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[00:00:37] #multimc - Mon May 01 00:00:37 2017
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[01:00:30] <cord2> <Mich​ael> Curse coming to MultiMC anytime soon just like Technic Packs?
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[01:06:19] <Nikky> hi @michael
[01:06:29] <Nikky> yes you can install curse packs in multimc
[01:06:55] <cord2> <Mich​ael> but you have to download them and then import them? why not use that handy little import from url bar that there is
[01:07:03] <cord2> <Mich​ael> also  no updates, etcs.
[01:07:14] <cord2> <Nik​ky> you have to give multimc the url to the zip file
[01:07:37] <cord2> <Nik​ky> yes atm that is not possible/implemented
[01:08:01] <cord2> <Nik​ky> the curse pack support is not even a couple weeks old
[01:08:31] <cord2> <Nik​ky> and there is more important things that need to be rewritten before that can be worked on if i understand it correctly
[01:09:05] <cord2> <Nik​ky> mut multimc will download the mods defined inside the mcurse modpack zip
[01:09:20] <cord2> <Nik​ky> you will no longer need another tool to do that..
[01:09:42] <cord2> <Nik​ky> @Michael just make sure you are in the Development update channel
[01:10:06] <cord2> <Mich​ael> but can you literally just put the url "" like you do with technic packs?
[01:10:36] <cord2> <Nik​ky> no.. ithionk you do need the url to the zip file.
[01:11:01] <cord2> <Mich​ael> how does one even get the zip link from curse
[01:11:24] <cord2> <Nik​ky> but i have not used it much.. i am too busy poking the curseforge api more to see what else we can squeeze out
[01:11:53] <cord2> <Nik​ky> usually something like rightclick the link and copy link source
[01:12:07] <cord2> <Nik​ky> or just download and import the downloaded zip
[01:13:02] <cord2> <Zekk​en> You can download the pack and drag and drop it into MultiMC
[01:13:31] <cord2> <Nik​ky> well that is cool..
[01:14:01] <cord2> <Zekk​en> this is all thanks to you...
[01:14:21] <cord2> <Nik​ky> with more info about packs it might be possible to create a importer dialog later, where you can search for a pack
[01:14:35] <cord2> <Mich​ael> Still wondering why you dont just use this that you guys already have
[01:14:47] <cord2> <Nik​ky> that is what i am talking about
[01:14:58] <cord2> <Nik​ky> just put the url to the pack ZIP in there
[01:14:59] <cord2> <Zekk​en> just download the zip and drag it into MultiMC
[01:15:16] <cord2> <Zekk​en> you have to download it anyways to get the link
[01:15:21] <cord2> <Nik​ky> as multimc cannot guess which version you want from a seemingly random url
[01:15:38] <cord2> <Mich​ael> what does it do for technic modpacks?
[01:15:59] <cord2> <Nik​ky> i have no clue
[01:16:01] <cord2> <Zekk​en> no technic yet
[01:16:12] <cord2> <Zekk​en> you have to do that manually
[01:16:19] <cord2> <Mich​ael> its had technic forever i thought
[01:16:31] <cord2> <Nik​ky> yeah i think so too.. there is no support for solder support or such
[01:16:35] <cord2> <Mich​ael> oh wat, now it doesnt anymore?
[01:16:55] <cord2> <Nik​ky> well you could try ?
[01:17:16] <cord2> <Nik​ky> but i think if it ever had it must have been dropped for some reason
[01:17:21] <cord2> <Mich​ael> oh you have to use the api link
[01:17:21] <cord2> <Mich​ael>
[01:17:23] <cord2> <Mich​ael> broken anyway
[01:17:55] <cord2> <Nik​ky> well curse packs work
[01:18:02] <cord2> <Nik​ky> made sure they do
[01:18:48] <cord2> <Mich​ael> I just hope someday it will have a full mod browser like curse does, without the twitch and skype and bloatware that they added to it the curse launcher.
