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[00:00:09] #ftb - Thu Mar 23 00:00:09 2017
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[00:50:08] <Connecticus> would it at all be possible to add chromaticraft to a world without breaking chunk borders?
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[01:04:01] <Rhapsody> With Woot, is it possible to have multiple mobs in one factory?
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[01:22:01] <Vigaro> Rhapsody: No, 1 mob on each controller, 1 controller on each factory
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[01:28:00] <Vigaro> I wish I had something better to do with all those nether stars, woot is pretty broken
[01:28:03] <cyther> so open source was meant to be free but some open source costs now
[01:28:38] <CacheRAM> 'free' as in 'free to modify and redistribute', not as in 'no cost'
[01:29:03] <cyther> well anyway i was just wondering free closed source vs free open source software is that like curse vs discord
[01:29:29] <CacheRAM> free closed is an oxymoron
[01:30:20] <cyther> free as in cost but not open source then
[01:30:25] <cyther> end user cost
[01:31:28] <CacheRAM> ever install linux?
[01:31:52] <CacheRAM> ever make adjustments to which repositories your distro uses?
[01:32:04] <CacheRAM> [x]contrib [x]non-free
[01:32:06] <cyther> no, but i watched eli computer guide talking about open source not being always free
[01:32:38] <cyther> but that was long while back now, but basically saying open source doesnt mean its free
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[01:32:46] <CacheRAM> correct.
[01:32:50] <cyther> in you obtaining a copy etc
[01:33:42] <CacheRAM> opensource means that the soruce code is availabe to the public
[01:33:47] <cyther> as long as you didnt think i meant free to create obviously not nothings free in that sense
[01:34:06] <theraspberry> Hi, I'm running a direwolf 1.10 server and I'm having a server crash on ticking a snowman entity with extrautils2 traces everywhere. (both latest.log and crash-date-server.txt). It's when we load chunks of a specific base that has a snowman in it, though I have very little knowledge to what extrautils is
[01:34:06] <CacheRAM> you just lost me hard right there
[01:34:08] <theraspberry> doing with the snowman. Currently loading the world into mcedit to see if
[01:34:10] <theraspberry> I can delete the entity for the time being.
[01:34:34] <cyther> i mean i know it doesnt mean its free to make software
[01:34:53] <cyther> it takes someones time and effort etc
[01:35:51] <CacheRAM> that is the great part about open source - many people contribute to the project, and the code gets vigorous peer review
[01:36:09] <cyther> yeah share the load to quote lotro :P
[01:36:15] <mrkirby153> So, I'm currently running a fairly large modpack on a VPS with 4GB ram (OVH VPS-SSD-2) and it's not the best performing out there. What should I look for in a VPS host?
[01:36:18] <cyther> meme
[01:36:46] <cyther> but yeah many people can do more than just 1 or 2 unless theyre complete pros but even then
[01:37:32] <Vigaro> mrkirby153: For minecraft, RAM and single-core performance
[01:37:43] <theraspberry> ^
[01:37:48] <mrkirby153> Any hosts you'd reccomend (or would that be advertising?)
[01:38:04] <Vigaro> I'd say kimsufi if you want good and cheap
[01:38:09] <mrkirby153> VPS?
[01:38:16] <Vigaro> Yeah
[01:38:22] <Vigaro> They are a subdivision of OVH
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[01:38:36] <cyther> ggservers or shockbyte might be worth looking into websound but theyre all minecraft hosts
[01:38:42] <thgilfodrol> KS has VPSes now? :o
[01:38:43] <mrkirby153> I'm buying from ovh right now
[01:38:51] <Vigaro> They use second hand hardware from OVH servers
[01:39:05] <Vigaro> They are cheap, you can get a better tplan tham from OVH
[01:39:11] <Vigaro> There is also soyoustart, also from OVH
[01:39:13] <cyther> i mean they were good for me for what little i used them, they seemed better than average budget ones much better
[01:39:14] <Vigaro> They are the mid tier
[01:39:25] <cyther> particularly websound
[01:39:52] <cyther> though its uk host i think these days they offer us possibly
[01:39:59] <cyther> us servers
[01:40:05] <thgilfodrol> i have a dedi from KS, have a full year of uptime so far
[01:40:06] <CacheRAM> we servers
[01:40:11] <mrkirby153> Vigaro, with kimsufi's VPS SSD 2, I'd save a grand total of 50 cents
[01:40:20] <mrkirby153> And that's the same as my current ovh vps
[01:40:39] <CacheRAM> por que no los dos?
