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[00:00:38] #minecraft - Thu Feb 23 00:00:38 2017
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[00:00:43] * Set by blha303! on Mon Feb 13 19:18:23
[00:02:58] <KKT> I've never watched anything Stargate, but why's it called a Stargate? Looks more like a people gate
[00:03:05] <KKT> Doesn't move stars at all
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[00:06:03] <KKT> Apparently 'stargates only transmit entire objects at a time' according to wikipedia. Stupid scifi and its arbitrary rules for plot convenience. Have to have a reason you don't get cut in half when you go in and back out
[00:06:58] <KKT> Oh, and stargates don't get water or pressure through them because fuck you we need a reason why we don't drain an ocean with these things
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[00:21:20] <vurtual> KKT: if the iris closed on you it would cut you
[00:21:33] <vurtual> also stargates couldn't let water through or they'd let air through probably
[00:21:41] <vurtual> so they only let solid things through obviously, like a surface tension thing
[00:21:53] <vurtual> also if you go backwards through one you die, also if you go through and there's a wall you also die
[00:22:27] <KKT> What qualifies as a wall? How about I just hang a poster on it?
[00:23:11] <vurtual> would probably break
[00:23:16] <vurtual> the iris was made of hard metal and stuff
[00:23:35] <vurtual> so like, a sturdy steel barrier interlocked will instavaporizekill humanoids and armor
[00:23:43] <KKT> Also can't be a surface tension thing. The ocean floor would push into that stargate far harder than a human walking would
[00:23:57] <vurtual> nah it's relative
[00:24:05] <vurtual> can you go through a stargate underwater?
[00:24:20] <vurtual> Also consider that water is also pushing on the human, so a human in water pushes on the gate more than a human in air, also maybe it detects solid objects
[00:24:32] <KKT> According to the wiki, sure. But conveniently atmospheric pressure and water doesn't go through for arbitrary reasons
[00:24:37] <vurtual> I keep hitting y when typing because I'm also paragraphing in garry's mod
[00:26:12] <KKT> Wormholes always seem like they break physics pretty damn hard to me. What's keeping you from opening a wormhole to somewhere really high and just placing something heavy there? Bam free energy
[00:27:12] <KKT> And if not free energy, you'd need to produce AAAALLLLL the energy needed to send that object to that distant alien world. That won't look good on the power bill, or be exactly reasonable to achieve
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[00:28:11] <Risugami> "somewhere high" aka anywhere some distance from a wormhole or planet or star
[00:29:31] <KKT> I just never see portals and wormholes in scifi ever explain this simple problem. You can't create or destroy energy, so how are you keeping things energy neutral?
[00:29:49] <KKT> Especially the Portal games. You just straight up use terminal velocity as a plaything
[00:31:46] <KKT> And then when you get teleportation you get into all the philosophical shit about creating duplicates of oneself and your previous consciousness dying off
[00:32:16] <Risugami> surface tension
[00:32:20] <KKT> Star Trek ignores that by just making you able to hold conversations as energy. Because that was the best solution
[00:32:29] <Risugami> equal pressure on both sides
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[00:38:38] <vurtual> KKT: moving it elsewhere
[00:40:29] <KKT> The thing is the only logical way for that kind of portal to work is for the portal to use up enough energy to make up the new difference in potential energy. At which point you're not really saving energy, mostly just time. Like a really fast rocket to take you upstairs. I doubt a portal would be a 1:1 transfer either considering light and heat and shit. So essentially it's just a fast way to travel at best
[00:40:42] <KKT> But your spaceship will need a hell of a generator
[00:41:06] <KKT> And if you can't transfer/generate the power at once your teleporter is only as fast as its power input anyhow
[00:43:39] <vurtual> or the portal is a wormhole and folds space
[00:43:47] <vurtual> and is not euclidian in nature
[00:44:22] <KKT> Folding space is a whole different level of fucky
[00:45:13] <vurtual> well it's our intention
[00:46:43] <KKT> Judging by we haven't seen evidence of aliens whatsoever, I'm willing to assume there's not much faster than your standard spaceship, and those that can build spaceships are really rare to begin with
[00:46:55] <KKT> Space is simply big and there's no way around that
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[00:52:46] <DanManB> hi
[00:53:13] <DanManB> Join my server:
[00:53:31] <Risugami> no
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[00:55:06] <KKT>
[00:55:07] <+xD> (KKT) Radical City (Short Version) - Sonic R (1m 41s) - 1,434 likes, 4 dislikes (99.7%) - 33,333 views - SiIvaGunner on 2016.12.30
[00:55:15] <KKT> This is the greatest channel on youtube
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[01:03:52] <vurtual> remember when they were GiIvaSunner?
[01:04:25] <Glaug-Eldare> I could try
[01:06:25] <vurtual> what's with all those "welcome to x" videos with tits
[01:07:20] <KKT> Tits get views
[01:07:40] <KKT> Youtubers don't understand what porn is so they click anything with boobs in hopes
[01:12:53] <KKT> The effort put into these and the rate they come out scare me
[01:12:54] <+xD> (KKT) E.G.G.M.A.N. (CD Version) - Sonic Adventure 2 (4m 19s) - 4,306 likes, 40 dislikes (99.1%) - 218,226 views - SiIvaGunner on 2016.06.26
[01:13:11] <KKT> How do you like the high quality rips vurtual
[01:15:40] <Risugami> cd version...
[01:17:12] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[01:18:46] <@AndrewPH> KKT: you know that it's not a small team, songs get submitted all the time
[01:18:52] <vurtual> LordCreepity:
[01:18:53] <+xD> (vurtual) Wolverine's Theme - Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (11m 10s) - 1,027 likes, 46 dislikes (95.7%) - 18,567 views - SiIvaGunner on 2017.02.04
[01:19:04] <KKT> Aw
[01:19:05] <@AndrewPH> and there was a huge team of people that would regularly contribute (40+)
[01:19:12] <KKT> I thought it was a really dedicated guy
[01:19:28] <@AndrewPH> at first I thought it was an old old channel that had just recently reopened and was reuploading their backlog
[01:19:36] <@AndrewPH> but then I read into it a bit more
[01:19:50] <KKT> Oh well, I like it
[01:20:29] <vurtual> bitch u guessed it
[01:20:40] <KKT> Kinda the audio version of those Repainted games. A group contribution to replace every texture and cutscene in various gamecube games with dank memes
[01:21:10] <vurtual> KKT: who is better, nozomi or loud nigra
[01:21:15] <vurtual> or howie scream
[01:21:22] <KKT> I don't know what any of those are
[01:21:51] <vurtual> wow ok
[01:22:21] <vurtual> here's one of my big favorites ok
[01:22:21] <+xD> (vurtual) Heartache - Undertale (1m 53s) - 1,291 likes, 35 dislikes (97.4%) - 61,342 views - SiIvaGunner on 2016.05.05
[01:23:09] <vurtual> also this one
[01:23:10] <+xD> (vurtual) Strong One (Masked Man) - MOTHER 3 (2m 20s) - 472 likes, 3 dislikes (99.4%) - 18,659 views - SiIvaGunner on 2016.05.08
[01:27:51] <vurtual> KKT: todokete~
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[01:28:07] <KKT> Get out of here with your weeb filth
[01:28:47] <Glaug-Eldare> what do you call a weeaboo but for france
[01:30:04] <vurtual> francaboo?
