05:46] <joonatoona> I'll just update it to the new API?
[18:05:59] <@peterix> sounds like the best thing, yeah
[18:06:05] <joonatoona> Awesome
[18:06:17] <@peterix> anyway, I gotta go before the shops close, or I'll have to eat only tomatos today :P
[18:06:55] <joonatoona> Yeah, cool
[18:07:03] <joonatoona> Cya :D
[18:07:20] <@peterix> o/
[18:07:40] <joonatoona> \o/
[18:11:36] <joonatoona> aww
[18:11:41] <joonatoona> The API has been changed significantly
[18:27:19] <ruby-bot> <A​cuena> Hi. I asked a while ago about my friend not being able to run multimc, he gets "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine".  He installed Java, but according tot he log from multimc he sent to me, he installed Java 32 bit, but he has a 64 bit PC. Can that be the cause he still getting that error?
[18:27:43] <ruby-bot> <A​cuena> nice spelling there 😛
[18:32:24] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> you can't allocate more than 1.5 GB of ram with 32 bit so yeah
[18:33:00] <ruby-bot> <A​cuena> but if he install Java 64-bit it should fix it?
[18:33:10] <ruby-bot> <f​lcmc> yes
[18:33:14] <ruby-bot> <A​cuena> Ok, good 😄
[18:33:24] <ruby-bot> <A​cuena> He is eager to try it out xD
[18:35:07] * HeufyTablet ( Quit (Quit: Ambition is like a frog sitting on a Venus Flytrap. The flytrap can bite and bite, but it won't bother the frog because it only has little tiny plant teeth. But some other stuff could happen and it could be like ambition.)
[18:36:00] * NolanSyKinsley (~NolanSyKi@2606:6000:5112:df00:9ebb:13b3:95d1:81a6) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:37:18] * NolanSyKinsley (~NolanSyKi@2606:6000:5112:df00:9ebb:13b3:95d1:81a6) has joined #MultiMC
[18:42:32] <joonatoona> Well, the API is broken
[18:42:41] <joonatoona> I literally copied the example request and it failed
[18:50:36] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> Gg
[18:50:49] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> Time to move to hastebin?
[18:53:00] <joonatoona> I'll try and get working
[18:53:03] <joonatoona> But the docs are wrong ;-;
[19:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #897 of meta-update started
[19:00:15] <build-kitteh> build #897 of meta-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[19:13:09] <joonatoona> Now it'
[19:13:15] <joonatoona> s returning a very helpful error
[19:13:15] <joonatoona> ""
[19:13:20] <joonatoona> Great descriptive error message
[19:13:21] <joonatoona> Thanks
[19:21:25] <@peterix> oh. hmm
[19:23:53] <joonatoona> Ay
[19:23:57] <joonatoona> I got it to work!
[19:24:01] <joonatoona> They changed the response format too
[19:24:30] <joonatoona> YAY I GOT IT TO WORK!
[19:25:15] <@peterix> awesome :)
[19:25:21] <joonatoona> I'll open a PR in a sec
[19:27:20] <joonatoona> Just gotta clean up the awful mess I made
[19:30:51] <joonatoona> Oh
[19:30:52] <joonatoona> This is bad
[19:31:15] <joonatoona> With `"This is a test"` in place of the real log it works
[19:31:18] <joonatoona> But
[19:31:24] <joonatoona> When I switch it back to the real log
[19:31:27] <joonatoona> `Bad Request`
[19:33:00] <@peterix> super bad?
[19:33:25] <joonatoona> This makes no sense whatsoever
[19:33:27] <@peterix> the super bad part is that I have about 2 minute ping right now
[19:33:27] <joonatoona> I checked
[19:33:35] <joonatoona> Nice
[19:33:50] <joonatoona> They're both valid JSON
[19:34:11] <joonatoona>
[19:34:24] <Nikky> then its not just their doc bing invalid but the implementation breaks as well ?
