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[00:00:15] #minecraft - Sat Jun 24 00:00:15 2017
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[00:37:20] <KKT> So I was thinking. Why doesn't Star Wars start a new war? I mean when you think about it, it's pretty much been the same war with different battles the whole time, Jedi vs Sith and shit. How about Jedi vs Some other thing, maybe other far away galaxy invaders
[00:37:31] <KKT> I mean the war is plural, but it's just the same conflict
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[01:29:28] <vurtual> Eddie: work that body like your name magmeato
[01:30:01] <@Eddie> Does that make me a gay actor?
[01:30:15] <vurtual> no, I need you to dispose of this corpse.
[01:30:16] <@Eddie> (Ian McKellen is gay)
[01:30:23] <@Eddie> Oh
[01:30:24] <vurtual> Common misconception.
[01:30:33] <vurtual> Happens all the time.
[01:30:45] <@Eddie> Mormon contraception
[01:31:04] <vurtual> bubbling
[01:32:37] <vurtual> Absurd ways to avoid premarital sex. Masturbate TO each other. Do not be present during. Do not go nude around each other. Do not take nude photos.
[01:32:46] <vurtual> Consent to bubbling of your pictures.
[01:33:07] <@Eddie> I'm sorry this is 2017.
[01:33:15] <vurtual> ok fine
[01:33:21] <vurtual> vaporwave bubbling
[01:33:39] <@Eddie> Your humour is appreciated.
[01:33:55] <@Eddie> Have some of my frozen orange juice.
[01:34:09] <@Eddie> It's frozen because of my dad.
[01:34:39] <@Eddie> The refrigerator suggests a temperature of 3°C but he lowered it by 1 degree.
[01:34:54] <@Eddie> So I had frozen cereal and frozen orange juice today.
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[02:09:01] <xnamkcor> shit, someone died
[02:09:07] <xnamkcor> free internet points!
[02:09:23] <@Eddie> Someone died?
[02:09:31] <xnamkcor> yes
[02:09:52] <xnamkcor> or someone lied about someone dying
[02:10:02] <xnamkcor> either way, free internet points
[02:12:41] <@Eddie> You are an interesting creature
[02:12:43] <@Eddie> What is your name?
[02:12:54] <LordRyan> dave
[02:12:56] <xnamkcor> xnamkcor
[02:12:58] <LordRyan> from statefarm
[02:13:10] <xnamkcor> im wearing khakis
[02:13:16] <LordRyan> hot
[02:13:37] <LordRyan> i'm wearing my comfy pajama pants.... for now.
[02:14:09] <xnamkcor> how many episodes into the recent Overwatch LP does it just become watching someone play Overwatch?
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[02:15:24] <vurtual> jake*
[02:15:38] <vurtual> wow I'm correcting people on advertisment canom
[02:16:25] <vurtual> xnamkcor: never because dan is a treasure
[02:16:29] <vurtual> CHERISH HIM
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[02:17:01] <vurtual> I made mt
[02:17:17] <vurtual> myself sad, because I don't cherish anything
[02:17:26] <xnamkcor> why isnt my bed this hot in the winter?
[02:17:28] <xnamkcor> damn
[02:17:57] <vurtual> random internet joke -> fugue
[02:18:19] <vurtual> xnamkcor: should get a southern hemisphere bed, they're warm in the winter.
