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[00:00:05] #ftb - Tue Aug 22 00:00:05 2017
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[01:06:15] <bcblolpop> hi anyone on
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[01:07:30] <nlseven> helloooo
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[01:59:51] <`> I miss frame quarries
[01:59:54] <`> they were fun to build
[02:00:27] <nlseven> those were endless fun
[02:00:33] <`> massive 16x16 contraptions that ripped a layer at a time out of the world
[02:00:41] <`> "chunk-eaters"
[02:00:52] <nlseven> I miss logipipes, still my favourite mod, especially getting something to extend the network to the quarry as it went
[02:01:12] <`> lol, enderchests were your friend there
[02:01:23] <nlseven> nah, too easy ;)
[02:01:31] <`> lol ofc
[02:01:42] <`> the alternative was a block placer that layed new pipe as it went
[02:01:56] <`> but that only worked for sideways quarries
[02:02:04] <`> rather, tunnel bores
[02:02:31] <`> ender quarries are too easy
[02:02:38] <nlseven> yep, and boring
[02:02:59] <`> literally 6 blocks and it's eating a whole into the world (only 6 because I like the hole it leaves)
[02:03:02] <nlseven> I don't want to have super server-friendly fps-friendly things, I want a complicated lagfest that rips things apart and looks AWESOME
[02:03:06] <`> would be 5 otherwise
[02:03:31] <`> I agree
[02:03:33] <`> so much
[02:03:42] <`> it's the main reason I play singleplayer
[02:03:52] <`> so I don't have to worry about taking down the server by accident
[02:03:58] <nlseven> then you're only destroying your own computer :P
[02:04:21] <nlseven> I've got a good thing going with a few mates, with a decently specced server letting us do things like TNT cannoncs
[02:04:27] <`> lol
[02:04:29] <nlseven> *cannons
[02:04:52] <nlseven> so we just go "what's the biggest explosion we can make" and do it, and all get d/c when the server tanks
[02:06:37] <`> I always enjoyed IC2 nukes for that reason
[02:07:27] <`> Always fun somehow D/Cing from singleplayer after you set the nuke strength too high
[02:07:39] <nlseven> too much uranium stuffed in :P
[02:07:47] <nlseven> and coming back to that gaping hole where *something* used to be
[02:07:48] <`> Nah, too high multiplier in the config lol
[02:07:58] <nlseven> hah
[02:11:41] <NolanSyKinsley> Is there any mod to track TNT cannon shots?
[02:11:47] <NolanSyKinsley> I got tired of chasing them
[02:12:06] <nlseven> maybe tracer mod can be extended?
[02:13:12] <NolanSyKinsley> Also, how is the shot's trajectory calculated through unloaded chunks, that always perplexed me...
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[02:14:28] <nlseven> java magic? I'm not sure
[02:16:02] <NolanSyKinsley> I was building a cannon to see how far I could shoot with the requirement that the shot had to contact the ground at it's destination. My record was 6500 blocks before I got really tired of tracking them down.
[02:16:26] <NolanSyKinsley> I think I could double that though
[02:16:48] <nlseven> far out
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[03:12:21] <`> NolanSyKinsley, the trajectory is calculated until the unloaded chunk
[03:12:29] <`> and the tnt stops when it gets unloaded
[03:12:44] <`> it saves its velocity though and continues when reloaded
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[03:51:36] <`> oh shoot
[03:51:53] <`> I just realized I can make my ae2 autocrafting 5x as space effecient
[03:52:05] <`> using the interface panels instead of interface blocks
[03:52:47] <`> and since I'm already p2ping a side of the controller, I can saturate a dense cable with connections
[03:53:15] <`> tbh p2p panels are a design flaw in ae2
[03:53:19] <nlseven> but can't you only then have 1 assembler per interface?
[03:53:45] <`> nlseven, You can have 5 interfaces in one block space, each with their own assembler
[03:54:39] <nlseven> yep, but still only 1 assembler per interface - which I guess is fine if you have them all fully upgraded for speed
[03:55:00] <`> Also is it really 1 assembler per interface?
