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[00:00:02] #minecrafthelp - Mon Jan 23 00:00:02 2017
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[00:00:18] * Topic is ':The community Minecraft support channel | FAQ: | Account issue? | Rules: | Client/Server: {1.11.2;} Launcher: {1.6.70;} Pocket Edition: 1.0 | We only support non-modded current releases.'
[00:00:18] * Set by Lord_Ralex!~Ralex@ on Fri Jan 20 14:57:12
[00:02:03] * lordjupiter (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:08:45] <lordjupiter> Hi I've been having a issue for a while were i can't launch minecraft every time i attempt to launch it it send me to a blank game out put tab on the launcher  this happens on any version of the game including alpha i already tried reinstalling java minecraft and any mods that would have  
[00:09:00] <pie_flavor> ??> lordjupiter mods
[00:09:02] <@Absol> lordjupiter: This channel is not a venue for mod/plugin support, or support for modded clients or servers. As it is impossible for anybody to know every combination of mods out there, this channel does not assist with unofficial third-party modded content.
[00:09:03] <@Absol> lordjupiter: For support, you may /join #ftb (except for Optifine), contact the mod's creator. You can also search Google for a mod's installation instructions or support venues.
[00:10:41] <lordjupiter> i uninstalled all mod Launchers* and the issue still occured
[00:11:21] * jackson10 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:11:47] <lordjupiter> i looked into the launcher log i believe this is the issue:[18:02:43 INFO]: Minecraft Launcher 1.6.70 (through bootstrap 100) started on windows... [18:02:43 INFO]: Current time is Jan 22, 2017 6:02:43 PM [18:02:43 INFO]: System.getProperty('') == 'Windows 10' [18:02:43 INFO]: System.getProperty('os.version') == '10.0' [18:02:43 INFO]: System.getProperty('os.arch') == 'amd64' [18:02:43 INFO]: System.getProperty('java.version') == '1.8.0_25'
[00:12:02] <pie_flavor> lordjupiter: You need to be using 100% vanilla Minecraft with the vanilla Mojang launcher for us to assist you.
[00:12:09] * jackson10 (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[00:12:26] <pie_flavor> lordjupiter: And IRC messages have a character limit. If there is an error there, it got cut off. Paste it to and put the link in chat.
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[00:15:21] <lordjupiter> I have been using a 100% vanilla minecraft
[00:16:05] <pie_flavor> lolwut
[00:16:52] <lordjupiter> here is the full launcher log if that helps:
[00:16:53] <@CubeTheThird> lordjupiter, in the launcher, click Edit profile, and uncheck the Executable box
[00:17:05] <pie_flavor> CubeTheThird: i'm dying here
[00:17:12] <pie_flavor> java is installed to the downloads folder?
[00:17:53] <@CubeTheThird> I'm guessing they ran the .exe launcher which installs it in the same working directory
[00:18:00] * FuzzTurtle (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:18:01] <lordjupiter> thank you so much CubeTheThird
[00:18:14] <@CubeTheThird> no problem :3
[00:18:23] <FuzzTurtle> Hello?
[00:18:28] <@CubeTheThird> hello FuzzTurtle
[00:18:36] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: Hello!?
[00:18:41] <FuzzTurtle> I have a problem with realms
[00:18:47] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: What is that problem?
[00:19:04] <FuzzTurtle> It says I've already done a trial
[00:19:16] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: That means that you don't have it for free anymore.
[00:19:30] <FuzzTurtle> Ive never done anything with realms before though
[00:19:49] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: Not sure what to tell you. Someone else might of.
[00:19:55] <FuzzTurtle> :(
[00:20:49] <FuzzTurtle> Well... thats not fun. I really wanted to see what it does. :(
[00:20:55] * Joseph (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:20:56] <FuzzTurtle> Well thanks
[00:21:02] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: I can tell you what it does
[00:21:29] * lordjupiter (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[00:21:29] <pie_flavor> FuzzTurtle: It's basically Mojang-hosted servers. You can download and upload maps from and to them.
[00:21:31] * FuzzTurtle (webchat@ has left #minecrafthelp
[00:21:36] <pie_flavor> or naw, bye
[00:21:57] * Joseph (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[00:22:32] * carlosjimenez (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:29:06] * Ryan__ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:29:16] <Ryan__> um
[00:29:25] <pie_flavor> Ryan__: um?
[00:29:35] <Ryan__> im locked out of my mc account
[00:29:55] <Ryan__> i have the right password and email
[00:30:06] <pie_flavor> Ryan__: Have you tried resetting your password?
[00:30:13] <Ryan__> yep
[00:30:22] <pie_flavor> ??> Ryan__ login/throttle
[00:30:24] <@Absol> Ryan__: After 3 incorrect login attempts, a lockout is placed automatically by Mojang's systems on your network to protect accounts against brute force attacks to gain access.
[00:30:25] <@Absol> Ryan__: This lockout is automatic, lasts for 1 hour, and cannot be overridden. Wait 1 hour, don't log in at all (to *any* account). Then reset your password using -- then try again.
[00:30:45] <Ryan__> thanks
[00:30:52] * Ryan__ ( Quit (Client Quit)
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[00:33:57] * MinecraftWontPlay (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:34:34] <MinecraftWontPlay> I click play on minecraft and then it gets done and says launching and never launches. Help!!
[00:40:41] <@CubeTheThird> ??> MinecraftWontPlay launcher/log
[00:40:43] <@Absol> MinecraftWontPlay: We need to see what is in your Launcher Log, which can be found on the second tab of the launcher.
[00:40:45] <@Absol> MinecraftWontPlay: First, copy all of the text (right click on any empty space, press "Copy All Text"). Then, go to and paste it. Click "Paste!", then share with us the link (the URL) that it takes you to.
[00:41:59] * carlosjimenez (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[00:46:09] * t ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[00:47:31] <t> when i try to log in to my realm it tacks forever and most of the time donent work
[00:47:52] <t> to my realm
[00:49:53] <t> yes it is fixed
[00:50:53] * MinecraftWontPlay (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[00:52:00] <t> no ti broke agian
[00:56:44] <Kaliam> im back, and i tried disabling covenant eyes and didnt work
[00:57:14] <Kaliam> could my mc be corrupted? cube?
[00:59:30] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, you got the same error message with it disabled?
[00:59:36] <Kaliam> yes
[01:00:03] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, what anti-virus did you say you had?
[01:00:12] * Luke_ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:00:17] <Kaliam> ive also used the launcher that needs java and the one that doesnt need java and the same thing happens
[01:00:25] <Kaliam> windowdefender
[01:00:40] <Kaliam> it was default when i built the computer
[01:00:54] * Luke_ ( Quit (Client Quit)
[01:01:32] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, in that case I recommend you do a malware scan
[01:01:36] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Kaliam av/adwcleaner
[01:01:38] <@Absol> Kaliam: ADWCleaner is an utility to clean a PC which is infested with malware. Download it here:
[01:01:40] <@Absol> Kaliam: Run a Scan, Clean anything it finds, restart the computer and come back here for further instructions.
[01:01:55] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, and just so you know, the launcher still uses java. The only difference is that one bundles it, while the other uses the one on your system
[01:02:16] <Kaliam> oh ok so there really isnt a difference?
[01:02:30] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, the launcher itself is identical
[01:02:42] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, it's the installer that's different
[01:02:42] <Kaliam> absol you sure i can trust that software?
[01:02:46] <Kaliam> oh ok
[01:02:53] <Kaliam> lol im big noob XD
[01:02:55] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, Absol is a robot. Follow the instructions it gave you
[01:02:57] <@CubeTheThird> no worries :3
[01:03:37] <Kaliam> cube you might be a life saver XD
[01:03:42] <Kaliam> if it works
[01:04:22] * Harleeyy_ (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:04:37] <Kaliam> i swear if i have a virus... my last computer broke from that
[01:05:18] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, well windows defender is nearly the worst you can have for security and protection. Having an actual anti-virus is strongly recommended
[01:05:30] <Kaliam> true,
[01:05:32] <@CubeTheThird> Kaliam, we recommend avast! free
[01:05:42] <Kaliam> i used to have that
[01:05:47] <Kaliam> on my old computer
[01:07:04] <Kaliam> is it a fluke that my motherboard is supposed to have like 5 anti-malware softwares wired in from the manufactorer?
[01:07:25] <Kaliam> cause thats what the packaging said
[01:07:40] <@CubeTheThird> that.. doesn't make sense
[01:08:04] <Kaliam> sorry XD
[01:08:54] <Kaliam> brb
[01:10:06] <Harleeyy_> Burke Remember me ?, well my friend had that same problem '' An error prevented processing, please try again '' Can you send me that notepad command please
[01:11:16] * arthur (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:11:59] * Kaliam ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:12:09] <Harleeyy_> Please can someone please send me the command that host notepad ??