[01:30:20] <Glaug-Eldare> works for me
[01:30:26] * techno156 (~techno156@ has joined #minecraft
[01:31:14] <Minigunner> bonjourian
[01:31:17] <Glaug-Eldare> goddamn cat man said bazinga
[01:31:19] <KKT> Weeaboo seems to come from a 4chan word filter that replaced wapanese(wannabe japanese) with a fake word from this
[01:31:24] <vurtual>
[01:31:24] <+xD> (vurtual) Snow halation (In-Game Version) - Love Live! School idol festival (2m 2s) - 2,948 likes, 84 dislikes (97.2%) - 124,006 views - SiIvaGunner on 2016.04.20
[01:31:27] <KKT> According to brief google
[01:31:33] <vurtual> did somebody say wee-a-boo
[01:31:55] <Glaug-Eldare> oh it's a 4chan thing?
[01:31:59] <Glaug-Eldare> i'll stop saying it then
[01:32:11] <vurtual> it's a regular word now
[01:32:22] <Glaug-Eldare> yeah but i'm not a pedophile
[01:32:24] <vurtual> it was literally s/wapanese/waeaboo/
[01:32:30] <KKT> You'd be surprised the influence 4chan has had over internet culture in ways you don't really think about
[01:32:31] <Risugami> you keep reminding me of "the sky had a weegee!"
[01:32:32] <vurtual> KKT: also wapanese is a white japanese, duh
[01:32:45] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[01:32:46] <Glaug-Eldare> remember weegee the robot
[01:32:57] <KKT> People still use >this for quoting and related uses
[01:33:02] <KKT> Outside of 4chan
[01:33:06] <Risugami> vintage youtube poop
[01:33:25] <Glaug-Eldare> people I don't like use >this for quoting and related uses
[01:33:26] <Risugami>
[01:33:26] <+xD> (Risugami) YouTube Poop: The Sky Had A Weegee! (2m 7s) - 36,969 likes, 3,250 dislikes (91.9%) - 15,522,051 views - Hurricoaster on 2009.11.11
[01:33:30] <Glaug-Eldare>
[01:34:20] <KKT> Man that's some vintage youtube poop
[01:36:10] <vurtual> remember
[01:36:10] <+xD> (vurtual) It's Over 9000 (Original Upload) (1m 51s) - 52,811 likes, 4,748 dislikes (91.8%) - 7,615,566 views - Kajetokun on 2006.10.18
[01:36:19] <vurtual> remember when it was called 9000!!!!! NINE THOUSAND!!!!
[01:37:01] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[01:37:15] <vurtual> oh fuck, I forgot about the balls are inert too, sheit
[01:38:46] <Risugami> it doesn't make a bit of difference guys
[01:40:15] <vurtual> Risugami: the balls are getting huge
[01:40:23] <vurtual> eleven fucking years
[01:40:26] <vurtual> ELEVEN. FUCKIN. YEARS
[01:40:41] <vurtual> I was fuckin ten
[01:40:45] <Risugami>
[01:40:45] <+xD> (Risugami) The Balls are Inert.... FIXED (2m 13s) - 16,706 likes, 566 dislikes (96.7%) - 2,186,683 views - Kajetokun on 2006.11.12
[01:41:10] <Risugami> 16
[01:41:55] <Glaug-Eldare> it's interesting to me that I've been IRCing for most of my life
[01:42:36] <vurtual> me too
[01:42:51] <vurtual> and my friend I met as a kid on irc who was 8 then is now an adult with a child
[01:43:03] * CopherNeue ( Quit (Read error: -0x1: UNKNOWN ERROR CODE (0001))
[01:43:04] <vurtual> back when people played runescape unironically, or maybe we were just kids
[01:43:27] <cncr04s> I started irc in around 2000, way after I was "online" I usually hung out in msn gaming zone
[01:44:05] <vurtual> I remember things like that being in the games I owned and didn't work
[01:44:14] <vurtual> or maybe it did, but I couldn't make an account back then, I was retarded
[01:44:18] * mucco ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:44:19] <vurtual> Now I'm retarded, but also old.
[01:44:22] <cncr04s> usually worked for me
[01:44:29] <Risugami> my UO guild used IRC in 2001
[01:44:30] <cncr04s> you had to sign up for it
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[01:44:40] <vurtual> Risugami: my brother ran a private server back in some kind of the day
[01:44:53] <cncr04s> I played UO a little bit
[01:45:03] <Risugami> was probably Sphere server. it was absolute shit.
[01:45:03] <cncr04s> I remember there being a private server too
[01:45:08] <vurtual> I wanted to play and he told my mother it had evil magic in it and she said I couldn't play it then I was like "BUT HE'S PLAYING IT" and he was like "no I'm not" the fucking liar
[01:45:12] <cncr04s> RunUO i think
[01:45:12] <vurtual> he was even an adult then
[01:45:24] <Risugami> RunUO was a bit newer
[01:45:34] <Risugami> like 2003-4
[01:45:53] <vurtual> then I played on in por ylem like a year or two ago or whatever and was like "meh"
[01:46:02] <vurtual> also really pissed off that there were pentagram textures like "wtf why do dis"
[01:46:07] <cncr04s> hmm, well I sure didnt pay for it, I bought my first game legit was hl2
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[01:46:33] <vurtual> first PC game I bought on steam was garry's mod in 2008, before that every game I owned was something bought in... a physical store, gasp
[01:46:41] <cncr04s> garrys mod used to be free
[01:46:49] <vurtual> yeah but it became commercial
[01:46:55] <cncr04s> I sent that guy lots of hate mail
[01:47:05] <Risugami> first PC game owned... likely Civ 1
[01:47:07] <vurtual> also having to explain to my father as a youngerman that not only did I have to buy garry's mod, but also another game too for it to work
[01:47:10] <vurtual> and now I'm like 300 fuckin games later
[01:47:22] <Risugami> HL2 was first steam game, in 2005
[01:47:26] <vurtual> I remember getting oregon trail II deluxe collector certificate whatever edition
[01:47:36] <cncr04s> I have 2000 games, paid only whatever is on steam, and a few online games
[01:47:45] <cncr04s> which is only like 30 tops
[01:48:01] <cncr04s> I never play those other 1970 games =P
[01:48:07] <vurtual> coal winner?