[03:55:31] <nlseven> you can have multiple assemblers touching the block me interface, so the interface can use multiple assemblers at the same time
[03:58:00] <`> lol that's how I normally plan out my autocrafting flowers
[03:58:22] <`> kinda like ee2 solar flowers
[03:58:22] <nlseven> but yeah, not space friendly :P
[03:58:35] <nlseven> hah! well we've got good 'ole ProjectE in the 1.12 pack
[03:59:23] <`> 1.8+ kinda lost its charm for me
[03:59:41] <`> playing 1.7.10 rn, but I think I'm gonna throw together a 1.2.5 modpack soon
[03:59:53] <`> or maybe even a beta modpack
[03:59:55] <`> mmmm
[04:00:16] <`> everything lately is just getting too... easy....
[04:00:30] <`> Easy in a technical way, not in a resource way
[04:00:36] <`> everything's just too convenient
[04:01:13] <`> it's changed the name of the game from overcoming obstacles in the way things work to overcoming resource counts
[04:01:17] <nlseven> I miss logipipes :(
[04:01:27] <`> same
[04:02:19] <nlseven> but the performance improvements in 1.12 are great, and it's fun trying mods we haven't used before
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[04:04:43] <`> tbh I've never worried about fps unless it was <30
[04:04:51] <`> minecraft was never a game where fps mattered
[04:05:07] <`> it aint a twitch shooter :)
[04:05:20] <nlseven> that's true... most of the improvements have been with newer java versions doing better GC
[04:05:33] <`> agreed
[04:05:46] <`> the lag spikes from gc cycles were impressive back in the day
[04:05:54] <nlseven> they were a thing to behold
[04:06:31] <`> I remember playing 1.2.5 with the sphax texture pack and having like 3-4 second long lag spikes
[04:06:44] <`> and immediately afterwards there'd be texture leaks
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[04:07:29] <`> It's too bad all of my old screenshots are gone now :(
[04:07:50] <`> I've made some snazzy mountain bases in the past
[04:08:34] <`> I think my goal this time is gonna be to move out of my mountainhome and into a skybase made of skystone and netherbricks
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[04:08:48] <nlseven> that would be fairly cool
[04:09:02] <nlseven> I'm trying to go for a sprawling wooden manor this time
[04:09:04] <`> not sure how i'm gonna decorate it tho
[04:09:07] <nlseven> instead of my normal hole in the ground
[04:09:10] <`> lol
[04:09:20] <`> my hole in the ground is starting to get messy
[04:09:40] <nlseven> they always do :P
[04:09:42] <`> the ae system in particular is turning into a snarl
[04:10:06] <nlseven> I'm always too lazy to stop, rip things apart and put them back in a sane order
[04:10:12] <nlseven> so you end up with spaghetti
[04:10:13] <`> same lol
[04:10:24] <`> It's why I have such a hard time setting up in factorio
[04:10:50] <nlseven> haven't played cracktorio, and will refuse to do so if I still want to have a life
[04:11:11] <`> I can set up and automate the first couple technological tiers but after that stuff just gets too messy for me to want to sort out
[04:11:35] <`> >cracktorio
[04:11:38] <`> iktf
[04:11:44] <nlseven> knowing me, I'd want to make it perfectly ordered :P
[04:12:02] <`> I always hated the large distances
[04:12:20] <`> and the work-up needed to get vehicles
[04:12:33] <`> I always wanted to get to trains tho
[04:12:43] <`> but I always peter out just short
[04:12:50] <nlseven> as I haven't played yet, I don't understand your struggles haha
[04:13:02] <`> :o
[04:13:34] <`> I'd settle for watching twitch streamers play it if I were you lol
[04:13:48] <nlseven> that seems like a good idea :P
[04:13:54] <`> Especially ones that let you backseat game lel
[04:14:39] <nlseven> those poor gamers
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[04:57:45] <Hink> Is there any other container block in skyfactory 3 has the capability to store multiple of the same item.
[05:04:44] <Hink> What mod makes the mobs in sky facotry 3 so deranged?
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[05:43:52] <Phily> Hink: Storage drawers?
[05:44:18] <Hink> yup
[05:44:21] <Hink> I win the bet then
[05:45:06] <Phily> also quantum storage iirc
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[07:44:21] <magnet> only showing 2 mod packs on FTB modpacks and i cant seem to find anymore, help?