[01:12:20] * arthur (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[01:12:30] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Harleeyy_ win/hosts/edit
[01:12:31] <@Absol> Harleeyy_: To edit your Host file, please do the following: Go to the Start Menu and locate notepad. Right click notepad and select Run as Administrator
[01:12:33] <@Absol> Harleeyy_: Press File, then Open. Enter %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts as the "File name" and press "Open"
[01:15:27] <Harleeyy_> Thanks bro  again burke
[01:15:29] * t ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:18:29] * Harleeyy_ (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:22:31] * yepness ( has joined #minecrafthelp
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[01:32:07] * Car09 ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:32:33] * Desolatecabbage ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:33:29] <Desolatecabbage> can someone help me?
[01:33:41] <Desolatecabbage> i keep getting this error when i try to join a server " connection timed out: no further information"
[01:34:18] * xxminecraft18XX ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:34:24] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, what's the server address?
[01:34:24] <Desolatecabbage> anyone?
[01:34:28] <Desolatecabbage> uh
[01:34:30] <Desolatecabbage> wait a sec
[01:35:00] <Desolatecabbage>
[01:35:04] <xxminecraft18XX> i need help in minecraft
[01:35:40] <Desolatecabbage> thats the server adress
[01:35:44] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, what's the problem?
[01:36:04] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, hmm ok. Can you open cmd?
[01:36:09] * lettuce (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:36:20] <lettuce> hey guys, having issues logging into an old account...
[01:36:29] * Car09 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:36:33] <xxminecraft18XX> im poaying on wiiu and moiteplare wont werk
[01:36:46] <Desolatecabbage> how do i open up the cmd?
[01:36:55] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Desolatecabbage win/cmd
[01:36:57] <@Absol> Desolatecabbage: You can reach the Command Prompt on Windows by pressing Win+R, and in the window that appears, type "cmd", and click OK.
[01:37:00] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, what issues?
[01:37:10] <lettuce> I no longer have access to my primary email and forgot my password
[01:37:12] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, sorry.. what won't work?
[01:37:23] <Desolatecabbage> okay i have the command prompt open
[01:37:24] <lettuce> i do have access to my second email but when i ask to recover pass i get no email
[01:37:29] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, when did you buy the account?
[01:37:30] <xxminecraft18XX> wiiu minecraf iesues
[01:37:40] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, run this command: ping
[01:37:59] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, yes, but you said "moiteplare" doesn't work
[01:38:13] <xxminecraft18XX> how im on wiiu
[01:38:15] * Buriedalien ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:38:32] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, I have no idea what you're trying to say
[01:38:37] <Buriedalien> Hey guys, I bought Minecraft wayyy back in alpha, Is there a way I can recover my account?
[01:38:52] <@CubeTheThird> Buriedalien, do you have the confirmation email from the purchase of the account?
[01:38:52] <Desolatecabbage> i got 32 bytes of data & 3 request time outs
[01:38:56] <lettuce> i actually feel really bad now seeing what you have to deal with
[01:39:09] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, hmm.. ok. What IP address did you get?
[01:39:25] <Desolatecabbage>
[01:39:27] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, lol. No worries
[01:39:47] <Desolatecabbage> thats the ip
[01:39:48] <Buriedalien> I do not, It was quite awhile ago
[01:39:49] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, ok that's right. It sounds like you have a poor connection to it. Do you have issues connecting to other servers?
[01:39:57] <Buriedalien> I only use a few alias though
[01:39:58] <@CubeTheThird> Buriedalien, what method of payment did you use?
[01:40:02] <xxminecraft18XX> i do not know
[01:40:08] <Buriedalien> a card that wouldnt exist anymore
[01:40:14] <Desolatecabbage> no, i've been able to connect to servers like mineplex and didn't have any problems
[01:40:16] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, please clearly explain the problem you are having
[01:40:25] <@CubeTheThird> Buriedalien, as in a credit card?
[01:40:37] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, what is your ping to this server?
[01:40:39] <Buriedalien> Ityeah
[01:40:47] <@CubeTheThird> Buriedalien, approximately when did you purchase it?
[01:40:58] <xxminecraft18XX> miteplayer is not werking
[01:41:05] <Buriedalien> way back in alpha, I got all future versions
[01:41:27] <Desolatecabbage> what is the ping in cmd?
[01:41:34] <Desolatecabbage> is it the bytes of data?
[01:41:35] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, what is 'miteplayer'
[01:41:43] <lettuce> is it just you in here, cubethethird?
[01:41:57] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, no. In your servers list, if you hover the mouse over the green bars, it will show a ping number
[01:42:05] <Desolatecabbage> oh okay wait a sec
[01:42:12] <xxminecraft18XX> two player on the wiiu
[01:42:13] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, many people are logged in. I'm currently helping some people here
[01:42:59] <Desolatecabbage> i have no connection
[01:42:59] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, ohhh ok. Make sure the wiiu is connected to an HDTV using an HDMI cable, and that the console is using 1080p video mode
[01:43:05] <Desolatecabbage> according to the ping thiny
[01:43:07] <Desolatecabbage> *thingy
[01:43:23] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage, it looks like you may just not have a very good connection to that server
[01:43:35] <Desolatecabbage> okay, thanks!
[01:43:38] <Desolatecabbage> Have a good day
[01:43:41] <@CubeTheThird> you too~
[01:43:48] <xxminecraft18XX> how do i know if it is on 1080p
[01:44:07] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, you have to check in the wii u's settings. I'm not 100% sure where it is
[01:44:31] <lettuce> cubethethird my bad man, i just now read above the chat...
[01:44:54] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, I can still help direct you though. When did you purchase the game?
[01:45:04] <xxminecraft18XX> its on 1080p
[01:45:18] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, oh. hmm ok one sec
[01:45:29] <lettuce> a day before beta. I used a pre-paid credit card but i have plenty of other info regarding the account
[01:46:12] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, how did you use a pre-paid credit card?
[01:46:59] * Desolatecabbage ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:47:05] <lettuce> i bought it online
[01:47:21] * Sharkie105 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:47:29] <lettuce> i can also log in to the computer i used to use it on
[01:47:45] <Sharkie105> My game is extremely laggy and it keeps crashing when I load new chunks in my worlds, please help
[01:47:59] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, what I mean is that, because Mojang is in Sweden, the payment is an international transaction, and due to certain laws you can't use a pre-paid credit card for international purchases
[01:48:06] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, copy the crash report onto and give the URL here.
[01:48:17] <Sharkie105> ok
[01:48:18] * Buriedalien ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[01:48:20] * Ryan_ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:48:29] <Ryan_> hello
[01:48:38] <@CubeTheThird> hello
[01:48:40] <Ryan_> im locked out of my mc account
[01:48:44] <Ryan_> can anyone help?
[01:48:50] <lettuce> ??? you sure? i was too young to have a credit card then
[01:49:18] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, 100% sure. pre-paid credit cards cannot be used for international payments. Still applies today
[01:49:21] <Ryan_> i am trying to login to my account with the right email and password and says it couldn't connect to the servers
[01:49:31] <lettuce> maybe through paypal?
[01:49:36] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, that's possible
[01:49:36] <Ryan_> even tried restting my pass
[01:49:38] <Ryan_> twice
[01:49:47] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, what's the full error message?
[01:49:57] <lettuce> oh jeeze thats a whole new set of problems
[01:50:27] <xxminecraft18XX> i have been wating
[01:50:35] <@CubeTheThird> ??> lettuce account/trans-id/DIBS
[01:50:37] <@Absol> lettuce: DIBS was Mojang's original payment provider, used from 2009 to mid-2011.
[01:50:38] <@Absol> lettuce: Contact Mojang directly stating that you paid via the DIBS system; they will provide further instructions.
[01:50:48] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, I'm still looking into it. I can't seem to find the requirements to do local multiplayer
[01:51:12] <xxminecraft18XX> ok
[01:51:12] <Ryan_> Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our srvers. Please make sure you are online and minecraft is not blocked. SunCertPathBuilderExceeption: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.
[01:51:16] <Ryan_> thats it
[01:51:40] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Ryan_ info/mcleaks
[01:51:42] <@Absol> Ryan_: The usage of MCLeaks or AltDispenser tools (which are illegal) have been causing issues for many Minecraft users.
[01:51:44] <@Absol> Ryan_: To correct these, remove the tool, and remove all entries containing mojang in your system's hosts file.
[01:51:56] <Ryan_> where?
[01:52:00] <Ryan_> which directory
[01:52:17] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, what? directory?
