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[00:00:36] #minecraft - Mon Oct 23 00:00:36 2017
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[00:48:45] <quick> test
[00:48:51] <quick> Hey, it's been a while and just trying to figure stuff out. What is the trend for separate mod profiles? Magic Launcher doesn't still seem to be a thing
[00:49:00] <quick> I use the latest version, and I am on W10
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[04:03:41] <Zenit2860> Greetings
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[07:36:18] <@bildramer> "Social Justice has already zoomed past "creepy sex cult" and "de facto state religion" to "old youth pastors doing lame rap songs""
[07:36:25] <@bildramer> anon is insightful
[07:36:30] <@bildramer> also: neogaf is dead
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[11:36:49] <@bildramer> imagine you have a friend
[11:37:27] <@bildramer> you're in a hotel room, you enter her shower naked, she tells you you misinterpreted things, you leave, oh shit you were being autistic, whoops
[11:37:34] <@bildramer> later she fucks you anyway
[11:37:50] <@bildramer> even later, she posts about this
[11:38:33] <@bildramer> instead of your self-admitted random groping of women or release of revenge porn, this is what causes every mod of the site you run to burn bridges with you, the site goes into havoc, people unironically suspect russian hackers
[11:38:43] <@bildramer> this isn't normal
[11:38:48] <@bildramer> also, pretending this doesn't exist isn't normal
[11:39:02] <@bildramer> SJWs are a real threat to everything that's good and holy
[11:39:45] <@Siiseli> you are so fucked up if you think social justice warriors are what's wrong with the world
[11:39:55] <@Siiseli> but whatever, we all know your world view is entirely skewed anyway
[11:39:58] <@Siiseli> no point arguing
[11:40:14] <@bildramer> oh god damn I hit my toe on the table, that sucks
[11:40:16] <@Siiseli> seriously, they're not your enemy
[11:40:26] <@bildramer> "toes are what's wrong with the world??? you're deluded"
[11:40:31] <@bildramer> they are
[11:40:34] <@bildramer> one of many
[11:41:24] <@Siiseli> myeah, generally social justice warriors are only "enemies" to the alt-right folks
[11:41:34] <@Siiseli> the people who wanna keep beating up trans folks in peace
[11:41:41] <@bildramer> do you think this is sane behaviour?
[11:41:41] <@Siiseli> and wish the world would just remain in the 60's
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[11:42:10] <@bildramer> yeah, just like maoists were only enemies to the evil regime they depose
[11:42:13] <@bildramer> d
[11:42:37] <@Siiseli> problem is also that people like you tend to lump all feminists into this "social justice warrior" group
[11:42:46] <@bildramer> you dare point out the struggle sessions? mighty suspicious of you, maybe you're hitler incarnate
[11:42:47] <@Siiseli> so anyone who advocates for social improvements is THE DEVIL
[11:43:10] <@bildramer> 1. did I name feminists? 2. name three who advocate for social improvements and anr
[11:43:16] <@bildramer> aren't batshit insane racists*
[11:43:20] <@Siiseli> you have a tendency of twisting the truth so I don't actually believe your accusations in the first place
[11:43:32] <@bildramer> this is what the woman herself said, look it up
[11:43:40] <@bildramer> this is supposed to be damning
[11:44:16] <@Siiseli> you want the names of three people who advocate for social improvements but aren't insane racists?