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[07:56:47] <Phily> Try a restart and/or refresh?
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[08:11:08] <magnet> been trying that, still desnt wor
[08:12:06] <Phily> are you on the twitch app?
[08:12:26] <magnet> yes
[08:14:53] <Phily> Check the selection of the "version" up the top. make sure its all, but only Only other thing I can suggest is re-install the app,
[08:15:10] <magnet> ok ill try that
[08:15:21] <Phily> i believe there is a twitch support channel too, trying to find it
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[08:46:40] <ICountFrom0> I find myself with a quandry....  if you don't have COFH, no liquid transposer, how do you get short mead into bottles (forestry)?  Wiki acts like the fermenter should accept bottles.  The still does, but not the fermenter.  But the still makes ethonal, not the mead...
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[08:48:02] <Phily> EnderIO fluid tanks maybe?
[08:51:13] <ICountFrom0> sadly, even 16 buckets in the tank, does not fill up even a single glass bottle placed in the other slot.
[08:51:20] <ICountFrom0> Likewise, bottler, does not accept glass bottles.
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[08:57:49] <ICountFrom0> Are there craft tweaker hooks into the forestry fermenter?
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[09:33:37] <g> ICountFrom0, did you try right-clicking the tank with bottles?
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[10:30:14] <ICountFrom0> yha, I did.
[10:30:21] <ICountFrom0> clicked, and shift clicked.
[10:30:33] <ICountFrom0> Thus now instead pondering script editing.
[10:31:31] <ICountFrom0> I'd wandered back to playing, and came to the conclusion that the mod, intergrated dynamics, WANTS you to automate the jumpy thing, detecting the status of the crusher, and pulsing the redstone at the right time.
[10:31:44] <ICountFrom0> It's just annoying enough that it would be rewarding.
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[11:08:49] <chrille199> hi
[11:09:18] <g> o/
[11:09:26] <chrille199> I have a bug on my twitch launcher tha makes me unabel to download any ftb modpacks for some reason. I want to play infinity evolved with my friend but for some reason my launcher can't find it to download
[11:09:39] <chrille199> anyone know the fix
[11:09:41] <chrille199> ?
[11:09:47] * Trifase (~Trifase@ Quit (Quit: Wʜᴀᴛ ᴄᴀɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴀʀᴠᴇsᴛ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ғᴏʀ, ɪғ ɴᴏᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀʀᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Rᴇᴀᴘᴇʀ Mᴀɴ?)
[11:09:54] <g> Does it work with other modpacks?
[11:10:12] <chrille199> Only some with öess than 2.5k downloads
[11:11:09] <g> hmm
[11:11:13] <g> well I definitely see it on the site
[11:11:32] <g> I don't know how to help honestly, it should work fine and works fine for me at home; however I can't test now since I'm at work
[11:11:52] <chrille199> Yeah and yesterday it was there, but everytime I tried to download it I got diferent errors. And today it just can' find it wich is really odd :/
[11:12:22] <chrille199> Even tried sharing internet n my phone and re-installing it and it can't ind it
[11:13:17] <chrille199> well well I guess i'll try again later
[11:13:23] * Seylerius (~seylerius@2001:470:1af1:107::22) has joined #FTB
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[11:14:28] <g> Could just be that Curse is having problems atm
[11:18:49] <chrille199> ye probably
[11:19:03] <chrille199> since none of the populer modpacks are availebel for me
[11:23:47] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
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[12:17:16] <Pietaahh> Hello, i need some help
[12:17:54] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
[12:18:21] <Pietaahh> I want to install SF3, but when I get to the point to choose SF3 in modpacks (in twitch app) I can not see Sf3 in there. Some other modpacks are there, but not sf3, anyone know why or how to install?
[12:19:25] <g> Pietaahh, someone else reported this with some other modpacks
[12:19:30] <g> I think Curse is just having problems at the moment
[12:19:35] <Pietaahh> Oh..
