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[00:00:57] #ftb - Sun Jan 22 00:00:57 2017
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[00:01:05] * Set by Gaz! on Tue Nov 15 16:23:46
[00:01:46] <Twisted_Code> No, it won't mine cobblestone. That's what it uses to replace everything it mines up with. I'm pretty sure there's not a way to tell it not to replace stuff with cobble, either.
[00:01:54] <g> ah, hm
[00:02:55] <g> we have no openblocks and no thaumcraft..
[00:03:02] <g> don't think blood magic can do it
[00:03:07] <g> opencomputers robots?
[00:03:14] <g> might be a bit overkill
[00:03:17] <Twisted_Code> Progressive automation does have a cobblegen upgrade, but it only generates as much as it needs for mining, not a block more...
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[00:05:09] <g> tbh PA's mining thing pales in comparison to what mekanism has
[00:05:12] <g> but that's pretty late-game
[00:05:27] <Twisted_Code> Like I said, I'll just settle for the Botania solution for now... and maybe consider Actual Additions in the future, but I don't know
[00:05:48] <g> a lot of people don't like those "everything" mods, I don't blame you lol
[00:06:38] * MaDmaxwell ( has joined #FTB
[00:06:52] <Twisted_Code> I think you mean "everything AND the kitchen sink, too"
[00:07:42] <MaDmaxwell> I need some help with a server issue.
[00:07:57] <g> We're gonna need a bit more info than that. :>
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[00:09:30] <MaDmaxwell> The loading process is fine and everything expect for the fact that the server's CPU usage drops down to 0.7% and all players get timed out and the server becomes unresponsive. THen after 10~20 seconds CPU usage spikes up to over 30% on all cores and console becomes responzive again.
[00:09:43] <Twisted_Code> Always provide logs if you want help with any bug, this one included
[00:10:02] <MaDmaxwell> Will do.
[00:10:20] <g> okay, that's a bit ambiguous
[00:10:34] <g> you imply that this happens right after the loading process
[00:10:38] <g> but nobody should have joined at that point
[00:11:07] <MaDmaxwell> I am talking that the server loads up like it always has.
[00:11:14] <Twisted_Code> How frequently does this happen? Or is it only after loading
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[00:12:24] <MaDmaxwell> It happens every 5 or so minutes
[00:13:06] <Twisted_Code> Also, don't forget the logs. More information is always better when it comes to finding the cause(s) of a problem
[00:13:28] <MaDmaxwell>
[00:15:37] <MaDmaxwell> What is odd is that this issue only started today and we have not changed anything between then and now.
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[00:17:40] <jophish> there wasn't an auto-update on any mods?
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[00:18:18] <MaDmaxwell> I have auto updates disabled.
[00:18:54] <NolanSyKinsley> wow... wtf... 436fps... My rig has never gotten over 100fps in minecraft
[00:19:48] <NeutronStar> Does anyone know what the deal with the Tiny Progressions watering can is?
[00:20:41] <NolanSyKinsley> did you fill it?
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[00:27:03] <MindWorX> Anyone know a mod like WorldGuard but for Forge and MC 1.10.2?
[00:27:23] <MindWorX> ForgeEssentials might work, but they don't have a 1.10.2 release yet.
[00:28:15] <NolanSyKinsley> not really a worldguard replacement but doesn't ftbutils allow claiming of chunks and such?
[00:28:27] <MaDmaxwell> ^
[00:28:32] <MaDmaxwell> IT does
[00:28:53] <MindWorX> Yeah, but I specifically need the control WorldGuard gives, like allow opening chests, but not breaking blocks and stopping mobs from spawning in a certain area.
[00:29:07] <MindWorX> Well, I dont *need* it, but it'd be a cleaner solution for me.
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[00:34:59] <MaDmaxwell> Okay, so I have narrowed it down a bit, this issue only happens when a specfic player joins and is on the server. It is fine if I join in the server.
[00:35:14] <MaDmaxwell> Corrupt player data maybe?
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[00:41:15] <MindWorX> MaDmaxwell, Either that or something in the area where he spawns.
[00:41:29] <MindWorX> Should be straight forward to just move the player data temporarily though.
[00:42:01] <MaDmaxwell> He spawns in the area I do. Yeah, that is what I am doing now.
