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[00:00:15] #multimc - Sat Jun 24 00:00:15 2017
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[00:00:23] * Set by peterix! on Thu Mar 24 22:42:23
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[01:58:55] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yea it's really annoying.
[03:34:01] <cord2> <Toms​tah> @DarkenMoon Sorry to ping you but you ever seen a  Description: Exception getting block type in world  java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception getting block type in world     at rtg.event.EventManagerRTG.onGetVillageBlockID(     at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_1188_EventManagerRTG_onGetVillageBlockID_GetVillageBlockID.invoke(.dynamic)     at
[03:34:02] <cord2> cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke(     at     at$Village.func_151558_b(
[03:34:07] <cord2> <Toms​tah> at$Village.func_151549_a(     at mods.railcraft.common.worldgen.ComponentWorkshop.func_74875_a(     at     at fastcraft.a.b.a(F:23)     at fastcraft.Hooks.x(F:167)     at
[03:34:08] <cord2>     at     at     at fastcraft.a.d.a(F:84)     at fastcraft.Hooks.r(F:137)     at at
[03:34:08] <cord2>     at     at     at     at     at
[03:34:09] <cord2>     at     at     at     at     at
[03:34:09] <cord2>     at WorldServerOF.func_72963_a(
[03:34:11] <cord2> <Toms​tah> at<init>(     at<init>(     at WorldServerOF.<init>(     at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71247_a(     at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71197_b(     at     at
[03:34:12] <cord2> net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$
[03:34:13] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Bug?
[03:34:37] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Can't say I have
[03:34:51] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Never even heard of "Block type"
[03:34:52] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Looks like a village generation block ID issue, not sure what you would do
[03:35:01] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yea.
[03:35:13] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Wish I could get an item ID.
[03:35:21] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Railcraft adds village stuff, possibly that
[03:35:25] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Seeing references to Fastcraft, Railcraft.
[03:35:46] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> is railcraft up to date/
[03:35:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I have no clue as of right now.
[03:36:01] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Internet is significantly slow.
[03:36:08] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Best I can do is google til end of month.
[03:36:18] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But not visit any links.
[03:36:38] <cord2> <Toms​tah> This was a crash on creating a new world.
[03:36:45] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Gonna try joining it, see if it replicates.
[03:37:15] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Do you want me to give you a direct link to the latest jar? Would that help?
[03:37:28] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Well what's the latest version?
[03:37:40] <cord2> <Darken​Moon>
[03:37:58] <cord2> <Toms​tah> 9.8
[03:37:59] <cord2> <Toms​tah> So sure.
[03:38:01] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Why not.
[03:38:03] <cord2> <Darken​Moon>
[03:38:12] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Thanks for all your help btw.
[03:38:18] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> No probs
[03:38:36] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Can't wait til I get this modpack stable.
[03:38:46] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Then I'll work on balancing.
[03:38:56] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Which I'm not looking forward to due to the mass amounts of config files.
[03:39:08] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But still not that bad.
[03:39:29] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> I don't envy you in that regard
[03:39:37] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yea no kiddin.
[03:40:38] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But I think it'll be worth it.
[03:40:53] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Hopefully 1.7.10 won't be forgotten by that time though.
[03:40:58] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But I don't think it ever will.
[03:41:38] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Uhg can't waaaaaait to balances Ars Magica, Loot Bags, and the mobs.
[03:41:44] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Those 3 gonna be the most annoying.
[03:42:02] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> No Minecraft version will ever be completely forgotten
[03:42:20] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Mmm
[03:42:21] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Maybe
[03:42:24] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But who knows.
[03:42:24] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Someone, somewhere will cling on to some specific version
[03:42:35] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Pre-infinite world gen ftw.
[03:42:37] <cord2> <Toms​tah> XD
[03:42:45] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Tasty indev
[03:43:32] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Gonna be playing through it for a few days.
[03:43:35] <cord2> <Toms​tah> One for my own enjoyment
[03:43:41] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Two to take notes of what I need to change.
[03:43:49] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Three to check for major problems.
[03:44:05] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Esp since my beta testers failed
[03:44:06] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Cri.
[03:44:32] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Getting all the kinks worked out is gonna take a bit
[03:44:39] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Oooooh yes.
