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[00:00:36] #admincraft - Mon Oct 23 00:00:36 2017
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[00:10:15] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] @glorantq @CRX VrynzX Going on now
[00:28:46] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] I meant use a plugin, the two things I said I meant different solutions
[00:56:52] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter || old Bukkit dev] You should use something that works on both bungee and the servers individually, with one shared database
[00:57:05] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter || old Bukkit dev] so you don't need worry about things changing on you in the future with regard to having bungee or not
[03:48:20] <@IRCBot> [c0de] oh sweet
[03:48:33] <c0de> ping
[03:57:17] <Disconsented> pong
[04:48:45] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] Well
[04:48:55] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] My Discord just got spambotted
[04:49:11] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] They were spamming pics of a crusty STD infected dick
[04:49:20] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] Fun time.
[04:49:26] <pokechu22> Wonderful, and discord auto-expands those?
[04:49:31] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] Yeah
[04:49:50] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] Luckily it was only 5 people spamming 5-7 messages each
[06:28:30] <ruan> my discord segfaulted twice but no messages
[11:47:00] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] What would be better: One plugin with a bunch of small features or split the "small features" in different plugins?
[11:54:00] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Depends
[11:54:14] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Is it only for you, or you're planning on publishing it?
[11:59:30] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] only for me
[12:00:10] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] one of the advantages (at least for me) of having small features in different plugins is that I can load/unload/reload the plugin using PlugMan during runtime
[12:00:50] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] Yeah, I know, PlugMan is the devil™ but... you know, if you restart your server when it was 70 players online, you can expect that at least 1/4 players won't come back after restarting
[12:00:59] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] PlugMan is the best
[12:01:11] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] yeah I like PlugMan
[12:01:24] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] but the way it unloads plugin is hacky
[12:01:39] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I don't care as long as it reloads plugins xD
[12:01:53] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I don't want to restart the whole server because I made a small change to a plugin
[12:02:02] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] like, wow
[12:02:03] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘]
[12:03:35] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] but yeah, PlugMan is very useful
[12:03:44] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I mean
[12:03:48] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] It's just reflection
[12:03:51] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] better than people complaining "omg why did you restart the server!!11!" just because you needed to fix a small bug in a plugin
[12:04:09] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I generally don't consider refelction a heck, when:
[12:04:16] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] there's no other way to do it
[12:04:18] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] it works
[12:05:03] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] and then comes the "let's make everything in different plugins"... sometimes, if you reload a plugin with PlugMan (100% of fucking up if the plugin has a public API) all of the plugins that depends on it starts throwing unknown class exception
[12:05:49] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] That's not an issue for me, as we have a separate API plugin, that should never be reloaded
[12:05:53] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] All other plugins use that
[12:06:27] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] yeah, I have a "core" plugin that has all the fancy API stuff (and dependencies, like Kotlin), but other stuff like "Clans" are in a different plugin
[12:07:14] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] So, for those cases I rely on JRebel
[12:07:45] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] That is, if it wants to work, because randomly it stops reloading classes, but when it works it is awesome
[12:10:01] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Same setup
[12:10:01] <@IRCBot> [glorantq]
[12:10:09] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] And then the API connects to the Core on Bungee
[12:10:20] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] people say "omg why do you have so many plugins??!!?!"
[12:10:30] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] well, because I do everything in different JARs
[12:10:52] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Come at me
[12:10:52] <@IRCBot> [glorantq]
[12:10:55] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] Even if it is small things, like blocking block placement in the nether roof
[12:11:15] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] There's nothing wrong with many plugins
[12:11:21] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] And why are they lookit at it anyways?
[12:11:23] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘]
[12:11:27] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] We have a plugin just to block it
[12:11:52] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Now that is unacceptable
[12:12:06] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] If it's going to contain 9 and 6 make it 69
[12:12:11] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] 96 is unacceptable
[12:12:12] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] 😂
[12:12:29] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] I remember my old server had like
[12:12:33] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] 100+ plugins
[12:13:08] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] okay it had more than what I expected
[12:13:09] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘]
[12:13:18] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Eh
[12:13:22] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Nothing wrong with taht
[12:13:32] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] and it worked without any issues so yeah
[12:13:33] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I made the 69th crate rare
[12:13:33] <@IRCBot> [glorantq]
[12:14:03] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] but it also had the devil's spawn on it, so...