[01:48:09] * KKT (~KKT@2605:a000:1327:402b:4957:ea3f:e325:d8da) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[01:48:12] <vurtual> my other youth PC entertainment besides edu-tainment shit was rogue squadron, force commander, uh
[01:48:37] <cncr04s> AOE, since I made alot of the hacks for it
[01:48:37] <vurtual> it kinda sucked not having enough brain power to really plot around things, also I'm not very smart in the first place and probably have extra chromosomes so games were hard
[01:48:48] <Risugami> I really do miss the "90's Babbages store" feeling of retail
[01:49:03] <Risugami> wall to wall retro gaming
[01:49:10] <vurtual> my first online game was _almost_ jedi outcast, literally went into the store like "oh boy I played the dark forces 2 demo, I wanna get that" and they had jedi outcast and my father was like "we can get it" and I was like "nah"
[01:49:12] <Risugami> packed full of people
[01:49:43] <vurtual> imagine the hell of child-me playing jedi outcast online being a squeaker fucker. bad vs even worse
[01:49:44] <Risugami> I wish somebody bothered to record a visit to old retail stores
[01:49:48] * mucco ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:49:57] <vurtual> instead I was introduced to assholes through free hl2dm I learned about on runescape irc
[01:50:09] <Risugami> like anybody would be walking around a store with a camcorder on their shoulder
[01:50:19] <vurtual> also fuck killbox maps
[01:50:58] <vurtual> what if steam had physical stores, like, you go into a store, and you can see games on display, and you can buy a steam game there, and get it downloaded onto your like usb drive you can install it from
[01:51:02] <vurtual> and had demo PCs
[01:51:15] <Risugami> yea.... I had dialup. never did multiplayer
[01:51:34] <vurtual> I only ever had DSL, we got it right after I was born
[01:51:46] <vurtual> I got one speed upgrade a few years ago, from 64 kbyte to 4 mbit
[01:51:50] <@AndrewPH> vurtual: you have at least 20 extra chromosomes
[01:51:52] <Risugami> got dialup in 1994
[01:52:00] <Risugami> kept it until 2007
[01:52:14] <vurtual> AndrewPH: nah just the 1 probably
[01:52:14] <@AndrewPH> I had dialup until 2008, when I upgraded to 1mbit/s dsl
[01:52:46] <vurtual> imagine installing gta IV on 512kbit
[01:52:54] <vurtual> hell, installing all those valve games alone
[01:53:21] <Risugami> retail steam would be pointless, especially Dota2
[01:53:32] <vurtual> Risugami: what if you got a hat for goign to the store
[01:53:42] <Risugami> would be behind by at least 4 updates before you got home
[01:53:46] <vurtual> meanwhile my friend had to install them on dial-up, it took him several days of no useful internet connection to install hl2dm on his wimpy ass pc
[01:54:19] <vurtual> I didn't know how to port forward and nobody would tell me the router credentials, so we had to play hl2dm on his computer as a server with his dial-up
[01:54:30] <vurtual> it would break horribly so we had to set the timescale to 0.3 or less to play
[01:54:36] <Risugami> I remember torrenting FF9 on dialup. took about 2 months for 4 CD isos
[01:54:46] <vurtual> so we'd use console commands, play custom maps, screw around, find secrets, in hl2dm, on his dial-up, at like one third speed
[01:55:17] <vurtual> then I got garry's mod, but for a while he didn't get it 'cause he couldn't afford it, so we still did that shit
[01:56:14] <vurtual> the main way of getting maps was spending an hour connecting to a server to get it
[01:57:11] <Risugami> I remember playing MoH:AA, AoE, and SW:GB on GameSpy all through the night using a muffled modem to not wake up anyone
[01:57:19] <cncr04s> MOH
[01:57:30] <vurtual> most of my games were console games
[01:57:33] <cncr04s> i had my own secret chamo skins that couldnt be deteced
[01:57:39] <vurtual> hax
[01:57:47] <Risugami> classic DirectPlay lobbies
[01:58:09] <Risugami> that was the shit before Steam
[01:58:16] <cncr04s> I was better at MOH than, aimbots lol, well at least for a while
[01:58:33] <cncr04s> I could go 200-0
[01:58:44] <cncr04s> with whole team against me
[01:58:47] <Risugami> everything being as accurate as a realistic sniper rifle certainly helped
[01:59:06] <Risugami> then they had to add game realism...
[02:00:15] * MKoR (~mkor@ has joined #minecraft
[02:00:59] <vurtual> hitscan bestscan
[02:01:11] <vurtual> basically, if your guns aren't either hitscan or a G7 drag function, I don't play your game
[02:01:40] <Risugami> was quite fun sniping with a pistol
[02:02:47] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[02:04:15] <Glaug-Eldare> why not G1
[02:05:03] * USER_ (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[02:06:10] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[02:06:15] <vurtual> Glaug-Eldare: because I'm snobby
[02:06:19] <vurtual> also I used G1 for my weapon mod :(
[02:06:56] * Kuroneko (~Kuroneko@2a01:4020:1:7::3) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:07:11] <Glaug-Eldare> G1 should work for the pistols tho
[02:08:26] * USER_ (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:10:16] * mucco ( has joined #minecraft
[02:14:08] <vurtual> Glaug-Eldare: so you put the gas tube on an AR after you put the barrel, barrle nut, and gas block on?
[02:19:04] <Glaug-Eldare> I wouldn't know
[02:19:18] <Glaug-Eldare> Maryland doesn't want us to have effective arms for resisting Amfas
[02:20:26] * edr ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[02:22:54] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
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[02:37:38] * Mumfrey is now known as mumfrey
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[04:55:58] <vurtual> if I filter all the anti-trump subreddits hard enough will they disappear from front
[04:59:30] <Namelesswonder> vurtual, not really no
[04:59:45] <Namelesswonder> A new one is made like every day.
[05:00:06] <vurtual> ok
[05:00:14] <vurtual> I have this plan see, ok, what I'll do is, get people I know to clean my house
[05:00:17] <vurtual> in exchange for _beer_
[05:00:39] * Minigunner (~Minigunne@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:01:04] * Minigunner (~Minigunne@ has joined #minecraft
[05:01:29] <vurtual> people have to like me first though
[05:01:32] <vurtual> Namelesswonder: are you old enough to drink
[05:02:03] <Namelesswonder> vurtual, technically according to state law I could drink with a guardian's consent while in my house
[05:02:31] <vurtual> I'm not your guardian yet.
[05:02:31] <Namelesswonder> vurtual, but no
[05:03:26] * Zyferus ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:04:20] <vurtual> rip
[05:04:23] <vurtual> fine I'll give you mountain dew
[05:07:57] <vurtual> I'm so glad my parents gave up on me, in that I no longer have any worry about them insisting I breed
[05:08:07] <vurtual> also, no friends, so nobody who can only view me in the context of child-rearing
[05:08:34] * Zyferus ( has joined #minecraft
[05:26:40] <PonyFlare> I
[05:27:19] * cyther ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:28:45] <PonyFlare> I have sisters that took care of the breeding. Mom finally told me I'm no longer required to do so myself.
[05:28:59] <PonyFlare> Not that I intended to either way.
[05:31:31] * LordCreepity is now known as LordSleepity
[05:41:47] <+Dysgalty> PonyFlare: "took care of the breeding"
[05:41:56] <+Dysgalty> Wtf is that neckbeard shit
[05:42:25] <+Dysgalty> That phrasing wtf
[05:43:00] <PonyFlare> For reactions like yours.
[05:45:56] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:47:09] <+Dysgalty> I'm drunk so my reaction isn't valid
[05:47:52] <+Dysgalty> Oh you're going off what vurtual said PonyFlare so maybe you're saved
[05:55:02] <PonyFlare> Yes.
[06:18:10] * Fixxy ( has joined #minecraft
[07:04:12] * Glaug-Eldare ( Quit (Quit: it's like nascar but with jews (c'est comme la nascar mais avec des juifs))
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[09:11:54] <petern> oh ffs trump
[09:12:10] <petern> ...
