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[00:00:05] #admincraft - Tue Aug 22 00:00:05 2017
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[00:00:18] * Topic is ':/r/admincraft | A channel for Minecraft administrators and developers | Have a question? Ask it! | Discord:'
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[00:02:18] <@IRCBot> [NikoBellic1] As a suggestion, a few more channels such as #offtopic, #whathosttouse, #techsupport, etc. might be useful
[00:02:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🤔
[00:04:32] <@IRCBot> [NikoBellic1] I'll introduce myself, possibly shameless advertisement alert: I'm Niko, and I own the server of LibertyMC. I am 13 year old, yes, you heard that right.
[00:04:37] * samschaap ( Quit (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
[00:05:10] <@IRCBot> [NikoBellic1] My server is doing pretty well, most players are satisfied with the experience
[00:05:42] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] woooo 20!
[00:05:56] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] 🎉
[00:06:00] <@IRCBot> [infered5] 🎊
[00:06:14] <@IRCBot> [infered5] oh hey it's eliteduck
[00:06:34] <@IRCBot> [NikoBellic1]
[00:06:46] <@IRCBot> [infered5] but we're actually at 19
[00:06:50] <@IRCBot> [infered5] cuz the bot doesn't count
[00:07:16] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] counts for joke join things to be turned off?
[00:07:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] discrimination against bots!!1!!!
[00:07:28] <@IRCBot> [NikoBellic1] /r/prematurecelebration
[00:07:39] <@IRCBot> [infered5] Stereotypes are based on grains of truth, robot war now
[00:07:47] <@IRCBot> [infered5] They're taking our jobs
[00:08:50] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] now all we need is a southpark gif
[00:11:13] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] @MrPowerGamerBR what do you have network-compression-threshold set at btw?
[00:11:39] * samschaap ( has joined #admincraft
[00:11:46] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] i set mine to 128 and that made a massive difference
[00:11:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @exultanthabit afaik 128
[00:11:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and 0 to every subserver
[00:13:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] The last "Server Saturday" didn't have too many posts :X
[00:13:16] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] hrm 😐 default was 250 something i was having lag even from california -> bhs
[00:13:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I like reading that
[00:13:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It only had two posts, one by me and one by Pokechu22
[00:14:04] <pokechu22> Yea, those things are fun, even if there isn't always too much activity in them
[00:14:30] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] i like seeing what others are doing
[00:14:46] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] good inspiration
[00:31:59] <@IRCBot> [infered5] I keep starting out cool servers and never finishing them
[00:32:03] <@IRCBot> [infered5] even though I have a team of people
[00:32:06] <@IRCBot> [infered5] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[00:32:12] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] hmu with some unique server ideas kthxbye
[00:32:13] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] ❤
[00:32:32] <@IRCBot> [infered5] learn how to use Crackshot, learn how to make 3D models in resource packs, remake entire video games
[00:32:50] <@IRCBot> [infered5] made most of Destiny, currently playing with the Metro series
[00:33:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I'm trying to figure out why maven isn't outputting the shaded version of my plugin
[00:33:11] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] But similar to what you said, I've started a lot of cool coding projects, and lost motivation halfway through
[00:33:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I'm also developing ProtocolSupportPE because I always wanted to create a good MCPE server since 2014
[00:33:40] <@IRCBot> [infered5] Java >
[00:33:46] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I owned an MCPE server back in 2014 😄
[00:33:58] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I think I was the only person to ever join it
[00:34:15] <@IRCBot> [infered5] I know your pain, I usually don't have any players on my server
[00:34:21] <@IRCBot> [infered5] my java one
[00:34:33] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] mcpe is just too hard to go to after playing pc for me
[00:35:01] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It irritates me that Mojang hasn't made an official PE server file
[00:35:18] <@IRCBot> [infered5] probably M$ trying to lay out the framework for paid hosting
[00:35:24] <@IRCBot> [infered5] like Dice did with BF1
[00:35:25] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] or even a propper spot for servers
[00:35:45] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Yeah, you have to jump through hoops to add a server
[00:35:47] <@IRCBot> [infered5] they'll probably pump out some realms rejects and see what sticks
[00:36:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @infered5 well
[00:36:06] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] How does PE realms even work? Do they profit off of things like Nukkit or whatever?
[00:36:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can code a MCPE server in Java
[00:36:11] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Or is it like a tricked LAN thing?
[00:36:26] <@IRCBot> [infered5] the games themselves are made in java
[00:36:32] <@IRCBot> [infered5] with some weird fuckery to make them run mobile
[00:36:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Nukkit is an example of an MCPE server made in Java
[00:36:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but Nukkit is meh
[00:36:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think ProtocolSupportPE is a better idea
[00:36:50] <@IRCBot> [infered5] the android port I think is almost straight java
[00:36:50] <@IRCBot> [null] @MrPowerGamerBR 👍 for using intellij
[00:36:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @null 😃
[00:36:58] <@IRCBot> [infered5] ios, not so much lol
[00:37:03] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I'm an eclipse user  ðŸ˜¦
[00:37:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I migrated to IntelliJ because I wanted to use Kotlin
[00:37:09] <@IRCBot> [infered5] same
[00:37:12] <@IRCBot> [null] I prefer solar IntelliJ's
[00:37:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And Eclipse's Kotlin plugin sucks
[00:37:16] <@IRCBot> [infered5] kotlin looks fun but I haven't tried it yet
[00:37:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Kotlin is cool
[00:37:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I ❤ the stdlib Kotlin has
[00:37:34] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I don't know if it's just me, but IntelliJ confuses me
[00:37:47] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I've given it a try, since a team I worked with for a while only uses it
[00:37:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You can reverse a list by just using
[00:37:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] list.reversed()
[00:37:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] easy
[00:37:58] <@IRCBot> [infered5] I use intelliJ half the time, Eclipse the other half, visual studio the other half and Unity's monodevelop the last half
[00:38:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But I love extension methods in Kotlin
[00:38:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I can create a extension method to get the player's balance with Vault
[00:38:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and then I can use player.getBalance()
[00:38:29] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like it was any other method
[00:38:37] <@IRCBot> [null] Eww player.getBalance()
[00:38:39] <@IRCBot> [null] Use player.balance
[00:38:59] <@IRCBot> [infered5] Skript is fun, right guys?
[00:39:06] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] SkriptMasterRace
[00:39:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @null yeah it was just an example
[00:39:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because if I said "player.balance"
[00:39:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] people that doesn't know kotlin would think it was an field
[00:39:45] <@IRCBot> [null] Yeah true
[00:39:51] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] kotlin var OfflinePlayer.balance: Double     get() = VaultUtils.econ.getBalance(this)     set(value) {         this.withdraw(this.balance)         this.deposit(value)     }
[00:39:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Sometimes I wonder why Vault doesn't have a method to set the account balance
[00:40:05] <@IRCBot> [infered5] ^^^^^
[00:40:08] <@IRCBot> [infered5] for real
[00:40:48] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] So that's Kotlin up above, MrPowerGamer?