[01:40:41] <Vigaro> o.O that is not how it is supposed to work
[01:40:51] <Vigaro> Old plan?
[01:41:17] <mrkirby153> My current vps i bought like 4 months or so ago
[01:41:25] * CacheRAM is away: summoned away from computor
[01:41:52] <mrkirby153> It's a VPS 2015 SSD 2 Vigaro
[01:42:03] <cyther> i dropped my kimsufi cause wasnt using it just cant get a modpack off the ground lol, however i've got tons of ideas for how to run it
[01:42:43] <Vigaro> It is actually the same price o.O
[01:43:08] <mrkirby153> So, no, it's not cheaper :P
[01:43:19] <cyther> was it hetzner thats the best of the cheaper dediboxes
[01:43:38] <mrkirby153> I also don't have a very high budget either
[01:43:39] <Vigaro> But anyway, for heavy MC packs you want at least 8gb of ram
[01:43:47] <Vigaro> More if you plan on having a big server
[01:43:57] <mrkirby153> It's a small serrver with my friends
[01:44:04] <Vigaro> A 4gb one would be ok for 1 or 2 people
[01:44:13] <theraspberry> for "big" servers I've always wanted to test running it on my own hw with cpu's picked for really high single threaded performance
[01:44:20] <Vigaro> But more than that and it could hang a bit
[01:44:27] <theraspberry> say 4ghz+
[01:44:36] <mrkirby153> I've been able to squeak by with minimal lag
[01:44:55] <mrkirby153> But the dang thing takes like 5 mins to boot and it assumes everyone is not doing much
[01:45:02] <mrkirby153> Start generating chunks and RIP
[01:45:14] <Vigaro> I know how that feels lol
[01:45:22] <Vigaro> Had the same problem
[01:45:32] <mrkirby153> I get that generating chunks is taxing, but it nearly kills the server sometimes
[01:45:58] <Vigaro> I had a server with a few friends a long time ago
[01:46:13] <Vigaro> If more than 1 person went out to explore at a time it would lag into oblivion
[01:46:41] <mrkirby153> Oh yea
[01:46:46] <mrkirby153> That's my current set up
[01:47:51] <mrkirby153> It works mostly, but I think the CPU is the bottleneck
[01:48:07] <theraspberry> defenetly.
[01:48:31] <mrkirby153> But there's no way to get a better CPU on the current VPS I've got
[01:49:27] <theraspberry> I'm obviously not an expert, but why doesn't minecraft do terrain generation in a different thread? so that you don't slow down the tickrate of the server.
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[01:49:44] <theraspberry> I'm guessing that its because its wrapped so much into the core of the game.
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[01:52:13] <+IoP> mrkirby153: what should it do whan chunk generation is requested from main thread?
[01:52:39] <mrkirby153> Send it out and wait for a callback :P (You're also pinging the wrong person)
[01:52:47] <theraspberry> was that for me?
[01:53:01] <Hiro> Can't get Sphax texture packs to change the textures. I just built this pc last night. i7-7700k, GTX 1080, 16gb ram, Windows 10. Trying to play FTB Direwolf20 1.10.
[01:53:03] <+IoP> mrkirby153: like freeze the client?
[01:53:25] <+IoP> or all players in the server?
[01:53:31] <mrkirby153> There's probably some way
[01:53:42] <theraspberry> erm..
[01:53:44] <Hiro> I added the texture pack to the resource folder, loaded it via the video settings, it appears to freeze for about 20 seconds (as though it was loading) but then the textures don't change
[01:54:13] <Vigaro> You don't need to freeze anyone, it could be done on it's on thread and synced into the main
[01:54:39] <mrkirby153> Syncing threads is difficult (apparently)
[01:54:46] <Hiro> I allocated 8 gb ram via the launcher. I never had textures fail to load, so I have no idea what to do to fix it. Please help.
