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[00:00:42] #commandblocks - Mon Aug 08 00:00:42 2016
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[00:00:51] * Topic is ':Minecraft Commands and Commandblocks! | Latest version: 1.10.2 | The Frostburn update | Got a question? dataja'
[00:00:51] * Set by Anna! on Thu Jun 23 19:48:54
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[07:51:18] <arq7> wtf... does anyone knows why my command isn't working? /execute @r[name=myEntity] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ stone 0 say Hello, I'm a selected entity!
[07:51:50] <arq7> it throws "The entity UUID provided is in an invalid format."
[07:52:03] <@Anna> hm
[07:52:25] <@Anna> you are detecting a stone block exactly where the entity is?
[07:52:38] <@Anna> also was it Name= or name=?
[07:52:47] <arq7> yep, the entity must be inside a stone block
[07:52:57] <arq7> i'll copy paste the exact command
[07:53:09] <arq7> execute @r[name=snk_growspawn] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ coal_block 0 summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"snk_grow",Invisible:1b,NoGravity:1b,Invulnerable:1b}
[07:54:08] <@Anna> does @p or @e work instead?
[07:54:08] <arq7> 15 entities named "snk_growspawn" exist, but only 14 are inside a 'coal_block 0' block.
[07:54:18] <arq7> i want to select one randmly
[07:54:26] <arq7> randomly*
[07:54:41] <@Anna> still, does it work with the others?
[07:54:53] <arq7> only with @e, as they are entities
[07:54:58] <arq7> and not players
[07:55:17] <@Anna> so the same command but with @e jnstead works fine?
[07:55:30] <arq7> but @e executes it with ALL the entities. i want to select a random one among those ones that are inside a 'coal_block 0'
[07:55:36] <@Anna> try adding type=!Player or a similar thing
[07:55:39] <@Anna> in the @r
[07:56:00] <arq7> nope, invalid format again
[07:57:23] <@Anna> well @e and c=1 would select one, but likely not randomly
[07:57:37] <arq7> oh sorry it works
[07:57:42] <@Anna> I'm sure I've got a random sekection of @r[type=!Player] working
[07:57:49] <@Anna> ah, what fixed it?
[07:58:07] <arq7> i tried '@p[name=entityName,type=!Player]
[07:58:23] <@Anna> the type fixed it? thought so
[07:58:30] <arq7> instead of @r[name=entityName,type=!Player]
[07:58:44] <@Anna> hm
[07:58:47] <arq7> yes, adding type=!Player fixes it...
[07:58:50] <arq7> it's weird...
[07:58:58] <@Anna> I think if you don't add the type it only searches for players
[07:59:11] <@Anna> since that is default @r and @p
[07:59:22] <@Anna> type specifies entities
[07:59:44] <arq7> are you sure? /testfor @r[name=snk_growspawn] WORKS
[07:59:59] <@Anna> odd
[08:00:06] <@Anna> maybe testfor works differently
[08:00:23] <arq7> i hate this kind of bugs and weird behaviors
[08:00:31] <@Anna> yes, silly bugs
[08:00:39] <arq7> thank you so much for your help, Anna ^^ (again)
[08:01:30] <@Anna> yw
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[08:52:57] <arq7> random question. in the snake mini-game ( incrementing the number of pixels that the snake grows each time it eats a fruit makes the game harder or easier? for example, if the snake grows 5 pixels each time it eats a fruit instead of 3, it will grow earlier. it will make the game faster and you will
[08:52:57] <arq7> requiere less movements to win, so it will be easier, right?
[08:53:40] <Andrio> Define winning.
[08:54:29] <Andrio> I've played some versions where you win by eating a certain number of fruit, but usually it's just endless.
[08:54:37] <Andrio> at least, until the screen fills up completely.
[08:54:48] <arq7> in the classic game you win filling the screen with the snake
[08:55:25] <Andrio> Mm
[08:55:46] <arq7> in my comand block mini-game you have to fill the screen. i'm trying to adjust the difficulty modifying the speed, but i don't know how to adjust the number of blocks that the snake gets every time it eats a fruit
[08:56:09] <arq7> sorry for my bad english >.<
[08:56:17] <Andrio> I guess it depends on how you adjust the speed.
[08:56:35] <Andrio> If it's based on how many fruit the player eats, then fewer fruit makes it easier, yeah
[08:57:15] <arq7> the number of fruits it's irrelevant, you just have to fill the screen
[08:57:41] <arq7> my screen is 25*30 blocks. that's 750 blocks to fill
[08:57:55] <arq7> now the snake grows 3 blocks every time it eats a fruit
[08:58:07] <arq7> and starts with a length of 3 blocks
[08:58:48] <arq7> so you have to eat 249 fruits to win
[08:59:19] <arq7> now imagine that the snake grows 5 blocks every time it eats a fruit
[08:59:30] <arq7> that's 149 fruits
[08:59:46] <arq7> you will win earlier, but the snake will grow earlier too.
[08:59:56] <Andrio> mm
[09:00:18] <arq7> it will be easier to win, but it will be harder to put the snake in a good position to avoid death
[09:01:57] <Andrio> I still don't think speeding up the game would make it harder.
[09:02:05] <Andrio> Have you tried it?
[09:02:50] <arq7> i'm trying stuff
[09:03:05] <arq7> umm... well faster means harder for me at least
[09:03:16] <Andrio> Shorter?
[09:03:20] <arq7> i ahve to think faster and i can make a wrong move
[09:03:25] <arq7> have*
[09:03:38] <Andrio> You mean if you actually make the snake move faster, right?
[09:04:38] <arq7> yes
[09:04:47] <Andrio> mm
[09:04:54] <arq7> that's one of the things to adjust
[09:05:14] <arq7> i'm more worried about the number of blocks the snake grows every time it eats a fruit
[09:06:26] <arq7> do you want the game to try it yourself?
[09:06:41] <arq7> the installation is a bit tricky as the game is not complete yet
[09:06:43] <Andrio> I don't have the time right now, I'm afraid
[09:06:51] <arq7> np
[09:10:00] <arq7> ummm i'm trying some snake games online
[09:10:45] <arq7> it looks like in harder versions the snake moves faster and grows faster...
[09:11:09] <arq7> so it forces the game to end earlier... and that's supposed to make it harder? ummm...
[09:12:11] <arq7> well, thank you so much for your time, Andrio
[11:14:44] <arq7> yay my first working version *cries*
[11:15:09] <Andrio> Congrats
[11:15:09] <arq7> thank everybody who helped me: Anna, urielsalis, Andrio
[11:15:15] <arq7>
[11:15:18] <arq7> :P
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