[01:19:08] <cord2> <Nik​ky> i am working on providing all info for it
[01:19:24] <cord2> <Nik​ky> actually we have enough info to make a mod browser already
[01:19:46] <cord2> <Nik​ky> modpacks are not currently possible but it just needs a few days of rewriting the tool i think
[01:19:55] <cord2> <Mich​ael> Really all I want is to make MultiMC my one stop shop for minecraft
[01:20:01] <cord2> <Mich​ael> dont want to use anything else lol
[01:22:04] <cord2> <Nik​ky> the thing is that replacing the twitch app sounds nice.. but apart from all complications its also like jumping on a barrel of gunpowder
[01:22:16] <cord2> <Nik​ky> theoretically safe.. i would still not do it
[01:22:47] <cord2> <Nik​ky> but i guess they really do not care
[01:22:51] <cord2> <Nik​ky> i hope
[01:22:56] <cord2> <Nik​ky> smth
[01:36:32] <cord2> <Zekk​en> actually fuck fighting silverfish with this new combat update
[01:36:42] <cord2> <Zekk​en> one silverfish almost killed me
[01:36:54] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> Weapon cooldown?
[01:36:57] <cord2> <Zekk​en> YES
[01:36:59] <cord2> <Zekk​en> IMG
[01:37:04] <cord2> <Zekk​en> I hate it
[01:37:13] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> What version you on?
[01:37:58] <cord2> <Zekk​en> 10.2
[01:39:44] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> If you're playing modded SP add good Ol pvp. It makes it the behavior prior to the update.
[01:40:14] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> Yes it says 1.9 and discontinued but I can guarantee it works like a charm.
[01:40:26] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> And it does work for 1.10.2
[01:42:05] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣>
[01:43:14] <Nikky> thats annoying so the author never tagged it for 1.10.2
[01:43:51] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> That's because it isn't officially. It just "works"
[01:44:11] <cord2> <Zekk​en> holy hell
[01:44:12] <cord2> <Zekk​en>
[01:44:32] <Nikky> what happened ?
[01:44:47] <cord2> <Zekk​en> thats the new 1.12 nether
[01:44:51] <cord2> <Spanne​r_Man> @tehbasshunter 🎣 is better
[01:44:54] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> Look like Satan sneezed
[01:44:55] <Nikky> look slike.. particle bombs went off
[01:47:06] <cord2> <tehbasshu​nter 🎣> @Spanner_Man I'll need to take a look at it when I get home. I know there's a few people that used the one I linked that would love this possibly.
[01:47:18] <cord2> <Zekk​en> I like the modpack im playing but the nether sure is like hell
[01:47:21] <cord2> <Zekk​en> real hell
[01:47:29] <cord2> <Zekk​en> if there is a hell this is it
[01:47:47] <cord2> <Zekk​en> wanna know whats funny?
[01:48:13] <cord2> <Zekk​en> Mojang said they camt have an option to disable the combat crap but someone made a mod to do it!
[01:48:36] <cord2> <Zekk​en> and its not even a jar mod
[01:49:16] <cord2> <Zekk​en> it loaded!
[01:52:12] <cord2> <zebMcC​orkle> Why isn't MMC in Debian?
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[01:53:22] <cord2> <Zekk​en> it is
[01:53:28] <cord2> <Zekk​en> you have to build it
[01:53:52] <cord2> <zebMcC​orkle> I mean why isn't it in the Debian repos
[01:54:21] <cord2> <zebMcC​orkle> If there isn't a reason, I'll happily maintain a package
[01:54:35] <cord2> <Spanne​r_Man> I assume you can use the ubuntu deb to install in Debian
[01:55:34] <cord2> <Zekk​en> well tbh ut has an auto update feature
[01:55:46] <cord2> <Zekk​en> there wouldnt be anything to maintain
[01:56:31] <Nikky> does the auto update actually work on linux when installed using a package manager ?
[01:56:43] <cord2> <zebMcC​orkle> I'm just thinking it'd be nice to just be able to `apt install multimc` on a new install
[01:56:58] <Nikky> usually selfupdating anything is the worst for package managers
[01:58:06] <cord2> <Zekk​en> yeah
[01:58:10] <cord2> <Zekk​en> I could imagine
[01:58:20] <cord2> <Zekk​en> it'll be like
[01:58:38] <cord2> <Zekk​en> AHHHHH
[01:59:00] <Nikky> and on arch i cannot find the update channel options
[01:59:03] <Nikky> in multimc
[01:59:48] <Nikky> i think that is because pacman 7 yaourt would error on every update
[02:00:24] <Nikky> so i do not expect it to be there on any other distro where it does get installed and updated using a package manager
[02:10:52] <cord2> <For​kk> @zebMcCorkle feel free to make a package for it
[02:11:36] <cord2> <For​kk> but it self-updates, so it might be a bit weird
[02:16:54] <Nikky> does it @Forkk ? the aur package does not have the optiona for self updating
[02:17:01] <Nikky> or it might be that out of date
[02:17:21] <cord2> <For​kk> I wouldn't recommend installing a package that doesn't self-update
[02:18:14] <cord2> <For​kk> if the package isn't frequently updated, it can become outdated, and it prevents you from being able to use development builds
[02:18:14] <Nikky> i mean the multimc in the multimc aur package does not have the release channel options
[02:18:40] <cord2> <For​kk> yeah it probably has the updater disabled
[02:18:54] <Nikky> it might be disabled during compilation
[02:19:03] <Nikky> then you can do the same on debian no ?