[01:54:53] <+IoP> Still I'm asking what is the player allowed to do while other thread generates chunks?
[01:54:59] <Hiro> Do I need to install Java? I just realized I never installed Java.
[01:55:00] <cyther> miss when my kimsufi was about £13 per month
[01:55:07] <cyther> for the 16gb one
[01:55:08] <Axilla> G'day guys, I am having trouble with my server. Whenever someone goes near one of the players bases, it freezes the server and kills it (requiring a restart) Is there a way to forcibly un-chunkload everything and try to sort this out?
[01:55:18] <cyther> 2tb ks3 back 6 months ago
[01:55:27] <mrkirby153> Oh, that's nice
[01:55:28] <cyther> then brexit happened etc
[01:55:39] <cyther> price jumped to about 18 quid
[01:55:52] <cyther> in a few weeks
[01:56:07] <cyther> thats the problem with the foreign currency ones
[01:56:23] <cyther> they fluctuate
[01:56:38] <cyther> id rather pay in uk then know it will always be that price
[01:56:40] <theraspberry> IoP: In an enviroment where we have multiple cores to do computations on, why not assign it to a different core to where the server is doing the ticking
[01:56:56] <cyther> wont be subject to the currency market
[01:57:20] <mrkirby153> cyther, Would a KS-3 be good for MC?
[01:57:26] <cyther> yeah
[01:57:34] <cyther> 16gb core i5
[01:57:46] <cyther> 2tb disk
[01:57:50] <+IoP> How do you "assign" computation to other thread of main thread exucution is waiting for new chunks before it can continue?
[01:58:05] <cyther> thing with minecraft hosts too, they dont have limit on disk space
[01:58:09] <mrkirby153> That does look nice
[01:58:20] <cyther> theres probably some limit but its only if you go crazy
[01:58:24] <mrkirby153> Sadly I think my community is dying
[01:58:38] <cyther> but few hundred gig should be reasonable
[01:58:47] <+IoP> It is not as simple as create a new thread and genereate chunk there
[01:58:49] <thgilfodrol> mrkirby153: i think i hace one of those for a spigot server, generally runs fine, but i havent tried running a modpack
[01:58:55] <mrkirby153> I could finally use BTFU :P
[01:59:03] <thgilfodrol> s/hace/have/
[01:59:14] <mrkirby153> I don't think there's a bot that does that here
[01:59:33] <theraspberry> IoP: I'd imagine as the other thread is doing the generation, the server thread would respond with everything that it has, while ticking the rest of the world that is already generated and loaded at full speed.
[02:00:02] <theraspberry> but, as I said, I'm not an expert.
[02:00:18] <+IoP> Also that requires chunk generation itself to be thread safe.
[02:00:41] <theraspberry> well you'd write it to be that way.
[02:00:58] <+IoP> :P
[02:01:00] <cyther> so minecraft hosts have advantages over dedis too
[02:01:08] <cyther> just not as many as other way around
[02:01:26] <cyther> i end up having to reinstall and read guides with dedibox
[02:01:47] <cyther> was another thing i got fedup with having to start all over everytime
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[02:01:57] <cyther> whenever theres updates etc
[02:02:02] <+IoP> Then it also requires smart synchronization for main and chunk storage. What happens if chunk which is used by main is not created? NPE?
[02:02:38] <cyther> i think most of my issue is im slow learner if its anything that requires a ton of reading
[02:02:49] <+IoP> If it's simple why mojang or forge devs have not implemented it?
[02:04:19] <theraspberry> I'm not saying that its simple, I'm just saying that it would be a good rewrite, maybe not so much for vanilla stuff (because that has other solutions already) but for forge in specifically.
[02:04:51] <theraspberry> I'm not saying the devs are incompetent or anything like that, they do good work.
[02:05:04] <theraspberry> "in specifcally?" lol
[02:05:25] <cyther> yeah but theyre not that good when it comes to the content tbh, they seem to add in lot of bloat, i wish theyd make mc a shell and just make the vanilla some kind of content pack
[02:05:30] <+IoP> personally I see multithreaded words with higher priority than gen generation
[02:05:55] <cyther> making the base game even more friendly to mods
[02:06:53] <theraspberry> IoP: im confused by that statement.