[01:52:27] <Ryan_> how do i delete those files
[01:52:47] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird: here's the link,
[01:53:03] <lettuce> what is that cubethethird
[01:53:07] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, that's entirely up to where you installed them. The hosts file though I can give you info
[01:53:13] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Ryan_ win/hosts/edit
[01:53:14] <@Absol> Ryan_: To edit your Host file, please do the following: Go to the Start Menu and locate notepad. Right click notepad and select Run as Administrator
[01:53:16] <@Absol> Ryan_: Press File, then Open. Enter %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts as the "File name" and press "Open"
[01:53:34] <@CubeTheThird> lettuce, info you need for contacting mojang about it
[01:53:34] * xXalblindoXx ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[01:53:37] <@CubeTheThird> ??> lettuce mojang/email
[01:53:38] <@Absol> lettuce: You can email Mojang by going here:
[01:53:40] <@Absol> lettuce: Note: Do NOT send more than one at a time. Refer to for wait times on replies
[01:54:06] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, you need to turn off the gamepad to play multiplayer
[01:54:26] <xxminecraft18XX> ok
[01:54:49] <@CubeTheThird> xxminecraft18XX, there should also be an icon on the screen that turns off the display
[01:54:57] <xXalblindoXx> i cant login to my account like one minute i was logged in then it crashed because i was playing pixelmon and it logged me out and now my entire mojang account is broken
[01:55:00] <Ryan_> wait
[01:55:02] <Ryan_> what now?
[01:55:05] <Ryan_> im on it
[01:55:18] <@CubeTheThird> xXalblindoXx, what happens when you try logging in?
[01:55:27] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, remove all the lines that have minecraft or mojang in them
[01:55:27] <Ryan_> what do i change
[01:55:32] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, then save the file after that
[01:55:39] <Ryan_> there are two
[01:55:46] <Ryan_>
[01:55:46] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, yes remove those
[01:55:50] <Ryan_> thats the first
[01:56:00] <Ryan_> and second
[01:56:01] <Ryan_>
[01:56:09] <Ryan_> remove both?
[01:56:27] <@CubeTheThird> Ryan_, yes remove both
[01:56:44] <Ryan_> k
[01:56:47] <Ryan_> trying to sign in
[01:56:57] <xXalblindoXx> CubeTheThird: it says invalidcredentialsexception
[01:57:08] <Ryan_> OMG
[01:57:09] <@CubeTheThird> xXalblindoXx, have you tried resetting your password?
[01:57:11] <Ryan_> THANK YOU!
[01:57:16] <@CubeTheThird> no problem :3
[01:57:20] <Ryan_> <3
[01:57:29] * xxminecraft18XX ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[01:57:30] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, here's the link
[01:57:31] <xXalblindoXx> yes and my email aswell and neither worked CubeTheThird
[01:57:37] * Ryan_ ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[01:57:42] <@CubeTheThird> ??> xXalblindoXx login/throttle
[01:57:44] <@Absol> xXalblindoXx: After 3 incorrect login attempts, a lockout is placed automatically by Mojang's systems on your network to protect accounts against brute force attacks to gain access.
[01:57:45] <@Absol> xXalblindoXx: This lockout is automatic, lasts for 1 hour, and cannot be overridden. Wait 1 hour, don't log in at all (to *any* account). Then reset your password using -- then try again.
[01:57:46] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok one sec
[01:58:28] <xXalblindoXx> mkay thanks absol ill login in tommorow morning and try <3
[01:58:34] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok start by turning off VBOs in the game's video settings
[01:58:42] <Sharkie105> ok
[01:58:45] * xXalblindoXx ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[01:59:42] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, they were already off
[01:59:51] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, oh.. in that case turn it ON
[01:59:59] * bows (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:00:02] <Sharkie105> ok
[02:00:24] <Sharkie105> ok, they're on
[02:01:44] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok. See if you still crash now
[02:01:50] <Sharkie105> alright
[02:02:51] * gustavo (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:04:00] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, I'm not crashing, but my game is still super laggy. Even the title screen is laggy except for all the audio is perfect
[02:04:37] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, hmm ok lets take a look at your drivers
[02:04:40] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Sharkie105 win/dxdiag
[02:04:41] <@Absol> Sharkie105: Follow the instructions here:
[02:07:24] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, here's the link
[02:07:54] * gustavo (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[02:08:54] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok one sec
[02:10:26] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok I'm seeing this being 1 of 2 different things. Lets first start by updating your graphics drivers. download and install
[02:11:21] <@CubeTheThird> brb rebooting
[02:11:26] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[02:11:41] * burntpie ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:12:44] <burntpie> I'm having issues logging into Mojang itself. Is anyone else having this issue? It keeps telling me my account is unrecognized, then when I try to register, I am unable to create an account because it says that email already exists.
[02:14:17] <Sharkie105> burntpie, the person helping is rebooting, just give him/her a second
[02:14:31] * Perrasman ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:15:17] <Perrasman> Hi! Ive just tried to request a password chang on my email adress and I did not receive anything
[02:15:45] <Sharkie105> Perrasman, how long ago did you send it?
[02:16:47] <Perrasman> like 12-15minutes
[02:17:18] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:17:18] * Espercorn sets mode: +o CubeTheThird
[02:17:33] <Sharkie105> Perrasman, ask CubeTheThird
[02:17:43] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, I've been shown to this website before and the graphics drivers don't install correctly. They give me an error saying that this computer does not meet the requirements or is incompatible.
[02:17:46] <@CubeTheThird> hmm?
[02:18:00] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ahh. Ok one sec then
[02:18:24] <Perrasman> tried some stuff around seems like i still have an old minecraft account and not a mojang acount!
[02:18:39] <thgilfodrol> ??> Perrasman account/send-email
[02:18:39] <@CubeTheThird> Perrasman, what problem are you experiencing?
[02:18:41] <@Absol> Perrasman: Send an email to Mojang with your Transaction ID and/or gift code, Mojang account email/ email, and any other relevant information, through this form:
[02:18:42] <@Absol> Perrasman: Refer to for wait times on replies
[02:18:53] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, I'm gonna need your pc model number
[02:19:00] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Sharkie105 oem/hp/product-number
[02:19:01] <@Absol> Sharkie105: We need your HP product number. To receive it, please press "Fn + Esc", and it should tell you the product number.
[02:19:02] <Perrasman> thanks for the help!
[02:19:03] <@Absol> Sharkie105: If this doesn't work, search for "HP Support Assistant" in Windows. On the HP Support Assistant Home page, click My computer. Find the product number listed in the System information tab
[02:19:09] <thgilfodrol> Perrasman: np, good luck
[02:20:01] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[02:20:58] <Sharkie105> here's my product number G9D73UA#ABL
[02:21:18] <burntpie> how long does a reboot take?
[02:21:32] <thgilfodrol> burntpie: a reboot of what?
[02:21:58] <Sharkie105> thgilfodrol, I told him Cubethe3rd was rebooting and to wait
[02:22:29] * Perrasman ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:22:52] <thgilfodrol> Sharkie105: ah, I see- thanks for the tip
[02:23:11] <thgilfodrol> burntpie: have you tried resetting your password?
[02:23:52] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@2605:8d80:6e1:2954:cbca:be54:c76f:e499) has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:23:52] * Espercorn sets mode: +o CubeTheThird
[02:24:06] <@CubeTheThird> hehe oops
[02:24:09] <@CubeTheThird> anyways
[02:24:21] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, here's my product number G9D73UA#ABL
[02:24:30] <burntpie> yes. and i'm able to go through the process of changing it. but as soon as it's done, it will go back to the main login screen and i try to log in with the changed password and it says unknown email or password
[02:24:33] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok one sec
[02:24:44] <thgilfodrol> ??> burntpie login/throttle
[02:24:45] <@Absol> burntpie: After 3 incorrect login attempts, a lockout is placed automatically by Mojang's systems on your network to protect accounts against brute force attacks to gain access.
[02:24:47] <@Absol> burntpie: This lockout is automatic, lasts for 1 hour, and cannot be overridden. Wait 1 hour, don't log in at all (to *any* account). Then reset your password using -- then try again.
[02:26:16] <burntpie> okay, thank you
[02:26:54] * burntpie ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[02:26:55] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, hmm. Apparently HP didn't bother giving updates your graphics card since 2015... but anyways we'll have to try my second thought then
[02:27:24] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, can you open C:/Program Files(x86)
[02:27:42] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, I surely can
[02:27:58] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, do you have a java folder there?
[02:28:57] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, no
[02:29:12] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok. Gonna need you to install 32 bit java then
[02:29:17] <@CubeTheThird> ??> Sharkie105 java/1.8
[02:29:18] <@Absol> Sharkie105: You can get Java 8 for almost any platfom here:
[02:29:45] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, on that page install the Windows x86 Offline
[02:29:56] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, sounds good
[02:30:21] * techno156 (~techno156@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:30:50] * RafaPozzi (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:31:17] <RafaPozzi> oi
[02:31:48] * RafaPozzi (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[02:32:43] * cheapcreeper (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:34:29] * lettuce (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:34:44] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, a notice appeared for me saying that I have out-of-date java versions installed and that i should uninstall them.
[02:34:58] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ya that's fine
[02:35:03] <Sharkie105> ok
[02:36:05] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, after i uninstalled the old versions, it said it was complete, now what?