[12:14:11] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] ewwww
[12:14:16] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] delet that
[12:14:39] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] the server is long gone so deleting it won't change anything (I resetted it)
[12:14:43] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] but, when it was online
[12:14:57] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] 90% of my server was made in Skript... then my server started lagging a lot due to Skript
[12:15:09] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] I "forced" myself to learn Java to rewrite every script into Java
[12:15:38] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Skript is a way for script kiddies to infect plugin development
[12:15:41] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I can't stand it
[12:16:46] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] One of the reasons I stopped writing scripts is because (I already knew Java at this point) I was writing addons to Skript to add new stuff... then I thought... "why I'm writing addons to use in Skript instead of writing directly in Java? :GWchadMEGATHINK:"
[12:17:40] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Skript is cancer
[12:17:52] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] It's not even a real scripting language
[12:18:00] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] If it was JS or Lua it'd be acceptable
[12:18:54] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] People pushed Skript waaaay beyond its limits
[12:18:59] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] it was just meant for small stuff
[12:19:58] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] I remember when I was coding a kinda complex PvP event in Skript... because Skript didn't have functions, people used commands as functions...
[12:21:10] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] like command /something_clearinventory <player>:     trigger:         clear inventory of arg 0  ...  on block place:     make console execute command "something_clearinventory %player%"
[12:21:21] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] (probably the code is wrong, I haven't used Skript in years)
[12:21:29] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] now that's just bad
[12:23:03] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] This is the type of scripting I accept:
[12:23:10] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Becasue it's lua
[12:25:42] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] badlogic.jpg LibGDX?
[12:25:47] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Yeah
[12:26:35] <@IRCBot> [MrP👻werGamerBR 😘] nice, I never "actually" used LibGDX but I know that's the LibGDX example file from all the tutorials I tried following to create a game with it 😛
[12:26:52] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Lol yeah, it's included in every project
[12:27:04] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] That's just a test script so I used it
[13:46:03] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] @lukeeexd | old message, but I use LiteBans on my network and it works really well... good for global or local muting and tracking warnings.  Also comes with a webui for looking at discipline actions.
[14:09:02] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Who do you guys recommend for a domain registrar? I currently have GoDaddy but their interface is a bit basic. Not sure if any others have better features.
[14:09:37] <mbaxter> namecheap!
[14:09:40] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC]
[14:09:51] <mbaxter> gandi!
[14:10:00] <mbaxter> Basically "Anybody but GoDaddy!"
[14:10:10] <mbaxter> google domains, namecheap, and gandi are all good registrars
[14:10:11] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Google Domains is the best
[14:10:27] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I do like Google.
[14:10:32] <mbaxter> I make my choices based on pricing depending on TLD
[14:10:40] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Free domains use
[14:10:42] <mbaxter> I have a few things with gandi because of pricing
[14:10:50] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I've also heard of both namecheap and gandi.
[14:10:51] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] @mikedmd | BR | Creative sweet, thank you
[14:11:07] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] I heard of Ghandi from mozilla thrunderbird
[14:11:26] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] This is why I hate my phone
[14:11:37] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] What benefits would I gain from any other than GoDaddy?
[14:12:36] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Google Domains gives you free custom email so you can use the domain for a Gmail email
[14:12:46] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] (iirc)
[14:13:09] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] That would be nice (still want to set up my own email server for fun though lol).
[14:13:57] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] But then you have to do all the security yourself
[14:14:51] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Which is a trade off.
[14:14:59] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But I love learning things.
[14:15:15] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Same
[14:15:48] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I already successfully created a mail server and sent test emails. The main issue is I can't set PTR records for Spectrum (my ISP) so most email servers see my messages as spam.