[02:06:57] <cyther> damn sugar highs i cant focus now
[02:07:33] <cyther> playing pvk usually gets rid of my sugar crash, or is that due to the addrenelline
[02:08:06] <cyther> i go to play the game very tired, as soon as ive played for a short while im all awake again
[02:09:00] <cyther> i can get it just off a glass of milk
[02:09:05] <+IoP> theraspberry: which part?
[02:09:14] <cyther> though not as intense as from a cake or something
[02:09:27] <+IoP> acutally that might fix automatically some parts of chunk creation generated lag
[02:09:36] <theraspberry> IoP: the entire part.
[02:09:50] <+IoP> Sadly mojang removed code they were testing :/
[02:09:59] <theraspberry> removed code for?
[02:10:40] <+IoP> Multithreaded worlds/dimensions aka every dimentsion in separated threads
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[02:11:03] <theraspberry> I'd imagine that would be lots easier to implement.
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[02:13:13] <Axilla> Guys, is it possible to teleport a player that is offline via console?
[02:13:28] <Axilla> Seems I have gotten to close to the offending chunk that is killing my server
[02:13:39] <theraspberry> but yeah, as I said. i'm just a rand talking smack on the net.
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[02:14:19] <theraspberry> would be awesome if everything was written perfectly and all, but my code is far from perfect and is much less complicated than a game.
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[02:38:23] <viveleroi> in skyfactory 3, what's the best liquid pipe? I'm trying to use an ender liquid conduit to bring steam from a reactor to a turbine but I can't get it to work without auto-extract, and that only works at 200mb/t and I'm getting like 45 rpm in the turbine
[02:44:55] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: I cheated; I used phatom liquifaces to send the liquids between the reactor and turbine connectors.  It works at full 2000mb/tick.  Phantomface on reactor, linked to port on the turbine.
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[02:45:31] <viveleroi> how is that cheating, though I've never used a phantomface
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[02:46:32] <SlightlyLost> It didn't really fit the style of what I was trying to do, but I couldn't think of anything else aside from having the turbine/reactor actually touching the ports.
[02:47:35] <viveleroi> I'll try that because this conduit just isn't working. for whatever reason the reactor just isn't spitting out steam unless I auto extract it
[02:47:53] <Vigaro> Dimensional transceiver?
[02:48:46] <SlightlyLost> Make sure the surplus settings are right too.  I have mine set on void excess but otherwise run a closed loop with a small top-up on the reactor via an extra feed port.
[02:50:58] <SlightlyLost> I had 4 turbines being fed from one reactor.  I almost tore it down when I had the netherstar farm going at full tilt.  I'm glad I didn't now that Draconic Evolution can't receive energy from the netherstar generators anymore.
[02:52:33] <viveleroi> they can't?
[02:52:49] <viveleroi> good to know, but why? I was likely going to try to make one eventually
[02:53:17] <SlightlyLost> Nope. not since Feb 26th. Rolling back all of ValkyrieofNight's mods to before that works around it.
[02:54:15] <SlightlyLost> none of the SimpleGenerators stuff will talk to draconic evolution or actually additions anymore (eg: phantom energyface)
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[02:55:59] <Connecticus> is there any reason ingameinfoxl skips a whole day if you sleep through the night?
[02:56:05] <Connecticus> or is this just part of vanilla?
[02:56:12] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: he used to have dual forge-energy and COFH RF api support.  he removed COFH RF api.  That broke things.  I don't know who is at fault but something's not working.  eg: Draconic evolution can *send* RF to his mods, but not receive.
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[03:18:57] <viveleroi> I must have some other issue, even with phantomfaces it's not keeping up. maybe I have a water input problem
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[03:19:26] <viveleroi> I've got 4 fluid nodes with speed upgrades piping water from a reservoir
[03:21:46] <viveleroi> well I'm stumped, that should be more than enough water
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[04:11:46] <LordNotFound> progwml6: btw, alfred died a couple days ago, i just noticed >.>
[04:11:50] * LordNotFound is now known as LordCreepity
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[04:18:31] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: still here? you need to configure it as a fluid loop
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[04:53:56] <Connecticus> does hardcore ender expansion conflict with chromaticraft?