[12:19:49] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:19:52] <g> You could try contacting Curse/Twitch support but I'm not sure if they have a way to get a line to a human
[12:20:30] <Lartza> seems all FTB packs are unavailable
[12:20:41] * lkjlh[ph[pjjppytpg (webchat@ has joined #FTB
[12:21:00] <Pietaahh> Okay imma try another time
[12:21:03] <g> wonder if anyone in here is actually from curse
[12:21:10] <g> I'd ping them if I knew
[12:21:20] <Lartza> I don't think so, not even on the #curse channel anymore
[12:21:30] <g> typical curse
[12:21:31] <Lartza> Have to use their twitch/curse communities
[12:21:49] <g> That's kind of shit
[12:21:54] <g> what if curse voice goes down?
[12:21:55] <g> then what? lol
[12:22:07] <Lartza> well I think curse people used to be on the curse channel in here, but kind of never in #FTB
[12:22:17] <Lartza> Well I guess no point in supporting the app then either? :P
[12:22:27] * Pietaahh ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[12:22:43] <g> :P
[12:23:49] <Lartza> I should make food but I'm not sure if I have anything
[12:24:11] <Lartza> minced meat in the freezer actually iirc :O
[12:24:13] * lkjlh[ph[pjjppytpg (webchat@ Quit (Client Quit)
[12:24:44] <g> I've seen people make "pizzas" using minced beef as the base once
[12:24:49] <g> that was.. well.. something
[12:25:02] <Epi> sounds like.. a meat loaf.. but pizza D:
[12:25:22] <g> I don't think meatloaf is supposed to be like, crunchy though
[12:25:23] * chrille199 ( has joined #FTB
[12:25:23] <g> lol
[12:25:33] <Lartza> :DDDDDDDD what
[12:25:38] <Lartza> Why would you make it so thin...
[12:25:53] <g> crispy base is always nice on pizza imo
[12:26:04] <g> that's why I bought a pizza stone, gonna pizza the fuck out with it on thursday
[12:26:14] <Lartza> But not if it's made from meat imho :D
[12:26:18] <Lartza> ohh nice
[12:26:30] <Lartza> I haven't made pizza in a while, should though more often at least in place of ordering...
[12:26:39] <Lartza> All the pizza you can order here is kind of totally crap
[12:26:53] <g> The only place that does pizza delivery here is pretty good, apache pizza
[12:26:58] <Lartza> Always a dissapointment but hunger so :S
[12:27:01] <g> I like dominos better but there isn't one in my town
[12:27:11] <Lartza> :D I have like... five places that deliver :P
[12:27:20] <g> I live in a town with a population of like 2000 people
[12:27:21] <g> lol
[12:27:24] <Lartza> But we don't really have pizza chains in finland they are all pizza kebab places
[12:27:35] <Lartza> And are very varied
[12:27:37] <g> oh yeah, we do have one of those, an "everything" restaurant
[12:27:39] <g> they're usually not good
[12:27:56] <g> although this place I'm talking about actually is a pizza and kebab place and both are fantastic
[12:28:03] * g shrugs
[12:28:07] <Lartza> Well the "kebab" is usually fine and I mean some of the pizzas but it's not really something you get if you really order pizza from somewhere
[12:28:14] <Lartza> It really differs A LOT :S
[12:28:19] <g> what they did here
[12:28:26] <g> it was just a kebab place for the longest time
[12:28:34] <g> and then they franchised it with apache pizza, who trained them to do pizza
[12:28:40] <g> so it turned out pretty well
[12:28:48] <Lartza> :)
[12:29:07] <Lartza> We do have a couple of pizza huts in here but they aren't really good...
[12:29:12] <Lartza> Like in the whole country
[12:29:20] <g> there's only like one pizza hut in ireland and it's in dublin
[12:29:26] <g> they have a TGI Friday's as well
[12:29:30] <g> someday...