[02:36:16] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok good. You should now see a java folder?
[02:36:38] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, yes, I do
[02:36:53] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, ok open it, and open the version is there, then bin
[02:37:20] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, ok, I'm in bin
[02:37:31] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, you should see a file called javaw.exe yes?
[02:38:13] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, I have one labeled Javaw and one labeled Javaws with no .exe behind either
[02:39:08] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, hmm the extensions are probably hidden. hold shift + right-click on the javaw one, and choose Copy as Path
[02:39:51] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, ok, what's next?
[02:40:15] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, open the launcher, and click Edit Profile. Check the box for Executable, and paste the path in that box to replace what is there.
[02:40:27] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, ok
[02:40:46] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, after that, save the profile, and try playing now
[02:40:55] * cheapcreeper_ (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:42:38] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, It's AMAZING! for months it's been super laggy and now it's not! Thanks!
[02:42:45] <@CubeTheThird> Sharkie105, awesome!
[02:43:24] <Sharkie105> CubeTheThird, Thanks so much!
[02:43:37] <@CubeTheThird> no problem :3
[02:43:59] * cheapcreeper (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:44:26] * Sharkie105 (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[02:45:19] <cheapcreeper_> Hi, people, I have a problem with water gates. I'm trying to build an semi auto crop farm ( in a friends vanilla survival server (1.11.2) but the pistons don't seem to work properly. When I reactivate the lever the pistons doesn't extend unless I remove the water source first
[02:46:08] <@CubeTheThird> cheapcreeper_, some piston functionality slightly changed in 1.11, so older tutorials may not work in this version
[02:46:15] <@CubeTheThird> cheapcreeper_, I recommend you ask on the minecraft forums for suggestions
[02:46:34] <cheapcreeper_> @CubeTheThird oh, thanks for that info...
[02:47:07] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@2605:8d80:6e1:2954:cbca:be54:c76f:e499) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[02:51:11] * Sharkie105 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[02:52:02] <Sharkie105> just had a crash, it is running lag free but it crashed. Here's the crash report
[03:00:52] <Sharkie105> just had a crash, it is running lag free but it crashed. Here's the crash report
[03:01:53] <Sharkie105> please help
[03:02:06] <@GreyVulpine> Running any HD texture packs? Optifine?
[03:02:22] <Sharkie105> Nothing, no textures or mods, just straight vanilla
[03:02:29] * cheapcreeper_ (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[03:03:14] <@GreyVulpine> Shaders?
[03:03:18] <Sharkie105> nothing
[03:03:51] <@GreyVulpine> Sharkie105 - Run minecraft. Before hitting "Play", go to "Edit Profile", then "Open Game Dir". Delete everything inside the minecraft folder except for the saves folder. Then try minecraft again.
[03:04:33] * Sharkie105 (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[03:04:34] * itaquito (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[03:05:16] <itaquito> Hey! WHen i open my minecrat launcher it opens and then it closes
[03:05:55] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - Get any error reports?
[03:06:13] <itaquito> Nop, the launcher only closes
[03:06:24] <itaquito> They apper a white console and then it closes
[03:06:34] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@2605:8d80:6e1:2954:cbca:be54:c76f:e499) has joined #minecrafthelp
[03:06:34] * Espercorn sets mode: +o CubeTheThird
[03:06:43] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - Are you able to have the launcher stay open at all?
[03:07:03] <itaquito> Nop, the launcher opens like 2 seconds
[03:07:11] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - What operating system are you running?
[03:07:19] <itaquito> widnows 8
[03:07:25] <itaquito> windows*
[03:07:37] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - Could you try launching minecraft in your command prompt?
[03:07:44] <itaquito> how?
[03:08:13] <@GreyVulpine> Press your windows+R keys to bring up the run command, type in: cmd and press enter. A black command prompt window will pop up
[03:08:26] <itaquito> ok then
[03:08:38] <@GreyVulpine> Click and drag the minecraft icon over to the command promp
[03:08:58] <@GreyVulpine> Press enter to have it open the launcher. Let me know what the command prompt says after minecraft closes
[03:09:47] <itaquito> ok
[03:10:31] <itaquito> Nothing
[03:10:51] <itaquito> They put anly the directory of the launcher
[03:12:16] <@GreyVulpine> Hmm. Could you download minecraft.jar from:
[03:12:34] <itaquito> I use that launcher
[03:12:47] <@GreyVulpine> minecraft.jar?
[03:12:50] <itaquito> I cant use the normal one
[03:12:56] <itaquito> Yep
[03:12:56] <@GreyVulpine> Why can't you use the normal one?
[03:13:07] <itaquito> They appear a error messege
[03:13:11] <@GreyVulpine> What error message?
[03:15:12] <itaquito> Unable to start minecraft runtime enviroment
[03:15:48] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - What antivirus do you run?
[03:16:02] <itaquito> Kasperky but is off they have no lincese
[03:16:18] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - Anything else?
[03:16:30] <itaquito> The windows firewall
[03:16:55] <itaquito> And also when i bouth the computer they were norton but i think i unistall it
[03:17:54] <@GreyVulpine> itaquito - Go to your c:\program files (x86)\minecraft folder. Delete the runtime folder
[03:18:22] <itaquito> done
[03:18:31] <@GreyVulpine> Try minecraft.exe again
[03:18:52] <itaquito> ok
[03:19:47] <itaquito> Same error messege
[03:19:58] <@GreyVulpine> ??> itaquito tools/hjt
[03:19:59] <@Absol> itaquito: Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility that is used to collect diagnostic reports of your computer to help narrow down an issue you may be having. Download:
[03:20:01] <@Absol> itaquito: Run the program, choose "I accept", then "Do a scan and save a log file". After a while a text file will open. Copy everything, put the log on and give us the link.
[03:20:23] <itaquito> Oh.. I think i do that before xD
[03:20:44] <itaquito> did*
[03:22:12] <itaquito>
[03:26:25] <itaquito> hi?
[03:26:32] <@GreyVulpine> One moment, reading your report
[03:26:36] <itaquito> ok
[03:27:28] <@GreyVulpine> Okay, so you do have kaspersky running. It's not up to date at all?
[03:27:40] <@GreyVulpine> Do you usually run minecraft off another drive? An F: drive?
[03:28:02] <itaquito> Yes and
[03:28:25] <itaquito> I run miencraft in a usb for develoment of mods and that things
[03:28:43] <itaquito> To have another .miencraft
[03:29:16] <@GreyVulpine> Okay, and how exactly do you run minecraft normally? You said you have minecraft.exe which doesn't work, and a minecraft.jar ?
[03:29:31] <itaquito> It stoped to sork
[03:29:35] <itaquito> work*
[03:29:47] <itaquito> On friday it works normally
[03:29:48] <@GreyVulpine> With the minecraft.jar ?
[03:29:51] <itaquito> Yep
[03:29:57] <itaquito> The .exe never work
[03:30:02] <@GreyVulpine> Do you run minecraft.jar directly, by just double clicking on it?
[03:30:11] <itaquito> yep
[03:30:12] <@GreyVulpine> Or do you run it with some other means?
[03:30:19] <@GreyVulpine> Okay.
[03:30:31] <@GreyVulpine> So, where is the minecraft.jar ?
[03:30:35] <@GreyVulpine> In what folder?
[03:30:39] <itaquito> In my desktop
[03:30:52] <@GreyVulpine> Alright. Open up command prompt again
[03:30:58] <itaquito> ok
[03:31:15] <@GreyVulpine> type in: java -jar
[03:31:34] <@GreyVulpine> Put in a space after the last -jar, click and drag the minecraft.jar over
[03:31:44] <@GreyVulpine> Press enter. Let me know what it says
[03:31:48] <itaquito> ok
[03:32:52] <itaquito>
[03:33:28] <itaquito> Is in spanish cause i live in mexico xD
[03:33:43] <@GreyVulpine> That's fine. It says here that you've actually got the minecraft.exe, not the .jar
[03:34:01] <itaquito> what?
[03:34:09] <@GreyVulpine> C:\Users\Rocio>java -jar C:\Users\Rocio\Desktop\Minecraft.exe
[03:34:18] <@GreyVulpine> The minecraft that's on your desktop is the .exe, not the .jar
[03:34:34] <itaquito> thats weird....
[03:34:38] <@GreyVulpine> So, what happens after you press enter? Does anything pop up?
[03:34:54] <itaquito> So.. The thing that you dowload of the website is another .exe?
[03:35:04] <itaquito> In the prompt?
[03:35:04] <@GreyVulpine> It's not a .exe, but a .jar
[03:35:09] <@GreyVulpine> Yes, in the prompt
[03:35:22] <itaquito> Thars only that it appear
[03:35:32] <itaquito> then it appear to type another command
[03:35:50] <@GreyVulpine> I'm sorry?