[03:44:40] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Especially with that many mods
[03:44:45] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I'll probs never get all of them.
[03:44:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But I can atleast get major ones (Most likely).
[03:45:11] <cord2> <Toms​tah> By the end of it I think it'll provide a nice experience.
[03:45:39] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> KitchenSink++
[03:46:24] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Name some of your favorite mods for 1.7.10.
[03:46:36] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I'll see if I have them, and if not I'll look into it.
[03:47:15] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> My favorite one I liked playing with was Immersive Engineering
[03:47:19] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Worked so well
[03:47:23] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> I know you have it
[03:48:21] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I've never tried it to much but yes, I do.
[03:48:36] <cord2> <Toms​tah> My favorite one that I got to work,
[03:48:42] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Was Steve's Carts
[03:48:46] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> My buddy LOVES projecte because he LOVES ee2, because it's so OP
[03:48:51] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Cause that had a lot of incompatibilities at first.
[03:48:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yea I have that too.
[03:49:05] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Gonna have to put some balances on it though.
[03:49:33] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> disable the generation of emc
[03:49:44] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> make everything's emc values more expensive
[03:49:52] <cord2> <Toms​tah> And change recipes.
[03:49:52] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yep..
[03:49:59] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> or i should say the expensive stuff
[03:50:04] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I plan on disableing
[03:50:07] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Or nerfing
[03:50:09] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Like 20k dirt for a diamond or something
[03:50:10] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Generation
[03:50:46] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Huh
[03:50:51] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Apparently joining the same world works
[03:50:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah> And there's a village
[03:50:57] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Hmmm
[03:51:11] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> That has happened to me before
[03:51:18] <cord2> <Toms​tah> No like
[03:51:23] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Remember the crash log?
[03:51:34] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> with the railcraft village gen
[03:51:39] <cord2> <Toms​tah> And  * * * * there's an Ent...
[03:51:40] <cord2> <Toms​tah>
[03:51:48] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Gonna be checking for the Railcraft building.
[03:51:59] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> that thing looks creepy
[03:52:10] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> is that like a walking tree?
[03:52:23] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Yep.
[03:52:36] <cord2> <Toms​tah> When you realize this isn't a village...
[03:52:41] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Freaking necromancer dungeon.
[03:52:47] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Paaaaaass
[03:52:58] <cord2> <Toms​tah>
[03:53:01] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> What a misleading crashlog
[03:53:14] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Actully there's a village in another direction.
[03:53:23] <cord2> <Toms​tah> It's a toyget.
[03:53:24] <cord2> <Toms​tah>
[03:53:53] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> That world must be like a wilderness, with that many mobs lol
[03:53:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah>
[03:54:14] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> i think i see the railcraft building there
[03:54:21] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Maybe
[03:54:44] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Damn creepers.
[03:55:07] <cord2> <Toms​tah> I have a mod where creepers will get behind you.
[03:55:09] <cord2> <Toms​tah>
[03:55:10] <cord2> <Toms​tah> But not explode until you look
[03:55:15] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Scares the * * * * out of you.
[03:55:31] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> oh my, thats really spooky
[03:58:01] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Found a Mystcraft Building and Blacksmith
[04:02:58] <cord2> <Toms​tah> What's a Engineers blueprint do?
[04:04:52] <cord2> <Toms​tah> Already made 3 different kinds of swords.
[04:04:54] <cord2> <Toms​tah> One obsidian
[04:04:57] <cord2> <Toms​tah> One bronze
[04:04:59] <cord2> <Toms​tah> One Flint
[04:35:21] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> I'm not sure
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[07:57:24] <cord2> <ultra​nova> How can I get classic running on multimc?
[08:04:14] <cord2> <pete​rix> classic?
[08:04:32] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> I think you've got about 3 or 4 versions of it in the list but I don't see anything else.
[08:05:38] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> I think these MIGHT be the only classic versions.
[08:06:12] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I have jars i saved from years ago
[08:06:22] <cord2> <ultra​nova> and ones I got off the amazonaws server
[08:06:40] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> Yeah that's definitely a peterix question.