[14:15:54] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It can be hard to build trust.
[14:16:35] <mbaxter> GoDaddy is a crap company with a crap panel and crap corporate goals. See drama of godaddy supporting SOPA all those years ago
[14:16:57] <mbaxter> Thus "ANything but GoDaddy!"
[14:17:12] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] AN GoD
[14:17:32] <mbaxter> Also, you should have PTR abilities if you're (correctly) paying for a static IP on a business line, matt
[14:17:35] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Can't remember exactly when I bought my domains but as soon as they are going to expire, I'll switch to another registrar.
[14:17:59] <mbaxter> You can switch early
[14:18:01] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Mbax, I am currently trying to switch from a residential to a business class connection.
[14:18:15] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Will there be some sort of early termination fee?
[14:18:17] <mbaxter> Renewal date doesn't change, you just pay for an extra year a bit early (but still, that's a year added to the existing renewal)
[14:18:32] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Where do you life
[14:18:38] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] :]
[14:18:57] <mbaxter> So basically you're just offsetting when you pay the one time you transfer registrars.
[14:19:25] <mbaxter> They'll just add the one year (or more) to the existing registration. So you maybe pay 6 months from when you last paid, but then don't pay for 18 months
[14:19:45] <mbaxter> Which I typically consider a bonus anyway because prices are always going up :3
[14:21:05] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I will definitely look into that when I get home.
[14:21:13] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I live in CT @Totem | ValureMC
[14:21:22] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Connecticut?
[14:21:32] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Yes.
[14:21:47] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] You should move to Canada
[14:22:02] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Lol
[14:22:15] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Saskatchewan specifically
[14:22:17] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] +1 for namecheap, but i have all the infrastructure to do emails,website, etc... so if you need extras namecheap might not be for you.
[14:22:42] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I am going to Saskatoon sometime next year!
[14:22:52] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Go rough riders
[14:23:19] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Football sucks boi
[14:23:22] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] haha
[14:23:32] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Lol
[14:24:39] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] In order to make the switch to business internet, I have to find a new solution for TV (Possibly Sling TV), sign up for Netflix and possibly Prime or other stuff like it, cancel my existing TV and phone service and then get the right plan for business internet.
[14:25:13] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] What do you gain from business internet?
[14:25:20] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It seems like I may not be able to get a symmetrical connection which I'd really prefer to this shitty 200x30 or whatever they'll do.
[14:25:49] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Google Fiber
[14:25:50] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Business internet allows you to have a static IP (or IPs) and access to the DNS control panel so you can edit things like PTR records.
[14:26:00] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] There's probably more but I haven't gotten into the details yet.
[14:26:06] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Google Fiber isn't available here.
[14:26:12] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Static IP means easier backs
[14:26:15] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Hacks
[14:26:33] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Lol I never really needed a business connection
[14:26:40] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I could contract Lightower to lay fiber to my house for probably hundreds of thousands of $$$.
[14:26:42] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] My IP stays the same until I reset my modem
[14:26:58] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] You could just do something like ddns   and have it just update a domain, why do you need a static IP?
[14:27:00] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] And i have a 1000/300 connection or something like that
[14:27:15] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] I have 5/1
[14:27:23] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] I never really got why people need business internet just to host MC
[14:27:27] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] Or 10/5 but it's usually 5/1
[14:27:46] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I've managed DDNS for quite a while. It's impractical for domains. GoDaddy doesn't even support it. I'd prefer a static IP.
[14:28:03] <@IRCBot> [glorantq] Move to Europe
[14:28:13] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] You should just buy a VPS or something
[14:28:25] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I am not really upgrading my internet to support a Minecraft server. It's for mail servers and other crazy things most people wouldn't self host lol
[14:28:40] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] No VPSes for me, I'm self hosted.
[14:28:44] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] It's dangerous though
[14:29:33] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] LTT made a video about a service that turns dynamic IP to static
[14:30:35] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Yes, you can have a service that reports your dynamic IP changes to a DDNS provider and automatically adjusts it so your DDNS address always points at whatever IP is currently set to your house.