[12:29:49] <Lartza> I have a small take away pizzahut in the other side of my city and the actual restaurants are in the capitol here too
[12:30:02] <g> I live in rural ireland so it's like
[12:30:08] <g> family owned shops
[12:30:09] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
[12:30:13] <g> small franchises
[12:30:29] <g> you know they're family owned because they're all named like "finnegan's", "quinlan's", etc
[12:30:40] <Lartza> Maybe it's just a clever ploy
[12:30:59] <Lartza> Finnegan's (Subsidiary of PepsiCo)
[12:31:02] <g> haha
[12:31:10] <g> Maybe in their dreams
[12:31:24] <Lartza> I mean companies do that a bit :P
[12:31:46] <g> it's just funny that so many companies are just named after people here
[12:31:53] <g> aside from a small set of them
[12:32:01] <g> ryan's bar, mulcahy's restaurant
[12:32:06] <g> ROMA
[12:32:10] <g> wharton's takeout
[12:32:27] <Lartza> haha :D
[12:32:35] <g> or they're just like "<placename> <description>"
[12:32:45] <Lartza> I only know one place like that from here right off the bat
[12:32:46] <g> Kenmare ice-cream, kerry fish
[12:32:47] <g> etc
[12:32:48] <Lartza> Ulla's Grill
[12:32:49] <Lartza> :P
[12:33:01] <Lartza> That's a finnish woman's first name
[12:33:05] <g> I see :P
[12:33:13] <Lartza> But like
[12:33:19] <Lartza> Well some of the pizzerias are like that but
[12:33:34] <Lartza> All the names are turkish or arabic or whatever so you can't be so sure
[12:33:36] <Lartza> :D
[12:33:38] <g> ah right
[12:33:43] <g> over here there are still big chains
[12:34:00] <g> like we have burger king and mcdonalds, dominos
[12:34:02] <g> and then we have like
[12:34:09] <g> abrakebabra, four star pizza, apache pizza
[12:34:09] <Lartza> burger king and mcdonalds, dominos never :(
[12:34:18] <g> which are all (I think) irish chains
[12:34:40] <Lartza> I've never at least heard of those three so possibly
[12:34:48] <g> abrakebabra. lol.
[12:34:54] <g> at least the name is good.
[12:35:07] <Lartza> "good"
[12:35:08] <Lartza> :D
[12:35:09] <g> haha
[12:35:17] <Lartza> It's almost good because it's bad
[12:35:41] <g> and again, there are supermarket chains (tesco) but it's mostly irish ones like centra, daybreak and yes, supervalu
[12:36:03] <g> oh, and lidl and aldi are worldwide too
[12:36:11] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:36:30] <Lartza> we have just lidl here
[12:36:40] <g> I like aldi better but they're both good to have
[12:36:59] <Lartza> tesco just made a deal this year with a national storechain of ours and some of their dry and freezer stuff is sold here now
[12:37:06] <g> Huh, that's interesting
[12:37:08] <Lartza> aren't aldi like hypermarkets?
[12:37:19] <g> aldi is like an alternative to lidl
[12:37:20] <Lartza> no, I'm thinking of something else
[12:37:26] <g> they're actually owned by two brothers that hate each other
[12:37:28] <g> lol
[12:37:32] <Lartza> one of them have a hypermarket though?
[12:37:39] <g> I haven't seen one like that
[12:37:41] * Cogitabundus (~HAL@ has joined #FTB
[12:37:49] <Lartza> They're called something different
[12:38:25] <g> the aspley hypermarket has an aldi apparently
[12:39:03] <chrille199> Like my twitch lancher is so weird ;-; I think the servers are burning or some shit.
[12:39:04] <Lartza> Kaufland
[12:39:11] <Lartza> owned by the same group that owns lidl
[12:39:14] <g> ah right
[12:39:14] <chrille199> started with not being able to see any downloads
[12:39:24] <chrille199> and now they are popping up one after another every 30 min
[12:39:26] <Lartza> chrille199, Twitch is having some issues
[12:39:33] <chrille199> I noticed ;-;
[12:39:39] <Lartza> :D
[12:39:47] <g> someone took their servers out of the mineral oil and they're overheating or something
[12:39:48] <g> :>
[12:39:58] <Lartza> gamescom streaming taking all the processing power
[12:40:07] <chrille199> so anoying....
[12:40:18] <chrille199> I'm getting Withdrawal Symptoms i swear XD
[12:40:21] <g> lol
[12:40:58] <Lartza> I just finished ozone 2 in normal mode so I'm good for minecraft for a while now :D
[12:41:12] <g> I need to finish off agents of mayhem..
[12:41:16] <chrille199> I playd the entire skyfactory 3
[12:41:17] <g> so good.