[09:12:42] * Shironeko ( has joined #minecraft
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[09:23:07] <`muffin> nothing he does surprises anymore
[09:23:14] <`muffin> he can only get worse or better
[09:23:20] <`muffin> no surprise either way
[09:24:45] <Zarthus> honestly that didn't seem too bad to me
[09:25:07] <Zarthus> it was just a guideline, and schools are still free to choose how to do it themselves
[09:25:13] * CopherNeue ( has joined #minecraft
[09:26:19] <Zarthus> naturally, it's still a step backwards
[09:27:15] <Risugami> it's all pointless anyways because the gendered bathrooms was a way to prevent sexual encounters. then the gays happened.
[09:28:18] <Risugami> if we're going for equal rights then anybody should be allowed to pick either bathroom
[09:28:41] * Diablo ( has joined #minecraft
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[10:38:49] * d4rknova is now known as hommiesteven
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[13:51:57] * urielsalis (~urielsali@ has joined #minecraft
[13:52:38] <ScarleyWarley> Hi
[13:52:47] <Zarthus> can see your message, ScarleyWarley
[13:52:56] <urielsalis> \o/
[13:53:00] <Zarthus> now I hope it was worth the effort.
[13:54:19] * dedicated ( has joined #minecraft
[13:54:28] <ScarleyWarley> yay! success thanks for the help with that bit never used IRC before rules say This is a strictly Safe For Work (SFW) channel. All chat and all linked or otherwise posted content is expected to be PG13. Do not post material unsuitable for children.
[13:54:53] <ScarleyWarley> but at the top of the channel it talks about being a d**k!
[13:55:52] <ScarleyWarley> what does this mean?: DerpServ- [#minecraft] Please read the topic. If your client doesn't show it to you, use the "/topic" command to view them and current news
[13:56:05] * dedicated_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[13:57:20] <Risugami> heh
[13:57:26] <ScarleyWarley> I would like some advice about minecraft servers if anyone here can help?
[14:04:55] <vurtual> I had a dream about time travel, I wake up, and now I'm in a parallel universe
[14:05:05] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[14:05:12] <vurtual> the difference so far is the pregananant video has music
[14:06:31] <urielsalis> I dreamt about being a lawyer investigating a hospital for not adding pumps to their dyalisis machines
[14:10:29] <EnderPearlCollector> lol
[14:10:40] <EnderPearlCollector> this is not a SFW for channel
[14:10:50] <urielsalis> not kidding, that was my actual dream
[14:11:10] <urielsalis> discovered a network of hospitals doing it for profits
[14:11:22] <urielsalis> my head is weird sometimes
[14:19:51] * wolfboyft ( has joined #minecraft
[14:21:59] * ScarleyWarley ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[14:29:49] * DanManB ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:30:39] <vurtual> urielsalis: also in my dream, I was at the gas station but it was weird, I picked up a bag of food and it was labelled in (consistent, unchanging) nonsense instead of actual calorie stuff, and also they had guns and military stuff
[14:30:42] * DanManB ( has joined #minecraft
[14:31:29] <urielsalis> wut
[14:33:01] <Risugami> they say you can't make sense of things you don't want to understand in a dream
[14:33:15] <Risugami> like faces, try to remember faces from a dream
[14:34:13] <Risugami> it's like going out of bounds in a video game
[14:34:34] <Risugami> you didn't program anything there so there is nothing there
[14:34:44] * DanManB ( Quit (Read error: -0x7880: SSL - The peer notified us that the connection is going to be closed)
[14:35:07] * DanManB ( has joined #minecraft
[14:37:35] <vurtual> I remember faces fine in dreams
[14:37:50] <vurtual> numbers are hit and miss, sometimes they're consistent even if complicated, but sometimes I can see them change
[14:38:41] <Risugami> made up characters or faces you know when awake?
[14:39:30] <vurtual> both
[14:39:40] <vurtual> although in my dreams the imaginary people from irl are usually invisible
[14:39:44] <Epi> magical
[14:40:05] <vurtual> Namelesswonder: tfw there's gonna be an official CoC weapon pack
[14:40:24] <Risugami> lightsaber?
[14:40:34] <vurtual> wat
[14:40:42] <Risugami> yes
[14:40:47] <vurtual> get out of here jedi
[14:41:16] * Risugami force chokes vurtual
[14:41:42] <vurtual> blin
[14:41:51] * wolfboyft ( Quit (Quit: Quitting.)
[14:42:32] <vurtual> why not SCPxSTALKER
[14:43:24] <Risugami> isn't STALKER basically SCP already
[14:43:40] <vurtual> it's like half-life if it was made by ukrainians in 2007
[14:44:04] <vurtual> I wonder if there are any SCP entries based off specific stalker stuff then
[14:44:11] <vurtual> I'd play a game revolving around the experiments at the NPP
[14:44:11] <Risugami> needs more haunted food items
[14:44:29] <vurtual> button that makes you want to press it
[14:44:37] <vurtual> cute girl who is paper
[14:45:17] * PosiBolt yawns
[14:45:33] <Epi>
[14:45:52] <PosiBolt> I need to play through STALKER again... or at least the third game I don't think I've played yet...
[14:46:08] <vurtual> bsqueeze me mr epi but your wheel isn't on the wheel thingy
[14:46:16] <vurtual> PosiBolt: call of pripyat is the best technically
[14:46:28] <vurtual> I recommend Call of Chernobyl because running around a giant wasteland of bullshit gets me hard
[14:46:39] <vurtual> I'm totes gonna make a guide mod so you don't have to fucking trek north to south a billion times
[14:47:04] <PosiBolt> I forgot which order they were in. I know i've played the first game and either Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat... whichever was the prequel
[14:47:15] <vurtual> Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat
[14:47:21] <vurtual> Clear Sky is a prequel
[14:47:30] <vurtual> it's also the buggiest and least good by a small margin
[14:47:35] <PosiBolt> Then I haven't played Call of Pripyat yet
[14:47:55] <vurtual> however, clear sky did give us one thing
[14:47:57] <vurtual>
[14:47:57] <PosiBolt> Oh, I modded the hell out of Clear Sky when I played it. HD textures, fan made bug patches, etc
[14:47:57] <+xD> (vurtual) S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - Bandit Radio (1m 54s) - 1,483 likes, 9 dislikes (99.4%) - 109,405 views - LoneWolfLazarus on 2013.10.27
[14:48:37] <vurtual> call of chernobyl is a hella fun mod though
[14:48:51] <vurtual> except the part where it can crash, and the part where I play in wine so it crashes more
[14:49:21] <vurtual> Maybe if we had an opengl version support instead of FOUR DIRECTX VERSIONS
[14:50:33] <vurtual> since xray is "open source" wink wink nudge nudge, I'm wondering how many hells it would be to add more directx versions
[14:50:59] <vurtual> I forgot when they started supporting 3D
[14:51:28] <PosiBolt> I would love to see an official remake of all of the STALKER games
[14:51:37] <vurtual> call of chernobyl is all of the terrains in one though
[14:51:43] <PosiBolt> Hmm......
[14:51:44] * DanManB ( Quit (Read error: -0x7880: SSL - The peer notified us that the connection is going to be closed)
[14:51:55] <PosiBolt> how does that work? Does it combine all three stories?