[14:31:45] <mbaxter> @glorantq why business internet? Better quality connection and actual compliance with ISP AUP?
[14:32:23] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] And priority support!
[14:32:28] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Theoretically.
[14:35:43] <mbaxter> different support line, typically
[15:08:29] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] if your cell phone is AT&T, you may be able to get free DirecTV NOW with their unlimited data plan.
[15:08:36] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] assuming you are US
[15:09:11] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] but typically businesses can get cable TV as well if you want that.  we have 300x20 business internet in both of my offices along with cable TV for the reception area
[15:20:40] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] my only complaint it's just bitterly expensive  ðŸ˜¦
[15:56:59] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] does this ever stop spamming my ingame chat? (dynmap)
[15:57:12] <@IRCBot> [! /u/eliteduck |] Is there any way in vanilla to give people coloured names with scoreboards?
[15:57:41] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] yes
[15:57:41] <@IRCBot> [Kevin | FeatherFall Network] Dynmap never stops spamming until it is finished or you stop the rendering.
[15:58:23] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] /scoreboard teams add name
[15:58:52] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] /scoreboard teams option [team] color [color]
[15:59:14] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] /scoreboard teams join team
[15:59:21] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] @Kevin | FeatherFall Network How do I stop it?
[15:59:32] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] And if i start it again does it start from where it left off?
[16:00:15] <@IRCBot> [Kevin | FeatherFall Network] /dynmap pause all  You can easily resume the render with this command: /dynmap pause none  Wiki for all the commands: There is a cancel command too if you want to completely stop it.
[16:00:50] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] u da man, thank you
[16:01:10] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] i use scoreboards to give prefixes in game
[16:01:17] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] like over the players head
[16:01:41] <@IRCBot> [Kevin | FeatherFall Network] You're very welcome ❤
[16:01:45] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Does anyone know how to fix scoreboard colord names not working in spigot?
[16:02:14] <pokechu22> You can give people colored names, but they won't work in chat, yeah, because spigot
[16:02:39] <pokechu22> I have an old incomplete pull request that fixes it (and name hover/click events), but it isn't done
[16:02:40] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Or of a plugin that will let me give coloured names that isnt essentials or a permissions plugin?
[16:02:58] <pokechu22> There's also a somewhat basic implementation in paper (but it doesn't include hover/click events)
[16:03:06] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] i use paper
[16:03:22] <pokechu22> Oh, hm
[16:03:35] <pokechu22> Well, it's a setting somewhere.  I _don't_ use paper, so I don't know where the setting is
[16:07:41] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] meh cant find anything on it
[16:07:44] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] just shows me plugins
[16:08:49] <pokechu22>
[16:09:00] <pokechu22> use-vanilla-world-scoreboard-name-coloring
[16:22:38] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Sorry, I use Essentials for it.
[16:25:16] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I think there may also be a way to add colors to player name tags but I've never attempted.
[16:30:52] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] you just add a scoreboard prefix with the color code
[16:31:52] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] i use that in spigot with my ranks plugin but i don't the code with me atm
[16:32:18] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I wonder if that would interfere with my collision scoreboard.
[16:32:27] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] im not sure
[16:32:49] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] but i just make a new team for each rank then set the prefix and add the player on join
[16:33:36] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It's really interesting how it works. Within the plugin, it is creating a scoreboard with collisionRule set to never and adding players with a specific permission to it so they have no collision but when you do /scoreboard teams list in game or console, it shows no scoreboards.
[16:33:43] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I guess it happens internally.
[16:34:08] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] is it making any teams though?
[16:34:39] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Yes, or so the code would suggest.
[16:34:48] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It creates a team called nocollision.
[16:34:52] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] And adds players to it.
[16:35:02] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But it uses the native Spigot methods to do that.
[16:35:20] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] is it making the scoreboard the main scoreboard though?