[04:54:40] <McJty> Connecticus, why do you think so?
[04:55:02] <Connecticus> I read that chromaticraft changes the world gen in the end
[04:55:59] <McJty> Many mods chang worldgen in the overworld
[04:56:04] <McJty> change
[04:56:10] <McJty> That doesn't always mean there will be a conflict
[05:00:00] <Connecticus> sorry for asking too soon I found an explanation from the mod author
[05:00:12] <Connecticus> HEE overrides chromaticraft
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[05:52:40] <viveleroi> SlightlyLost sorry I was afk, can you clarify what needs to be configured? I've done this before with big reactors, so I feel like I remember the process, but either I'm forgotting, or extreme reactors changed something
[05:53:05] * Cogitabundus (~HAL@ has joined #FTB
[05:54:47] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: you shouldn't be needing to supply new water to the reactor. The turbine cools the incoming steam and pushes back water and it should all reach equilibrium. Let me make a quick screen cap of settings to show it working.
[05:55:26] * ConcernedHobbit (me@2001:470:ca8f::3) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:55:56] * plathrop ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[05:55:59] * justJanne (~justJanne@2001:bc8:33e7::1) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[05:56:41] * ConcernedHobbit ( has joined #FTB
[05:56:46] <viveleroi> I had both, but water would never transfer back.
[05:56:57] * plathrop ( has joined #FTB
[05:57:02] * justJanne (~justJanne@2001:bc8:33e7::1) has joined #FTB
[06:00:13] * Cervator (~Thunderbi@2601:4c1:4000:1050:5db7:a37:cfa8:ee99) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[06:01:31] * Ashindigo_ ( has joined #FTB
[06:03:56] * plathrop ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[06:04:28] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: just make sure the input/output arrows match between the turbine/reactor. here's my quad turbine showing settings etc.
[06:05:08] <SlightlyLost> the reactor is doing 8000mb/tick without the slightest effort.
[06:06:21] * Pi (Mibbit@ has joined #FTB
[06:08:25] * ConcernedHobbit ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[06:08:30] <SlightlyLost> viveleroi: I'd guess you had the turbine on vent: all exhaust mode
[06:09:47] * SlightlyLost_ ( has joined #FTB
[06:10:27] * plathrop ( has joined #FTB
[06:11:59] <viveleroi> I have it on "overflow only"
[06:11:59] * SlightlyLost ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[06:12:00] <SlightlyLost_> viveleroi: the default turbine mode is to void the water rather than returning it.
[06:12:57] <viveleroi> I have both devices on, and the reactor isn't getting enough water. I have both fluid nodes attached and the turbine returning water through an ender fluid coduit
[06:13:51] <SlightlyLost_> The ender conduits can't do it fast enough.  pressurised is 400mb/tick, ender fluid is 800. You need 2000 to run at full speed.
[06:13:57] * ConcernedHobbit ( has joined #FTB
[06:14:34] <viveleroi> I'll switch that to a phantomfacetoo
[06:14:36] <viveleroi> too*
[06:15:06] <SlightlyLost_> Transfer nodes stacked with upgrades didn't want to go much faster than about 1000 for me.  Anything less than both caused it to back up and void the overflow.. for me.
[06:15:56] <viveleroi> well I certainly am seeing an improvement
[06:18:08] <SlightlyLost_> Mine should run in a closed loop. I just wish there were actual pipes that would go that fast in the pack but I don't know of any.
[06:22:24] <viveleroi> ok, I at least have things working now, thanks. now I need to find a good balance. I'll probably need a few turbines. I made a 9x9x9 reactor, am trying to cool it with lots of diamonds blocks, I have one 40 blade turbine, and at 1000mb/t it says 100% efficiency but it still runs at 2200rpm, a bit fast
[06:23:38] <SlightlyLost_> I think mine's an 80 blade, 32 ludicrite block setup.  The reactor is bored.  The passive one i have nearby uses 4x the fuel for 1/3 the output.