[02:20:07] <cord2> <For​kk> you can
[02:20:35] <cord2> <For​kk> but that would have the disadvantages I mentioned
[02:21:17] <Nikky> i guess there is noo concept of -git packages on debian ?
[02:21:36] <cord2> <For​kk> it doesn't build packages from source
[02:21:51] <Nikky> or stuff that automatically updates and uses the currently latest version or.. damn
[02:21:54] <Nikky> useless
[02:22:05] <cord2> <For​kk> it's a stable distribution
[02:22:19] <cord2> <For​kk> most packages in there are tested heavily before updating
[02:23:04] <cord2> <For​kk> `-git` packages are not a desired feature there
[02:24:51] <cord2> <Log​an> Welp, I need a new antivirus
[02:24:51] <cord2> <Log​an>
[02:25:41] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Eee
[02:25:43] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Ewwww
[02:25:50] <cord2> <Log​an> Yep
[02:25:53] <cord2> <Lato​uth> No anti virus is better than using Avast
[02:26:12] <cord2> <Log​an> In that case I'll just stick to security essentials and common sense
[02:26:26] <cord2> <Log​an> This computer has made it 3 years with that
[02:26:38] <cord2> <Mich​ael> yeah idk why i even have avast ive never got a virus
[02:26:48] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Cuz you don't know
[02:26:51] <cord2> <Lato​uth> You use Avast
[02:27:24] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Mbam every so often + adblock = $$$
[02:27:32] <Nikky> no antivirus is just as safe
[02:27:37] <cord2> <Lato​uth> True lol
[02:27:42] <cord2> <Lato​uth> If you have common sense
[02:27:47] <Nikky> and it does not protect you from the really bad guys anyway
[02:28:05] <Nikky> as they just install what they want using updates
[02:28:07] <cord2> <Lato​uth> It only protects you from script kiddies who download viruses
[02:28:23] <cord2> <Darken​Moon> Just using an adblocker helps significantly when it comes to randomly getting something]
[02:28:24] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Such as jrat
[02:28:57] <cord2> <Log​an> Yeah, and if I get a virus I'll just grab all the files I care about and jump ship over to Linux
[02:29:10] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Lol
[02:29:23] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Then you can't open like every game
[02:29:35] <Nikky> also who needs viruses.. you can create legal botnets and make people pay for it as well
[02:30:03] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Lol
[02:30:12] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Then use their PC into that botnet
[02:30:27] <cord2> <Log​an> Pfft, most of the stuff I run is run through JVM, Dosbox or is alreadly compatible with Linux
[02:31:07] <Nikky> well you could just switch now before windows gets even more horrible
[02:32:52] <cord2> <For​kk> wtf is this antivirus shit you're talking about
[02:32:56] <cord2> <For​kk> never heard of it
[02:32:57] <cord2> <Log​an> Valid point. I'm going to go install Linux on my machine now
[02:33:11] <cord2> <Log​an> Got any good distros you recommend
[02:33:25] <cord2> <For​kk> Gentoo
[02:33:30] <cord2> <Log​an> *God dammit*
[02:33:41] <cord2> <For​kk> if you want to spend all day playing with it, Gentoo
[02:33:51] <cord2> <For​kk> if you want something that works, Ubunto
[02:34:09] <cord2> <For​kk> or mint I guess
[02:34:48] <cord2> <Log​an> Ubuntu Mate it is
[02:35:02] <cord2> <For​kk> lol
[02:35:38] <cord2> <Log​an> Time to start shoving the folders I keep on my hard drive into the cloud
[02:36:44] <Nikky> manjaro
[02:36:50] <Nikky> is my daily driver
[02:36:53] <cord2> <food​ie> i wanna move to linux but i wanna play all these obscure games and i dunno if they'd work on it
[02:37:07] <cord2> <For​kk> they probably don't
[02:37:11] <Nikky> have ridoulously overpowered pc ?
[02:37:13] <cord2> <food​ie> :blobsad:
[02:37:21] <Nikky> and a extra gpu ?