[12:41:27] <chrille199> and then I startde playing infinity evolved for the 5th time with a friend
[12:41:30] <Lartza> It's not been rated so good
[12:41:31] <chrille199> so much fun ^^
[12:41:33] <Lartza> and has denuvo :S
[12:41:40] * Cogitabundus (~HAL@ Quit (Client Quit)
[12:41:42] <g> people have been rating it poorly for three main reasons
[12:41:57] <g> 1. the performance is not reliable, different rigs have huge amounts of trouble with it (although mine is fine)
[12:42:03] <chrille199> They have energy cindensors
[12:42:07] <g> 2. people were expecting another saints row game, and this is not that
[12:42:09] <g> 3. denuvo
[12:42:19] <chrille199> what is denuvo??
[12:42:22] <Lartza> it was kind of marketed as a new saints row though apparently
[12:42:22] <g> it's DRM
[12:42:32] <Lartza> nope
[12:42:34] <Lartza> it's anti tamper
[12:42:36] <Lartza> not DRM
[12:42:36] <Lartza> :P
[12:42:39] <chrille199> I dont know what dmr is either XD
[12:42:44] <g> Lartza, it has references to saints row but I wouldn't say they ever said it'd play like that
[12:42:46] <Lartza> Digital Rights Management
[12:42:52] <chrille199> ah okay
[12:42:54] <g> and in a way you can definitely see the influence from saints row 4
[12:43:03] <g> like eg everyone has a triple jump and either a dash or invisibility
[12:43:04] <Lartza> but Denuvo is an anti tamper protection system to help protect DRM systems
[12:43:21] <Lartza> Right
[12:43:26] <chrille199> I still love infinity evoled just becus they have a nice mix betwean magical mods and technical mods
[12:43:31] <g> some people have said there isn't much to do
[12:43:37] <g> but uhh.. there is a fair whack of stuff
[12:43:45] <Lartza> I kind of dropped saints rows when something happened, the multiplayer was too buggy for one at least and I think something else started annoying about them too
[12:43:50] <g> oh yeah
[12:43:51] <Lartza> I think I never finished the latest one
[12:43:56] <g> 4. there's no multiplayer and it would work well with that
[12:43:58] <Lartza> :D
[12:44:01] * Support082 ( has joined #FTB
[12:44:07] * Support082 ( Quit (Client Quit)
[12:44:22] <g> I've enjoyed it anyway, I'm on the last mission but need to get on with it
[12:44:23] <Lartza> Well until Denuvo is dropped I'm not buying it so haven't even read any reviews, just headers
[12:44:37] <g> being realistic, denuvo won't be a problem for most people
[12:44:47] <Lartza> It's a problem for me
[12:44:49] <Lartza> :(
[12:44:54] <g> Why?
[12:45:01] <Lartza> That's like saying eating meat is not a problem for most people
[12:45:16] <Lartza> I don't like intrusive drm
[12:45:26] <Lartza> It affects loading times, needs network connections
[12:45:48] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
[12:45:54] <Lartza> Nobody really wins, they get cracked eventually anyways, companies lose money, consumers gain nothing and can lose a lot
[12:46:11] <g> These are the general arguments against it, sure
[12:46:16] <g> Why is it a problem for you?
[12:46:28] <Lartza> Again, I don't like intrusive drm
[12:46:33] <Lartza> And I agree with the general arguments
[12:46:44] <Lartza> preordering, denuvo etc won't go away if people keep supporting the models
[12:47:05] <Lartza> I've skipped every Denuvo game so far and continue doing so for the forseeable future
[12:47:10] <g> it won't go away if people don't though
[12:47:25] <g> voting with your wallet is a very uh.. modern thing to do I guess, but most people don't know or don't care
[12:47:29] <Lartza> Well I do have metal gear 5 from a GPU deal and planet coaster because early bird before they announced denuveo but >.>
[12:47:49] <g> I have MGS 5, DOOM and now AoM
[12:47:51] <Lartza> Well I'm fine with non denuvo games personally so :P
[12:47:54] <g> and they all work great for me :P
[12:48:03] <g> although they did remove denuvo from DOOM
[12:48:07] <g> (eventually)
[12:48:07] <Lartza> doom doesn't have denuvo anymore but it did and I skipped it because of that yeah
[12:48:55] <g> doom's good for just the single player even
[12:48:56] <g> but then
[12:48:58] <g> I like doom
[12:49:15] <Lartza> It is very good
[12:49:21] <Lartza> The multiplayer was outsourced so lol
[12:49:26] <Lartza> And is utter garbage
[12:49:43] <Lartza> Not sure why id didn't make multiplayer themselves since they totally can
[12:49:53] <Lartza> maybe bethesda made the call
[12:54:47] * Hgreb ( has joined #FTB
[12:56:40] * Hgrebnednav ( Quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
[13:01:04] * Pi (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[13:02:30] <g> Probably, yeah
[13:07:56] * dick ( has joined #FTB
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[13:36:18] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
[13:37:36] * chrille199 ( has joined #FTB
[13:37:41] <chrille199> Is there any admin or such on?