[03:35:58] <itaquito> ?
[03:36:28] <@GreyVulpine> I didn't understand that. Could you repeat?
[03:36:41] <itaquito> The last messege?
[03:36:45] <@GreyVulpine> Yes
[03:36:59] <itaquito> then it appear this
[03:37:27] <itaquito> i cant copy it xD
[03:37:49] <itaquito> C:\Users\Rocio>
[03:38:05] <itaquito> that
[03:38:45] <@GreyVulpine> Ah. Okay.
[03:38:53] <itaquito> xD
[03:40:09] <@GreyVulpine> Alright, could you grab the minecraft.jar from ?
[03:40:18] <itaquito> ok
[03:41:18] <itaquito> oh.. it work!
[03:41:29] <itaquito> sorry for that xD
[03:41:51] <itaquito> that all was my mistake xD
[03:42:41] <itaquito> thx
[03:42:45] * itaquito (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[03:45:14] * nacho2003 ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[03:45:40] <nacho2003> gracias
[03:45:48] * nacho2003 ( Quit (Client Quit)
[03:50:34] * desolatecabbage ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[03:52:34] <desolatecabbage> so, im back, and am i just sol when it comes to my problem? (i got on a while ago and i couldnt join a server and got the error Connection Refused: No further information)
[03:53:43] <desolatecabbage> i've been trying to connect for a while ._.
[03:54:35] <desolatecabbage> so...
[03:54:43] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, server address?
[03:54:57] <desolatecabbage>
[03:55:02] <desolatecabbage> that one
[03:55:26] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, ah yes. I thought we had concluded that your issue was that your connection to the server was very poor
[03:55:49] <pie_flavor> well, there's also the fact that it's not a valid server address
[03:55:52] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, oh wait.. it's connection refused? that means the server is blocking connections
[03:56:17] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, oh.. ya looks like it's down now
[03:56:36] <desolatecabbage> thats weird, since my friends are on it
[03:57:48] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, hmm in that case it might just be blocking incoming connections
[03:57:54] <desolatecabbage> snap, i meant .me
[03:58:04] <desolatecabbage> and now its connection timed out
[03:58:36] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, ok ya that works. can you open cmd again?
[03:59:17] <desolatecabbage> yea
[03:59:33] <@CubeTheThird> desolatecabbage, run this: ping /n 20
[04:00:42] * Desolatecabbage_ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:00:50] <Desolatecabbage_> browser crashed
[04:00:52] <Desolatecabbage_> back
[04:01:01] <Desolatecabbage_> so i have the cmd open
[04:01:40] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage_, run this: ping /n 20
[04:03:40] <Desolatecabbage_> im getting a lot of request timed out 's
[04:04:29] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage_, ya you have a very poor connection to that server
[04:04:47] <pie_flavor> CubeTheThird: have you asked for a report yet?
[04:04:52] <@CubeTheThird> nope
[04:04:59] <pie_flavor> would be a good idea
[04:05:00] <Desolatecabbage_> gosh dang it, would there be anything i could do to fix it other than getting better internet?
[04:05:06] <pie_flavor> Desolatecabbage_: Can you go to and take the test?
[04:05:22] <pie_flavor> Desolatecabbage_: Once it's done, click 'share results' and put the link in chat
[04:05:33] <Desolatecabbage_> okay
[04:09:12] <Desolatecabbage_>
[04:10:04] <pie_flavor> Desolatecabbage_: I'm afraid you internet in general is best described as 'potato'.
[04:10:33] <pie_flavor> <Desolatecabbage_> gosh dang it, would there be anything i could do to fix it other than getting better internet?
[04:10:34] <Desolatecabbage_> rip, i usually get >60 ping on other games (like tf2)
[04:10:41] <@CubeTheThird> Desolatecabbage_, holy cow ya. I'm surprised you're even able to play on servers with that
[04:10:44] <pie_flavor> unfortunately the answer to that question is no.
[04:10:49] <Desolatecabbage_> rip
[04:10:50] <Desolatecabbage_> thanks
[04:10:54] <pie_flavor> no prob
[04:12:46] <turtledude01> pie_flavor, potato internet
[04:12:53] <pie_flavor> turtledude01: potatonet
[04:13:07] <turtledude01> pie_flavor, Yes, potatonet is best
[04:13:08] <pie_flavor> the precursor to skynet
[04:13:15] <turtledude01> its a little starchy tho
[04:13:22] <pie_flavor> turtledude01: you ever play modded?
[04:13:37] <turtledude01> pie_flavor, modded wut
[04:13:43] <pie_flavor> minecraft, ya dingus
[04:13:50] <turtledude01> oh, yeah...
[04:13:59] * Desolatecabbage_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[04:14:00] <pie_flavor> turtledude01: tuberous flux capacitor
[04:14:05] * pie_flavor sees himself out
[04:17:59] * Absol sets mode: -b *!*
[04:36:03] * sneezing_panda (~panda@2605:a000:c705:3800:c4e9:f2bb:5428:4e23) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[04:36:46] * sneezing_panda ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:42:19] * Lemon ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:42:43] <Lemon> Sup, are the auth servers down?
[04:43:07] <thgilfodrol> Lemon: doesn't appear to be
[04:43:10] <pie_flavor> Lemon: Nope, why do you ask?
[04:43:42] <Lemon> When I try to go on multiplayer I get an error "Not authenticated with"
[04:43:53] <pie_flavor> ??> Lemon launcher/relog
[04:43:55] <@Absol> Lemon: You may need to refresh your login session. To do this, click "Switch Users" in the launcher, and logout. After this, log back in, and try the game again.
[04:44:19] <Lemon> Shoot I forgot to logout and log back in after changing passwords thx guys
[04:47:31] * kusanagi ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:50:46] <Lemon> Gives out ip's isn't very safe
[04:50:46] * demetri ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:51:09] <demetri> game always lagging and crashing out of nowhere.
[04:51:14] <demetri> how do i fix this
[04:52:17] <thgilfodrol> ??> demetri launcher/crash-log
[04:52:18] <@Absol> demetri: We need to see your crash log, which appears after a crash.
[04:52:20] <@Absol> demetri: First, copy all of the text (right click on any empty space, press "Copy All Text"). Then, go to and paste it. Click "Paste!", then share with us the link (the URL) that it takes you to.
[04:52:34] <demetri> ok. one sec
[04:52:47] <Lemon> Also not very safe
[04:53:10] <pie_flavor> Lemon: say what?
[04:53:22] <Lemon> When people join this chat it says their ip
[04:53:30] <pie_flavor> Well, yeah. That's how IRC works.
[04:53:34] <Lemon> Not all of them
[04:53:39] <thgilfodrol> been like that for a couple decades I'd wager
[04:53:43] <pie_flavor> ^
[04:53:57] <pie_flavor> F'rinstance, your IP is
[04:54:03] <pie_flavor> placing you in California
[04:54:11] <Lemon> Vpn, Im always safe
[04:54:15] <thgilfodrol> I live in a datacenter
[04:54:21] <thgilfodrol> judging from my ip
[04:54:28] <demetri> this was from yesterday but its all the same reason
[04:54:31] <demetri>
[04:55:00] <pie_flavor> ??> demetri win/reinst
[04:55:02] <@Absol> demetri: You may need to reinstall the locally installed files that Minecraft puts into place.
[04:55:03] <@Absol> demetri: To do so, press your Windows+R keys, type in %AppData% at the dialog, and press Enter. In the window that appears, open the .minecraft directory, and delete everything except for the saves directory that you see therein. Then, try running Minecraft again. Good luck!
[04:55:15] <pie_flavor> Lemon: Lol you're not in danger just because someone can see your IP address
[04:55:32] <pie_flavor> Lemon: Your IP address is visible on to every single website you go to.
[04:55:42] <demetri> so delete everything EXCEPT my saved worlds correct?
[04:55:45] <Lemon> Yes but not to the common people
[04:55:47] <pie_flavor> demetri: Right.
[04:55:52] <demetri> ty
[04:55:56] <Lemon> Only to the server admins unless someone really tried
[04:56:00] <Lemon> If I wanted to I could sit here and dos kids from minecraft all day but thats boring and time consuming
[04:56:24] <pie_flavor> Lemon: Well, no you couldn't. You need to have open ports to get DDoS'd. Such as if you're running a webserver.
[04:56:50] <pie_flavor> But if you're just running a regular old potatoputer, and getting help on #minecrafthelp, then there's zero risk.
[04:57:18] <pie_flavor> And define the difference between a server admin and a common person.
[04:57:51] <pie_flavor> Anyone can buy a web domain and host stuff on it.