[00:40:52] <@IRCBot> [null] Does depositing a negative value work? If not then that code will break for negative values
[00:40:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yup
[00:40:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] That's an extension method actually
[00:41:04] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I might check it out
[00:41:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It allows you to use "player.balance" to get the player balance
[00:41:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] instead of doing VaultUtils.econ.getBalance(player);
[00:42:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 👀
[00:42:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[00:42:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] MCPE uses ARGB images for maps
[00:42:23] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] instead of paletted maps like PC
[00:46:01] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] If I use mvn clean install it doesn't output the shaded JAR but if I use mvn install it does :Thonk:
[00:50:11] <@IRCBot> [null] reminds me of System.out.memeln()
[01:19:05] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] This post is great
[01:20:17] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] Hahahahaa
[01:20:33] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I genuinely don't understand why anyone would pay for that
[01:20:33] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] pay for you to pay for a server on their network
[01:20:42] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] And he doesn't even hosti t
[01:20:52] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] He just adds the IP to his bungee config
[01:20:53] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] lol
[01:21:31] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I kinda want to make a new server, but I don't know which kind
[01:21:33] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[01:21:44] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] hide em
[01:21:45] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ikr
[01:22:00] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] i like that feature
[01:22:04] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] hello
[01:22:05] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] but i hate it at the same time
[01:22:17] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] same
[01:22:24] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] so many crappy ones
[01:22:41] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] so surprising
[01:22:41] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°]
[01:22:47] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:23:12] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Someone wanted me to add their plugin to my server once
[01:23:25] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] dofnt
[01:23:28] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] so I decompiled it and the first thing in the main class was an "OP me" command
[01:23:30] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] You'll be how surprised how gullible some owners are
[01:23:32] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] haha
[01:23:35] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] go on that thread and read
[01:23:39] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] you'll be surprised lol
[01:23:45] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I already read it haha
[01:23:51] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Interesting command names
[01:23:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] it goes as far as editing the jar lol
[01:24:00] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] lol
[01:24:44] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21]
[01:25:23] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] 😍 😍  skript 😍 😍
[01:25:28] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] (/s)
[01:25:29] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] mhm
[01:25:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] WHERE IS THE GASOLINE
[01:25:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] BURN IT WITH FIRE
[01:25:39] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] IS DIESEL GOOD ENOUGH
[01:25:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🔥
[01:25:52] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] 🌋
[01:25:59] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] rm -rf Skript/
[01:26:01] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I started out with Skript and eventually started working with Java because of it
[01:26:01] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] problem solved
[01:26:05] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] so it's not all bad
[01:26:09] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:26:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 yeah same
[01:26:17] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Bukkit.getPlugin("Skript").disable()
[01:26:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but like
[01:26:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Skript forced me to learn Java
[01:26:25] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] same @Bayside308 lol
[01:26:27] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] all 3 of us
[01:26:27] <@IRCBot> [null] bash find ~ -name Skript -exec rm -rf {} +
[01:26:28] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:26:28] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] my server is 100% skript (-sk addons/worldedit)
[01:26:30] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] rm -f -R Skript
[01:26:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Because Skript was lagging my server
[01:26:34] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 ur cringe
[01:26:36] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] centos 7 xD
[01:26:38] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It just had too many limitations at the time
[01:26:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @TonyMaster21 are going to regret that soon™
[01:26:39] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] no
[01:26:41] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] nah
[01:26:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah you will lol
[01:26:46] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It couldn't send web requests or anything
[01:26:47] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] you don't know what you're missing out on lol
[01:26:50] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] it can
[01:26:50] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:26:51] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I did the same thing in my server
[01:26:52] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @Bayside308 you can now
[01:26:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Reqn addon
[01:26:55] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] skQuery
[01:26:59] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And I regretted it
[01:27:01] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] too late 4 me
[01:27:10] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I deleted all my scripts
[01:27:12] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I don't use Spigot/bukkit much anymore
[01:27:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Everything in my server was made in Skript
[01:27:16] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] and made my server 100% custom
[01:27:17] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] you can't tell my server is skript
[01:27:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but Skript started lagging my server a lot
[01:27:22] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 what if i do /skript
[01:27:30] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] or /sk
[01:27:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It was related to database storage iirc
[01:27:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] One day it was like
[01:27:37] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] /sk = skyblock
[01:27:38] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] 😄
[01:27:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 20TPS cool
[01:27:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Then it dropped to 14TPS
[01:27:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And timings shown it was Skript
[01:27:50] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21]
[01:27:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Yeah
[01:27:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] how skript handles databases by default is horrid
[01:27:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but does your server has any players?
[01:27:57] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] no lag with skript
[01:27:57] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] variable system is horrid
[01:28:00] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Project Rails > Bukkit
[01:28:00] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] or I want to believe
[01:28:04] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] 15 players
[01:28:06] <Disconsented> ew
[01:28:06] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] bungeecord
[01:28:06] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 skript does not scale well
[01:28:07] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] lol
[01:28:08] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] 15?
[01:28:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] see when your server gets big
[01:28:15] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] we
[01:28:15] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I've used Skript with 100+
[01:28:17] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] its not pretty
[01:28:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] same
[01:28:24] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Made the move to Java
[01:28:30] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] its only 15 because its late
[01:28:31] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I could literally split the ram in half
[01:28:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Once it was 20TPS then it dropped to 14TPS
[01:28:41] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] we've had up to 50+ players no lag
[01:28:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] ❤ HikariCP
[01:28:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Timings shown it was Skript
[01:28:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I couldn't figure out why it was lagging
[01:28:56] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] but its unefficent code
[01:28:59] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] profiling shown it was due to database save/load
[01:29:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 you're still using unnecessary resources lol
[01:29:01] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] that lags
[01:29:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Then I said fuck it and forced myself to learn Java
[01:29:05] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[01:29:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Skript uses a ton of resources
[01:29:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Also
[01:29:15] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you are relying on an external plugin to be updated
[01:29:16] <@IRCBot> [Stately] Skript is fine if you're smart about what you do with it.
[01:29:18] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Everytime something runs
[01:29:21] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] yes.
[01:29:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] just so your server can update too
[01:29:27] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] It has to be wrapped around with Skript objects
[01:29:30] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] My first java plugin, ladies and gents
[01:29:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Even Skript's author stopped updating it
[01:29:37] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] lol
[01:29:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Njol
[01:29:40] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Forks are showing up
[01:29:45] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] bensku is the most prominent
[01:29:48] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] do you want to join the server? if i didnt say it was skript, you would think its java
[01:29:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well yeah
[01:29:54] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] where is the opme command @Bayside308
[01:29:55] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] PM me the IP
[01:29:56] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] just to see it
[01:29:56] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 Skript is Java, tony
[01:30:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] people also said the same thing about my server lol
[01:30:01] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] you know what i mean
[01:30:07] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Everything in Skript is wrapped with Java objects
[01:30:11] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] TriggerSections
[01:30:14] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It's not in the one from the recent post, it was in a plugin that someone wanted me to add to my server in early 2015
[01:30:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Also
[01:30:17] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] on event: -> TriggerSection
[01:30:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Skript source code
[01:30:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it isn't pretty
[01:30:23] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:30:28] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] even the maintainers of the new forks
[01:30:31] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:30:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] don't understand it
[01:30:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Skript's API for external plugins sucks
[01:30:34] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Lol
[01:30:39] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] The maintainer of the new fork
[01:30:42] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] it works
[01:30:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 that's horrid
[01:30:49] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] just because it works
[01:30:51] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] doesn't mean its good
[01:30:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] yeah
[01:30:55] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Skript API sucks
[01:30:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You know why people make you need to write "zombie pig" instead of using just zombie pig in APIs?
