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[00:00:37] #heroes - Mon May 01 00:00:37 2017
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[00:00:38] * Topic is ':We offer MINIMAL support, if you can't help yourself first, you're not likely to get help. || Bug Report: || JavaDocs: || Heroes Forum: || Heroes is Compatible with #spigot || Maven Repo: || Don't PM admins!!!!'
[00:00:38] * Set by gabizou!~gabizou@ on Wed May 21 00:27:26
[00:02:13] <Xanusek> Made a plugin that check both UUID and ID, 'll check what changes
[00:04:36] <Xanusek> kashike: Well, EntityID does change, but UUID don't
[00:21:00] <Xanusek> Heroes should be compared by UUID or Nicknames (and they are as i see in the code), both don't change so there should'nt be any problem
[00:21:29] <+kashike> this intentionally checks the entity id
[00:23:51] <Xanusek> What should I do then?
[00:25:14] <Xanusek> Player that will log in again will have different ID
[00:27:05] <+kashike> this is the first report I've heard of this happening, so I'd say it's an issue your side
[00:31:17] <Xanusek> There were at least 3 ppl reporting something like that in Heroes thread (discussion)
[00:31:33] <Xanusek> in last few days
[00:32:01] <Xanusek> Anyway could you give me any paper or spigot build that You work on?
[00:32:15] <Xanusek> I want to test it before anything else
[00:34:15] <@Kainzo> it was errors on their side Xanusek
[00:34:26] <@Kainzo> each one stated it was a compatibility issue with another plugin
[00:34:35] <@Kainzo> Can you paste2 your startup log ?
[00:34:39] <@Kainzo> maybe copy entire server log
[00:34:45] <Xanusek> Up
[00:34:46] <Xanusek>
[00:35:18] <@Kainzo> storage system?
[00:35:20] <@Kainzo> yml or sql
[00:41:35] <Xanusek> yml
[00:42:15] <Xanusek> The same story on SQL : /
[00:44:58] <lillelykke> I got a problem with players typing *text* in the chat. It removes the first * and shows it with just [Servername] text*.
[00:45:12] <lillelykke> I use PurpleBungeeIRC to link Herochat to IRC.
[00:46:04] <lillelykke> This is the config.yml file from Herochat on all Spigot servers.
[00:46:18] <lillelykke> It shows correctly on IRC with this, and /me works perfectly.
[00:46:45] <lillelykke> It's just when players start with *sample text* at the start of message.
[00:47:12] <lillelykke> Is there anything I can do with this?
[00:47:54] <lillelykke> [19:14:12] [Server thread/INFO]: [Herochat] Loading Herochat v5.7.0-SNAPSHOT-b2
[00:58:02] <Xanusek> Kainzo: Going sleep, its 3:00 AM in my country. Do something if you can, if not - try sending me proper version of paper tomorrow. Thanks in advance and best regards.
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