[14:52:01] <vurtual> no story
[14:52:07] <vurtual> there's a little story mode that mixes random bits from all of them
[14:52:21] <vurtual> if you have story mode on the brain scorcher starts on, otherwise it's off and you can roam any of the maps
[14:53:04] * Shock ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[14:55:53] <vurtual>
[14:56:22] <Epi> drooool
[14:56:22] <+xD> (Epi) How Italy's Best Porchetta is Made (6m 53s) - 5,812 likes, 199 dislikes (96.7%) - 610,343 views - LuckyPeachTV on 2016.05.09
[14:58:19] <Epi> haha vurtual
[14:58:40] <Epi> so, I like saying. .when someone says 'you can't' someting like 'oi, don't call me that' etc
[14:59:07] <vurtual> you can't
[14:59:07] <vurtual> ;-;
[14:59:14] <Epi> oi, don't call me that
[14:59:17] <vurtual> there is nothing you can do epi
[14:59:28] <Epi> I can touch my D
[14:59:46] <vurtual> Epi: how about flute metal
[15:00:05] <Risugami> oo la la
[15:00:15] <Epi> I'd prefer baby metal (i think that's what it was called
[15:00:33] <vurtual> wtf if I get a ups order that's not shipped to my name they don't give a delivery estimate
[15:00:34] <Siiseli> ... wat
[15:00:35] <Siiseli> babymetal?
[15:00:40] <vurtual> what about heavy nedal
[15:00:45] <Siiseli> how do these two things go together
[15:00:50] <vurtual> Siiseli: you mean you don't know?
[15:00:52] <Siiseli> heawy medaw for the baaby aww
[15:00:53] <Epi>
[15:00:53] <+xD> (Epi) BABYMETAL - KARATE (OFFICIAL) (4m 53s) - 258,169 likes, 11,726 dislikes (95.7%) - 27,029,105 views - BABYMETALofficial on 2016.03.18
[15:01:04] <vurtual> they're a japanese idol band, silly
[15:01:11] <Siiseli> Epi, this doesn't seem like something babies would enjoy
[15:01:13] * fling (~fling@ Quit (Quit: ZNC -
[15:01:15] <Risugami> heavy medal. go for the gold.
[15:01:32] <vurtual> flute metal best metal
[15:01:32] <+xD> (vurtual) Firelake - Fighting unknown (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OST) (4m 25s) - 643 likes, 3 dislikes (99.5%) - 58,378 views - Darkie on 2011.05.01
[15:01:36] <Siiseli> vurtual, oh, why of COURSE I should have known about some random japanese idol band(???)
[15:01:52] <Siiseli> them and heavy metal totally coincide with my interests
[15:01:53] <Siiseli> >.>
[15:02:01] <Siiseli> as in why in the fuck would I know
[15:02:33] <vurtual> because everyone learns about everything as time approaches 1?
[15:02:42] <Siiseli> uhhh no
[15:02:59] <Siiseli> the world is full of too much stupid shit to know all of it
[15:03:00] <vurtual> Everyone on the internet, given enough time, will at least passively be aware of everything on the internet. It's just a given.
[15:03:09] <PosiBolt>
[15:03:11] <+xD> (PosiBolt) xkcd: Ten Thousand (9 May 2012)
[15:03:11] <Siiseli> and not true at all
[15:03:19] <Epi> vurtual i'd say no- more content being made than viewed
[15:03:29] <vurtual> you don't view fast enough
[15:03:42] <Epi> and- what if you start making content viewing people watching content :U ! you'd need to view that too
[15:03:49] <vurtual> also if you can't even google it to refresh your memory and act like you know what you're talking about then you must be really new to computers
[15:03:59] <Siiseli> wat
[15:04:29] <Siiseli> you think everyone finds knowledge of the dankest maymays and newest viral sensations somehow appreciable?
[15:04:50] <vurtual> I mean, if you keep reading stuff, you'll probably hear the name of most things
[15:05:04] <Siiseli> Epi, they already do that and I will NEVER understand why it's popular
[15:05:04] <vurtual> Epi: you cheeki my breeki, wanna come into my exclusion zone and see my monolith? ;)
[15:05:09] <Epi> woa woaa
[15:05:14] <Epi> getting doubleteamed
[15:05:15] <Risugami> Black metal: Cultural origins 1980s, England · Norway · Sweden
[15:05:18] <vurtual> 'cause you can steal the video basically and add nothing of value and make money
[15:05:24] <Siiseli> reaction videos y'know
[15:05:26] <Risugami> poor Finland
[15:05:39] <Siiseli> Risugami, everyone thinks I like metal
[15:05:40] * vurtual has their evasion increase by one stage
[15:05:42] <Siiseli> cos' I have long hair
[15:05:45] <Siiseli> can't fucking stand most of it
[15:05:45] <Epi> aha some add content, others don't
[15:05:49] <vurtual> because you're finnish and a drug user
[15:06:05] <vurtual> I'm an american redneck therefore I like guns, epi is australian therefore he likes nanny states, etc
[15:06:09] <Epi> i'm not a metal fan.. i'm a synthwave fun however, carpenter brut so good
[15:06:18] <Epi> *fan
[15:06:19] <vurtual> I'm a christian so the only metal I listen to is stryper
[15:06:23] <Siiseli> vurtual, man I don't even like the same drugs that the metalheads like
[15:06:29] <Risugami> why is finland associated with metal...
[15:06:31] <vurtual> There's more than one kind?
[15:06:37] <Siiseli> Risugami, lots of metalheads here I suppose
[15:06:38] <Siiseli> and metal bands
[15:06:44] <Epi> vurtual i dislike my nanny states speed limits i_i but like the gun ones
[15:06:57] <vurtual> When I think of metal, I think of "that place vaguely scandinavia" and then also eastern europe sometimes
[15:07:09] <vurtual> Epi: oh you sweet summer child
[15:07:10] <Risugami>
[15:07:22] <Epi> i sweat summer childs
[15:07:23] <vurtual> IT'S AGAINST THE RULES
[15:07:34] <Epi> that sounds bad
[15:07:40] <Epi> >_>
[15:07:55] <vurtual> trump is obama in spray tan whiteface
[15:07:56] <Epi> vurtual you dank zoner
[15:08:05] <Risugami> I don't know any of these names
[15:08:18] <Epi> I'm Epi
[15:08:25] <vurtual> I'm streletskiy pavel konstantinovich
[15:08:33] <vurtual> you drank my vodka
[15:08:35] <vurtual> prepare to die
[15:08:57] <Epi> I was just thinking.. Translated to English from Russian games have a certian charm to thme, like space rangers2. was fun
[15:09:21] * hommiesteven_ ( has joined #minecraft
[15:09:22] <vurtual> Epi: call of chernobyl iron man story mode, russian language mode, or even CoM
[15:09:35] <vurtual> aka a normal day in moscow
[15:09:40] <Siiseli> vurtual, orange is the new black etc.