[01:30:59] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] no async expressions possible
[01:31:01] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Because the API SUCKS
[01:31:03] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] the parser is glitchy
[01:31:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like
[01:31:17] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] it has issues with variables
[01:31:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] disguise entity with "zombie pig"
[01:31:22] <mbaxter> What the hell just happened
[01:31:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] instead of just writing
[01:31:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] disguise entity with zombie pig
[01:31:35] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because Skript API sucks, that's why
[01:31:37] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] that's more of the addon author's fault
[01:31:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Instead of getting a EntityType
[01:31:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You get a EntityType Njol created
[01:31:50] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] they could have done %entitytype% instead of %string%
[01:31:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and you can't convert that EntityType to a Bukkit EntityType
[01:31:56] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] also
[01:31:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Andrew° ^
[01:32:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can't convert them
[01:32:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that's the issue
[01:32:03] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] njol made classes
[01:32:08] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] that were the same name as Bukkti and Java classes
[01:32:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] like wtf
[01:32:10] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] mbaxter skript triggers apparently
[01:32:25] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Skript 😐
[01:32:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Andrew° yep
[01:32:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] when you use that %entitytype%
[01:32:45] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I've made a few addons
[01:32:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it returns the Njol EntityType
[01:32:49] <mbaxter> I meant the fact this peaceful channel is now spammed! :P
[01:32:51] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Not Bukkit's EntityType
[01:33:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] you could register Bukkit's entitytype but then that might conflcit with other addons
[01:33:07] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that's why almost everyone (at least when I still used Skript) used string
[01:33:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] because two addons can't register the same type 👀
[01:33:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] tl;dr: fuck skript
[01:33:29] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ah thank discord, up to 23 people now
[01:33:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] njol created it only for simple stuff
[01:33:34] <mbaxter> @Intelli I could reach out to Sponge folks (since I am one, just not one with authority) re:sidebar
[01:33:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but it kinda got out of the hand pretty fast
[01:33:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] also
[01:33:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] uh...
[01:33:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] does the IRC Bot has permission to mention everyone?
[01:33:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I tried to make the API prettier
[01:33:56] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] LOL
[01:33:58] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I made a wrapped around it
[01:33:59] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°]
[01:34:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] look at this
[01:34:00] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] hope not
[01:34:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] someone could join the IRC Bot and try mentioning everyone to see what happens 👀
[01:34:12] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:34:18] <mbaxter> I'd hope the bot has mention perms, otherwise it's nerfed for no reason.
[01:34:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well
[01:34:29] * xXAndrew28Xx ( has joined #admincraft
[01:34:30] <mbaxter> Far too much paranoia about IRC, which is way better regulated than discord :P
[01:34:31] <xXAndrew28Xx> @everyone
[01:34:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] see
[01:34:35] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it works
[01:34:35] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Oh god
[01:34:45] <xXAndrew28Xx> <#348681414260293635>
[01:34:47] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] @mbaxter how does sponge work out with so many devs? teams ect?
[01:34:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] .replace("@everyone", "").replace("@here", "");
[01:34:59] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] fuck
[01:35:01] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:35:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I also have permission to mention everyone
[01:35:06] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @here
[01:35:06] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] welp
[01:35:07] <mbaxter> Sponge works great! :)
[01:35:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I thought I didn't
[01:35:17] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Are there even staff on here lol
[01:35:18] <Disconsented> Last I checked it was controlled chaos
[01:35:29] <mbaxter> Staff on here? For Sponge?
[01:35:31] <mbaxter> Hi.
[01:35:41] <mbaxter> Disconsented: Controlled cats!
[01:35:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] That reminds me when I implemented a simple markov chain in my bot
[01:35:43] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] No one has a role
[01:35:44] <mbaxter> Meow.
[01:35:50] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and my bot learned new things by reading the server chat
[01:35:52] <Disconsented> same thing really
[01:35:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] once it learned a message with everyone
[01:36:01] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:36:08] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I connected my bot to public chat bots
[01:36:09] <mbaxter> 'learned new things' - no, it just started making less crappy sentences.
[01:36:12] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] it got 18+ pretty fast
[01:36:13] <mbaxter> markov bots are great to corrupt.
[01:36:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and someone used the command in a populated server (~2000 members)
[01:36:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and my bot mentioned everyone
[01:36:30] <mbaxter> 18+? I'm pretty sure my community's markov bot is 35+ with parental signature.
[01:36:32] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Fixed @here / @everyone :p
[01:36:39] <@IRCBot> [null] Thank jesus
[01:36:42] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] IntelliJ ++
[01:36:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] let's see
[01:36:44] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] oh no
[01:36:44] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] @everyone test
[01:36:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @here
[01:36:47] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] rip
[01:36:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 👍
[01:36:49] <Disconsented> @here
[01:36:49] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] yay
[01:36:50] <xXAndrew28Xx> @everyone
[01:36:51] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] ficed
[01:36:51] <Disconsented> @everyone
[01:36:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:37:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Fixed x2 - github
[01:37:01] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] 🙄
[01:37:04] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] git revert
[01:37:05] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] gotta remove bot perms
[01:37:06] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:37:12] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] bots get their own role
[01:37:13] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] don't they
[01:37:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[01:37:20] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] just negate the perms in there
[01:37:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can remove it
[01:37:33] <@IRCBot> [null] @Intelli I think you need to remove @IRC Bot's permission to use @everyone
[01:37:42] <@IRCBot> [null] Not sure if that's possible with a bot though
[01:37:45] <Disconsented> @everyone you say?
[01:37:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @MrPowerGamerBR lol we both are in JDA
[01:37:52] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] we have a ton of servers in common
[01:37:53] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] woo
[01:37:57] <@IRCBot> [null] 🎉
[01:38:11] <Disconsented> I really dont know why thats on by default
[01:38:12] <mbaxter> Intelli, I attempted to mention you earlier, not sure if you got it. I get the feeling Sponge folks would love representation.
[01:38:31] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] chads house
[01:38:32] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] wut
[01:38:33] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] happened
[01:38:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Andrew° you are on /r/mcpe discord server
[01:38:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] yup lol
[01:38:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I'm not even sure why I'm there
[01:38:50] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I don't even talk there
[01:38:53] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] it was from a stream
[01:38:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] for me
[01:39:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i think it was some type of PSA on /r/minecraft
[01:39:03] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] iirc
[01:39:06] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i don't even remember
[01:39:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] when you want to develop in a branch so you need to keep merging it everytime with master
[01:39:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[01:39:53] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:40:05] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] just commit in master and git push --force /s
[01:40:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[01:40:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well
[01:40:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] idk
[01:40:20] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] tbh @TonyMaster21 would do that
[01:40:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Actually it is a ProtocolSupport branch
[01:40:28] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] --force?
[01:40:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Everytime I merged something
[01:40:35] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] only when someone else commits and i need to commit
[01:40:36] <pokechu22> Rebase, it's not that hard...
[01:40:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It was because I was like
[01:40:40] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @TonyMaster21 Lol
[01:40:42] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] you don't try to merge?
[01:40:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] "Okay, I will implement something new now"
[01:40:43] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] LOl
[01:40:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But then I didn't implement anything
[01:40:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Then Shevchik would push new stuff to mcpenew
[01:40:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] repeat cycle
[01:41:17] <mbaxter> "it's not that hard" is an accurate description of most git tasks people complain about, pokechu22 :P
[01:41:53] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] @mbaxter I'll just go ahead and add Sponge to the sidebar lol.
[01:42:15] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I need to try adding new remappers to ProtocolSupportPE
[01:42:16] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Would it be okay for me to link to the new server list website I setup, @Intelli? I don't profit from it or anything (there's no ads), so I assume it's allowed under subreddit rule 4
[01:42:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] imagine a server with Minecraft 1.4.7 to 1.21.1 + Minecraft Pocket/Windows 10/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Edition support 👀
[01:42:40] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] did you buy the website template
[01:42:51] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] any newish features @Bayside308 ?
[01:42:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] (running Spigot 1.21.1)
[01:43:02] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Sounds fine @Bayside308
[01:43:08] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] @mbaxter it's been added
[01:43:15] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Not many, besides being ad free and having a clean/basic UI
[01:43:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 plz add filtering by countries kthxbye
[01:43:24] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I could add that actually
[01:43:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] if it doesn't have that yet
[01:43:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] That's one of the reasons I prefer Minecraft-MP
[01:43:33] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] support for modded?
