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[00:00:38] #multimc - Thu Feb 23 00:00:38 2017
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[00:00:45] * Topic is ':MultiMC is a Minecraft launcher. Get it here: | Post bug reports and feature requests at | Support us on Patreon! | See the ever growing pile of ideas:'
[00:00:45] * Set by peterix! on Thu Mar 24 22:42:23
[00:00:47] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @peterix @Zekken transfer done, and I'm done fucking with the configs 😃
[00:00:48] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> lol
[00:01:12] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7>
[00:01:19] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> It's much prettier and faster now too
[00:01:42] <cord21> <Zekk​en> how do i download them?
[00:01:56] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Was working on some local caching so it doesn't have to hit amazon with a million api requests every time you browse around
[00:02:07] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @Zekken wget would work
[00:02:16] <cord21> <Zekk​en> uhhhhhhhhhhhh
[00:02:27] <cord21> <Zekk​en> is there ftp br chance?
[00:02:36] <cord21> <pete​rix> wat
[00:02:43] <cord21> <Zekk​en> idk
[00:02:46] <cord21> <Zekk​en> what wget is
[00:02:51] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> oh my...
[00:02:52] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> get out
[00:02:56] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> /kick
[00:03:05] <cord21> <Zekk​en> well i do
[00:03:09] <cord21> <Zekk​en> but im on windows
[00:03:22] <cord21> <Aure​lio> yikes windows
[00:03:25] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> then use the powershell wget
[00:03:30] <cord21> <pete​rix> next up, legacy instances!
[00:03:32] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> (it exists, fight me about it)
[00:03:44] <cord21> <pete​rix> bleh powershell
[00:03:56] <cord21> <Zekk​en> ill just boot up ubuntu VM
[00:04:01] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I spent my highschool career writing powershell as my "day job" lol
[00:04:28] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @Zekken just look up how to wget an entire site, it's literally the first answer on stack exchange
[00:04:33] <cord21> <Zekk​en> ehhh i dont want to use vm
[00:04:33] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> recurse and ignore indexes
[00:04:39] <cord21> <pete​rix> I still consider it to be 'that new thing I decided to ignore and use bash instead'
[00:05:00] <cord21> <pete​rix> 😄
[00:05:27] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @peterix I was forced to use it because it's the most powerful scripting language that comes standard with windows
[00:05:41] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I sure as FUCK am not trying to automate IT tasks with `CMD`
[00:06:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> there's jscript and vbscript
[00:06:17] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> And it's not new, it's shipped on every windows install since vista (and server 2003)
[00:07:03] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @peterix the real draw for my particular use case is that there's a powershell interface for controlling literally every aspect of microsoft windows (and windows server)
[00:07:08] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> It was just the tool for the job
[00:07:17] <cord21> <pete​rix> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[00:07:30] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Will I ever touch that shit again? NOEP
[00:07:32] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Well im going to just use a linux Vm'
[00:07:47] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I spend my days in bash these days, as it should be.
[00:07:51] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> M$ can die
[00:08:25] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @Zekken it's not hard, google whatever you need to do, just know it can be easily done in windows, or linux, or a toaster (with the gnu tools)
[00:08:40] <cord21> <pete​rix> toaster that runs BSD
[00:09:01] <cord21> <Zekk​en> would this work?
[00:09:08] <cord21> <Zekk​en> ive used this before
[00:09:34] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> _hits @Zekken on the head_
[00:09:41] <cord21> <Zekk​en> *dies*
[00:09:47] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> you'll never learn a damn thing thinking like you're thinking
[00:09:49] <cord21> <Zekk​en> 🚑
[00:10:11] <cord21> <Zekk​en> *But would it work*
[00:10:29] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I won't even open that link
[00:10:31] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> eww
[00:10:32] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> learn
[00:10:34] <cord21> <Zekk​en> tech me ples
[00:11:05] <cord21> <Zekk​en> how do i use this?
[00:14:06] <cord21> <Zekk​en> *is joking now*
[00:14:34] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> ``` wget --recursive --no-parent --no-host-directories --reject=index* -e robots=off ```
[00:14:57] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Run that in a bash terminal
[00:15:06] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> and then DIE because you should've just google'd that yourself
[00:15:32] <cord21> <pete​rix> google... the universal glue of every workflow in IT
[00:15:55] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> And sysadmining, and programming, and *
[00:16:00] <cord21> <pete​rix> and... yes.