[16:35:50] <@IRCBot> [Totem | ValureMC] i think that command only shows the main scoreboard
[16:36:29] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Just used a plugin
[16:36:31] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] we all g now
[16:36:38] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] gg
[16:38:26] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I'm not sure. I can get the code for you in about an class now lol
[16:39:50] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] same
[17:23:32] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] How do you fully remove dynmap?
[17:24:08] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] delete it
[17:24:10] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Can I just delete the folder
[17:24:12] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] ok cool
[17:24:24] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] and the plugin thing
[17:24:26] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] the jar
[17:31:21] <mbaxter> totem, the /scoreboard command only shows the 'main' scoreboard. The only one that's stored by the server (the rest are ephemeral, lasting until server shuts down)
[17:34:53] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] yeah so i was right
[17:47:12] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] java package me.angeschossen.anticollision;  import*; import org.bukkit.*; import org.bukkit.plugin.*; import org.bukkit.scheduler.*; import org.bukkit.entity.*; import me.angeschossen.anticollision.api.*; import java.util.*; import org.bukkit.event.player.*; import org.bukkit.event.*;  public class AntiCollision extends JavaPlugin implements Listener {     public void
[17:47:13] <@IRCBot> onEnable() {         Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents((Listener)this, (Plugin)this);         Bukkit.getScheduler().scheduleSyncDelayedTask((Plugin)this, (BukkitRunnable)new BukkitRunnable() {             public void run() {                 for (final Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()) {                     AntiCollisionApi.setNoCollision(p);                 }             }         }, 20L);     }      @EventHandler(priority =
[17:47:13] <@IRCBot> EventPriority.MONITOR)     public void onPlayerJoin(final PlayerJoinEvent e) {         Bukkit.getScheduler().scheduleSyncDelayedTask((Plugin)this, (BukkitRunnable)new BukkitRunnable() {             public void run() {                 AntiCollisionApi.setNoCollision(e.getPlayer());             }         }, 20L);     } }
[17:47:15] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] And java package me.angeschossen.anticollision.api;  import org.bukkit.entity.*; import org.bukkit.*; import org.bukkit.scoreboard.*; import java.util.*;  public class AntiCollisionApi {     public static void setNoCollision(final Player p) {         final Scoreboard sb = p.getScoreboard();         final Set<Team> teams = (Set<Team>)sb.getTeams();         if (teams.size() == 0) {            
[17:47:15] <@IRCBot> sb.registerNewTeam("nocollision").setOption(Team.Option.COLLISION_RULE, Team.OptionStatus.NEVER);             if (p.hasPermission("anticollision.stop"))                 sb.getTeam("nocollision").addPlayer((OfflinePlayer)p);         }         else {             for (final Team t : teams) {                 t.setOption(Team.Option.COLLISION_RULE, Team.OptionStatus.NEVER);             }         }     } }
[17:47:32] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Those are the two methods of the AntiCollision plugin.
[17:48:13] <mbaxter> GOLLY THAT'S A LOT
[17:48:15] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I've added the line if (p.hasPermission("anticollision.stop"))
[17:48:17] <mbaxter> (lol, all the spam in irc)
[17:48:27] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I appologize lol
[17:48:38] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It yelled at me saying it was over 2000 characters.
[17:48:59] <mbaxter> Why are you delaying the setNoCollision by a second (ish. 20 ticks exact)
[17:49:05] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But as I said, this plugin creates a scoreboard but you can't see it by doing /scoreboard teams list.
[17:49:22] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I have no idea, this is someone else's plugin.
[17:49:39] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I've just modified that one line to check for permission.
[17:49:51] <mbaxter> also this code is not creating a new scoreboard at all
[17:49:58] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Really?
[17:50:20] <mbaxter> It's just calling p.getScoreboard() which gets whatever scoreboard they already have assigned. Probably the main one?
[17:50:28] <mbaxter> Unless the way scoreboard work changed in the last few MC versions entirely...
[17:50:46] <mbaxter> I mean. If the way things work changed then this code's fine. But if not, what the hell is it doing...