[01:43:34] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] link to it?
[01:43:45] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] As long as the server can be queried, it should work for you
[01:43:49] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308]
[01:43:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Because when you search "minecraft servers" (in portugueses)
[01:43:58] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] You should have it ping FML servers
[01:44:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] everytime I read "FML"
[01:44:06] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] then use plugin messaging to check for modpack support
[01:44:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think "fuck my life"
[01:44:13] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ooo i like it has a very git feel to it
[01:44:14] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] oh
[01:44:14] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] my
[01:44:15] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] so
[01:44:16] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] simple
[01:44:22] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It's a really generic bootstrap layout
[01:44:28] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] link?
[01:44:30] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] oh
[01:44:30] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21]
[01:44:31] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] im blijnd
[01:44:33] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] lol
[01:44:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but muh flashing colors banner
[01:44:40] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:44:41] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] very git
[01:44:46] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] no login?
[01:44:48] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] "Error! Marked fields are required !"
[01:44:49] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] no flashy banners
[01:44:49] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] how to edit
[01:44:52] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Name isn't a marked field
[01:44:54] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] :p
[01:44:57] <mbaxter> Yay @Intelli thanks :D
[01:44:57] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] no paid slots
[01:45:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] idk
[01:45:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think it would be cool to at least add the server icon
[01:45:29] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I want to add server icons next to the name
[01:45:33] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] on the left side
[01:45:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[01:45:37] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] do that
[01:45:37] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] then do it
[01:45:38] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] ping it
[01:45:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] then it would be 💯
[01:45:40] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Just haven't gotten to it yet lol
[01:45:42] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] lol
[01:45:46] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] what is it coded in
[01:45:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] convert json motd
[01:45:48] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] to html
[01:45:49] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] would be too hard for modded servers imo
[01:45:49] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] 😮
[01:45:50] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] PHP
[01:45:52] <@IRCBot> [TonyMaster21] LOL
[01:45:58] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] tony
[01:46:00] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] u use it too
[01:46:01] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] what
[01:46:03] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Everyone hates on PHP but I like it
[01:46:05] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[01:46:06] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] same
[01:46:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I don't like PHP
[01:46:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Once I learned that you can create websites in Java
[01:46:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i hate it but use it
[01:46:35] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i'm learning JS
[01:46:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I stopped creating websites in PHP
[01:46:44] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] What framework @MrPowerGamerBR
[01:46:44] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] java
[01:46:45] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] tf
[01:46:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Jooby
[01:46:49] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] oo
[01:46:53] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @PHPMaster21
[01:46:58] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] have you never seen .aspx or .asp
[01:47:00] <Disconsented> >java
[01:47:00] <Disconsented> >php
[01:47:03] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] thats
[01:47:04] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] java?
[01:47:04] <Disconsented> sweet summer children
[01:47:21] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] nvm
[01:47:21] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] im dumb
[01:47:27] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] yea
[01:47:29] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] its .jsp
[01:47:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like, this website is made with Java: (my discord bot website)
[01:47:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah I know
[01:47:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it isn't 100% translated
[01:47:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and yes, I know
[01:47:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] there is placeholder images
[01:47:48] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] oh wow
[01:47:49] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] you made that bot
[01:47:52] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I've seen it before
[01:48:01] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I saw it on the first page of some bot list
[01:48:03] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] feel python would do well here
[01:48:13] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] LOL
[01:48:17] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] phthon
[01:48:18] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i don't like scripting languages that much
[01:48:24] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] but u like skript
[01:48:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] > tfw someone knows my bot
[01:48:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[01:48:31] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:48:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i've never used it
[01:48:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[01:48:38] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] liar
[01:48:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but you already seen it
[01:48:40] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] jsuk andrew fakes his players
[01:48:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that's enough for me
[01:48:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] no
[01:48:48] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i don't lol
[01:48:50] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] only the owner does
[01:48:52] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] lol
[01:48:54] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] it was +10
[01:48:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah I added it to Discord Bots and... Discord
[01:48:55] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:48:59] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] one point
[01:49:01] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] it was +50
[01:49:02] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] LOL
[01:49:18] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I never added the bot
[01:49:26] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] because i thought it would speak to me in portugese
[01:49:30] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] lol
[01:49:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[01:49:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It has a unfinished english translation
[01:49:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is in portugese because... well
[01:49:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] so i wasn't far off lol
[01:49:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] just look at my nick
[01:50:04] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And because I didn't find any good brazilian bots for Discord
[01:50:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[01:50:13] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I can't think of any good bot ideas
[01:50:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] everyone always used bots that spoke in english
[01:50:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So I decided to create one myself
[01:50:24] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] cant find it make it :p
[01:50:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Currently it is on 2500 servers 😮
[01:50:32] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I'm working on an inventory API for Spigot rn
[01:50:44] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Any idea how to work with packets on Bungee?
[01:50:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think you can't
[01:50:55] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I want to make this API work both on Spigot & Bungee
[01:50:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well, you can
[01:50:59] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Yeah
[01:50:59] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] @Intelli No server description? lol
[01:51:01] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] But complex
[01:51:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You need to create a custom downstream thingy blah blah blah
[01:51:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Never done it
[01:51:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] It uses reflection on ProxiedPlayers
[01:51:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But I know it is possible
[01:51:12] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] on join
[01:51:21] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] then injects something I think
[01:51:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] egh
[01:52:19] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] i need water
[01:52:20] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] but lazy
[01:52:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] sometimes I like intercepting packets from Android apps to see if I can get something useful for my bot 😛
[01:53:02] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] android 8.0 OREOO
[01:54:04] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I still don't like the new 8.0 emojis
[01:54:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] rip blobs
[01:55:50] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] yea
[01:55:52] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] they
[01:56:03] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] looks like a 5 year old made the new emojis
[01:56:04] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] i hate it
[01:56:47] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ive never been one for emojis
[01:57:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I didn't like emojis too much when I used iOS
[01:57:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but the blobs are cool
[01:57:35] <mbaxter> On a more fun note, how about that backdoor plugin posted to /r/admincraft earlier? Not bad!
[01:57:42] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] wtf
[01:57:45] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] did they remove that server
[01:57:47] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] with blobs
[01:57:47] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] 😦
[01:57:50] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] aww
[01:57:50] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] 😭
[01:58:19] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] What's everyone's favorite Minecraft version? 😃
[01:58:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I remember when someone sold a backdoored plugin
[01:58:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it had a backdoor for "when someone did pirate his plugin"
[01:58:40] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] 1.7.10
[01:58:40] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] lol
[01:58:42] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Was that on Spigot?
[01:58:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it was all fun and games until someone discovered the backdoor and started abusing it
[01:58:45] <mbaxter> 1.6.4, Bayside. Last stable CraftBukkit release.
[01:58:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 nope
[01:58:46] <pokechu22> Only the latest version, because that's the only maintained version
[01:58:59] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] 1.6.4 works too
[01:59:00] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] I honestly don't have an issue for self-terminating plugins or programs
[01:59:10] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Wasn't CraftBukkit officially updated for 1.7.X, @mbax?
[01:59:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yes
[01:59:15] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] really anything pre skrewing up chunk gen
[01:59:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It was
[01:59:22] <pokechu22> And I really really get annoyed when dealing with people who are running out-of-date versions and want support still
[01:59:24] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] They are really useful to me, as I do web design on the side
[01:59:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well, I think it was
[01:59:27] <mbaxter> Yes, bayside.