[11:44:23] <@Siiseli> fine, I'll give you mine at least
[11:44:24] <@bildramer> three feminists
[11:44:27] <@Siiseli> okay, me
[11:44:36] <@Siiseli> and a bunch of my friends
[11:45:07] <@bildramer> obviously the point isn't three random people who self=identify as feminists, just like when I say "democrats who are in favor of gun control" I don't mean randoms
[11:45:08] <@Siiseli> name me three anti-sjw people who aren't chauvinist, trans-phobic, homophobes, or racists
[11:45:17] <@Siiseli> I'm pretty sure that you will find a lot more of them in that group
[11:45:38] <@Siiseli> since, you know, the whole anti-sjw movement centers around chauvinism, transphobia, homophobia, and racism
[11:45:42] <@Siiseli> those are what that movement is about
[11:45:43] * Risugami ( Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[11:45:53] <@bildramer> wew
[11:45:59] <@Siiseli> they are advocating these things
[11:46:17] <@Siiseli> whereas the people that get categorized as social justice warriors are the people opposing these things
[11:46:34] <@bildramer> they also oppose good sense, civility, and so on
[11:46:39] <@Siiseli> not really
[11:46:49] <@bildramer> you'll live to regret this no matter how bad I am at convincing you right now so I don't really care tbh
[11:47:09] <@Siiseli> I'm sure I'd regret siding with the anti-sjw crowd more
[11:47:15] <@Siiseli> since they comprise mostly of people who belong in the 60's
[11:47:20] <@Siiseli> or 30's
[11:48:08] <@Siiseli> this is not to claim that there aren't people who take the whole social justice thing to a stupid extreme, but it's completely idiotic to claim they are one of the big things wrong with the world
[11:48:29] <@Siiseli> I'm more worried about nazis marching in the streets than I am about people who take advocating for social justice too far, if you wanna talk extremes
[11:48:48] <@bildramer> I never claimed that, you did, multiple times, ignoring my protests
[11:49:00] <gruetzkopf> german here, nazis marching in the streets is a bad thing
[11:49:27] <@Siiseli> bildramer, claimed what exactly?
[11:49:33] <@bildramer> german here, it's a bad thing, but not as bad as most people believe
[11:49:42] <@bildramer> "big things wrong with the world"
[11:49:50] <@bildramer> I pointed out a single instance of this happening
[11:50:00] <@Siiseli> well, fine
[11:50:05] <@bildramer> you insist that that means this is bigger than world poverty or something, for some reason
[11:50:09] <@Siiseli> If this case is like you claim, it's fucked up
[11:50:16] <@bildramer> thank you
[11:50:18] <gruetzkopf> our neonazis are comparatively tame, tbh
[11:50:24] <@Siiseli> but you did also say 14:39 <@bildramer> SJWs are a real threat to everything that's good and holy
[11:50:28] <@bildramer> indeed, even though they got double digits
[11:50:31] <@Siiseli> and that sounds pretty big
[11:50:55] <@bildramer> well, I could claim the same about priests, if I lived a few centuries ago
[11:51:06] <@bildramer> or nukes
[11:51:12] <@bildramer> or ozone
[11:51:14] <@Siiseli> with nukes you'd be right..
[11:51:20] <@bildramer> the lack of ozone that is
[11:51:20] <@Siiseli> they are pretty fucking big
[11:51:24] <@Siiseli> and yeah ozone too
[11:51:34] <@bildramer> actually nukes would only destroy a few hundred cities that act as hubs
[11:51:40] <@Siiseli> but comparing social justice warriors as an issue to nukes is.. wat
[11:51:41] <@bildramer> the whole nuclear winter thing is wildly overstated
[11:51:54] <@Siiseli> they're not even remotely on the same level
[11:51:57] <@bildramer> humanity and civilization would easily survive with only a century of two of catch-up
[11:52:12] <@Siiseli> and there's enough nukes to blow the whole planet up many times over right now
[11:52:37] <@bildramer> "the whole planet" means "many cities on the planet"
[11:52:38] * xracecar ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:52:40] <@Siiseli> of course strategically it doesn't make sense to blow up the sahara desert
[11:52:43] <@Siiseli> :P
[11:52:54] <@bildramer> to blow up the earth you need easily 10^10 times more power
[11:53:02] <@bildramer> wild understatement
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[11:54:50] <@bildramer> "My mom sent me with her car and friend to buy an eight ball of cocaine when I was 14. I knew it was wrong just not how wrong, I was just excited to drive the car."