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[01:18:49] * TuxFuk (~TuxFuk@ has joined #FTB
[01:18:59] <TuxFuk> hello i'm having an issue with logging in
[01:20:23] <TuxFuk> specifically this:
[01:20:31] <TuxFuk> my system is Gentoo Linux
[01:20:59] <TuxFuk> I can ping the auth server and it's nothing on my uni's network department's side. I discovered this after talking with the it department
[01:22:02] <TuxFuk> this is the error from my terminal:
[01:22:19] <TuxFuk> doesn't matter if i'm using a vpn or not
[01:22:30] <TuxFuk> do you guys have any ideas on what the problem would be?
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[01:32:34] <MindWorX> TuxFuk, It seems like a peculiar issue. How are you sure it's not something with IT? It mentions that something might be altering or blocking the handshake.
[01:33:17] <MindWorX> Being able to ping the auth server doesn't mean that ssl traffic will work properly.
[01:36:23] <NolanSyKinsley> Anyone know of a good questing skyblock 1.10 modpack that isn't bloated so I might possibly actually run it on 8 gigs of memory?
[01:36:42] <NolanSyKinsley> Like real questing with rewards, not just marking stuff off in a book like sf3
[01:36:58] <MindWorX> Isn't theere Skyexchange? I'm not saying it's good, but I think it has questing and it's for 1.10
[01:37:15] <MindWorX> I didn't like it much, but I only gave it like 2 minutes. :P
[01:38:37] <MindWorX> I also made this FtB tribute pack a while back that has quests:
[01:38:56] <MindWorX> Doesn't have much though, maybe a few hours tops if you're new to it.
[01:39:36] <MindWorX> Oh wait, my pack isn't 1.10 :P
[01:39:43] <MindWorX> It's the new one I'm toying around with that's 1.10.
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[01:40:31] <NolanSyKinsley> I am not a fan of projectE
[01:40:39] <MindWorX> Ah
[01:40:53] <MindWorX> I really like packs that work with it. Not a fan of packs that just lob it in with everything else.
[01:41:09] <MindWorX> But packs like the original FtB are great.
[01:44:37] <TuxFuk> MindWorX: just cheked. it's independent of network
[01:44:54] <TuxFuk> meaning that either my school's ethernet, school's wifi, or my phone's data connection
[01:47:27] <MindWorX> You could try checking if anything blocks port 443
[01:50:19] * Clank is now known as Clank[Away]
[01:54:49] <LoyLT> independent of network means it is NOT anything network related
[01:55:15] <LoyLT> independent of network means if you bring your computer home or to a friend's house, it still doesn't work
[01:55:24] <LoyLT> meaning it is in your computer
[01:55:56] <LoyLT> which i would say run tests to see if your computer has all the latest SSL support
[01:56:34] <LoyLT> (older systems don't have sha256 support... if it's windows 7 or better you might be ok there though)
[01:59:18] <LoyLT> anyway... looking at that 2nd post..... you might want to check your "GeoTrust SSL CA - G3" expiration...
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[02:04:02] <MindWorX> He said he's running Gentoo Linux, so possibly the SSL support needs to be installed first?
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[02:19:41] <micspam> LatvianModder: as a server owner am I able to write the guides for ftbutil? Or do I need to write it client side an distribute it with the pack
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[02:26:35] <CursedFlames> Any way to get liquid yellorium in SF3?
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[02:30:33] <CursedFlames> Seriously how many dimlet parcels do I have to open to get a rarity 6 control circuit
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[02:52:16] <CursedFlames> my SF3 game crashed and now it crashes when I open the save
[02:55:11] <CursedFlames> seems to be something to do with journeymap I'll try uninstalling it
[02:57:30] <NolanSyKinsley> no, it is an exu2 craash
[02:57:45] * Ragnoff ( has joined #FTB
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[02:58:26] <Ragnoff> I cannot seem to get the forestry multiblock cocoa farm to work
[02:59:29] <Ragnoff> several others types are working but i am not sure why the cocoa one wont
[03:01:45] <CursedFlames> oh yeah it is exu2 I was looking at some other console spam that was in the crash log
[03:04:08] <CursedFlames> The problem is what I thought it was then, I'll just delete the blocks that are causing it with MCedit
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[03:32:25] <Collector> anyone here good with ae2 in 1.7.10?