[01:59:37] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] yeah
[01:59:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think it was updated up to 1.7.10
[01:59:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] maybe
[01:59:41] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] before DMCA
[01:59:41] <mbaxter> 1.7.10 is the last Bukkit/Craftbukkit version but the last RB was for 1.6.4
[01:59:52] <mbaxter> Because oh fuck 1.7 was unstable
[01:59:56] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] lol
[01:59:59] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Do you guys also use PaperSpigot now?
[02:00:09] <mbaxter> Sponge! Woo.
[02:00:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Anyway, the best Minecraft version is Minecraft™ Pocket Edition b1.2.0.18
[02:00:25] <mbaxter> You're a monster, MrPowerGamerBR
[02:00:29] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] oh but it is cool
[02:00:30] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I never got into Sponge, but to be fair, I never gave it a shot
[02:00:32] <pokechu22> PE is bleh
[02:00:34] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Beta 1.7.3 for life
[02:00:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] MCPE has some fancy stuff that PC doesn't have
[02:00:42] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] sponge is pretty much the only viable option past 1.7.10
[02:00:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You can send custom geometry for players
[02:00:53] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] really?
[02:00:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yes
[02:00:57] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] elaborate
[02:00:59] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] i know about GUIs
[02:01:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like
[02:01:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can edit the player model
[02:01:09] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] o
[02:01:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] without resource pack
[02:01:12] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] wow
[02:01:12] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] custom guis??
[02:01:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yup
[02:01:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] also custom GUIs
[02:01:19] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Yeah, the custom guis are amazing
[02:01:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] they are called modals actually
[02:01:24] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] how.
[02:01:34] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] why can't Mojang add good features to PC edition ffs
[02:01:35] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They are JSON driven
[02:01:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You send to the client a modal
[02:01:47] <@IRCBot> [PHPMaster21] ah
[02:01:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And when the client accepts the modal it returns with something
[02:01:48] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] I want that modding API
[02:01:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Like
[02:01:51] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] if a toggle was on/off
[02:01:51] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Holy fuck, can we get secondary channel
[02:01:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] text input
[02:01:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] etc
[02:01:56] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] channels*
[02:02:09] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I want a minecraft plugin idea
[02:02:29] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] All I fucking hear is
[02:02:30] <@IRCBot> blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-blip-
[02:02:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You can scale any entity in MCPE
[02:02:31] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] not this weird data pack stuff
[02:02:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You want a big zombie?
[02:02:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can do that
[02:02:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] or a small player
[02:02:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] or a giant rabbit
[02:02:42] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[02:02:44] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] that's cool
[02:02:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] just send a metadata with scale and that's it
[02:02:47] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] does the hitbox change
[02:02:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yes
[02:02:50] <mbaxter> Andrew: Cat wrangler. Modifies Cat AI to randomly become untamed and run away. Points for maintaining the most happy cats.
[02:02:51] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] and camera?
[02:02:53] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] @mbax: Out of curiosuity, why do you still use IRC? Personally, I never got the appeal of it, but I also didn't use the internet until it was pretty well developed
[02:02:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Didn't test that yet
[02:03:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but the hitbox changes
[02:03:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can even disable the hitbox
[02:03:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Another cool stuff in MCPE
[02:03:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it is actually a side effect
[02:03:15] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] can we make players so small they walk through small holes in models
[02:03:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can use "\n" in everything
[02:03:26] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] everything 😮
[02:03:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You can make multiline player names
[02:03:36] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] @MrPowerGamerBR How is the progress on PSPE?
[02:03:38] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] then you make the player invisible
[02:03:40] <mbaxter> Bayside: IRC is predictable, simple interface. No flashy stuff like images polluting the conversation (though you can still link to things or even use a client that grabs them)
[02:03:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] bam, hologram
[02:03:46] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] I interestingly was looking at PSPE too lol
[02:03:48] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] on github
[02:03:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Hunter (/u/eliteduck) let me see...
[02:03:50] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] then i saw it was working
[02:03:51] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] so i closed it
[02:03:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Currently there wasn't any big changes
[02:03:57] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] at least last time i checked
[02:04:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But one of the major thing missing is inventories
[02:04:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] That's really it actually
[02:04:05] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Will is be usable by the time the better together update is out?
[02:04:06] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Makes sense, in a way that's why I like beta 1.7.3
[02:04:08] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It's simple
[02:04:08] <mbaxter> Bayside: IRC is easier to follow in fast conversation than discord even in compact mode.
[02:04:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Hunter (/u/eliteduck) maybe
[02:04:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] we don't know
[02:04:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] ask shevhcik
[02:04:32] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] You really are doing god's work. Java would be fucked without PSPE
[02:04:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] ProtocolSupport also has a discord server
[02:04:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But there is only three developers working on ProtocolSupportPE
[02:04:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Shevchik
[02:04:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 7kasper
[02:04:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and me
[02:05:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] The only thing I do is implement random stuff
[02:05:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like maps
[02:05:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like
[02:05:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] who cares about working gameplay
[02:05:19] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] But do we run our servers on :25565 or the pocket edition default port?
[02:05:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] when you have MAPS
[02:05:27] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 probably it will be customizable
[02:05:29] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] by default it is 2222
[02:05:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it is 2222 because Shevchik doesn't want people using it in production
[02:05:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] The default MCPE port is 19132
[02:05:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Let me get some fancy screenshots
[02:06:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I was trying to implement inventories
[02:06:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but I didn't get too far with it
[02:06:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[02:06:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] (This is a PC player looking at a PE player inventory using OpenInv)
[02:07:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Leads has gravity in MCPE
[02:07:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[02:07:14] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Will chest GUIs be functional for PE players?
[02:07:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 well... uh...
[02:07:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that's a problem
[02:07:27] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] A server I used to work for was concerned about that
[02:07:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] we still didn't figure out how to handle that
[02:07:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] MCPE doesn't have custom GUIs like PC
[02:07:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You need to spawn a tile entity
[02:08:06] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Does MCPE have hologram support?
[02:08:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Me trying to implement shulker boxes in PE (and failing)
[02:08:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[02:08:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Hunter (/u/eliteduck) kinda of
[02:08:15] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Just spawn a player
[02:08:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] set the player name
[02:08:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] make it invisible
[02:08:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] done
[02:08:29] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] "Hello world!\nWow, this is a hologram"
[02:08:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] \n break lines
[02:08:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Also
[02:08:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] MCPE doesn't have text limit
[02:08:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You can make a giant player name
[02:09:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And with line breaks you can make cool stuff too
[02:09:07] <phroa> that's a good thing?
[02:09:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like multi line bossbars
[02:09:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well idk if it is a good thing
[02:09:29] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Why PC has text limits?
[02:09:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I always wondered that
[02:09:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] (I'm not talking about chat text limit, that exists in PE too)
[02:10:01] <mbaxter> Limits because that's how they wrote it.