[19:34:30] <joonatoona> Well
[19:34:40] <joonatoona> If there's \r\n in the `contents`
[19:34:43] <joonatoona> It sems to get pissy
[19:34:58] <Nikky> maybe you need to double escapse that then
[19:35:06] <joonatoona> Possible
[19:35:07] <joonatoona> Let me try that
[19:35:42] <Nikky> my guess is that they process that and its getting intepreted, splits the json and blows up
[19:35:53] <joonatoona> Possibly
[19:36:04] <joonatoona> Nope
[19:36:17] <joonatoona> Tried double escaping, still a bad request
[19:36:28] <Nikky> which is kinda stupid but can happen, i would look for a different pastebin provider
[19:36:40] <joonatoona> @peterix likes
[19:36:43] <joonatoona> Apparently
[19:36:46] <Nikky> possibly with support for ownership of pastes as well
[19:36:53] <joonatoona> is nice
[19:37:45] <Nikky> hastebin seems nice and popular
[19:38:00] <joonatoona> I'll look into that
[19:38:03] <Nikky> although no ownership of pastes or such builtin as far as i can see
[19:38:12] <joonatoona> supports ownership
[19:38:21] <Nikky> i also suspect they use tons of js
[19:38:31] <joonatoona> Lemme check
[19:38:46] <joonatoona> Oh god it does
[19:39:15] <joonatoona> Wait
[19:39:18] <joonatoona> Now i'm confused
[19:39:20] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> Feels like IRC
[19:39:21] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken>
[19:39:23] <joonatoona> I copied the request into postman
[19:39:26] <joonatoona> And it worked
[19:39:57] <joonatoona> Wat client is that?
[19:40:01] <Nikky> @Zekken cannot wait for writing a script to trnsform those bot messages into prettier lines
[19:40:07] <Nikky> ripcord
[19:40:19] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> yes
[19:40:24] <Nikky> so postman escapes stuff properly ?
[19:40:39] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> I will use RipCord once its more discord like
[19:40:51] <joonatoona> Well
[19:40:52] <ruby-bot> <Z​ekken> as in complete
[19:40:57] <joonatoona> The request is identical
[19:41:22] <joonatoona> I checked by pointing it at my server
[19:41:28] <joonatoona> The request it recives is literally identical
[19:41:37] <Nikky> ok weird.. can you grbab the generated curl request from postman ?
[19:42:00] <Nikky> *grab
[19:42:22] <joonatoona> ?
[19:42:27] <Nikky> then the only difference would be that postman sends its own identifying header
[19:42:43] <joonatoona> Yes
[19:42:49] <joonatoona> The user agent is different
[19:43:31] <joonatoona> Ah
[19:43:59] <joonatoona> Postman is escaping it differently
[19:44:13] <joonatoona>
[19:44:14] <joonatoona> Got it
[19:44:18] <Nikky> in postman there is a small link/button under send / save
[19:44:36] <joonatoona> Replacing `\n` with `\\n` seems to work
[19:44:44] <Nikky> pops up a list of code you can copy into bash, python, curl, c whatever
[19:44:50] <joonatoona> Not there for me
[19:45:02] <joonatoona> ah it is
[19:45:05] <joonatoona> I'm just blind
[19:45:07] <joonatoona> Well it works now
[19:45:10] <Nikky>
[19:45:13] <joonatoona> Yeah
[19:45:17] <Nikky> its quite .. useful
[19:45:25] <joonatoona> > light theme
[19:45:33] <Nikky> especially because sometimes whitespace escaping is not very obvious
[19:45:42] <Nikky> well i never use it
[19:45:44] <joonatoona> Yeah, escaping is awful
[19:45:49] <Nikky> i just still have it installed
[19:46:01] <joonatoona> It's a nice tool
[19:46:01] <Nikky> even had to login again on this machine..
[19:46:10] <joonatoona> Login?!?