[00:16:10] <cord21> <pete​rix> pretty much anything these days
[00:16:59] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @Zekken If you're actually interested in learning about the gnu-utils and linux command line shit (bash, usually) then you should be making heavy use of `man`
[00:17:00] <cord21> <Aure​lio> there should be a class for children in every school in the world that is called how to use google....
[00:17:04] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> `man` everything
[00:17:41] <cord21> <pete​rix> `man man`
[00:18:19] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> oh fuck I've never tried
[00:18:23] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> _procedes to try_
[00:18:34] <cord21> <Aure​lio> its a thing O.o
[00:18:47] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Aaaaand it's a manual for the manual
[00:18:49] <cord21> <pete​rix> also, `man info`
[00:18:58] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7>
[00:19:01] <cord21> <pete​rix> and `info man`
[00:19:41] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @peterix I've never used the `info` command before, what's the difference?
[00:19:48] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> It looks like it's just pulling from the manpages
[00:20:48] <cord21> <pete​rix>
[00:20:53] <cord21> <pete​rix> `info ls`
[00:21:15] <cord21> <pete​rix>
[00:21:19] <cord21> <pete​rix> `man ls`
[00:21:23] <cord21> <pete​rix> quitre different
[00:22:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> info usually has human readable text that isn't just a dry listing of params
[00:22:14] <cord21> <Aure​lio> so info is command reference and basicly same as command --help
[00:22:17] <cord21> <pete​rix> and hyperlinks
[00:25:42] <cord21> <pete​rix> anyway, info is mostly limited to the GNU tools, because that's where it came from
[00:27:19] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> ahh
[00:28:46] <cord21> <Zekk​en> HELPPPP
[00:28:48] <cord21> <Zekk​en>
[00:29:16] <cord21> <Zekk​en> @vidplace7
[00:29:34] <cord21> <Aure​lio> --no-check-certificate
[00:29:37] <cord21> <Aure​lio> add that
[00:29:45] <cord21> <Aure​lio> says the error message :p
[00:29:45] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> looks like wget doesn't like combined let's encrypt certificates 😂
[00:30:02] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> well fuuuck you `wget`
[00:30:27] <cord21> <Zekk​en> so this? `wget --recursive--no-check-certificate --no-parent --no-host-directories --reject=index* -e robots=off `
[00:30:49] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Hey Vid
[00:30:55] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Whats the exact size?
[00:31:13] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> It's less that 100GB
[00:31:18] <cord21> <Zekk​en> oh
[00:31:27] <cord21> <Zekk​en> I thought it was 2tb
[00:31:34] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Minecraft mods are tiny dude, thousands of them aren't that big
[00:31:53] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> No, there's another guy who hasn't publicly published his list, who's got 2TB
[00:32:09] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I've been unsuccessful trying to contact him (emailed his address)
[00:32:26] <cord21> <Zekk​en> FUCKING HELL
[00:32:31] <cord21> <Zekk​en> HOW DO I CLEAR TERMINAL
[00:32:44] <cord21> <Aure​lio> clear
[00:32:49] <IoP> use linux
[00:32:57] <cord21> <Zekk​en> if only windows liked that
[00:32:59] <cord21> <pete​rix> `reset`
[00:33:09] <cord21> <Aure​lio> oh ye forgot windows
[00:33:25] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> also, that command ran without any cert errors on my (mac os sierra with homebrew installed wget)  computer.
[00:33:58] <cord21> <Aure​lio> also runs without cert erros on arch linux here
[00:33:59] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> someone's got OLD SHITTY PACKAGES
[00:34:13] <cord21> <pete​rix> you mean macOS
[00:34:14] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Get your shit together @Zekken
[00:34:18] <cord21> <pete​rix> it has plenty of those
[00:34:26] <cord21> <pete​rix> like... a lot
[00:34:32] <cord21> <Zekk​en> im trying to get a second PC for linux my dude
[00:34:34] <cord21> <pete​rix> most of it is obsolete
[00:34:43] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> homebrew dupes are a lifesaver @peterix
[00:34:48] <cord21> <pete​rix> k
[00:35:03] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Some of the version numbers on the gnu tools when I was setting this thing up were literally a decade old
[00:35:05] <cord21> <pete​rix> anyway, stuff on macOS is often different
[00:35:10] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> like openssl (their weird bastard fork)
[00:35:18] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> and top
[00:35:24] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> and other weird shit
[00:35:32] <cord21> <Zekk​en> IM DOING IT!