[06:24:50] <viveleroi> my passive one is still a 4x4x4, only puts out 1.7k rf/t but that's been enough for me so far
[06:25:09] <viveleroi> I just want to power rftools and draconium stuff now. I'm not ready to make ludacrite blocks yet
[06:26:22] <SlightlyLost_> That pack is all about humble beginnings escalating to ludicrous excess, so yep.  My tier 8 core is 0.002% full on that world before I moved on.
[06:27:14] <viveleroi> I only have a tier 2, but now am in need for a 3 or 4
[06:28:11] <SlightlyLost_> It was my first ever minecraft exposure. I got jedi mind tricked into it by a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it though.
[06:28:14] <viveleroi> I dropped all my control rods by 60% to thottle my fuel consumption until my turbine(s) can handle it all
[06:29:02] <viveleroi> I started in vanilla back in the beta days but the only mc I play are modpacks
[06:29:33] <viveleroi> I ran a vanilla server for five years, got beyond tired of vanilla
[06:30:32] <viveleroi> what can I do slow my turbine down a bit
[06:30:41] <viveleroi> it's about 500 rpm too fast
[06:31:20] <SlightlyLost_> Put more load on it, or reduce the steam flow rate limit a bit on the turbine controls
[06:31:43] <viveleroi> put more load? do you mean the metal blocks?
[06:31:51] <SlightlyLost_> I think so.
[06:32:04] <SlightlyLost_> or different block material for the "coils"
[06:32:06] <viveleroi> I've dropped the rate for now
[06:32:18] * ImQ009 ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[06:32:32] <viveleroi> I'm using gold for now, couldn't find a solid list for extreme reactors.
[06:34:06] <SlightlyLost_> I'd still expect that to be a significant step up in efficiency over a passive reactor, even if it's above the ideal rpm range.
[06:34:58] <SlightlyLost_> I did find a turbine design discussion at some point, but I had enough spent fuel from my 9x9x10 reactor to go straight to ludicride, so I never had to tinker.
[06:36:33] <viveleroi> I'm closer to 1800rpm now and that's a lot better energy-wise
[06:36:37] <SlightlyLost_> viveleroi: if I understand it correctly, the blade count has to match the steam flow but you can affect the rpm by coil material choice and number of coil blocks.
[06:37:39] <viveleroi> ya it's 25mb per fan blade, I have 5 rows of "double" blades, so 40 total blades if each blade block is counted individually
[06:37:47] <viveleroi> pretty sure that's how to count them
[06:38:26] <viveleroi> hovering around 5KiRF/t which is nice, considering my reactor could probably power four turbined 2x larger than the one I have
[06:38:49] <viveleroi> my tier 2 energy core is already full
[06:40:38] <SlightlyLost_> The reasons to do turbines over passive are 1) fun, 2) efficiency.  you should be able to get significantly more rf per unit of fuel with a turbine over a similarly sized passive reactor.
[06:41:20] <viveleroi> I toyed around with once in creative just to work out the kinks but never got around to using them in survival, but now I have a need
[06:41:57] <SlightlyLost_> but there's a hard cap on what you can get out of a turbine.  28k/tick is the max.  I ran 4 as an excuse to mess with the opencomputers stuff.
[06:42:25] <SlightlyLost_> You can brute-force much more out of a passive one.  
[06:43:59] <SlightlyLost_> when you have the power to spin up a rftools dimension (another fun mod) you can generate game-breaking amounds of resources. eg: world of solid diamond blocks.
[06:45:51] <viveleroi> heh, that's one reason I'm working on a crapload of power
[06:51:15] <SlightlyLost_> btw; are chance cubes anything more than a fun way to end your minecraft world?
[06:51:17] * Azulaloi ( has joined #FTB
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[07:03:18] * Reki ( Quit (Quit: Hope to see you in fall semester, Mike.)
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[09:04:07] <Kuroneko> hello little beasts waiting to be fed
[09:38:05] * Trifase ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[09:40:14] * Trifase ( has joined #FTB
[09:46:47] <Ashindigo_> Heyo
[09:49:29] <Kuroneko> how is it going?
[09:51:42] <Ashindigo_> Good you?