[15:09:43] <vurtual> yes :D
[15:09:53] * Reishan ( has joined #minecraft
[15:09:53] <vurtual> finnish memes have funny sounds because the language is funny
[15:10:05] * dedicated_ ( has joined #minecraft
[15:10:26] <Epi> 'whelcum two theh huudrowlik press shannel'
[15:10:28] * dil0de (~d1l0de@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:28] * NeonMaster ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:28] * Hink ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:38] <vurtual> VEE MUST DEAL VITH IT
[15:10:38] * covers1624_ ( has joined #minecraft
[15:10:49] <Risugami> space rangers 2 was fun. shame about the shit text adventures though
[15:10:57] * hommiesteven ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:57] * GingerGeek ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:57] * cooldude ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:10:57] * w2k (~w2k@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:11:03] <Epi> I enjoyed the majority of them
[15:11:08] * Hink ( has joined #minecraft
[15:11:08] <Siiseli> the finnish accent, at its worst, is glorious
[15:11:11] <Epi> the first time >_>
[15:11:11] <vurtual> those text adventures that require complex sentences to work are probably hell for ESL types
[15:11:13] <Risugami> actually has an HD release on Steam that is still getting updates
[15:11:16] * RichardG_ (~richardg8@ has joined #minecraft
[15:11:18] <Siiseli> Epi, hey now, they've branched out to other fun stuff as well
[15:11:21] <Siiseli> like making ice carousels and such
[15:11:26] * RichardG (~richardg8@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:11:28] <vurtual> but you still can't beat preved
[15:11:30] <Epi> I've been watching, it's great
[15:11:36] <Siiseli> the ice carousel one was rather fun
[15:11:41] * NeonMaster ( has joined #minecraft
[15:11:45] <Epi> They make such a nice couple too
[15:11:55] * dedicated ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:11:55] * LordRyan ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:11:55] * The_First_Gamer ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:11:55] * donut_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:12:06] * donut ( has joined #minecraft
[15:12:31] <vurtual> it's no secret that my entire knowledge of political history is entirely depndant on how many guns I own from that country
[15:12:40] <vurtual> I only learned about ww1 when I bought my second glock, for example
[15:12:53] * covers1624 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:12:58] <vurtual> :D
[15:13:02] <Epi> when you bought some plutonium you learnt about fatman and littleboy?
[15:13:09] * dil0de (~d1l0de@ has joined #minecraft
[15:13:17] * GingerGeek ( has joined #minecraft
[15:13:25] <vurtual> I'm becoming a master of feudal japnaese history with this last-ditch arisaka
[15:13:36] * cooldude ( has joined #minecraft
[15:13:38] * w2k (~w2k@ has joined #minecraft
[15:13:42] * LordRyan ( has joined #minecraft
[15:13:48] * hommiesteven_ ( has left #minecraft
[15:14:21] <vurtual> Epi: I gotta write to my representative but I'm a shutin :(
[15:14:51] <Epi> I don't even know what thatmeans :U
[15:14:57] <Epi> well. entails
[15:15:22] <Epi> speaking of tails, seen the DBZ abridged cell fights?
[15:15:49] <vurtual> no :(
[15:17:03] <Epi>
[15:17:03] <+xD> (Epi) Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Sonic & Knuckles #CellGames | TeamFourStar (2m 19s) - 46,897 likes, 790 dislikes (98.3%) - 1,210,280 views - TeamFourStar on 2017.02.10
[15:18:38] * butchster_ ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:08] * Mikgreg ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:08] * Htbrdd (~Htbrdd@ has joined #minecraft
[15:19:11] * GuntherDW ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:11] <PosiBolt> woo, netsplit
[15:19:11] * Shenton ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:11] * ChauffeR (~ChauffeR@ has joined #minecraft
[15:19:12] * c^ ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:18] * dustinm ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:18] * Owen (~Owen@2001:19f0:5800:8cc1:5400:ff:fe0c:f993) has joined #minecraft
[15:19:18] * DerpServ sets mode: +v ChauffeR
[15:19:18] * minecrell ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:18] * poxifide ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:20] * Tahg ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:23] * psxlover ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:24] * cryptk ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:24] * Lildirt ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:32] <vurtual> what is this even animated in Epi
[15:19:40] <Risugami> grenade launcher with a muzzle brake
[15:19:40] * jake ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:40] * Maylay (~gren@2602:306:cc63:be60:21e:2aff:fe4a:b133) has joined #minecraft
[15:19:43] * Afootpluto ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:43] * DG ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:43] * LaxWasHere ( has joined #minecraft
[15:19:54] * ger|off ( has joined #minecraft
[15:20:00] <Epi> nn
[15:20:00] <Risugami> also that netsplit took forever to show up. 9 minutes
[15:20:06] * gothroach ( has joined #minecraft
[15:20:08] * butchster ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:08] * Metacity ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:08] * pie_flavor ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:08] * cydrobolt ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:08] * Pariah_Zero ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:11] * LaxWasHere is now known as Guest65750
[15:20:37] * btfo (~btfo@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:37] * Xellurat ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:37] * PhonicUK[Offline] (~PhonicUK@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:37] * agrajag ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:37] * cats (kitten@ Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:20:45] <vurtual> this is terrible
[15:20:59] <Zarthus> Risugami: Different server, actually.
[15:21:04] * cydrobolt ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:06] * Xiretza ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:13] <Zarthus> Risugami: The drops was a minor hiccup (to the point where I even called it a fart).
[15:21:14] * Syncaidius ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:17] * RDNt ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:17] <Zarthus> the other is scheduled maintenance.
[15:21:35] * nyvia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:35] * Marenthyu ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:35] * [com]buster ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:35] * Anna ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:35] * King_Hual ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[15:21:36] * Metacity ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:46] * Gaz ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:49] * nyvia ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:53] <Risugami> those ^ are signs that a server dropped
[15:21:53] * Xiretza ( has joined #minecraft
[15:21:59] <vurtual> an irc network where there's a channel everyone is automatically in
[15:22:10] <vurtual> nicks don't evne join, and /names returns every legal username
[15:22:13] <Risugami> note the timeout all being the same
[15:22:23] * King_Hual ( has joined #minecraft
[15:22:30] * Anna ( has joined #minecraft
[15:22:32] * Xellurat ( has joined #minecraft
[15:22:35] * [com]buster ( has joined #minecraft
[15:22:42] * Marenthyu ( has joined #minecraft
[15:22:54] * btfo (~btfo@2a06:1700:0:b::44cb:58) has joined #minecraft
[15:22:56] * pie_flavor ( has joined #minecraft
[15:23:12] * cats (kitten@ has joined #minecraft
[15:23:29] * PhonicUK[Offline] ( has joined #minecraft
[15:24:19] * zso ( has joined #minecraft
[15:24:21] <Risugami> just realized how much I like the phrase "Placebo is a hell of a drug"
[15:25:15] * ImQ009 ( has joined #minecraft
[15:26:21] * Amyndele ( Quit (Quit: .)
[15:26:36] * Amyndele ( has joined #minecraft
[15:27:30] * Pariah_Zero (~Pariah_Ze@2601:681:4600:7e41:44dd:acff:fe85:9c8e) has joined #minecraft
[15:27:44] * agrajag ( has joined #minecraft
[15:27:47] * Amyndele ( Quit (Client Quit)
[15:27:59] * Amyndele ( has joined #minecraft
[15:29:47] * Amyndele ( Quit (Client Quit)
[15:30:06] * Amyndele ( has joined #minecraft
[15:30:10] * Amyndele ( Quit (Client Quit)
[15:30:24] * Amyndele ( has joined #minecraft
[15:31:24] * SopaXorzTaker (~SopaXorzT@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[15:33:38] <EnderPearlCollector> lol
[15:34:55] * Drool ( has joined #minecraft
[15:36:45] * MooingLemur gives EnderPearlCollector a slice of bacon
[15:37:01] <vurtual> I'm looking at old maps my friend and I made back in 2008 for hl2dm when we sucked at it
[15:37:38] <Risugami> people actually played hl2dm?