[02:18:28] <xnamkcor> lol
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[02:28:35] <xnamkcor>
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[02:55:31] <vurtual> SBR REEEEEE
[03:03:25] * clarjon1 pat pat vurtual
[03:03:29] <vurtual> hi
[03:06:33] <clarjon1> hi
[03:12:05] <vurtual> I need a tool to randomly pitch distort a youtube video
[03:41:08] <KKT> I hate how the internet works sometimes. So not only do owners and their assigned moderators modify any changes to the website/server however they desire, but every user or message has the right to be removed by the same people. It's literally a dictatorship. Users have no hope to influence a website, so if your favorite site is owned or maintained by assholes you're completely screwed. And then bans. In real life, you steal or
[03:41:08] <KKT> something you get a fine or a short sentence. You say something bad in the wrong place and you're ip banned, an attempt to ban you for life. Like what the hell fairness is that
[03:42:34] <KKT> My point isn't that most websites ban you forever for no reason, but that they have the power to do so and there's no fight back possible by anyone
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[03:44:21] <KKT> There should really be some sort of standardization. Moderators for websites have to go through a democratic process to be assigned and stay in position. Say a website joins part of this group, then members of that group try to fairly compare the mod or offending mod to their set of laws. No picking favorites, but rather a internet judicial system
[03:45:43] <TestDummy> The Internet needs to be America.
[03:46:46] <KKT> But doesn't it make sense that the internet needs governed as much as anywhere else? The internet is essentially a system of standardized anarchy, and I think that's really freaking stupid
[03:48:01] <TestDummy> Well, in all fairness you're using a privately operated network to connect into other privately operated networks. That's just sort of how it is.
[03:48:14] <TestDummy> Go start a revolution.
[03:49:40] <KKT> The internet has moved past just being a bunch of private networks, it's a public system of communities. Communities that are all owned not by the residents, but by one or two who built it in the first place
[03:49:57] <KKT> Imagine if your neighborhood had a dictatorship and could freely shoot anyone they wanted and violate their privacy
[03:50:28] <TestDummy> Well, I live in an HOA so there basically is already the former.
[03:50:51] <TestDummy> Contractual corporatism tastes great.
[03:51:25] <@Eddie> You.
[03:52:01] <KKT> You?
[03:52:27] <@Eddie> Too much text for my tired eyes to go through.
[03:53:37] <TestDummy> Eddie: It's just KKT on the rag again.
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[03:56:59] <Namelesswonder> wtf so marchagainsttrump is saying that Trump is trying to shut them down
[03:57:06] <The_Muffin> kkt thing is if i rent a server and it hosts a website for me and someone offends me i can ban them because its my website
[03:57:08] <Namelesswonder> what
[03:57:29] <@Eddie> He can't "shut it down". Who does he think he is? Gordon Ramsay?
[03:58:35] <KKT> Namelesswonder: It's the head mod being a dick, nothing is shut down, he lied to get attention
[03:58:59] <Namelesswonder> That's exactly what I thought
[03:59:23] <KKT> He might have gotten the boot because of that, but I'm not sure
[03:59:29] <KKT> The details seem iffy atm
[03:59:38] <@Eddie> Ooh lying
[04:00:12] <Namelesswonder> "admits sub is going nowhere"
[04:00:16] <Namelesswonder> it regularly hits the front page
[04:00:30] <xnamkcor> find proof he dated in school and cite is as proof he is a pedo and hope no one notices
[04:01:15] <KKT> MarchAgainstTrump is the most cancer of the antitrump subreddits. The head mod is basically one man armying it. All the top posts are made by him, a dozen of the appointed mods are alts by him, and he buys and bots accounts for upvotes
[04:02:04] <@Eddie> That's how the world works!
[04:02:17] <xnamkcor> subs started by people and only really having vontent by them is weird
[04:02:23] <xnamkcor> esp when it's a porn sub
[04:02:36] <xnamkcor> and it's a self-post sub
[04:02:38] <Namelesswonder> KKT, and supposedly the guy running it is actually a trump supporter
[04:02:50] <KKT> Wouldn't surprise me
[04:02:55] <xnamkcor> false flag? more like false fag...amirite?
[04:03:03] <KKT> The subreddit doesn't really help the left's case
[04:03:16] <The_Muffin> urerite
[04:04:15] <The_Muffin> side note, would being capped stop me from creating a new MC server due to limited bandwidth for the initial setup?