[04:59:16] <thgilfodrol> there's also the question why people would launch an attack on random people
[04:59:40] <Lemon> People who play minecraft tend to rage so its a fun reaction
[04:59:46] <pie_flavor> because A: they're dicks, and B: don't know that it's impossible
[04:59:46] * pie_flavor was kicked by Absol (Keep it civilized, you are just a human being)
[04:59:54] * pie_flavor ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[04:59:57] <pie_flavor> boi
[05:00:59] * demetri ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:01:40] <pie_flavor> Lemon: Just wait until we start asking people for complete system driver information or a report of every program they're currently running
[05:01:41] * Lemon ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[05:01:52] <pie_flavor> i scared him off
[05:02:20] <thgilfodrol> i dunno, he seems the guy who'd open cmd and ping -t someone and call it a dos
[05:02:58] <pie_flavor> most of the people who claim they can ddos you don't even know what the low orbit ion cannon s
[05:03:06] <pie_flavor> s/ s/ is/
[05:03:06] <ExtremeBot> pie_flavor meant to say: most of the people who claim they can ddos you don't even know what the low orbit ion cannon is
[05:07:06] * knife ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[05:15:55] * sneezing_panda_ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[05:17:56] * sneezing_panda ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:19:01] * Absol sets mode: -b *!Mibbit@*
[05:34:34] * Guest41669 (~goon@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:35:42] * KGB (~goon@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[05:36:10] * KGB is now known as Guest58793
[05:42:29] * desolatecabbage ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:50:15] * CubeTheThird (~cubetheth@2605:8d80:6e1:2954:cbca:be54:c76f:e499) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[05:51:47] * gksrjsrl (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[05:52:07] * gksrjsrl (webchat@ has left #minecrafthelp
[05:56:41] * John_ ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[05:57:48] <John_> i can only play the Demo version of Minecraft, but i don't understand why?
[05:58:04] <pie_flavor> ??> John_ account/send-email
[05:58:05] <@Absol> John_: Send an email to Mojang with your Transaction ID and/or gift code, Mojang account email/ email, and any other relevant information, through this form:
[05:58:07] <@Absol> John_: Refer to for wait times on replies
[05:58:19] <Burke> wat
[05:59:28] <John_> thank you everyone
[06:20:29] * John_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[06:36:30] * kusanagi ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[06:36:44] * AndroUser2 (~androirc@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[06:37:28] <AndroUser2> Hi, ive a question.
[06:37:38] <Burke> ?? ask
[06:37:40] <@Absol> ask: Please don't ask to ask or just say "I need help" - just ask your question or state what you need help with, and be as specific as possible.
[06:37:41] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: And what's that?
[06:37:42] <@Absol> ask: If you are unsure if the question is appropriate, just ask it and you will be informed if it is not.
[06:37:46] <AndroUser2> Burke.
[06:37:51] <Burke> AndroUser2.
[06:37:56] <AndroUser2> Im a pupil.
[06:38:00] <Burke> Okay.
[06:38:14] <AndroUser2> Ive a question about dxdiag.
[06:38:18] <pie_flavor> Ironically, connected through iris
[06:38:19] <pie_flavor> ZING
[06:38:25] <Burke> Okay ask?
[06:38:43] <AndroUser2> Ive the drivers are outdated, how to update them?
[06:38:52] <AndroUser2> Im Akash btw
[06:39:02] <Burke> Typically we use a bot to help us
[06:39:10] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: Do you have a link to the DxDiag report? If so, please put the link in chat.
[06:39:24] <Burke> pie_flavor: He's just asking for future reference to help others
[06:39:36] <AndroUser2> ^
[06:39:37] <Burke> We should probably talk in #mchelptraining, not #minecrafthelp
[06:39:49] <AndroUser2> Burke i got kicked out there
[06:39:49] <Burke> That's kinda the whole point of that channel.
[06:39:58] <Burke> Then... I'm sorry?
[06:40:01] <AndroUser2> Chris wanted that i learned dxdiag first.
[06:40:17] <Burke> I still have half a clue about dxdiag
[06:40:21] <Burke> Probably why I'm not voiced lol
[06:40:24] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: No, it's just that you were kinda non-receptive to instruction
[06:40:46] <AndroUser2> So im going to learn dxdiag.
[06:41:17] <AndroUser2> And I've to look how other volunteers it do.
[06:41:32] <Burke> Uh ok
[06:41:35] <pie_flavor> <@mattym> too much enthusiasm, not enough listening
[06:41:46] <pie_flavor> in a nutshell
[06:41:48] <Burke> pie_flavor: Don't you use HexChat?
[06:41:49] <AndroUser2> ^^^^^
[06:41:57] <AndroUser2> Yes but im on my phone
[06:41:59] <pie_flavor> Burke: yeah, why?
[06:42:06] <AndroUser2> Ive time to learn in the train
[06:42:12] * WBStefan ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[06:42:17] <AndroUser2> Im going to school
[06:42:18] <Burke> When I copy I message from a user with their username it doesn't have their op or voice status in it.
[06:42:30] <pie_flavor> Burke: Oh, it's a config setting, hang on
[06:42:33] <Burke> Gimme
[06:42:55] * WBStefan ( Quit (Client Quit)
[06:43:00] <pie_flavor> Settings > Text Events, and paste %C18%H<%H$4$3$1%C18%H>%H%O$t$2 into Channel Message
[06:43:16] <pie_flavor> and %C20%H<%H$4$3$1%H>%H%O%C30$t$2%O for Your Message
[06:44:07] <pie_flavor> this will prefix usernames with mode chars
[06:44:14] <AndroUser2> Pie_flavor, How to update drivers?
[06:44:25] <Burke> It didn't work
[06:44:37] <pie_flavor> Burke: It'll only work on newly created messages.
[06:44:52] <Burke> AndroUser2: you send them a link to a website to download them
[06:45:03] <AndroUser2> Pie?
[06:45:11] <Burke> He's gonna tell you the same thing
[06:45:17] <AndroUser2> K.
[06:45:24] <pie_flavor> not completely
[06:45:25] <AndroUser2> Yes but what website.
[06:45:27] <AndroUser2> ...
[06:45:37] <Chris> Yeah, basically what pie_flavor quoted before.
[06:45:51] <Burke> It all depends on the graphics card
[06:46:01] <AndroUser2> You can't install a random driver right?
[06:46:03] <Burke> nvidia, amd, intel, pci, etc
[06:46:05] <Chris> o/ everyone
[06:46:07] <Burke> Absolutely not
[06:46:11] <Burke> Hi Chris =)
[06:46:30] <Chris> Hiya Burke, haven't talked to you in quite some time
[06:46:36] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: Under Display Devices, you'd find the card manufacturer. If it doesn't say, google the Device Key.
[06:46:40] <Burke> I don't remember you @_o
[06:46:52] <AndroUser2> So ive a driver is compactable with windows 10 They have to install the driver again?
[06:46:54] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: Go to the respective manufacturer's website, and search for the driver for that card under that system.
[06:47:20] <AndroUser2> I think this is a dumb question but..
[06:47:23] <Chris> Burke: We kinda talked before
[06:47:25] <Chris> Not much
[06:47:48] <AndroUser2> Sometimes there stand Only x64 Does x84 not work with that?
[06:47:50] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: Each Windows version has its own drivers. If they have a Pixel Format Not Accelerated error, then they need a driver update.
[06:48:09] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: And 64 bit drivers (x64) do not work with 32-bit systems (x86) and vice versa.
[06:48:23] <AndroUser2> K.
[06:48:39] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: Most importantly: Don't help in any official capacity. Instead, do the same work as the helpers, and check to make sure your answers are as good as theirs.
[06:48:58] <Burke> If you're unsure of something, ASK.
[06:49:08] <AndroUser2> Is this site good?
[06:49:10] <AndroUser2>
[06:49:13] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: If you consistently come up with the same answer as the helpers, then you should offer it. Confirm with the helpers if you're not sure. Eventually you may be invited back.
[06:49:31] <AndroUser2> :)
[06:49:48] <Burke> AndroUser2: Website looks very informative.
[06:49:58] <AndroUser2> Ok ;)
[06:50:02] <pie_flavor> AndroUser2: It's correct, but most of it's useless since you're only looking for specific bits.
[06:50:08] <Burke> In this context ^T
[06:50:11] <Burke> -T
[06:50:19] <AndroUser2> Where do i have to look?
[06:50:42] * AndroUser2 is now known as Akash
[06:51:01] <pie_flavor> Akash: Only System Information and the first few lines of Display Devices are relevant most of the time.
[06:51:09] <Burke> Generally you're looking for the Device information for Displays
[06:51:10] <Burke> blah
[06:51:11] <Akash> K.
[06:51:45] <pie_flavor> Again, you want to find the brand, and search their website. If it doesn't give you a model, google what comes after Enum\ in the Device Key field.
[06:52:04] <Akash> K.
[06:52:26] <Akash> So what exactly do i have to search
[06:52:37] <Akash> Everything after a enum/?
[06:52:57] <pie_flavor> Akash: Scroll up and read what I just said. I explained it all..
[06:53:02] <Burke> Anything in the Display Devices section.