[17:50:48] <mbaxter> ah well
[17:50:51] <mbaxter> as long as it works, right?
[17:51:54] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] That's what I've gone for. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
[17:52:21] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But I suppose that would explain why the scoreboard doesn't show.
[17:53:23] <mbaxter> Do you have another plugin managing scoreboard stuff? Like, maybe custom objective tracking in mcmmo
[17:53:49] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Nope. I don't think anything I use does anything with the scoreboard.
[17:56:00] <mbaxter> No over-the-head names that mysteriously stopped working when you added this?
[17:56:21] <mbaxter> No objective display on the tab list or that cute little side display or over head?
[17:56:27] <mbaxter> like points or kills or something
[17:56:36] <mbaxter> or information displayed on the side of the screen
[17:57:17] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Nope. Not that I know of. I haven't actually seen another player "in person" since adding it so I can't tell whether their name over the head is different. But no kills or other objectives in the tab menu or the right side scoreboard thing.
[17:57:43] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Is there a reason things like collision and transparency are handled by the scoreboard and not able to be toggled per player or something?
[17:58:04] <mbaxter> because dinnerbone
[17:58:16] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I see 😛
[17:58:34] <mbaxter> also re: "whether their name over the head is different" - are you expecting there to be something over their head
[17:58:40] <mbaxter> other than normal white, color-less, prefix-less username
[17:58:56] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I suppose for map making it would make sense but for those who want to use those mechanics outside of that purpose....that's another story.
[17:59:03] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] And no I'm not expecting anything different.
[17:59:20] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I did attempt at some point to make names above the head colored but failed.
[17:59:34] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I've been scared to try something involving the scoreboard in case it interferes with collision.
[18:00:55] <mbaxter> With the way you have things set up, you would not be able to have different colored names over folk's heads.
[18:01:18] <mbaxter> Everyone would have to have the same colors, as they all have to be on the same team from the perspective of each player
[18:01:20] <mbaxter> HOWEVER
[18:01:54] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] just make each different team also be nocollision right? wouldnt that work?
[18:01:55] <mbaxter> each player can have their own objective displays and such because technically eeach of them can be on their own functional scoreboard setup
[18:02:14] <mbaxter> Pretty sure it's "no collision of teammates" not "no collision of folks on other teams also with no collision set"
[18:02:48] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Right now, the collisionRule is set to never only for players with the permission.
[18:02:52] <mbaxter> That said, the lack of color thing only applies to the folks on your greylist
[18:03:04] <mbaxter> So anyone else could happily experience above-head colored/prefixed/both names.
[18:03:29] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] It'd be cool to have admins have red names, moderators cyan and players just white while greylisted members have grey.
[18:03:34] <mbaxter> And if you have questions on that sort of thing (later, I'm leaving for the next 2 hours) I'm happy to help. Wrote most of that API in Bukkit.
[18:04:00] <mbaxter> One of the only things I can reliably still describe :(
[18:04:18] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Hey if you wanna help me make all my players have pretty name colors, sure 😛
[18:04:40] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Otherwise they're all white and the only distinguishing is done via the tab menu or typing in chat.
[18:06:45] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Is there such a thing as running a Minecraft server off a video card?
[18:07:22] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Similar to how one may do bitcoin mining via GPU?
[18:08:12] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Wait "TL;DR answer: GPUs have far more processor cores than CPUs, but because each GPU core runs significantly slower than a CPU core and do not have the features needed for modern operating systems, they are not appropriate for performing most of the processing in everyday computing. They are most suited to compute-intensive operations such as video processing and physics simulations."
[18:08:19] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I guess that wouldn't work 😛
[18:11:23] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I want this:
[18:12:56] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Still wouldn't help for Minecraft.
[18:13:11] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I wish there were a way to combine multiple cores to make one big core.
[18:29:42] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] It's the difference between having one large, industrial grade lawn mower vs 20 small kid-sized ones cutting your grass.  Minecraft is just programmed to ride one lawn mower at a time.