[13:37:48] <chrille199> I would really like some help
[13:39:06] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:39:09] <chrille199> Twitch launcher is finaly back to normal but when I ry to download a modpack it just crashes and sais ''addon instance has no full path!''
[13:39:40] <chrille199> Same shit happend yesterday and it just keeps on saying that no matter what I try
[13:48:44] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ has joined #FTB
[13:51:56] * Racecrafter001 (~EIRC_RR@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[14:03:42] <chrille199> any admin on?
[14:05:49] <Lartza> You're gonna have to join the curse communities for app feedback or something to get twitch/curse devs
[14:06:09] * Pugnacious (~The@ has joined #FTB
[14:07:08] * Gurkenglas ( has joined #FTB
[14:07:47] <chrille199> How do I do that?
[14:08:51] <Lartza> chrille199, I only know of this community
[14:09:04] <Lartza> Well I know of one other but I think it's FTB specific
[14:09:45] * SkyPatrol ( has joined #FTB
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[14:12:15] <chrille199> ty
[14:13:41] * Reki (~Reki@ has joined #FTB
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[14:15:06] * McJty (webchat@ Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
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[15:32:31] <Vaevictus> hmm... sky resources 2 mod... anyone know what the Heat Providers do? i can't figure it out from the guide
[15:35:48] * [com]buster ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[16:48:46] * Nerixel is now known as Nerixel|AFK
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[16:53:26] <JustHimSelf> Can you install/run FTB Sky Factory 3 with Openmod on dedicated server ? i can't seem to get it working when server is starting im getting following java errors:
[16:56:25] <IoP> which command are you running?
[16:57:19] <IoP> Does not look like or .bat
[16:57:54] <JustHimSelf> I'm not runing any commands, it's a dedicated server hosting company that uses OpenMod, and then i can select the .jar file of FTB and it should run :o., but not sure if it works that way
[16:58:51] <IoP> You should ask your hosting company to fix their shit and install required files OR run FTBInstall before uploading files
[16:59:37] <JustHimSelf> ok i try ask them but in kinda words :P thank you
[17:01:18] <IoP> those things are kind of hard to support because no documentations or documentation is for customers only
[17:02:46] <IoP> what even is this openmod thingy? Can't find anything with google
[17:04:00] <JustHimSelf> OpenMod can be used to execute .jar of your choice.
[17:04:56] <IoP> If anyone makes proper configuration and wrapper script for local server / multiple remote server hosting backends I'm sure FTB will start using those. Someone just should write proposals and connect with people
[17:05:55] * SkyPatrol_ ( has joined #FTB
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[17:11:23] * Santa|afk is now known as SatanicSanta
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[17:19:22] <Vaevictus> heh... i've got guardians spawning in my skyblock's single waterfall-to-void
[17:24:40] * [com]buster ( has joined #FTB
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[19:17:12] * Esge ( Quit (Quit: You can tell the size of a man by the size of the thing that makes him mad.)
[19:28:35] <IoP> who was the ESP8266 guy in here?
[19:39:09] <grandrolf> viper-7?
[19:39:23] <IoP> he has been away for ages now
[19:40:39] <grandrolf> 1 month ago
[19:54:25] * Ipsis ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
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[20:38:10] <IoP> phewww. "Hello World" seems to be working