[00:35:37] <cord21> <Zekk​en> FUCK WINDOWS
[00:35:39] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> toot toot
[00:35:40] <cord21> <Zekk​en> I HATE IT
[00:35:44] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> then don't use it
[00:35:49] <cord21> <pete​rix> lol
[00:35:52] <cord21> <Zekk​en> gaming
[00:35:55] <cord21> <Zekk​en> I HAVE to
[00:36:01] <cord21> <Aure​lio> What specific game?
[00:36:06] <cord21> <Aure​lio> maybe thers a linux port :p
[00:36:07] <cord21> <Zekk​en> all of them
[00:36:33] <cord21> <Aure​lio> wine is a abonimation of hell but it works not that bad with games
[00:36:46] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Pff, dual bot or do a fancy vm setup (if you have an AMD card... nvidia setup is hacky)
[00:36:48] <cord21> <Zekk​en> wine doesnt fix everything
[00:37:05] <cord21> <Zekk​en> I'll get a dedicated machine
[00:37:27] <cord21> <Zekk​en> maybe ill do a hackintosh linux dual boot
[00:37:41] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> tbh, linux's power comes in the command line
[00:37:49] <cord21> <Zekk​en> very much so
[00:37:50] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> just run a VM, ssh in to some box, whatever
[00:38:19] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I use MacOS daily (eww... but work assigned) but spend ALL day logged in to linux boxes in AWS
[00:38:27] <cord21> <pete​rix>
[00:38:29] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> and ssh'd into vm's on my local machine
[00:38:37] <cord21> <pete​rix> and that's legacy gone
[00:38:56] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> @peterix I've been out of the loop a bit... what am I looking at?
[00:39:11] <cord21> <pete​rix> I just decided to break everything
[00:39:30] <cord21> <pete​rix> and see what I end up with when I remove all the old stuff that's been a thorn in my side for years
[00:40:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> FTB, legacy instances, all the weird json based version file formats
[00:40:32] <cord21> <Zekk​en> does that mean curse tracking plz?
[00:40:32] <cord21> <pete​rix> layers upon layers of compatibility code
[00:40:35] <cord21> <pete​rix> no
[00:40:42] <cord21> <pete​rix> it means fuck curse
[00:40:45] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Lol, yes yes yes KISS
[00:41:07] <cord21> <pete​rix> no tracking, of anything
[00:41:15] <cord21> <Zekk​en> rip
[00:41:23] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> RIP out all the legacy, keep it "LTBS" for a while, and slowly add back the features that mattered in a cleaner way
[00:41:32] <cord21> <pete​rix> yep
[00:41:38] <cord21> <pete​rix> it is the only way
[00:41:41] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I don't use any of the features you just mentioned, and I like day efficiency
[00:42:02] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> LTBS = long term barely support (not mine, lol)
[00:42:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> I mean, you might not realize that you're using them
[00:42:53] <cord21> <pete​rix> legacy was broken for months and almost noone noticed tho
[00:43:06] <cord21> <Zekk​en> broken?
[00:43:24] <cord21> <pete​rix> because sourceforge rearranged its website
[00:43:32] <cord21> <pete​rix> and lwjgl didn't download anymore
[00:43:33] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Ewwww
[00:43:43] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> TRIGGERED
[00:44:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> well, that's where the official LWJGL downloads are
[00:44:36] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> I was referring to sourceforge
[00:44:42] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> ...eww
[00:45:26] <cord21> <pete​rix> multimc has a version list that uses the RSS feed of LWJGL from sourceforge
[00:45:43] <cord21> <pete​rix> it didn't have any UI for ... years
[00:46:12] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> "lol we'll do it later"
[00:46:17] <cord21> <pete​rix> yeah
[00:46:24] <cord21> <pete​rix> that pretty much defines MUltiMC
[00:46:36] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Ship the MVP and go full bugfix mode
[00:46:39] <cord21> <pete​rix> placeholders for placeholders and code that's around just in case
[00:46:40] <cord21> <pete​rix> 😛
[00:46:42] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Fancy UIs can wait
[00:46:47] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> Lol
[00:47:15] <cord21> <Aure​lio> So import download for curse will be done never XD
[00:47:21] <cord21> <Aure​lio> :p
[00:47:53] <cord21> <Zekk​en> not unless someone else does it
[00:48:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> I am not accepting code, unless it's amazing.