[11:55:09] <@Siiseli> I just get a little antsy about people whining that social justice warriors are ruining the world, they're not and claiming so is just participating in the whole alt-right rhetoric
[11:55:24] <@bildramer> man, america needs to fix drugs asap
[11:55:26] <@Siiseli> where the nazis and chauvinist and all the intolerance in the world isn't the actual issue, but these damn people whining about it are
[11:55:56] <@Siiseli> myeah, time to end the war on drugs
[11:56:08] <@Siiseli> been a long time since it was discovered to, uh.. not work
[11:56:10] <@bildramer> they're doing more than whining, doing that in positions of considerable power (journalists, academics) and doing it dishonestly, and sometimes all it takes to be lumped into the "alt-right" is pointing that out
[11:56:21] <@bildramer> the dishonesty is the big thing here
[11:56:39] <@bildramer> bad faith, explicit lies, hypocrisy, and so on
[11:57:48] <@bildramer> just like kid diddler priests who preach against the devil's homosex, or politicians who fight abortion unless it's their mistress, and so on
[11:58:30] <@Siiseli> so what exactly is your definition of a social justice warrior?
[11:58:31] <@bildramer> or actively lying with statistics, or conspiring to push/hide certain news, you know the drill
[11:58:36] <@Siiseli> where does the line between feminism and sjw go for you
[11:58:40] <@bildramer> an exact definition is hard
[11:58:55] <@bildramer> the kind of feminist that "hates white males" is a sjw
[11:58:58] <@bildramer> for instance
[11:59:21] <@Siiseli> I just call those ones feminazis
[11:59:55] <@bildramer> that term has fallen out of favor
[11:59:59] <@Siiseli> doesn't really fall in the definition of feminism anyway, but feminism is hard to define
[12:00:03] <@Siiseli> as the term has come to mean 100 different things
[12:00:21] * SkyPatrol ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[12:00:32] <@Siiseli> well I sure as fuck am not picking up alt-right terminology used mostly to marginalize all feminists to replace it
[12:01:19] <@bildramer> this isn't something new though, it existed way before trump
[12:01:27] <@Siiseli> yes?
[12:01:39] <@Siiseli> trump is not the cause, nor is he the father of the alt-right
[12:01:41] <@Siiseli> just their puppet
[12:01:47] <@Siiseli> or, well, in bed with them
[12:02:55] <@Siiseli> he's just another symptom, the world is sick
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[12:06:36] <legion> no, humanity is the sickness. the world is fine without humans
[12:06:40] <Troodon> ^
[12:06:54] <Troodon> I get what you mean though.
[12:08:00] <@bildramer> the world is fine without humans just like a tabletop is fine without a moldy orange on it
[12:08:14] <@bildramer> still, it's better to remove the mold than the whole orange
[12:08:46] <legion> would you eat a moldy orange?
[12:09:15] <@bildramer> only if starving
[12:10:22] <@bildramer> hmm
[12:10:36] <@bildramer> are there foods other than cheeses for which the taste is improved?
[12:10:52] <Troodon> Cheese alone is a pretty good argument.
[12:11:08] <@Siiseli> some swedes do that with fish. Tho I think they just let it rot
[12:11:12] <@Siiseli> and it's disgusting
[12:11:13] <@Siiseli> soo..
[12:11:30] * RichardG (~richardg8@ Quit (Ping timeout: 204 seconds)
[12:12:02] <legion> Siiseli: we Dutch have (slightly) fermented herring.
[12:12:16] <legion> and it is an aquired taste
[12:12:26] <@Siiseli> surströmming even smells horrendous
[12:12:31] <@Siiseli> do NOT open a can of that indoors
[12:12:37] <legion> or outdoors.
[12:12:38] <@Siiseli> .. or near a house
[12:12:43] <gruetzkopf> outdoors is fine
[12:12:46] <@Siiseli> .. or any forest you ever want to visit again
[12:12:54] <gruetzkopf> if you're wearing proper PPE
[12:12:59] <Troodon> Heh.
[12:12:59] * RichardG (~richardg8@ has joined #minecraft
[12:13:02] <@Siiseli> in fact, just don't open that can
[12:13:02] <@Siiseli> ever
[12:13:44] <legion> problem is, it can open itself, eventually.