[15:37:58] <Risugami> cs:s was where it was at
[15:39:38] <vurtual> it's all we had, since it was free
[15:40:47] <Risugami> play HL2: Lost Coast
[15:40:52] * Meronat ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[15:41:35] * [Enrico] (~chiccoroc@2001:41d0:8:d518:192::1003) has joined #minecraft
[15:41:40] <vurtual> nvidia users got a portal demo
[15:42:12] <Risugami> lol it has a store page
[15:45:06] <vurtual> a map that's an airboat race across floating water
[15:45:47] <vurtual> and I still can't fucking beat it
[15:45:54] <Risugami> also called "steam"
[15:46:33] <Risugami> unless you have a lake floating on top of a heavy gas
[15:46:53] <Risugami> which sounds like a fun science experiment
[15:47:43] <vurtual> literally blocks of water in the air
[15:48:52] <Risugami> ooo a lake of water floating on a lake of mercury. sound completely safe and not at all going to collapse the earth around it
[15:49:46] <vurtual> ctf where you have to gravgun push a battery to the other side
[15:50:53] <Risugami> a sliding puzzle ctf game. why has nobody done that
[15:51:19] <Risugami> block that you can't physically reach but can push around
[15:51:56] <Risugami> so you have to be gravgunning a thing in the floor while staying alive
[15:54:01] <Risugami> basically Hockey
[15:54:24] <vurtual> how about multiple sliding obstacles you can push around, like a furnace jet thing that intermittently spits deadly flames, or something that pushes you up, etc, and you can basically rearrange the hazards and geometry of the level by pushing things around
[15:54:28] <vurtual> gravgun only
[15:54:34] * Minigunner (~Minigunne@ has joined #minecraft
[15:54:45] <vurtual> one that spits out a grenae vertically every so often, so you can chuck it at someone if you time it right
[15:54:53] <vurtual> and to capture you have to solve a sokoban puzzle
[16:00:56] <Risugami> wonder if there has ever been a pomegranite food fight
[16:01:13] <EnderPearlCollector> BACCOONNN
[16:01:20] <Risugami> that'd be a good comic
[16:01:36] * EnderPearlCollector goes crazy flailing arms, screeching and randomly appearing and disappearing rapidly in random spots
[16:01:47] <Risugami> but it has to be manga and everyone actually dies
[16:02:44] <Risugami> complete with seriousness and japanese honor
[16:02:59] <Risugami> like Iron Chef but deadlier
[16:03:16] <Risugami> not Iron Chef America. fuck that
[16:03:44] * Risugami wanders off to find Iron Chef on youtube
[16:04:50] <Risugami> yisssss 471 videos
[16:12:06] * Zesty_ (~Zesty@ has joined #minecraft
[16:14:38] * Zesty (~Zesty@ Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[16:22:37] * hezekiah (~hezekiah@ has joined #minecraft
[16:22:43] * Minigunner (~Minigunne@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:23:43] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[16:25:22] * hezekiah (~hezekiah@ Quit (Client Quit)
[16:34:14] * dedicated ( has joined #minecraft
[16:35:26] * dedicated_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[16:43:45] * Tzvi_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
[16:44:17] * AzaToth ( has joined #minecraft
[16:44:46] * Tzvi_ ( has joined #minecraft
[16:45:30] <vurtual> "I need a plate carrier to carry armor to protect myself from lifethreatening bullet holes, will this $60 piece of chinese airsoft ripoff polyester work"
[16:47:54] <Risugami> yes. those bullet holes are always trying to harm things
[16:48:25] * Tzvi_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[16:50:34] * transitbiker___ ( has joined #minecraft
[16:51:59] * transitbiker___ ( Quit (Client Quit)
[16:57:46] * [Enrico] (~chiccoroc@2001:41d0:8:d518:192::1003) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:59:39] * malb19 (~malb19@2a02:8108:1440:583c:8cd0:e6f6:3728:a71b) has joined #minecraft
[17:00:15] * malb19 (~malb19@2a02:8108:1440:583c:8cd0:e6f6:3728:a71b) Quit (Client Quit)
[17:03:00] * Tzvi_ ( has joined #minecraft
[17:08:35] * clarjon1 (~clarjon1@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:10:42] * kusanagi ( has joined #minecraft
[17:10:49] * Glaug-Eldare (~AndChat17@2600:380:913a:c898:ed5e:4af5:cac7:b777) has joined #minecraft
[17:11:58] <Glaug-Eldare> GREAT.  Now I'm watching Wakfu, too.  Merci, Obama.
[17:12:14] * Brokkoli ( has joined #minecraft
[17:14:25] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[17:15:21] * malb19 (~malb19@2a02:8108:1440:583c:8cd0:e6f6:3728:a71b) has joined #minecraft
[17:16:07] <legion> Wakfu is awesome. are you watching with the french dubs or the english voices?
[17:18:29] * malb19 (~malb19@2a02:8108:1440:583c:8cd0:e6f6:3728:a71b) Quit (Client Quit)
[17:20:45] <+Dysgalty> The fuck is wafku
[17:20:52] <+Dysgalty> Wafku fawku
[17:21:38] <legion> it is a french/japanese cartoon/anime
[17:21:59] <legion> (and also a mmo game based on the world)
[17:23:25] <Glaug-Eldare> Oh I'm watching in French
[17:23:53] <legion> good.
[17:23:56] <Glaug-Eldare> I'm learning French so I'm finding it helpful for picking out words and associating them with concepts
[17:24:23] <Glaug-Eldare> The more I can do that, the less I have to rely on translating to English in my head
[17:25:17] <legion> it is typical french jokes all over too
[17:25:26] * legion stabs youtube
[17:25:40] <legion> stupid buffer aint buffering at all
[17:26:09] <Glaug-Eldare> I haven't finished Dofus : aux Trésors de Kerubim yet though
[17:26:17] <Glaug-Eldare> I'm only on episode 36 or so
[17:26:25] <legion> nice
[17:26:45] <Glaug-Eldare> And I just found out last night what happens to Kerubim and I've been depressed ever since
[17:28:57] <Risugami> his kite gets stuck in a tree? how sad
[17:29:21] <Glaug-Eldare> YES
[17:29:25] <Glaug-Eldare> That's it
[17:29:25] * Nothgiel ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[17:29:29] * Drool ( Quit (Quit: Gravity isn't easy, but it's the law.)