[06:53:12] <Burke> "too much enthusiasm, not enough listening"
[06:53:54] <Akash> Im trying but some words are pretty difficult for me.
[06:54:05] <Burke> Is your first language English?
[06:54:13] <Akash> No.
[06:54:39] <pie_flavor> That's going to represent a hell of a problem.
[06:54:43] <Burke> Welp, google is your friend
[06:54:50] <Akash> K.
[06:54:53] <pie_flavor> Nearly all the instruction/help you can receive from other helpers is going to be in English.
[06:55:02] <Burke> And btw, "K." is really annoying.
[06:55:03] <Akash> Pie.
[06:55:26] <pie_flavor> Bilingual is useful, but only if you're still fluent in English.
[06:55:26] <Akash> The most of the words do I understand.
[06:55:58] <Akash> Im going to Oxford this summer, hopefully they help me a bit out :P
[06:56:20] <pie_flavor> Akash: Yeah, but you also output broken english in some cases too. This can be super difficult when a lot of users will just chuck it right back into Google Translate for their native language.
[06:56:34] <pie_flavor> Akash: What's your primary language?
[06:56:40] <Akash> Dutch.
[06:57:47] <pie_flavor> Yeah... That's going to represent a challenge if you're not super fluent in English.
[06:58:16] <Burke> Could be useful if someone who speaks dutch comes in
[06:58:32] <Akash> Burke, I ;3
[06:58:39] <Akash> But that will take a while .-.
[06:59:24] * WBStefan ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[07:00:31] <WBStefan> can anybody help with change mail issues?
[07:00:55] <WBStefan> i have tried out everything i can do
[07:01:18] <Burke> ??> WBStefan account/send-email
[07:01:18] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - Send in a support ticket to Mojang's Customer Support using:
[07:01:19] <@Absol> WBStefan: Send an email to Mojang with your Transaction ID and/or gift code, Mojang account email/ email, and any other relevant information, through this form:
[07:01:21] <@Absol> WBStefan: Refer to for wait times on replies
[07:01:31] * Burke stares at GreyVulpine
[07:01:36] * @GreyVulpine whistles.
[07:01:43] <WBStefan> i have do that fo montsh ago!
[07:01:47] <Burke> s/stares/galres
[07:01:47] <ExtremeBot> Burke meant to say: galres at GreyVulpine
[07:01:50] <WBStefan> every weak again
[07:01:54] <Burke> s/galres/glares
[07:01:55] <ExtremeBot> Burke meant to say: glares at GreyVulpine
[07:02:03] <pie_flavor> Akash:
[07:02:14] <Burke> WBStefan: Can you please rephrase that?
[07:03:13] <Chris> Akash: He's right, you know.
[07:03:19] <WBStefan> i will change my mail from xxx to yyyy as an example but every time comes the message token no longer valid
[07:03:31] <pie_flavor> WBStefan: Token no longer valid?
[07:03:36] <pie_flavor> ??> WBStefan launcher/relog
[07:03:38] <@Absol> WBStefan: You may need to refresh your login session. To do this, click "Switch Users" in the launcher, and logout. After this, log back in, and try the game again.
[07:03:42] <pie_flavor> lol
[07:03:42] <Burke> Email token
[07:03:45] <Burke> hes trying to change his email
[07:03:49] <WBStefan> i have write ist to support every weak but nthing happends
[07:03:50] <Burke> What even pie_flavor
[07:03:54] <thgilfodrol> I think the email change link is just expiring by the time he gets to it
[07:03:58] <@GreyVulpine> It is
[07:04:00] <Burke> ^
[07:04:13] <pie_flavor> oh
[07:04:29] <WBStefan> no iv tried out it by second minit and so on be resive the mail to change it!
[07:04:42] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - Send in a support ticket to Mojang's Customer Support using:
[07:04:57] <WBStefan> i have do that! -.-
[07:05:04] <@GreyVulpine> Do it again.
[07:05:11] <WBStefan> 10 times again
[07:05:19] <@GreyVulpine> And wait for a response from Mojang's Customer Support.
[07:05:22] <pie_flavor> WBStefan: Don't send it more than once. You just have to wait for them to respond.
[07:05:24] <WBStefan> there is a bug in the system!
[07:05:31] <Burke> No, there isn't
[07:05:32] <@GreyVulpine> There is no bug in the system
[07:05:35] <pie_flavor> WBStefan: Tip: They won't respond if you don't include your transaction ID.
[07:05:35] <WBStefan> i have wait 1 jear!
[07:05:43] <pie_flavor> Objectively false.
[07:05:53] <WBStefan> i have include all information and screenshots
[07:06:05] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - Then you'll get a response back from Mojang
[07:06:13] <WBStefan> nothing happend
[07:06:18] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - You'll simply need to be patient and wait
[07:06:27] <pie_flavor> WBStefan:
[07:06:28] <WBStefan> that is no option
[07:06:30] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - Is there anything else we can help you with?
[07:06:31] <WBStefan> wait -.-
[07:06:46] <WBStefan> no that is the only problem!
[07:06:59] <pie_flavor> WBStefan: Then we bid you good day. Goodbye.
[07:07:01] <@GreyVulpine> WBStefan - Then we've explained what you need to do.
[07:07:32] <WBStefan> change mail vom  xxxx@ to yyyy@ but al time come a bug by change! and i have tried out everything and send ist to support 10 times again and more...
[07:08:04] <WBStefan> i must say that is so bad support sorry
[07:08:06] <Burke> ?? WBStefan ask/accounts/!
[07:08:16] <Burke> ?? ask/accounts/! WBStefan
[07:08:18] <@Absol> ask/accounts/!: Our volunteers cannot troubleshoot account issues. If you are having an issue with your account, try looking at the general account troubleshooting page:
[07:08:19] <@Absol> ask/accounts/!: If you're still having trouble, we cannot help you further here, please contact mojang.
[07:08:23] <pie_flavor> Nice, Burke.
[07:08:28] <Burke> I forgot how to Absol
[07:08:35] <pie_flavor> ??> Burke test
[07:08:36] <@Absol> Burke: I am the very model of a modern major-general.
[07:08:38] <Burke> OH YEAH
[07:08:43] <Burke> I forgot the damn >
[07:08:52] <Burke> I guess I really did forget how to Absol
[07:09:22] <pie_flavor> top kek remember the guy who was just paste-bombing modern major-general
[07:09:28] <Burke> No
[07:09:43] <pie_flavor> that's right, because you weren't here. be here more often
[07:10:00] <Burke> eh
[07:10:01] <Burke> school
[07:10:02] <Burke> work
[07:10:03] <Burke> sleep
[07:10:12] <Burke> ??> scold
[07:10:17] <Burke> gah I can't even right now
[07:10:17] <pie_flavor> nice
[07:10:20] <WBStefan> are ou kids in support here?1
[07:10:24] <Burke> ??> iBurke scold\n
[07:10:26] <@GreyVulpine> !k WBStefan
[07:10:28] * WBStefan was kicked by GreyBot (<Kicks:1504>)
[07:10:30] <Burke> ??> iBurke scold/\n
[07:10:30] <pie_flavor> WBStefan: Yes, they're keeping us prisoner.
[07:10:31] <@Absol> iBurke: The Enter key is not a comma. Please don't flood the channel with many lines of just two or three words each. Learn how to use complete sentences and commas.
[07:10:34] <Burke> I'm such an idiot
[07:10:36] * @GreyVulpine coughs
[07:10:39] <Burke> Sorry!
[07:11:13] <Burke> I've been up for too long and I apologize - Goodnight you guys
[07:11:22] <pie_flavor> and now he leaves again
[07:11:23] <pie_flavor> GREAT
[07:11:29] <Burke> ;)
[07:11:36] <pie_flavor> ._.
[07:12:16] <pie_flavor> @Listener def onLeave(e: ClientConnectionEvent.Quit): Unit = e.setCancelled(true)
[07:12:36] <Chris> GreyVulpine: Thanks again
[07:12:45] <Burke> Also, pie_flavor, still not seeing @ / +
[07:12:50] <Chris> Your feet must be tired from kicking him.
[07:13:00] <pie_flavor> Burke: that sounds like a you problem.
[07:13:06] <Chris> s/him/people/
[07:13:06] <ExtremeBot> Chris meant to say: Your feet must be tired from kicking people.
[07:13:09] <pie_flavor> Burke: Try it again, only this time hit enter to save
[07:13:16] <pie_flavor> Burke: It cancels if you click outside the box
[07:13:28] <pie_flavor> HexChat is really weird
[07:13:42] <thgilfodrol> irssi masterrace?
[07:13:48] <pie_flavor> thgilfodrol: leave
[07:14:03] <pie_flavor> lol you can't even run filter2
[07:14:29] <Burke> Thanks pie_flavor
[07:15:33] <Chris> pie_flavor: filter2 or hunter2?