[12:13:49] <@Siiseli> D:
[12:13:56] <@Siiseli> that's even more disgusting
[12:14:28] <legion> think b- horror/splatrter movies with extra smell
[12:14:42] <gruetzkopf> keep stored underwater, in a sealed container
[12:15:06] <@Siiseli> just throw the can in the sea
[12:15:10] <@Siiseli> where it belongs
[12:19:02] <gruetzkopf> that might conflict with legislation on biological and chemical weapons
[12:19:59] <@Siiseli> and kill some fish
[12:20:02] <@Siiseli> .. with fish
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[12:33:05] <Namelesswonder> fokken civ keeps crashing
[12:33:07] <Namelesswonder> fok
[12:35:23] <Namelesswonder> WHAT THE FUCK
[13:13:18] <@bildramer> there are some selenium compounds that smell bad enough to evacuate entire towns
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[13:59:53] <@bildramer>
[13:59:54] <+xD> (bildramer) ✓@jamescrabtree (jamescrabtree): Weird stats from latest Harper’s Index — “% of U.S. pet-custody cases that involve dogs: 96. That involve cats: 1” (11 days and 5 hours ago)
[14:05:45] * foreverjakey (~foreverja@ Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[14:10:07] * foreverjakey (~foreverja@ has joined #minecraft
[14:15:42] * Frisk (~piotrex43@2a01:113f:41e1:7800:2733:59d9:ce87:ea84) has joined #minecraft
[14:18:03] <vurtual> s/s/k/
[14:18:03] <+xD> Correction, <bildramer> httpk://
[14:18:05] <vurtual> FRICK
[14:18:15] <vurtual> frig off xd
[14:18:43] <vurtual> s/./asdf/g
[14:18:43] <+xD> Correction, <bildramer> httpk://twitterasdfcom/jamekcrabtree/ktatuk/918397186848772097
[14:19:00] <vurtual> yeah whatever I don't know regex
[14:19:26] <Andrio> Apparently xD doesn't, either
[14:22:11] * ImQ009 (~ImQ009@2a02:a313:433c:3280:34dc:46c7:7109:68c4) has joined #minecraft
[14:35:37] * Amyndele ( Quit (Quit: .)
[14:38:22] * MeltedLux ( has joined #minecraft
[14:39:01] <vurtual> my crowning acheivement in humor was making a weapon crate/ammo spawner entity in garry's mod that was a gun free zone sign
[14:39:26] <Andrio> well, there are guns for free.
[14:39:42] <Andrio> Note the lack of a hyphen.
[14:39:55] <vurtual> GUN, FREE zone
[14:40:34] <vurtual> texas legislators apparently keep changing the wording requirement of gun free zone signs
[14:40:57] * covers1624 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[14:43:16] <vurtual> Siiseli irl??
[14:43:17] <+xD> (vurtual) Oper8ers on ice : weekendgunnit - 19 comments, 530 points - Peregrine81, 1d ago
[14:45:12] <vurtual> blha: another friend on steam turned out to be a furry what is with me
[14:49:05] * Amyndele ( has joined #minecraft
[14:51:06] <@bildramer> once you turn 18, you have agency
[14:51:48] <@bildramer> before that point, you are an inert object that magically causes people to become pedophiles deserving of decades in jail
[14:52:04] <@bildramer> while US law is disgusting, what's more disgusting is the people mindlessly defending it
[14:53:21] <@bildramer> 17.9: "manipulated victim of abuse who would repent after hours of priest^H^H^H^H^H^Hcourt-mandated therapy"
[14:53:27] <@bildramer> 18.0: a-ok
[14:55:39] * covers1624 ( has joined #minecraft
[14:56:38] <@bildramer>
[14:57:08] * techno156 (~techno156@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:57:37] <jast> well, it's simple, really. you have to define *some* boundary.