[17:29:33] <Glaug-Eldare> And it's really sad and I almost cried
[17:29:47] <Glaug-Eldare> Poor Joris left without his...father's kite
[17:32:19] * dustinm ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:32:28] * Nothgiel ( has joined #minecraft
[17:33:22] * THERetroGamerNY ( has joined #minecraft
[17:37:00] * Zeracronius ( has joined #minecraft
[17:37:50] * marcogmonteiro (~marcogmon@ Quit (Quit: My Mac Mini has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[17:38:58] * marcogmonteiro (~marcogmon@ has joined #minecraft
[17:42:39] * LordSleepity is now known as LordCreepity
[17:46:53] * DarkNoddy ( has joined #minecraft
[17:48:19] * THERetroGamer ( has joined #minecraft
[17:49:58] * THERetroGamerNY ( Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[17:51:14] * TonyC1 ( has joined #minecraft
[17:51:25] * TonyC ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[17:52:20] * marcogmonteiro (~marcogmon@ Quit (Quit: My Mac Mini has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[17:53:29] * dustinm ( has joined #minecraft
[17:59:00] <vurtual> Glaug-Eldare: you'll be a french version of a weeb who only speaks like childish anime
[17:59:06] <Glaug-Eldare> Lol
[17:59:38] <vurtual> I want someone to design a really simple map so I can make it
[18:00:02] * TheSilkMiner ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:00:02] * TSM ( has joined #minecraft
[18:07:32] * marcogmonteiro (~marcogmon@ has joined #minecraft
[18:10:57] * shasharala ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:13:36] * TonyC1 ( Quit (Quit: Goodbye.)
[18:13:55] * TonyC ( has joined #minecraft
[18:14:21] <Risugami> vurtual, dickbutt map but isn't obvious from the ground
[18:15:15] <TonyC> Glaug-Eldare, donne-moi une définition d'une "baguette"
[18:15:50] * marcogmonteiro (~marcogmon@ Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client:
[18:16:29] <Glaug-Eldare> Une pièce longue du pain ?
[18:19:17] * cyther ( has joined #minecraft
[18:27:07] * Snowman ( has joined #minecraft
[18:27:07] * DerpServ sets mode: +o Snowman
[18:28:12] <vurtual> Risugami: not simple :((
[18:28:27] * Meronat (uid190493@2604:8300:100:200b:6667:2:2:e81d) has joined #minecraft
[18:40:19] <Glaug-Eldare> I'm in an IBEW office right now talking about becoming a whole different kind of electrician I've never been before and I'm hecking nervous
[18:46:20] * LordCreepity is now known as LordNotFound
[18:50:56] * Pariah_Zero (~Pariah_Ze@2601:681:4600:7e41:44dd:acff:fe85:9c8e) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[18:52:19] * Pariah_Zero ( has joined #minecraft
[18:56:34] <vurtual> Glaug-Eldare: well you did have a lifechanging experience with electricity, maybe you can be a superhero
[18:56:37] <vurtual> Lockout/Tagout man
[18:56:46] * REMqb ( has joined #minecraft
[18:56:57] <Glaug-Eldare> Yesss
[18:56:59] * mucco ( has joined #minecraft
[18:57:44] <vurtual> have you tried mutexed lockout/tagout yet Glaug-Eldare
[18:58:07] * BlueRavenGT ( has joined #minecraft
[18:58:37] <Glaug-Eldare> What's that
[19:02:03] <vurtual>
[19:02:31] <vurtual> only one person can lock out at a time
[19:03:46] * clarjon1 (~clarjon1@ has joined #minecraft
[19:04:03] <vurtual> glaug I designed an AR accessory I think would totally work
[19:04:18] <vurtual> so 14.5 barrels have to be pinned and welded to not be an SBR, but then you can't take off the FSB or the like, because the muzzle device blocks it
[19:04:46] <vurtual> so my idea is to make the barrel really thin and heavily ported past the 14.5 mark, have the normal threads ending the normal "barrel", and then you just slide your flash hider/compensator/etc over that ported deal
[19:05:09] <vurtual> so it's a 16.1 inch barrel that you can fit a flash hider on to make it look like a 14.5, and bayonets will fit, etc
[19:06:55] <vurtual> did I do a smart
[19:08:25] * THERetroGamer ( Quit (Quit: Be Blessed!)
[19:14:48] * dedicated_ ( has joined #minecraft
[19:16:12] * dedicated ( Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[19:21:29] * TSM ( Quit (Quit: Going offline, see ya!)
[19:21:48] * TheSilkMiner ( has joined #minecraft
[19:29:42] * Bullshvik ( has joined #minecraft
[19:31:11] <Glaug-Eldare> I don't know
[19:31:12] * Glaug-Eldare (~AndChat17@2600:380:913a:c898:ed5e:4af5:cac7:b777) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[19:37:09] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[19:40:32] <Risugami> kek
[19:40:32] <+xD> (Risugami) Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press (3m 35s) - 1,935 likes, 59 dislikes (97.0%) - 13,930 views - Hydraulic Press Channel on 2017.02.23
[19:46:56] * dedicated ( has joined #minecraft
[19:48:25] * dedicated_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[19:48:58] * dedicated_ (~dedicate@ has joined #minecraft
[19:50:26] * dedicated ( Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[19:51:17] * dedicated ( has joined #minecraft
[19:52:45] * dedicated_ (~dedicate@ Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[19:57:50] <vurtual> me in gun free zone
[19:58:02] <vurtual> "I'm not threatening you, I'm unarmed."
[19:58:03] <+Dysgalty> >implying you leave your house
[19:58:17] <vurtual> "I am wearing body armor though, I am not a moron."
[19:58:43] <vurtual> I had to
[19:58:51] <vurtual> Therapistneededme
[20:00:08] <vurtual> other quotes I like. "My faith protects me. My Kevlar helps."
[20:08:38] * kinggoesgaming ( has joined #minecraft
[20:15:34] * Ashen (~USER@ Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[20:19:56] * mucco ( Quit (Read error: -0x1: UNKNOWN ERROR CODE (0001))
[20:20:40] * mucco ( has joined #minecraft
[20:25:46] * Pear (~Pear@2601:101:8200:58c:596e:e0d:4eeb:afb8) has joined #minecraft
[20:41:36] * minecreatr is now known as Mine|away
[20:42:58] * Glaug-Eldare (~AndChat17@2600:380:913a:c898:ed5e:4af5:cac7:b777) has joined #minecraft
[20:50:40] * Risugami ( Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[20:58:03] * Risugami ( has joined #minecraft
[20:59:40] * Noppes ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:59:41] <vurtual> blha303: what episode to introduce my dad to dan era grumps
[21:01:29] <Risugami> tennis
[21:02:21] * Noppes ( has joined #minecraft
[21:04:36] <vurtual> the nes one?
[21:05:50] * AzaToth ( Quit (Ping timeout: 194 seconds)
[21:09:37] <Risugami> yeaaaaaaaa
[21:09:38] <+xD> (Risugami) Tennis: Twinkletoes - PART 2 - Game Grumps VS (10m 52s) - 11,997 likes, 66 dislikes (99.5%) - 344,387 views - GameGrumps on 2016.11.14
[21:13:29] <Risugami> good summary "You can tell that Dan is in "let's do this" mode and Arin is in "Stewart/look what I can do" mode. lol"
[21:14:46] * Pear (~Pear@2601:101:8200:58c:596e:e0d:4eeb:afb8) Quit (Quit: The Pear has left.)
[21:16:05] * ImQ009 ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:17:50] * Glaug-Eldare (~AndChat17@2600:380:913a:c898:ed5e:4af5:cac7:b777) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[21:23:12] * Snowman ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:30:08] * Ashen (~USER@ has joined #minecraft
[21:38:28] * Syncaidius ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:41:52] * TheSilkMiner ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)