[18:30:42] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I upgraded my production MC server to have 3.33GHz CPUs at the cost of 2 cores per CPU vs 4. That's the highest clock speed I can get for the older PE servers.
[18:31:27] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] You could use a nice gaming mobo with a last-gen i7
[18:31:43] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But even the Dell R710 supports a max of a 3.8GHz single core CPU which is only 500MHz difference.
[18:31:44] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] even something like a 4790K would give you 4.0+GHz overclocked and 4 cores
[18:31:51] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] True.
[18:32:03] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But then I'm not running enterprise hardware.
[18:32:14] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Which means less reliable usually.
[18:32:18] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Usually.
[18:32:23] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] No ECC ram
[18:32:54] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] My MC servers run on 4.7GHz i7 with 64GB RAM
[18:33:02] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Haven't had any issues with them with 10+ months uptime.
[18:33:11] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Hmm
[18:33:38] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] We only have about 60 players though
[18:33:48] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Is there such a thing as a server chasis but with some sort of eATX board or something inside?
[18:33:57] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] The CPU and RAM is mostly for computational stuff because everyone does high end creative building (lots of FAWE and generators)
[18:34:15] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Like can I build a server like a custom desktop?
[18:34:25] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I want this case and that RAM and that MB and that CPU?
[18:34:32] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Yeah especially if you're running it at home and don't necessarily need a rackmount environment.
[18:34:40] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Rackmount is fun!
[18:34:43] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] True!
[18:34:51] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] All my servers are rack mount 😛
[18:34:54] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] haha
[18:35:09] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I'm sure you can find a 4U chassis that will fit regular desktop components
[18:35:16] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Will be nice and quiet
[18:35:28] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] The PE servers are quite noisey.
[18:35:34] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] The part I hate about rackmount is the small fans = jet engine level sound
[18:35:36] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I have 1 2U and 3 1Us.
[18:35:50] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Yep! Bring in the leaf blowers!
[18:36:11] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I had a small homelab of 3 servers in a short rack.  I 2U's were ok, but I had one 1U that sounded like it was screaming it was so loud
[18:36:23] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But newer hardware = more efficient = less heat!
[18:36:25] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] But I've sinced just moved to rented servers at OVH.
[18:36:46] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] But I understand how cool it would be to be able to run and manage it yourself.
[18:37:08] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I keep my 4 servers and other gear in my basement on the unfinished side next to the furnace and water filters and stuff. It's on a shelf maybe 4 ft above the ground so no risk of water damage if we have a flood.
[18:37:13] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I just ran out of time... plus i'm in southeastern US (110F during the summer, so garage even with portable A/C wasn't good for server housing, especially with humidity)
[18:37:22] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I wish I had a basement, but it's all sand here.
[18:38:00] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I'm in the NE part of the US but we get some pretty hot days over the summer. The basement stays relatively cool but standing in the room with the servers for a few hours makes me sweat.
[18:38:44] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] If I had it my way, I'd put a free standing AC unit with the exhaust tube running out the window down there.
[18:39:02] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] But we already incur quite a high power bill, an AC unit wouldn't help 😛
[18:40:13] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] You ever watch LinusTechTips? They did a DIYish server closet. I wanna do that. Have a ventilation system that hooks into my main HVAC system that runs all the time.
[18:40:31] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Even better, have an air conditioned, raised floor for cable routing.
[18:40:44] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] And those ladder things on the ceiling for more routing.
[18:41:38] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] #ihavealotofplansbutnomoneyhelpme
[18:47:12] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Yeah that sounds really awesome.  A buddy of mine lives in Ohio and has a basement so it keeps the sound contained and it stays cool even thru the summer.
[18:47:33] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Yeah I'm a big LTT fan.  Every time he does a "let's redo the server closet" video, I'm always wishing I could have a space to do that.
[18:47:49] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] If I were to build a house, I'd incorporate a server closet, definitely.
[18:48:50] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Ok so now I'm thinking. Standard server room with a raised floor has basically a grid with tiles you can pick up with that suction tool. I bet I could use 2x6s and 3/4 inch plywood to create the same concept.