[03:32:43] <Collector> my quantum network bridge isn't working and i have no clue whats wrong
[03:34:16] <AliceMarie> both sides have power?
[03:34:53] <AliceMarie> once it starts working, you only need power on one side, but you still need to 'bootstrap' it
[03:37:26] * Gurkenglas ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
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[03:38:21] <Collector> boot strap it?
[03:39:57] * Pingo5 ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[03:40:16] <Collector> those are them. singularities in both, both named the same name
[03:40:18] <Collector>
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[03:45:02] <AliceMarie> yeah, but you need power on both sides for the rings to link up
[03:48:02] <AliceMarie> once you have the second side powered up and it starts, you can remove power and the ring will be powered through the singularity, but you need to start the ring before that can happen
[03:48:06] <Collector> they have creative energy cells (or whatever they're called) connected to both sides
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[03:50:05] <AliceMarie>
[04:02:21] * Demolishun ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[04:08:15] <Collector> followed that
[04:08:18] <Collector> did what it said
[04:08:22] <Collector> didn't work
[04:10:35] * Blaank ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 39.0.3/20150806001005])
[04:11:13] <AliceMarie> try connecting power using a cable instead of putting the energy cell right up against the ring
[04:11:21] * AliceMarie shrugs
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[04:20:10] <Collector> didn't work
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[04:23:16] <AliceMarie> dunno what to tell you then...
[04:23:42] <AliceMarie> maybe try a new pair of singularities
[04:24:10] <Name1ess> my ex had some really nice 'singularities'
[04:24:15] <Name1ess> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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[04:30:15] <Collector> wtf
[04:30:20] <Collector> these ones are busted xD
[04:30:26] <Collector> stupid singularitie
[04:31:04] <@FTBBot> Mojang Status: Mojang auth server: Offline
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[04:41:04] <@FTBBot> Mojang Status: Mojang auth server: Online
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[04:47:02] <micspam> Does anyone here know if Immersive Engineering screws with railcraft power?
[04:47:26] <micspam> My admin feeder unit isn't outputting energy to tracks
[04:47:35] <micspam> and all the configs are default
[04:47:53] <AliceMarie> try powering w/ railcraft stuff?
[04:48:02] <AliceMarie> in a test world i mean
[04:49:57] <micspam> None of railcrafts powergen or coke/blast furnaces exist
[04:50:11] <micspam> im guessing its because IE adds its own coke/blast furnaces
[04:50:36] <AliceMarie> oh
[04:50:38] <AliceMarie> right
[04:50:47] <AliceMarie> yeah
[04:50:48] <AliceMarie> uh
[04:51:33] <AliceMarie> is the admin unit sided? maybe it only accepts power from specific sides?
[04:52:20] <AliceMarie> or maybe because the power gen stuff isn't in, none of the stuff that uses it will work?
[04:53:27] <micspam> One other thing
[04:53:30] <micspam> is that signals
[04:53:30] <micspam> gone
[04:53:32] <micspam> zilch
[04:53:33] <micspam> 0 nada
[04:58:11] * Phantom ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[04:58:21] <micspam> Wait a minute
[04:58:26] <micspam> I'm getting the blue sparks
[04:58:27] <micspam> but
[04:58:27] <CursedFlames> huh it seems like placing an RFTools power relay next to a RS cable causes a crash
[04:58:36] <micspam> an electrical loco wont charge on it
[04:58:39] <CursedFlames> Need to test more to confirm that though
[05:04:49] * McJty ( Quit (Ping timeout: 206 seconds)
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[05:26:33] * Collector ( Quit (Quit: Web client closed)
[05:28:53] <CursedFlames> nope it wasn't the cables
[05:28:57] <CursedFlames> still crashes without them
[05:31:48] * VikeStep ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[05:33:48] <CursedFlames> wtf it's the exact same setup as my other generators except with a halitosis generator why is it crashing
[05:35:47] * sinkillerj ( Quit (Quit: またね)
[05:39:54] <CursedFlames> I don't understand why some of these generators are causing crashes but not others
[05:40:31] <CursedFlames> I guess I won't use power relays then