[19:46:24] <Nikky> using postman or google account
[19:46:39] <joonatoona> You have to log in? I didn't know that
[19:46:39] <Nikky> i guess i could just sign out and let it permanently delete stuff
[19:46:55] <joonatoona> Also
[19:47:10] <joonatoona> peterix: you can't have pastes without a key anymore
[19:47:17] <joonatoona> So should I remove the option for that too?
[19:47:25] <joonatoona> And you'll need to update the builtin key
[19:47:36] <@peterix> yeah
[19:47:46] <joonatoona> I'll just remove that option from the UI?
[19:47:52] <@peterix> yep
[19:47:56] <joonatoona> Sweet
[19:47:57] <@peterix> makes sense
[19:47:58] <joonatoona> Ok
[19:48:28] <joonatoona> I should clean up after myself first lol
[19:52:34] <joonatoona> Awesome
[19:52:36] <joonatoona> Opening PR now
[19:54:34] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has joined #MultiMC
[19:54:34] <git-kitteh> [MultiMC5] joonatoona opened pull request #1959: Use new API and remove Public option (develop...develop)
[19:54:34] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has left #MultiMC
[19:54:50] <joonatoona> Oooh a popup kitteh
[19:55:05] <@peterix> yep :D
[19:55:12] <joonatoona> That's kinda cool
[19:55:14] <joonatoona> And useful
[20:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #898 of meta-update started
[20:00:14] <build-kitteh> build #898 of meta-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[20:01:00] <joonatoona> Oooh you even have automatic builders for PRs
[20:01:03] <joonatoona> That's really cool
[20:01:13] <@peterix> nope, that's just a cron job
[20:01:26] <joonatoona> No, in the PR
[20:01:30] <joonatoona> It has a builder
[20:01:41] <joonatoona>
[20:01:43] <@peterix> oh, jenkins!
[20:01:52] <@peterix> oh, I'm dumb
[20:01:54] <@peterix> lol
[20:01:58] <joonatoona> That's really cool
[20:01:59] <@peterix> travis
[20:02:02] <joonatoona> It's super slow though lol
[20:02:18] <@peterix> yeah, it's a public service thing... and a lot of people use it
[20:02:24] <joonatoona> That makes sense
[20:02:41] <joonatoona> I mean it's building random peoples code lol
[20:02:47] <@peterix> I haven't done automatic PR builds on the normal builder setup because there's just not enouth of PRs
[20:02:57] <@peterix> *enough
[20:02:59] <joonatoona> :(
[20:03:13] <joonatoona> You have tons of users though
[20:03:30] <@peterix> but people get scared the moment they see c++
[20:03:49] <@peterix> and most are on windows, and doing development on windows sucks, really bad
[20:04:01] <joonatoona> Doing anything on windows sucks...
[20:04:18] <joonatoona> That's sad :/
[20:04:46] <joonatoona> All checks have passed :D
[20:05:10] <@peterix> let's generate that key
[20:05:41] <joonatoona> Awesome!
[20:09:05] <@peterix> did you create a MultiMC application on
[20:09:10] <joonatoona> Yes
[20:09:16] <@peterix> can you remove it?
[20:09:18] <joonatoona> Shure
[20:09:28] <@peterix> it looks like the name must be unique
[20:09:31] <joonatoona> Done
[20:09:34] <joonatoona> MultiMC5?
[20:09:37] <joonatoona> I called it MultiMC5
[20:09:45] <@peterix> oh. I tried MultiMC
[20:09:53] <joonatoona> Well, I deleted MultiMC5
[20:10:02] <@peterix> alright, I'll use that one
[20:10:06] <joonatoona> Awesome ;D
[20:11:36] <joonatoona> You could have tried the old one first?