[08:07:04] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> I think he's refering to these versions: <>
[08:07:10] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Yes
[08:07:17] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I also have survival test
[08:07:25] <cord2> <pete​rix> jars are basically not very useful without the json files
[08:07:56] <cord2> <pete​rix> ... you have versions that aren't on the mojang list?
[08:08:08] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Survival test
[08:09:33] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I made a json file for it
[08:10:17] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Where do i put them?
[08:10:18] <cord2> <ultra​nova> the instances folder?
[08:10:41] <cord2> <pete​rix> can you share the files?
[08:10:55] <cord2> <pete​rix> the json format multimc uses is different
[08:11:22] <cord2> <ultra​nova> thats the jar
[08:11:24] <cord2> <ultra​nova>
[08:11:59] <cord2> <ultra​nova> When I use the official launcher the game launches but when I click on the screen it goes black
[08:12:00] <cord2> <pete​rix> and yes, stuff like this does belong in the instances. multimc does not recognize anything you would put in any sort of versions folder
[08:12:10] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:12:17] <cord2> <pete​rix> do you have the json too?
[08:12:28] <cord2> <ultra​nova> It's one for the official one
[08:12:41] <cord2> <ultra​nova>
[08:13:03] <cord2> <pete​rix> yeah. that wiouldn't work
[08:13:25] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Ok
[08:13:55] <cord2> <pete​rix> alright... I'll try to get it working
[08:14:00] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Thanks
[08:19:34] <cord2> <pete​rix>
[08:20:02] <cord2> <pete​rix> what a scummy website... it messed up the archive, so it can no longer be verified
[08:21:02] <cord2> <ultra​nova> huh
[08:23:49] <cord2> <pete​rix> anyway, you'll need the dev version of multimc for this to work without extra changes
[08:23:57] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:24:48] <cord2> <pete​rix>
[08:24:54] <cord2> <pete​rix> and that's the instance
[08:25:02] <cord2> <ultra​nova> thanks
[08:25:32] <cord2> <pete​rix> it's kinda funny... it doesn't seem to handle window resize right
[08:25:38] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Where do I find the dev version? Do I have to compile it
[08:25:52] <cord2> <pete​rix> you can just switch update channels in the settings
[08:25:56] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:27:12] <cord2> <pete​rix> just a note: instances made with the current dev version will likely be missing forge when imported in the stable version
[08:27:55] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:28:12] <cord2> <pete​rix> as for the instance, you might have to copy the sounds into it, because they no longer download from mojang in game
[08:28:21] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:39:32] <cord2> <pete​rix> hm. it's also hardcoded to look for things in the system minecraft folder...
[08:41:20] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
[08:41:40] <cord2> <ultra​nova> When I click on the window it goes white
[08:41:51] <cord2> <ultra​nova>
[08:42:57] <cord2> <ultra​nova> @peterix
[08:43:12] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ahaha
[08:43:12] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Launching with applet wrapper... Jun 24, 2017 6:41:19 PM getControllers INFO: Loading: org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Native cursors not supported     at org.lwjgl.input.Cursor.<init>(     at Source)     at java.lang.IllegalStateException: Mouse doesn't support native
[08:43:13] <cord2> cursors     at org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.setNativeCursor(     at com.mojang.minecraft.l.a(Unknown Source)     at Source)     at
[08:43:29] <cord2> <ultra​nova> God damn LWJGL
[08:45:24] <cord2> <pete​rix> more like a bug in that ancient minecraft version
[08:45:37] <cord2> <ultra​nova> Yeah
[08:45:43] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I think i should a different version of LWJGL
[08:50:20] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I'm just going to download the classic web page and splice the survivaltest jar in
[08:51:46] <cord2> <pete​rix> fixing the problems with it would involve fixing the code.
[08:52:24] <cord2> <ultra​nova> I believe it's an issue to do with LWJGL
[08:52:27] <cord2> <pete​rix> no
[08:53:19] <cord2> <pete​rix> it's that version of minecraft not handling that exception and providing a fallback
[08:53:45] <cord2> <ultra​nova> hmm
[08:53:46] <cord2> <pete​rix> it will most likely fail regardless of what environment you put it in
[08:54:08] <cord2> <ultra​nova> ok
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[12:00:00] <build-kitteh> build #867 of patreon-update started
[12:00:04] <build-kitteh> build #867 of patreon-update is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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