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[00:00:37] #essentials - Mon May 01 00:00:37 2017
[00:00:37] ---
[00:00:43] * Topic is ':Welcome to Essentials Community Support :: Essentials for Bukkit has been discontinued. We do not support 1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11+ here :: Essentials was last updated 18th Aug 2014 for 1.7.10'
[00:00:43] * Set by Hobbits|away!~khm@2600:3c03::21:1001 on Sat Feb 11 16:15:21
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[03:08:50] * iNeedHelp ( has joined #essentials
[03:09:09] <iNeedHelp> Can some1 help me?
[03:10:54] <iNeedHelp> Hello?
[03:16:36] <iNeedHelp> pls
[03:19:14] <+mbaxter> Did you not read what Lain said
[03:24:41] <iNeedHelp> What did he say
[03:24:58] <+mbaxter> If you have a question, please ask it in here and wait till you receive a reply.
[03:25:08] <+mbaxter> Also how the hell can you not see what Lain said, it's like 6 lines up.
[03:25:16] <iNeedHelp> Ok dude.
[03:25:21] <iNeedHelp> calm down.
[03:25:34] <+mbaxter> I'm quite calm :)
[03:25:49] <iNeedHelp> But, basically i'm tryna insall Essentials and it keeps popping up red in /pl and i do not know how to fix this
[03:26:05] <+mbaxter> .log
[03:26:15] <+mbaxter> Er, that's not it.
[03:26:16] <+mbaxter> .newlog
[03:26:22] <+mbaxter> There we go. Follow those instructions. ^
[03:26:44] <iNeedHelp> thanks
[03:27:22] <iNeedHelp> W8
[03:27:32] <iNeedHelp> Where is the logs/latest.log
[03:27:47] <iNeedHelp> nvm
[03:28:48] <iNeedHelp>
[03:29:46] <iNeedHelp> Do i just wait now?
[03:29:49] <+mbaxter> Not running CraftBukkit.
[03:30:08] <iNeedHelp> Does it not work on Spigot?
[03:30:11] <+mbaxter> Seek help where you acquired your server mod.
[03:30:35] <iNeedHelp> Does it not work on Spigot?
[03:30:54] <+Andrio> Well, Essentials is a Bukkit plugin, so Spigot isn't officially supported.
[03:31:03] <iNeedHelp> Well
[03:31:13] <iNeedHelp> I need Spigot For the other plugins i'm using
[03:31:27] <+Andrio> :/
[03:31:37] <iNeedHelp> Is there no way i can use it with Spigot?
[03:32:05] <+mbaxter> <+mbaxter> Seek help where you acquired your server mod.
[03:32:22] <iNeedHelp> What do you mean?
[03:32:39] <+mbaxter>  <+mbaxter> <+mbaxter> Seek help where you acquired your server mod.
[03:32:48] <+mbaxter> You acquired your server mod from somewhere.
[03:32:51] <+mbaxter> Otherwise you wouldn't have it
[03:32:58] <+mbaxter> Thus, there exists a place where you got it from
[03:33:01] <+mbaxter> Ask for help there.
[03:33:10] <iNeedHelp> Well
[03:33:18] <iNeedHelp> could you maybe help me with CraftBukkit then?
[03:33:51] <+Andrio> I'm not sure you can still get that, unfortunately.
[03:34:17] <+mbaxter> Not for 2.7 years
[03:34:24] <+Andrio> mm
[03:34:29] <iNeedHelp> Rip
[03:34:42] <iNeedHelp> Do you guys still have CraftBUkkit?
[03:36:04] <iNeedHelp> Nvm, i found it
[03:36:32] <iNeedHelp> Doi just delete my old server now?
[03:56:24] * iNeedHelp ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)