[20:11:37] <joonatoona> Idk
[20:21:00] <joonatoona> Oh crap
[20:21:06] <joonatoona> I forgot to remove a debug statement
[20:21:58] <joonatoona> Let's just pretend that never happened
[20:28:25] * mumfrey is now known as Mumfrey
[20:31:42] <@peterix> nice. tested it locally
[20:31:47] <joonatoona> Awesome
[20:31:54] <@peterix> going to deploy some changes on the ci server to bake in the new key
[20:31:54] <joonatoona> I forgot to remove a debug statement :/
[20:31:58] <joonatoona> Cool
[20:33:42] * build-kitteh ( Quit (Quit: buildmaster reconfigured: bot disconnecting)
[20:33:56] * build-kitteh ( has joined #MultiMC
[20:36:09] <@peterix> you could fix up the debug statement away, but it's probably fine
[20:36:15] <joonatoona> I already fixed it
[20:36:26] <@peterix> oh, alright
[20:36:27] <joonatoona> It was pretty bad, it printed the API key
[20:38:07] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has joined #MultiMC
[20:38:08] <git-kitteh> [MultiMC5] peterix pushed 3 new commits to develop:
[20:38:08] <git-kitteh> MultiMC5/develop 4d54d26 Joona: switch to new API
[20:38:08] <git-kitteh> MultiMC5/develop ced67a7 Joona: remove public option
[20:38:08] <git-kitteh> MultiMC5/develop 9d3a847 Joona: forgot to remove debug statement
[20:38:08] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has left #MultiMC
[20:38:09] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has joined #MultiMC
[20:38:09] <git-kitteh> [MultiMC5] peterix closed pull request #1959: Use new API and remove Public option (develop...develop)
[20:38:09] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has left #MultiMC
[20:38:34] <build-kitteh> build #1052 of win32 started (including [4d54d2662aba3059a5c941e93b82e285fa181cff, ced67a7400927de586fa05a2819bb3e949c3af19] and 1 more)
[20:38:34] <build-kitteh> build #972 of ubuntu64 started (including [4d54d2662aba3059a5c941e93b82e285fa181cff, ced67a7400927de586fa05a2819bb3e949c3af19] and 1 more)
[20:38:34] <build-kitteh> build #679 of ubuntu32 started (including [4d54d2662aba3059a5c941e93b82e285fa181cff, ced67a7400927de586fa05a2819bb3e949c3af19] and 1 more)
[20:38:34] <build-kitteh> build #998 of osx64 started (including [4d54d2662aba3059a5c941e93b82e285fa181cff, ced67a7400927de586fa05a2819bb3e949c3af19] and 1 more)
[20:38:46] <joonatoona> That's a lot of builds
[20:39:35] <build-kitteh> build #972 of ubuntu64 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[20:40:14] <@peterix> all of the supported platforms
[20:40:35] <joonatoona> Win64 isn't a thing?
[20:40:39] <@peterix> nope
[20:40:50] <joonatoona> And osx32 isn't either?
[20:40:59] <@peterix> that's dead AFAIK
[20:41:02] <@peterix> like, very dead
[20:41:04] <joonatoona> Huh, cool
[20:41:15] <joonatoona> Now time to find the next fun bug ;P
[20:41:15] <@peterix> modern macOS is 64bit only
[20:41:33] <joonatoona> Cool
[20:41:50] <@peterix> and win64 ... I just don't see the point
[20:41:53] * Heufneutje ( has joined #MultiMC
[20:42:07] <@peterix> maybe when Microsoft has a consumer OS that is 64bit only
[20:42:29] <@peterix> I know Windows Server doesn't come with 32bit enabled by default
[20:42:44] <@peterix> but if you enable it, it still works
[20:42:54] <joonatoona> I haven't touched windows in forever.
[20:42:57] <joonatoona> It's still 32bit?!?
[20:43:05] <IoP> ...
[20:43:06] <build-kitteh> build #998 of osx64 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[20:43:09] <build-kitteh> build #679 of ubuntu32 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[20:43:09] <build-kitteh> build #1052 of win32 is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[20:43:10] <@peterix> there are 32bit only versions of windows 10
[20:43:19] <@peterix> for whatever weird reason