[00:48:27] <cord21> <pete​rix> and you swear that you will support it - yourself - for it's lifetime
[00:49:08] <cord21> <pete​rix> I do not want to have random code dumped on me
[00:49:31] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Kapp
[00:49:37] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Looks at vid
[00:49:42] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> So you're basically opened source for transparency purposes
[00:50:11] <cord21> <pete​rix> amazing = usually minimal and easy to work with
[00:50:28] <cord21> <pete​rix> just the bare functionality...
[00:51:26] <cord21> <Aure​lio> Welp i can barely write python scripts and thats the extend of my knowledge XD
[00:53:26] <cord21> <Zekk​en> The power of COMMAND LINE
[00:53:33] <cord21> <Zekk​en> :kapp:
[00:53:38] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has joined #MultiMC
[00:53:38] <git-kitteh> [MultiMC5] peterix pushed 1 new commit to scratch/deconstruct:
[00:53:38] <git-kitteh> MultiMC5/scratch/deconstruct 3e06ccb Petr Mrázek: SCRATCH remove Legacy instances
[00:53:38] * git-kitteh (~git-kitte@ has left #MultiMC
[00:54:03] <cord21> <pete​rix> deconstructing OneSix will be a lot more tricky, because I need to keep a fair portion of it
[00:54:23] <cord21> <pete​rix> but basically, the abstractions in place are wrong.
[00:54:37] <cord21> <pete​rix> the only way to correct them is to squish things together
[00:55:22] <cord21> <pete​rix> ... or refactor things carefully for a few months.
[00:55:42] <cord21> <pete​rix> the very thought of that makes me want to watch paint dry
[00:57:10] <cord21> <pete​rix> I guess the next step is removal of some of the version lists
[00:57:24] <cord21> <pete​rix> and replacement with my own, custom version lists
[00:57:44] <cord21> <pete​rix> and merging of OneSixInstance into MinecraftInstance
[00:58:16] <cord21> <pete​rix> ... at which point, it will stop recognizing OneSix too
[00:58:27] <cord21> <pete​rix> the old crap will have to be converted
[00:58:46] <cord21> <pete​rix> and I will not support launching it directly anymore
[00:58:58] <cord21> <pete​rix> one way import 😃
[00:59:58] <cord21> <pete​rix> ... I feel like I can actually get things done again
[01:00:48] <cord21> <Zekk​en> technic integration when?
[01:01:34] <cord21> <boch​en> good question
[01:01:35] <cord21> <pete​rix> no damn idea
[01:01:38] <cord21> <pete​rix> not now
[01:01:46] <cord21> <Zekk​en> :LUUL:
[01:03:57] <cord21> <pete​rix> I mean, go ahead and figure out how it should work and what the potential problems are, if you want it to happen sooner
[01:04:15] <cord21> <pete​rix> no c++ coding needed
[01:04:55] <cord21> <pete​rix> I have a good idea of how curse pack download should look like because people wrote a bunch of downloaders
[01:05:03] <cord21> <pete​rix> that can serve as examples
[01:05:47] <cord21> <pete​rix> curse cannot be done without reworking version lists somewhat
[01:05:53] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Oh so you do that instead of tracking?
[01:06:02] <cord21> <pete​rix> bloody hell, I am done with tracking
[01:06:18] <cord21> <pete​rix> tracking = implementing someone else's launcher in MultiMC
[01:06:22] <cord21> <pete​rix> DONE.
[01:06:24] <cord21> <Zekk​en> thats even better. Now i dont need curseinstalled!
[01:06:26] <cord21> <pete​rix> FINSIHED.
[01:06:30] <cord21> <pete​rix> never more
[01:07:26] <cord21> <Zekk​en> Im going to try this OS,
[01:18:44] <cord21> <pete​rix> there's a good chance I will just learn from this experiment and go back to the normal code
[01:18:51] <cord21> <pete​rix> but for now, I will deconstruct.