[02:10:04] <pokechu22> Protocol sanity for some things
[02:10:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But PC has text limits for scoreboards, boss bars (I think?), prefixes suffixes, etc
[02:10:16] <mbaxter> All the scoreboard related stuff is dinnerbone's fault (prefix and suffix is scoreboard)
[02:10:20] <pokechu22> Don't want the server sending a gigabyte of data (or telling the client that it will)
[02:10:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🤔
[02:10:40] <mbaxter> ammar2 solved that problem nicely, pokechu22
[02:10:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But there is still some very retarded things in PE
[02:10:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They use RakNet
[02:10:53] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Let's hope that Mojang, doesn't fuck up capes this year
[02:10:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Essentially they are doing TCP over UDP
[02:11:12] <pokechu22> Newlines are actually a technical thing.  I used to almost know the font renderer but not really, but it doesn't exactly like them
[02:11:17] <phroa> heh, is everyone who watches the stream going to get a cape
[02:11:26] <pokechu22> Ugh, ya, RakNet - that's a huge turn off for PE for me
[02:11:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] oh, about capes
[02:11:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] the server handles skins/capes in PE
[02:11:40] <mbaxter> phroa: Only if you buy the SPECIAL STREAM PASS
[02:11:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So servers can send capes to PE
[02:11:43] <mbaxter> 100USD
[02:11:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Someone did even stream a video in a PE cape
[02:11:55] <phroa> I can't tell if you're serious
[02:11:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like, he played a video on a cape
[02:12:05] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Still, capes break EULA
[02:12:09] <mbaxter> Not serious. The SPECIAL STREAM PASS will be 150USD
[02:12:20] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Mojang considers them the ame as items
[02:12:21] <mbaxter> The pass minus the cape will be 100USD
[02:12:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yeah
[02:12:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] they didn't enforce EULA in MCPE yet
[02:12:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but they do have "partner servers"
[02:12:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] which they are... well
[02:12:48] <mbaxter> for 75USD you can get a 2 hour stream pass
[02:12:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] servers that are partnered with Microsoft
[02:13:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So in the server list there is four "servers"
[02:13:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because they are partners
[02:13:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] you can still add your own servers tho
[02:14:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[02:15:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] CubeCraft is also an partner but they didn't open their MCPE server yet
[02:15:32] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] bad that i only know mineplex?
[02:15:35] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] I still boycott LBSG for what they did to
[02:15:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @exultanthabit nope
[02:15:46] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Absolutely disgusting
[02:15:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] those other two servers are MCPE only servers
[02:15:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well
[02:15:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] LBSG did buy Overcast Network
[02:15:57] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ah
[02:16:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] then rip
[02:16:05] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] They basically drained
[02:16:17] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] ive never really been into the big server things
[02:16:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Well, I'm indifferent about LBSG
[02:16:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They are good with open source stuff
[02:16:36] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] did hunger games at one point and that was it
[02:16:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They are a partner
[02:16:45] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And the server software they use is open source
[02:16:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So I get to see the new protocol changes in the new MCPE 1.2 builds
[02:17:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] better relying on them than relying on decompiled code from IDA
[02:17:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but there isn't any kind of blacklist stuff in MCPE
[02:17:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] yet
[02:18:09] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] cant tell if thats good or bad :p
[02:18:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Also
[02:18:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] resource packs for MCPE are waaaay more customizable than PC
[02:18:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] IIRC you can even change the entity model
[02:19:39] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] are item id's done similar to 1.12?
[02:19:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Yes
[02:19:46] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] maybe
[02:19:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] idk
[02:19:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Like this
[02:20:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 1:0
[02:20:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But they also use the "long name"
[02:20:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] minecraft:grass
[02:20:52] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] it blows chunks once you get into modded as every mod dev has there own labeling
[02:21:03] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] almost miss the id conflicts
[02:21:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] However while MCPE is better in some aspects it is also worse in others
[02:21:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like
[02:21:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] instead of doing like PC with potion stuff
[02:21:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] where the potion is in the potion NBT tags
[02:21:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] nope
[02:21:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] they will use sub IDs for that
[02:21:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Armor stands?
[02:21:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Well, they exist but you can't manipulate them like in PC
[02:22:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They only have ~5 predefined poses
[02:22:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But whats even worse? they save the arm/body/leg position (like in PC) in the NBT tag
[02:23:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But they don't allow you to manipulate it
[02:23:19] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] sounds rushed
[02:23:42] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] One of the developers said that he doesn't like armor stands
[02:23:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because like
[02:23:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] not in "that" way
[02:23:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is because he didn't want to implement armor stands like PC
[02:24:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because what people do with armor stands in PC are just crazy contraptions
[02:24:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that can be remade easier with resource packs in PE
[02:24:57] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] crazy contraptions have often become features
[02:25:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is crazy to think that, even after all of those years
[02:25:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] There isn't a good MCPE server software for survival
[02:26:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Probably ProtocolSupportPE is the best one at the moment for survival because it has working redstone
[02:26:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] while PocketMine-MP doesn't have it yet
[02:27:48] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] Mcpe has some potential if it werent treated like side project
[02:28:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Sometimes I wonder why nobody picked up a Minecraft (Java) server software and just implemented PE support on it
[02:29:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It just seems logical doing that instead of writing something from scratch
[02:30:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And it is not even that difficult, I've done that before with Glowstone (a open source Minecraft server software), as an proof of concept I tried implementing PE support on it
[02:30:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] In only three days I already had player movement, chat, chunks, block changes, entity spawn, etc
[02:31:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I only stopped it due to ProtocolSupportPE
[02:31:40] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] how is glowstone doing? ive not heard that brought up in quite a while
[02:36:21] <mbaxter> It sure exists.
[02:36:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @exultanthabit pretty fine I guess
[02:36:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is still alive
[02:36:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They have some nice bounties for feature requests
[02:37:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Afaik 30$ if someone implements projectiles
[02:37:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 50$ for entity AI
[02:37:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] etc etc etc
[02:41:50] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] using donations for this? or secret money bags behind the project?
[02:42:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @exultanthabit donations
[02:42:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They set up a bountysource for some of the issues
[02:42:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Afaik aternos owner (that free hosting service) donated a fair bit to that
[02:43:29] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] not a bad concept but how do i determine who gets it when someone does its it to the point of "functional"?
[02:44:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think they only receive the money when the PR is merged
[02:44:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Or maybe the repo owner gives the money idk
[02:45:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Never used bountysource before
[02:45:10] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] seems kinda counter productive haha
[02:45:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I think it goes like this
[02:45:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Someone creates an issue
[02:46:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] People donate to that issue so who resolves it gets a bit of money
[02:46:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Someone fixes and submits a PR
[02:46:40] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] When the PR is merged the user who made the PR receives money
[02:47:14] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] merging solo work seems like it would come with issues
[02:47:36] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] as far as community standards ect
[02:47:59] * xXAndrew28Xx ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[02:48:27] <@IRCBot> [getfugu] There's a single text channel?
[02:48:46] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] its day 1
[02:48:51] <@IRCBot> [getfugu] still tho
[02:49:14] <@IRCBot> [getfugu] it takes like 20 minutes to set up a few section text channels and a landing channel with rules
[03:09:39] <@IRCBot> [exultanthabit] Its about time!
[03:10:03] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Hey everyone! Thanks for making this Discord, seems pretty cool.
[03:36:54] <mbaxter> Why would you want more than one? Burn them all!
[03:37:15] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] #general2
[03:37:17] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] #general3
[03:37:20] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Just what we need.