[04:04:41] <The_Muffin> old server versions i have here work but the newest version wont startup
[04:08:07] <KKT> I know so little about code I can look at /r/badcode and not really realize why the code's bad
[04:12:02] <Namelesswonder> KKT, you have to know this is shit
[04:12:31] <KKT> I mean, it's big but I wouldn't know a better way to do it
[04:12:43] <KKT> Or what it does at all
[04:13:24] <@Eddie> That is terrible...
[04:13:30] <@Eddie> that is so terrible
[04:14:14] <LordRyan> KKT: TIL /r/badcode
[04:14:42] <Namelesswonder> Eddie, when you're paid per line of code
[04:14:58] <LordRyan> the "paid by the character" programming method?
[04:15:25] <@Eddie> Too bad F# jobs seem to be paid more than C# ones
[04:15:35] <@Eddie> and F# is supposed to be more concise
[04:17:06] <KKT> Why would you be paid for line of code or by the hour as a programmer? Do painters get paid by the stroke?
[04:17:08] <Namelesswonder> hmm now I wanna see how long I could make a hello world for maximal pay
[04:17:21] <@AndrewPH> KKT: >why would you get paid by the hour as a progammer
[04:17:24] <@AndrewPH> programmer*
[04:17:35] <Namelesswonder> KKT, well I guess you shouldn't be a porn star because getting paid by the stroke wouldn't get you much.
[04:17:46] <KKT> ...I said programmer
[04:17:52] <@AndrewPH> yeah and I didn't
[04:17:57] <@AndrewPH> and I was correcting myself
[04:18:09] <@AndrewPH> You asked why a programmer would be paid by the hour..
[04:18:12] <Namelesswonder> Getting paid by LOC is something that happens.
[04:18:27] <@AndrewPH> yeah but payment by loc is terrible
[04:18:41] <KKT> Well I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to get paid by the project or...what would you call a section of code, an asset?
[04:19:15] <@AndrewPH> KKT: a lot of that is scaled based on how long it takes
[04:19:21] <Namelesswonder> When you're outsourcing, you throw all notions of sense out the window.
[04:19:24] <@AndrewPH> although, programmers are paid salary in a lot of places
[04:21:57] <@Eddie> Goodnight folks
[04:23:20] * Eddie ( Quit (Quit: Goodbye and good luck to you.)
[04:23:43] <TestDummy> I just wanted to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
[04:24:25] <KKT> I just wanted to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
[04:24:29] <@AndrewPH> You ever seen a grown man naked before?
[04:24:45] <LordRyan> yes, i've looked in a mirror nude once
[04:25:07] <KKT> I like how that movie is so well known that the movie it's parodying is all but completely forgotten now
[04:25:29] <KKT> Airplane bought the rights to a movie just to use it as the base for the script
[04:26:02] <KKT>!_(1957_film)
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[04:38:04] <Namelesswonder> KKT, I'm ready to get paid per line.
[04:39:12] <KKT> The heck is an erl file
[04:39:26] <Namelesswonder> uh replace that with .java
[04:39:37] <Namelesswonder> I guess hastebin was confused
[04:39:49] <Namelesswonder> because it don't look like java, but it is valid and does compile and run
[04:40:12] <Namelesswonder> .erl is Erlang source code
[04:40:42] <KKT> I've never heard of Erlang, Probably a small/dead language
[04:40:58] <Namelesswonder> >stable release 20.0, 2 days ago
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[04:41:52] <KKT> I can maintain something and still have people not use it :3
[04:42:42] <Namelesswonder> Apparently WhatsApp uses it
[04:42:47] <Namelesswonder> and Facebook used it
[04:43:13] <KKT> Sounds useless to me
[04:44:28] <Namelesswonder> It was developed by Ericsson and designed to be used for telecommunications
[04:45:11] <Namelesswonder> Apparently it's very god at multithreading and parallelizing
[04:45:29] <KKT> God's pretty good
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[04:45:41] <Namelesswonder> KKT, you wouldn't understand it because it's a functional programming language
[04:45:50] <KKT> Does the word god come from good? Always wondered that
[04:45:59] <KKT> Eh probably the other way around
[04:46:45] <KKT> Namelesswonder: I'm good at just about everything without a practical use
[04:47:01] <KKT> I could explain the history and lore of every Sonic the Hedgehog game
[04:48:07] <Namelesswonder> KKT, that's just the autism.