[07:15:51] <thgilfodrol> :o I looked that up and it was somehow the 2nd hit on google search, out of 113k
[07:16:01] <thgilfodrol> CTT's gt containing it that is
[07:16:05] <pie_flavor> Chris: filter2, CubeTheThird's script
[07:16:09] <thgilfodrol> s/gt/gh/
[07:16:10] <ExtremeBot> thgilfodrol meant to say: CTT's gh containing it that is
[07:16:16] <Chris> Ooh
[07:17:01] <thgilfodrol> one day I'll have to dive into perl scripting for irssi
[07:24:56] * Akash (~androirc@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[07:51:26] * techno156 (~techno156@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[07:52:31] * techno156 (~techno156@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[07:54:19] * sneezing_panda_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[07:55:49] * Weilong (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[07:55:56] * Weilong (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[07:58:56] * techno156 (~techno156@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[07:59:29] * BLACKbob2 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:00:23] * BLACKbob2 (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[08:02:26] * Replays_mixmi ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:05:03] * Angel_ (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:05:59] * Replays_mixmi ( Quit (Client Quit)
[08:08:09] <Angel_>  Why I crash the minecraft? I gave "Fix the problem" and I go to a page where I did several things related to DxDiag and then paste everything and I already have the URL of the page Ubnuntu
[08:08:19] <thgilfodrol> Angel_: link it here please
[08:09:12] <Angel_>
[08:11:10] <Angel_> ?
[08:11:16] <thgilfodrol> Angel_: one moment
[08:11:17] <Burke> we're looking at it
[08:11:28] <Angel_> oh thanks
[08:12:52] <thgilfodrol> Angel_: unfortunately, your graphics card is no longer supported on Windows 10
[08:12:57] * techno156 (~techno156@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:13:37] <Angel_> oh ok Thanks
[08:13:41] <Burke> wait
[08:13:48] <thgilfodrol> Angel_: to be able to play the game, you should either downgrade to windows 7, or buy a new graphics card
[08:14:10] <Burke> At least try this:
[08:14:29] <Angel_> oh ok thanks
[08:14:44] <Burke> I don't know if it will work, but it's better than not doing anything
[08:15:01] <Burke> If you need to restart, please come back and tell me if it did work or didn't work
[08:15:19] <thgilfodrol> worth a shot, but afaik no athlons have igpus and he's prob running on his nvidia gpu
[08:17:59] * Angel_ (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[08:47:34] * Enunnaki ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:48:05] <Enunnaki> Hello. We have reformatted our computer and now we cannot remember our login details.
[08:48:32] <Enunnaki> The minecraft user name was LukeHulk3600
[08:48:57] <Enunnaki> we THINK the email attached was but we dont have access ot that address anymore
[08:49:06] <Enunnaki> all 'forgot password' attempts have failed.
[08:49:13] <thgilfodrol> ??> Enunnaki account/send-email
[08:49:15] <@Absol> Enunnaki: Send an email to Mojang with your Transaction ID and/or gift code, Mojang account email/ email, and any other relevant information, through this form:
[08:49:16] <@Absol> Enunnaki: Refer to for wait times on replies
[08:49:32] <Enunnaki> mate we bought the game years ago
[08:49:34] <Enunnaki> YEARS
[08:50:02] <+Andrio> (So did I)
[08:50:35] <thgilfodrol> Enunnaki: you can try substituting any and all payment details for the transaction id if you don't have it, but that's your only remaining option
[08:51:14] <Enunnaki> Micro$oft written all over it.
[08:51:33] <thgilfodrol> microsoft hasn't changed any of these processes afaik
[08:52:10] <Enunnaki> yes but I would have got better help than "that's your only option"
[08:52:33] <Enunnaki> once upon a time I could download the game and just login. I still know the username and password to login.... I just can't download the game/
[08:53:12] <thgilfodrol> if the launcher is all you need, have at it
[08:53:16] <thgilfodrol> ??> Enunnaki dl/client/win
[08:53:18] <@Absol> Enunnaki: Installer:
[08:53:19] <@Absol> Enunnaki: Standalone:
[08:55:11] * Enunnaki ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[08:57:13] * Lisimba (~Lisimba@2001:984:2569:1:1525:a85a:171a:cc84) Quit (Ping timeout: 384 seconds)
[08:58:56] * Azzou121 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[08:59:24] * Azzou121 (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[09:06:59] * Lisimba (~Lisimba@2001:984:2569:1:a479:db20:786:fae6) has joined #minecrafthelp
[09:09:15] * Eoeshd (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
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[09:54:56] * techno156 (~techno156@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[10:02:24] * Notch ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[10:02:24] * Absol sets mode: +b Notch!webchat@*
[10:02:25] * Notch was kicked by Absol (You are not Notch (#562))
[10:03:01] * markus ( has joined #minecrafthelp
[10:03:16] <markus> I cant join multiplayer
[10:03:30] <markus> java null pointer exception:group
[10:03:33] <markus> idk why
[10:03:42] <markus> it happened all in a sudden
[10:05:05] <markus> Completely ignored arguments: [--nativeLauncherVersion, 307] [18:04:36] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: YLPB [18:04:38] [Client thread/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.4 [18:04:38] [Client thread/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default [18:04:39] [Sound Library Loader/INFO]: Starting up SoundSystem... [18:04:39] [Thread-5/INFO]: Initializing LWJGL OpenAL [18:04:39] [Thread-5/INFO]: (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL.  For more information, see http
[10:05:19] <markus> someone help me plz.
[10:06:03] <markus> [Server Connector #1/ERROR]: Couldn't connect to server java.lang.NullPointerException: group at ~[netty-all-4.0.23.Final.jar:?] at er.a(SourceFile:275) ~[1.11.2.jar:?] at bgv$ [1.11.2.jar:?]
[10:06:21] <markus> Null Pointer exception
[10:07:25] <markus> hmm...someone's here?
[10:07:46] <zkxs> there are folks here
[10:07:58] <zkxs> sort of slow at this time though
[10:08:02] <markus> ok
[10:08:16] <markus> couldn't connect to the server
[10:08:19] * Cha0sKid212 (webchat@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[10:08:41] <markus> Java.lang.Nullpointerexception: group
[10:09:15] * techno156 (~techno156@ has joined #minecrafthelp
[10:09:37] <markus> any helpers?
[10:10:22] <zkxs> ??> markus paste
[10:10:24] <@Absol> markus: Ubuntu Paste is a service run at which facilitates the sharing of information without flooding IRC channels. Paste your text into the big box, enter your name, click 'Paste!' and give us the URL of the site it takes you to.
[10:10:56] <zkxs> markus: if you could paste your full error log into the ling Absol provided, that would be great
[10:11:29] * Cha0sKid212 (webchat@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[10:11:55] <markus>
[10:13:01] <markus> plz check that out
[10:16:18] <markus> **akward silence**
[10:17:27] <markus> plz give response no matter what
[10:17:28] <markus> pls
[10:17:52] <markus> if you are busy with other thing i can wait
[10:17:57] <markus> but plz give response
[10:18:37] <zkxs> markus: can you connect to ?
[10:18:46] <markus> ok i'll try
[10:19:07] <markus> no
[10:19:14] <markus> i even connected to localhost
[10:19:41] <markus> null pointer exception
[10:20:16] <markus> java.lang.NullPointerException: group
[10:21:03] <zkxs> ??> markus launcher/open
[10:21:04] <@Absol> markus: To make sure the launcher stays open: click Edit Profile, then check Launcher Visibility, select Keep Launcher Open and finally hit Save Profile.
[10:21:19] <markus> yes i seyt the launcher visibility
[10:21:21] <markus> set
[10:22:05] <zkxs> ah, you're one step ahead of me. It's been quite a while since I've helped here.
[10:23:03] <markus>
[10:23:22] <markus> full game output
[10:23:59] <markus>
[10:24:02] <markus> launcher log
[10:24:51] <markus> thx :D
[10:24:52] <zkxs> markus: is this a fresh minecraft install, or has minecraft worked on your computer before?
[10:24:59] <markus> yes
[10:25:04] <markus> i used .jar before
[10:25:04] <zkxs> which one?
[10:25:14] <markus> the jar one
[10:25:24] <markus> not the one with installer
[10:25:25] <zkxs> have you recently added/changed your antivirus or firewall software?
[10:25:30] <markus> no
[10:26:18] <zkxs> do you use Mcafee?
[10:26:43] <markus> Avast
[10:30:27] <markus> oh ok fixed
[10:30:28] <markus> thx
[10:30:36] <markus> Avast blocked my game
[10:30:57] <markus> i think i need to change my antivirus lol
[10:31:03] <markus> anyways thx for helping
[10:31:03] <zkxs> thanks for letting me know what the problem was
[10:31:16] <zkxs> glad you figured it out
[10:31:16] <markus> yeah bye
[10:31:21] <markus> thx
[10:31:24] * markus ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)