[14:57:51] <jast> there's no way to define it by "maturity" in practice
[14:58:05] * Brokkoli ( has joined #minecraft
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[14:59:00] <@bildramer> this isn't really about the boundary
[14:59:49] <@bildramer> rather, about the hilarious inability of courts to tell abuse from non=abuse, or understand that they're not distinct in the sense that the same state of reality can correspond to abuse or non=abuse depending on who looks at it
[15:00:05] <@bildramer> as harm prevention, the laws completely shit the bed
[15:01:34] * max ( has joined #minecraft
[15:01:45] <@bildramer> examples
[15:02:00] * max ( has left #minecraft
[15:02:02] <@bildramer> millions of children are abused/tortured for their entire life until adulthood by their parents
[15:02:21] <@bildramer> the respose to that is "if it's extreme CPS, if not then eh well what can you do"
[15:02:44] <@bildramer> little relation to actual harm
[15:03:43] <@bildramer> or "this guy sent pictures of his dick, this other guy broke two people's heads in a fistfight. 5 years seems appropriate for both"
[15:03:58] <@bildramer> "because after 5 years in prison what happens is everything is better off"
[15:04:10] <@bildramer> "100% proven by 1700s philosophers"
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[15:31:54] <@bildramer>
[15:32:49] <@bildramer> lots of virtual ink has been spilled explaining what our brain does, where modularity occurs and why it helps, and whatnot
[15:32:51] * SopaXorzTaker (~SopaXorzT@ has joined #minecraft
[15:32:58] <@bildramer> the math itself remains unknowable though
[15:34:35] <@bildramer> also unknowable: how a pile of general-intelligence-meat leads to these rich behaviours, and why after a threshold it gets even richer
[15:36:13] <@bildramer> I mean, I'm of the opinion that hand-crafting such things won't work, because they are symptom-like, not fundamental
[15:38:05] <@bildramer> some of the linked papers are just pages and pages of words
[15:38:11] <@bildramer> throw them into the virtual trash
[15:38:15] <@bildramer> no math
[15:52:01] * MeltedLux ( Quit (Ping timeout: 383 seconds)
[15:52:19] <vurtual> binary triggers trigger me
[15:52:29] <vurtual> rounds per trigger pull is a SPECTRUM
[15:53:09] * auenf ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[15:55:51] <@bildramer>
[15:56:04] <@bildramer> the fig. 2 grammars are orgasmic
[15:57:03] * MeltedLux ( has joined #minecraft
[15:57:50] <@bildramer> also a good sentence to test text recognition
[15:57:59] * xracecar ( Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[15:58:08] <@bildramer> the fig.
[16:06:31] * TheSilkMiner ( Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
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[17:32:22] <vurtual> I wonder if putting anti-gun stickers on my prius in texas will be enough gun theft deterrent that it's worth the constant mockery
[17:34:18] <@bildramer> lol
[17:37:34] * PosiBolt ( has joined #minecraft
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[17:47:59] <vurtual> trying to come up with extremely edgy signs
[17:49:09] <vurtual> "police response time: 30 minutes. ambulance response time: 15 minutes. time it takes for my tax-stamped chemical weapon grenades to kill: 30 seconds."
[17:49:39] <vurtual> then really fuck with em by having dead birds lying around that look like they were in the wrong ww1 trench
[17:50:56] <vurtual> really really fuck with them by having little farty gas vents
[17:51:07] <vurtual> and then just in case actaully get some tax stamp'd chemical weapons anyway
[17:55:21] * xracecar ( has joined #minecraft
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[19:15:25] <@bildramer>
[19:15:34] <@bildramer> headlines used to be so much better
[19:24:46] * EpicKitty is now known as SpooKitty
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[19:53:17] <@bildramer> wow
[19:53:33] <@bildramer> even the gutter that is liveleak comments is noticeably atheist
[19:53:38] <@bildramer> no brakes on this one
[19:55:58] * MikrySo2 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 198 seconds)
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[20:01:36] <@bildramer> >tfw madagascar has 3 undersea cable connections
[20:01:40] <@bildramer> what the fuck for
[20:15:09] * Syncaidius ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
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