[04:48:20] <KKT> Ahem, aspergers
[04:48:48] <Namelesswonder> Yeah and I could do the same with Halo
[04:48:58] <KKT> But to be fair I'm classed at high functioning even for Aspergers. So I'm borderline normal. I have 50/50 on a decent life *shrug*
[04:49:11] <Namelesswonder> except I don't know what Bungie did with Halo 4 and however 343i raped the lore
[04:49:58] <Namelesswonder> LordRyan, how good is kotlin
[04:50:29] <LordRyan> i've never actually used it
[04:50:33] <Namelesswonder> fke
[04:50:37] <LordRyan> always got lazy and went back to my own shit
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[04:57:11] <Namelesswonder> fuck how do I structure the project
[04:57:22] <Namelesswonder> god dammit idea you're supposed to do this for me
[04:57:41] <KKT> Oh right, I downloaded Unity and never opened it
[04:57:45] <KKT> Should probably get on that
[04:58:02] <KKT> Yay for procrastinating your own hobby
[04:59:07] <Namelesswonder> no semicolons?
[04:59:09] <Namelesswonder> I can't do this
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[05:22:58] <Namelesswonder> also lol that "32TB" of "Windows internal builds and source code" was just 31.99TB of publicly available publicly released Insider Preview builds and 1GB of source code from Windows Driver Kit
[05:23:38] <Namelesswonder> which was also publicly available and publicly released in WDK and even github
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[06:44:30] <xnamkcor> i should buy some dryer vents
[06:45:31] <xnamkcor> >sorting rule34 bookmark folders
[06:45:39] <xnamkcor> >property brothers
[06:45:43] <xnamkcor> wtf
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[08:09:58] <KKT> Tried shadow of the colossus for the first time. Lack of anything and wind rustling makes it art right?
[08:10:13] <KKT> Like seriously there's nothing but rocks and wind sound effects
[08:11:03] <KKT> Also the game looks like garbo
[08:11:23] <KKT> All pixelated and a wonky camera
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[09:15:17] <Epi> hehe
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[11:02:54] <vurtual> Saw an awesome game in my dreams. Kirby Air Ride plus Mrtal Gesr Rising in 6DOF space
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[11:39:32] <Epi>  mmmm rat burger
[11:43:29] <Epi>
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[13:46:33] <The_Muffin> Epi appariently it was a hoax
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[14:25:58] <KKT> Tfw you didn't sleep enough so you're trying your best to power through the day but then you look at the clock and it's only 10am
[14:27:55] <The_Muffin> heh
[14:27:57] <The_Muffin> i get that
[14:28:17] <The_Muffin> sleep at 12-1am get woken up at 7:30am so 6hours right
[14:28:21] <The_Muffin> but oh so tired
[14:48:59] * Meronat ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[14:49:01] <Epi> The_Muffin ohh
[14:49:27] * KKTb (~KKT@2600:1009:b149:acd9:32d5:50c0:55cc:a36) has joined #minecraft
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[15:03:30] <Needle> I removed all MediaWiki languages but 3 versions of English and Swedish. I am very selfish. :3
[15:07:40] <Risugami> congrats
[15:12:53] <Risugami> wtf. Swervedriver is back? never would've expected that
[15:12:53] <nexD> (Risugami) Swervedriver | SXSW Live 2015 | SXSW ON (46m 15s) - 234 likes, 2 dislikes (99.2%) - 23,218 views - SXSW on 2015.04.13
[15:17:13] <Risugami> would probably recognize the band from Road Rash, from 1994
[15:20:19] <vurtual> carry class today!
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