[02:37:38] * Mumfrey is now known as mumfrey
[02:46:13] <cord21> <Zekk​en> This is going to take a while,
[03:24:19] * Doty1154 (~Doty1154@2601:648:8000:134f:1141:106e:8725:c09b) has joined #MultiMC
[03:44:06] <cord21> <Zekk​en> yo, this is a lifesaver
[04:06:09] <cord21> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> That actually is a good thing because I'm always looking for gifs and don't wanna encounter a png/jpg instead. :sketchGasm:
[04:06:50] <cord21> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> And since I'm on mobile it even let me "pre-load" for when I get back on my desktop.
[04:10:33] <cord21> <Zekk​en> I also love how there isnt much lag XD
[04:10:44] * Keridos is now known as Keridos|away
[04:11:19] * Keridos|away is now known as Keridos
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[09:38:18] <cord21> <Khio​nu> @Zekken Did you get Antergos working? I've never been able to get it to work, and they have a history of having a broken installer now and then
[11:48:58] <cord21> <Aure​lio> if antergos doesnt work out... just use arch :p
[12:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #746 of patreon-update started
[12:00:05] <build-kitteh> build #746 of patreon-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
[12:25:41] * NolanSyKinsley (~NolanSyKi@2606:6000:5112:df00:b7ad:cf64:9c9a:2548) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:03:04] <cord21> <Zekk​en> It worked fine
[13:56:38] <cord21> <Zekk​en> @vidplace7 Its only 36G?
[13:56:53] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> yeah sounds about right
[13:56:58] <cord21> <Zekk​en> oh ok
[13:57:31] <cord21> <Zekk​en> ok now how do i decrypt them?
[13:59:10] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> they aren't decrypted
[13:59:27] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> look in the "rename" folder, I already renamed them
[13:59:50] <cord21> <Zekk​en> oh
[13:59:55] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> asie just changed all the names for some sorting in a database
[14:00:04] <cord21> <vidpl​ace7> and stored the actual name in some field
[14:00:24] <cord21> <Zekk​en> why are some like this?
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[17:51:54] <cord21> <Potato Ma​stermind> Waiwhat?
[17:52:01] <cord21> <Potato Ma​stermind> 36G of mods?
[17:52:08] <cord21> <Potato Ma​stermind> ._.
[17:53:29] * dustinm ( has joined #MultiMC
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[17:55:25] <cord21> <Potato Ma​stermind> Is this like a repo or smth?
[18:51:38] <cord21> <Fla​re> Uhhhh so i havr this java program and im trying to find out the best way to create a new entry of an array that has multiple values allrerady loaded forma  text file
[19:01:47] <cord21> <pete​rix>
[19:01:57] <cord21> <pete​rix> Now that's actual news.
[19:02:18] <cord21> <pete​rix> Abandon SHA-1, it's dead.
[19:03:33] <IoP> "Files sent via Gmail or saved in Google Drive are already automatically tested against this attack." wtf?
[19:04:20] <IoP> ref: What they mean by that?
[19:04:37] <cord21> <pete​rix> "We have a database of every file ever in gmail user mailboxes."
[19:04:43] <cord21> <pete​rix> they do
[19:04:47] <cord21> <pete​rix> they run gmail
[19:05:06] <cord21> <pete​rix> and all the other services
[19:05:25] <cord21> <pete​rix> so... you have a big repository of files and a db with all the hashes
[19:05:30] <cord21> <pete​rix> and when you see a file, you hash it
[19:05:44] <cord21> <pete​rix> and if you find it in your huge repository, you actually compare it
[19:06:01] <IoP> ohhhh that kind of thing
[19:06:24] <cord21> <pete​rix> I bet they already have it to do deduplication
[19:06:38] <cord21> <pete​rix> and this is just a new, public front-end
[19:08:17] <cord21> <pete​rix> chances are they saw it in the wild before they replicated the issue
[19:08:57] <cord21> <pete​rix> but.. I'm just guessing 😃
[19:09:15] <cord21> <pete​rix> anyway, sha-256 for mod repositories
[19:09:22] <cord21> <pete​rix> at least.
[20:15:27] * z0ttel ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)