[03:37:38] <mbaxter> Nah. #general1 #general3 and #general4
[03:37:55] <mbaxter> When someone asks about #general2 you remind them WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE INCIDENT
[03:38:05] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] 👍
[03:38:14] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] 🤣
[03:55:02] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] hey fuckers
[03:55:17] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Heyo
[04:01:02] <mbaxter> Wow rude
[04:01:05] <mbaxter> What about the nonfuckers
[04:01:52] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] sorry for my macro agression
[04:53:40] <@IRCBot> [Rsl1122] Hey watup
[05:43:51] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[05:44:33] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ has joined #admincraft
[05:44:33] * Server sets mode: +o IRCBot
[05:45:56] * IRCBot1 (~IRCBot@ has joined #admincraft
[05:45:57] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:49:11] * IRCBot1 (~IRCBot@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:49:12] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ has joined #admincraft
[05:49:12] * Server sets mode: +o IRCBot
[05:52:10] * Intelli ( Quit (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
[05:52:50] * Intelli ( has joined #admincraft
[05:52:51] * Server sets mode: +o Intelli
[06:08:46] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] hi
[06:08:56] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Hi
[07:19:32] * Intelli_ ( has joined #admincraft
[07:19:32] * Server sets mode: +o Intelli_
[07:20:55] * Intelli ( Quit (Ping timeout: 200 seconds)
[08:04:35] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] Howdy
[08:04:58] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] hi
[08:05:08] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] haha this is growing quick
[08:10:41] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] Not big enough that offline members get hidden yet
[08:10:48] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] It's 100 for that I think
[08:10:57] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] "yet"
[08:11:01] <@IRCBot> [Mothra] but yeah at 100
[08:14:04] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Damn, you guys have been busy while I was asleep
[09:35:11] <@IRCBot> [Fix] Hey all
[09:52:55] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[09:52:59] * IRCBot (~IRCBot@ has joined #admincraft
[09:52:59] * Server sets mode: +o IRCBot
[10:26:53] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] hey
[10:26:58] <@IRCBot> [Tenebrae] hi
[10:37:07] <@IRCBot> [Rsl1122] Yo PsychoLynx :)
[10:48:14] <@IRCBot> [colosst] Can we get some more channels in here please
[10:48:25] <@IRCBot> [colosst] general / development / off topic perhaps
[10:48:29] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] doesn't seem much point yet, too few people right now
[10:48:33] <@IRCBot> [colosst] maybe a showcase channel too
[10:48:40] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] just keep everyone chatting in the same place until stuff starts to overlap too much to hold a conversation
[10:48:48] <@IRCBot> [colosst] Fair enough
[10:49:04] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] there's less than 20 people here and maybe 5 who are actually active xD
[11:35:02] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] ^ Hello all
[11:36:04] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Might be wise to create more channels for various topics
[11:36:15] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] read up xD
[11:36:19] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] we were just talking about this
[11:36:27] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Too lazy
[11:36:32] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] sucks to be you then
[11:36:33] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] 😃
[11:41:02] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] That backdoor plugin for " increased durability of Diamond armor" is pretty crazy
[11:41:11] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] it's like all in one
[11:41:32] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] what's funny is there's almost no effort to hide it
[11:41:55] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] I could write a malicious plugin that would pass your average audit even with access to the original unmodified source
[11:42:14] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] imagine if someone actually tried to do that and ship it
[11:42:26] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] yeah
[11:42:48] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] you can do some fun things by turning off warnings
[11:43:09] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] in Linux systems I've seen things like: if (currentUser = 0) //user is Admin { ... }
[11:43:22] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] which of course is valid C, and it will compile if you turn off the relevant warning
[11:43:33] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] and it'll change the current user ID rather than check it, making you admin anywhere else
[11:43:45] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] really subtle stuff
[11:57:35] <@IRCBot> [nessie❦] Huh. Can't use custom emoji on here.
[11:57:37] <@IRCBot> [nessie❦] :hrm:
[11:57:47] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] probably disabled by admin
[11:57:59] <@IRCBot> [nessie❦] interesting.
[14:05:51] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] @phonicuk Maybe someone could hide it by stealing the class names from a common library
[14:06:10] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] Maybe even constructors and methods but have them to malicous things
[14:42:27] <mbaxter> Stop trying to scooby doo the discord channels!
[15:16:04] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[15:26:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] oo a voice channel
[15:26:59] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] The IRC bot should do text to speech on the voice channel /s
[15:29:22] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] and voice recognition -> text too
[15:29:27] <@IRCBot> [phonicuk] we wouldn't want anyone to feel left out!
[15:29:33] <@IRCBot> [Andrew°] lol
[15:30:04] <@IRCBot> [Sannity]
[15:31:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 2deep4me
[15:33:28] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Don't want to be "that guy" but is this something that will be treated as a meme space and a general chat room for admins and what not, or an actual resource to talk about MC, Spigot, plugin development, etc.  I've just been a part of too many chat rooms that started off with a good purpose and turned into shit post channels that didn't end up serving any purpose.  I wouldn't care if there was a space for jokes and everything, but I would
[15:33:29] <@IRCBot> atleast like to see one of these places prosper for a bit before just falling apart.
[15:34:44] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] well, there needs to be more channels in the first place, its sorta like a default server atm.
[15:34:57] <mbaxter> "needs to be more channels"
[15:35:00] <mbaxter> lol
[15:35:40] <mbaxter> Barely any activity, desperately wants to split things
[15:36:39] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] IRC Bot is right 😄
[15:37:03] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] yea you're right, because organizing topics splits a community up so much.
[15:38:21] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] How dare anyone suggest such a practical thing. :p
[15:43:18] <@IRCBot> [Stately] There should be a separate channel for discussing the addition of more channels
[15:44:31] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] And now we're at the meta level I was hoping for
[15:46:57] <mbaxter> 'IRC Bot is right'
[15:47:00] <mbaxter> I'm not a damned bot.
[15:47:28] <mbaxter> I'm just on the better side of this relay.
[15:47:30] <@IRCBot> [Stately] That's exactly the kind of thing a bot would say
[15:47:30] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] thats what they programmed you to say
[15:48:41] <mbaxter> ._o
[15:48:58] <mbaxter> All these Discord users invading a once peaceful IRC channel, acting superior :P
[15:53:20] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Not an act~
[15:53:35] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] I'm just that delusional
[16:06:37] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It'd be nice to have a webhook for r/admincraft in another channel
[16:09:56] <mbaxter> So we could keep getting posts to VIDEOS on plugin development, which is a purely text-based medium? No thanks.
[16:11:34] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] and then mayba add scripts to those videos so we could read them /s
[16:24:01] <mbaxter> And then just clean up the script to look nice. And then delete the damn video because nobody wants to keep pausing to read the code.
[16:34:08] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] LMFAO
[16:34:11] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:40:10] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ^This is what i'm talking about.  How is this relevant to this discord channel at all?
[16:41:00] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] once again, different ch
[16:41:39] <mbaxter> Different channel? Just keep creating places to stash things unrelated to the entire discord server?
[16:41:59] <mbaxter> No, you say "This is about /r/admincraft" and then enforce it.
[16:44:26] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] What do you expect out of discord? Its a chatting program, not a forum.
[16:45:13] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] A chatting program that supports multiple chat channels
[16:46:28] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] 🔥🔥🔥
[16:47:02] <mbaxter> What do I expect out of it? I expect the same of any chatting system.
[16:47:48] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] There are plenty of chat servers out there if you just want to chat with people and post random links to videos and images.  There are also directed servers which are directed towards specific content.  In our case, thats MC server administration and plugin development.  If I wanted to just go be in a random chat I could do that, if I want to be in a server thats dedicated to talking specifically about mechanical keyboards, I hate that.  I
[16:47:48] <@IRCBot> just think this should be policed a bit to make sure it stays on topic and is a good resource for its intended audience instead of watching it fall into a pit of random discussion in 3 days like all the others have.
[16:47:49] <mbaxter> Yes you can add multiple chat channels, but what's the point of adding ones unrelated to the server's purpose. There's other servers for chat about that sort of video, for instance. No need for more channels covering it too.
[16:47:58] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Police the content like you would on the Subreddit
[16:48:19] <mbaxter> Go BranFlakes! Woo.
[16:48:27] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I like you mbaxter
[16:48:45] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Woot
[16:49:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I'm indifferent about it, if there is no one trying to talk about /r/admincraft (Or Minecraft related stuff) then I don't see a problem in talking about unrelated things, but that's just me
[16:49:13] <mbaxter> I like me too! :D
[16:49:40] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Most servers I'm on have an off topic channel for anyone who does just want to screw around but you can only do it there, not in the main channel which is the on topic one.