[02:37:28] <Nikky> use virtualization
[02:37:34] <cord2> <For​kk> the solution is to dual boot, or pass through an extra gpu
[02:37:36] <cord2> <Log​an> Sure they do, with enough messing around with DLL's anything is possible
[02:37:37] <cord2> <For​kk> I do the latter
[02:37:44] <cord2> <For​kk> and it works extremely well 😛
[02:37:45] <cord2> <food​ie> im an idiot though
[02:37:56] <cord2> <food​ie> i dont know any of this computer stuff
[02:38:02] <cord2> <For​kk> then just dual boot
[02:38:41] <Nikky> and hope windows does not mess up your grub2
[02:38:43] <cord2> <For​kk> also Nikky, you don't need an overpowered pc, just one with and IOMMU
[02:39:07] <cord2> <For​kk> if it's a UEFI system, windows won't touch it
[02:39:18] <Nikky> hmm is that so ? good
[02:39:36] <cord2> <For​kk> yeah UEFI allows multiple boot partitions on a drive
[02:39:37] <Nikky> but yeah about distros.. manjaro
[02:39:44] <cord2> <For​kk> so you don't even need windows in your bootloader
[02:40:05] <cord2> <For​kk> you just use grub for linux and use windows's bootloader for windows
[02:40:18] <Nikky> close enough to arch that you have all the options and it is compatible with all packages but also working out of the box
[02:42:18] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Ubuntu cinnamon
[02:42:59] <cord2> <For​kk> why not just use mint
[02:43:05] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Cuz cinnamon is sick
[02:43:19] <cord2> <For​kk> why does ubuntu cinnamon even exist
[02:43:27] <cord2> <Lato​uth> Idk it's a joke lol
[02:43:29] <cord2> <For​kk> that's basically what mint is
[02:43:40] <cord2> <Lato​uth> apt-get install virus;
[02:43:55] <cord2> <For​kk> apparently it doesn't exist 😛
[02:44:11] <cord2> <Lato​uth> add-apt-repositort ppa:virus
[02:44:35] <cord2> <For​kk> lol I don't use ubuntu
[02:45:03] <IoP> latouth: here. Download that
[02:46:24] <cord2> <For​kk> wtf is that
[02:47:13] <IoP> "virus"
[02:47:25] <IoP>
[02:49:45] <Nikky> cool.. i should probably point the cursemeta stuff at rehosted mods with that file injected
[02:49:57] <Nikky> and wait and see how fast people notice
[02:51:30] <cord2> <For​kk> lol
[02:52:11] <Nikky> would be fun
[02:52:20] <Nikky> lets see how angry the mob is
[02:52:32] <Nikky> or can be
[02:52:35] <cord2> <For​kk> _embeds that string in MultiMC_
[02:53:27] <Nikky> embed that string into a antivirus
[02:53:37] <Nikky> install another antivirus
[02:53:46] <Nikky> see how they gith it out
[02:53:51] <Nikky> *fight
[02:54:05] <cord2> <For​kk> wouldn't the first antivirus detect itself as a virus
[02:54:16] <Nikky> unrelated.. damn this fork of cord must be old if it has not even action parsing
[02:54:41] <cord2> <For​kk> it's a fork?
[02:54:53] <Nikky> pretty sure
[02:55:09] <cord2> <For​kk> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[02:55:16] <cord2> <Lato​uth> :backgroundcat:
[02:55:24] <Nikky> so far is has acted the same way as cord does.. with the annoyign features disabled
[02:55:46] <Nikky> like
[02:55:57] <Nikky> cord: respond to me :p
[02:56:00] <Nikky> or so
[02:56:09] <@Forkk> cord2: respond to me
[02:56:47] <Nikky> yeah itried that already.. its either diabled or i dunno.. maybe it just acts the very same way by chance
[02:56:58] <Nikky> and the name is the same by chance
[02:57:08] <cord2> <For​kk>
[02:57:13] <cord2> <For​kk> looks like cord is a framework
[02:57:29] <Nikky> thats exactly it
[02:57:59] <Nikky> well she called it framework i guess
[02:59:46] <Nikky> its definitly cord though
[03:00:03] <Nikky> just a rather stupid and sadly untalkative variant of it
[03:00:38] <Nikky> it still have the issues of randomly freezing and not sending from discord to irc
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[04:25:18] <cord2> <Night​fell> Hey all, is it possible to get some help setting up Multi MC?
[04:30:17] <cord2> <Night​fell> anyone?
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