[09:52:50] <Kuroneko> good more or less
[09:53:08] <Kuroneko> should have lots of ppl for my event saturday *w*
[09:53:09] * Alex_hawks (~Alex_hawk@2001:8003:8483:6300:cd1d:f539:4568:39eb) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[09:53:39] * Alex_hawks (~Alex_hawk@2001:8003:8483:6300:cd1d:f539:4568:39eb) has joined #FTB
[09:56:54] <Ashindigo_> Sounds like fun
[09:57:12] <Kuroneko> yup
[09:57:18] <Kuroneko> gaming triathlon
[09:59:45] * Sava ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
[10:05:50] * Sava ( has joined #FTB
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[10:48:38] * Carnivean ( has joined #FTB
[10:49:27] <Carnivean> did the speed run challenge map thing go live, if so what is it called? if not what will it be called? thanks
[10:51:21] <+Quetzi> no
[10:56:07] * McJty (webchat@ has joined #FTB
[11:01:43] * Cornelia_ ( has joined #FTB
[11:03:05] <Carnivean> alright thanks
[11:03:20] * Cornelia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[11:04:03] * Gr8-White (webchat@ has joined #FTB
[11:04:11] <Gr8-White> good day all
[11:04:42] <Gr8-White> any1 aval to help? im busting my head against a wall trying to get minecraft on curse
[11:06:34] * cj89898_ ( Quit (Read error: -0x1: UNKNOWN ERROR CODE (0001))
[11:06:44] * cj89898 ( has joined #FTB
[11:08:11] <Gr8-White> well here goes....I have a fresh install of curse and vanilla MC, yet no MC tab in curse. When enabling MC in curse, curse crashes/restarts and option is still deselected. Win 10 and java 8 me thinks
[11:11:14] <Gr8-White> cannot add MC manually either (scan does not detect) keeps saying instalation folder is not right?
[11:13:22] * halu ( has joined #FTB
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[12:19:00] <Lumindia> anyone need skeleton horses?
[12:19:00] <Lumindia>
[12:27:10] * halu ( has joined #FTB
[12:28:47] <Ashindigo_> jeez whats the green dot thing?
[12:28:57] <Ashindigo_> its looks massive
[12:36:47] <Kuroneko> looks like an AE thing
[12:40:51] * TheAJGman (~TheAJGman@ has joined #FTB
[12:43:58] <Lumindia> that's Calculatoir
[12:45:45] * starr274 ( has joined #FTB
[12:46:47] * Pi (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[12:47:17] <Kuroneko> oh, i always wondered what this mod did actually
[12:51:26] * AforAnonymous ( has joined #FTB
[13:01:08] <Lumindia> it's... strange
[13:01:16] <Lumindia> thgat massive structure down there?
[13:01:20] <Lumindia> 83k RF/t passive gen
[13:03:42] <ScruffyRules> wat
[13:05:51] <Lumindia> yeah
[13:05:56] <Lumindia> it ain't cheap or easy to make, trhough
[13:06:25] * CopherSans ( has joined #FTB
[13:07:56] * CopherNeue ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[13:14:51] * LordSleepity is now known as LordCreepity
[13:16:26] * halu ( Quit (Ping timeout: 204 seconds)
[13:25:15] * TheAJGman (~TheAJGman@ Quit (Ping timeout: 201 seconds)
[13:35:47] <Lartza> 83k? pff
[13:35:48] <Lartza> :P
[13:35:58] <Lartza> I make 5mil active
[13:36:00] <Lartza> ;)
[13:39:21] <Ashindigo_> extreme reactors?
[13:42:27] <Lartza> Mekanism
[13:42:46] <Lartza> Though Mekanism combined with big/extreme reactors can do insane generation too :O
[13:43:00] <Lartza> Since the mekanism turbine is way better than the reactor turbines
[13:44:15] * iPeer (iPeer@ has joined #FTB
[13:44:44] <Ashindigo_> i should try mek reactors
[13:44:55] <Ashindigo_> my AA/slime gen wont work forever
[13:45:27] <Lartza> The fusion reactor is fairly involved but makes lots of power in the end
[13:45:56] <Lartza> and if you combine an extreme reactors reactor with a mekanism turbine it can make more than an extreme reactors turbine iirc
[13:53:25] * halu ( has joined #FTB
[14:04:55] * Vazkii ( has joined #FTB
[14:07:25] * halu ( Quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)