[18:49:18] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] @lukeeexd | Type /dynmap quiet to stop it from spamming render updates
[18:49:37] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Use a router to create notches in the 2x6s, align in a grid and drill holes in the tiles to allow airflow.
[18:50:07] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Then just have an AC vent under the raised floor and a return in the ceiling.
[18:50:14] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Basically creating a giant air hockey table.
[18:50:31] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Am I crazy?
[18:50:42] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] lol you've obviously put a lot of thought into it
[18:50:59] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] This was just me sitting in class for all of 5 minutes.
[18:51:10] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] I get bored in class.
[18:51:26] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] I worked for a couple of years as a security systems technician (installing commercial CCTV systems)
[18:51:39] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] A lot of the server rooms we installed had floors like that.
[18:51:55] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] About 12" of space, along with wire racks hanging from the ceiling.
[18:52:14] <@IRCBot> [mikedmd | BR | Creative] Server racks were fully enclosed and drew air from floor to exhaust vent on top.
[18:52:27] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] How to show hearts in tablist?
[18:52:34] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Is there a plugin just for that?
[18:54:00] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Yep! My company had that style too.
[18:55:09] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] We have a building we still own but don't use that has our old data center. Problem is it smells like a pet store in there now because the mice have taken over.
[18:55:18] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921 | CCS | Vanilla SMP] Under the floor...
[19:02:53] <@IRCBot> [Tyrriel | Atlas Project] @lukeeexd | to show hearts in tablist, you can just use the scoreboard
[19:03:08] <@IRCBot> [Tyrriel | Atlas Project] In fact, you could do it in Vanilla MC
[19:03:57] <@IRCBot> [Tyrriel | Atlas Project] Also, Welcome @Valhalllooooo !
[19:04:59] <@IRCBot> [lukeeexd |] Ya just did that :p
[19:10:39] <@IRCBot> [Ajaxan | Atlas Project] Welcome @Valhalllooooo
[19:45:13] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] hey all
[19:45:27] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] having trouble finding a 1.12.2 alternative to a plugin called pvpmanager
[19:45:42] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] it's a plugin that allows players to toggle their pvp status
[19:45:52] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] it also has anti-pvplog settings
[19:46:01] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] unfortunately it's totally busted on 1.12.2 though
[19:46:07] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] anyone got any suggestions?
[19:46:13] <pokechu22> How is it busted?
[19:46:32] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] console errors, it just doesn't work anymore
[19:47:52] <@IRCBot> [Ajaxan | Atlas Project] your best bet is to upgrade from their free plugin to their premium one. Its updated:
[19:48:46] <@IRCBot> [Ajaxan | Atlas Project] otherwise you'll likely have to go find multiple plugins to cover all the bases, which seems to ironically be exactly why pvpmanager was made 😅
[19:48:48] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] yeah i saw that, i'd rather see if there are any free alternatives first though
[19:49:27] <@IRCBot> [Ajaxan | Atlas Project] As a dev myself, if its important to your server, 8 Euro ain't much and it goes straight to that dev for all their hard work.
[19:49:53] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] yeah i know, i'll do it if i have to, but if there's something that's free that does the same thing i'd obviously go with that
[19:50:16] <@IRCBot> [Ajaxan | Atlas Project] fair enough. I don't know any off the top of my head, but perhaps someone will. Goodluck!
[19:50:24] <pokechu22> ... paid plugins :/
[19:51:11] <pokechu22> Is this the source for that plugin?
[19:52:11] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] looks to be yeah. and neato, there's a jenkins for it
[19:52:19] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] let me try this
[19:57:08] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] oh neat, it works
[19:57:09] <@IRCBot> [HalfOfAKebab] thanks
[20:15:27] <@IRCBot> [Liam | ValureMC] i bet you that source has hacks in it
[20:18:19] <pokechu22> Probably not since you could actually check, unlike with, say, a paid plugin that prohibits any kind of decompilation, disassembly, reading, whatever