[16:49:54] <mbaxter> butwhy.gif
[16:50:07] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Don't get why there's so much push back towards categorizing things :p
[16:50:32] <mbaxter> Because there doesn't need to be categorization at the moment at all.
[16:50:46] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] Obviously there is
[16:50:58] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] if you are mad about someone posting a video
[16:51:01] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] There is only one way we can get the mods to add more channels
[16:51:10] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Post 5 memes a minute until they do
[16:51:24] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Oh god no 😂
[16:51:38] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] yeah let's not
[16:51:41] <mbaxter> I don't think anyone is mad about the video. Just feeling that it doesn't belong in this server.
[16:51:53] <mbaxter> How many are online on the discord at the moment?
[16:51:58] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] 29
[16:52:11] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] +16 offline
[16:52:30] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:52:35] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] okay, so what if I wanted to share something with the admins? I have to go elsewhere? Should I create another whole discord server?
[16:52:38] <mbaxter> Yeah, that's tiny. No need to split anything up. Plus, the current chat volume is tiny, further reinforcing it.
[16:52:50] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] OR, we could create another channel and be done with it
[16:52:51] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:53:08] <mbaxter> If you want to share something relevant to /r/admincraft, you'd share it right here. I'm confused as to what's confusing about that. :P
[16:53:09] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] you can even mute channels, it wont even affect you
[16:53:18] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:53:23] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] short minded people.
[16:53:43] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:53:49] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I don't think anything is wrong with an #off-topic channel.
[16:53:59] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I just want the core parts of this to be policed correctly
[16:54:01] <mbaxter> Are you really calling us short minded just because we disagree with you? That's really petty.
[16:54:03] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:54:12] <mbaxter> Hunter, please cut that out.
[16:54:18] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I can mute the off-topic and forget it exists
[16:54:31] <mbaxter> @Intelli Intelli_ you have a spammer
[16:54:32] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] but right now there is 0 structure here
[16:54:35] <@IRCBot> [Sannity] Im calling you short minded because you cannot grasp the concept of a different text channel.
[16:54:52] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:54:55] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] oh nice, tagging works with the bot
[16:54:56] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I think he gets the concept, he doesn't see the need
[16:54:58] <mbaxter> I can fully grasp the concept. I just disagree about it being needed currently.
[16:55:06] <mbaxter> There's no reason to be rude.
[16:56:06] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:56:13] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] The point is admincraft covers a variety of subjects from hosting to development. Having dedicated areas can allow the conversation to stay focused as well as allow others late to the conversation to catch up quickly without having to sift through unrelated posts.
[16:56:36] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:56:44] <mbaxter> And that's reasonable, HomieDion, once things actually get busy in here.
[16:56:50] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:57:17] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Until then, it doesn't have much of a purpose.
[16:57:24] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] oh hey you are a real boy now
[16:57:28] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] At the moment what this server needs more is damn moderation.
[16:57:29] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] The memes are going to get really offensive btw
[16:57:29] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] How so?
[16:57:37] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:58:07] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] Shame that I will still see "1 blocked message"
[16:58:13] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Joined so I can converse here without getting his spam. Thank you Discord block feature. Didn't feel like learning more about regex based ignores.
[16:58:18] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @mbaxter I sent a pm to intelli about moderation. ill let you know if I hear back
[16:58:33] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] discord should add an option to not display those
[16:58:33] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Anyway, to reply to Homie, it's more about the speed of chat. :3
[16:58:48] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Care to elaborate?
[16:58:50] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:58:50] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] if you click his profile, you can block him
[16:58:53] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Though we seem to be hitting a pretty solid rate with all this debate so I may be just proved wrong.
[16:58:57] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] deletes all his messages
[16:59:07] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] What it shows, however, is "1 blocked message" which is what Feriach was saying
[16:59:14] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ah
[16:59:18] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] my apologies
[16:59:20] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[16:59:21] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I misread
[16:59:46] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] I'm not that committed to the idea of a monolithic channel. *shrug*
[16:59:47] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[17:00:01] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] More committed to getting this idiot banned at this point 😛
[17:00:09] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Personally think it would make sense to have the option available from the start rather than waiting until its inconvenient
[17:00:17] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Go for it
[17:00:55] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[17:01:49] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[17:02:14] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)]
[17:02:33] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I have no problem getting this place a bit more... organized
[17:02:36] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I just need the permission
[17:02:43] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Like a NSFW channel
[17:03:25] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Does a server about Minecraft administration need an NSFW channel?
[17:03:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] ^
[17:03:52] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] And for the fucks that say there are kids, just get a bot that requires an 18+ reddit account for access.
[17:04:10] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] .__.
[17:04:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Yeah but why someone would look at NSFW in a server for minecraft administration?
[17:04:31] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I have never seen a NSFW channel turn out well
[17:04:31] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] Lmao
[17:04:38] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Most servers just use it for offensive memes
[17:04:47] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] They wouldn't. Some people just want to turn this into a general place for all chat. Which is silly.
[17:05:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Bayside308 🤔
[17:05:07] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Break it down into Server stuff, Hosting stuff (maybe), Dev stuff. But you don't need a bunch of place for things not related.
[17:05:20] <@IRCBot> [Bayside308] It's the first resource when you look at MC-Market rn
[17:05:23] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I wonder why someone would pay 9.99USD for a ForceOP plugin disguises as AntiCheat
[17:05:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is just, why?
[17:06:11] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Because they're kids. Minecraft is still mostly children under 18.
[17:06:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I know it is to grief other servers
[17:06:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But I think that, if you already got a server owner to install your plugin
[17:06:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] That server owner would also install that sketchy force OP plugin that you can get from a YouTube video
[17:07:02] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] You wouldn't need to pay 9.99USD for a force OP plugin
[17:07:25] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I would imagine the servers that get hit with something like that are so small it could barely do any damage.
[17:07:33] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] But this one has PHOTOSHOP EFFECTS in its advertisement!
[17:07:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 😮
[17:07:46] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Doesn't matter to the kid trying to do it, BranFlakes
[17:08:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Think about it
[17:08:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] The plugin author already received 200USD from a force OP plugin
[17:08:54] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @mbaxter true...
[17:08:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] a force OP plugin
[17:09:04] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Anybody else use LGSM?
[17:09:06] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] What channels do you think we need?
[17:09:24] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] LGSM? Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners?
[17:09:25] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] #rules
[17:09:30] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Yes, that's my first google result, quite relevant.
[17:09:32] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Linux Game Server Manager
[17:09:35] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] #development
[17:09:38] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Oh, I suppose that made sense too.
[17:09:42] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] #server-help
[17:09:53] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] screen ftw, @Hunter (/u/eliteduck)
[17:09:54] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] The third result if you look at the google results for more than 2 seconds
[17:09:58] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] #general
[17:10:08] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] I figured it was relevant because it was miners, Hunter.
[17:10:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] screen ❤
[17:10:27] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Liking these channel ideas
[17:10:29] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Nvm, actually the second result
[17:10:39] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] General, Off Topic, Issues, Development, Hosting, etc
[17:10:46] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Issues?
[17:10:59] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Troubleshooting?
[17:11:10] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Server errors, plugin errors, troubleshooting
[17:11:20] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] We could use #off-topic, #other-games, #development and maybe add Mee6 or Tatsumaki for notifications for new reddit posts
[17:11:23] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] #server-help makes more sense there
[17:11:25] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I would stray away from error in the name
[17:11:36] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Yea
[17:11:38] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Just poking at categories
[17:11:48] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] because we want them to be broad enough for all discussion, while also specific enough to drive discussion of that topic there
[17:12:00] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] I wouldm presonally reccomend Tatsumaki as an all-purpose bot
[17:12:07] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Personally*
[17:12:49] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] It has the widest range of features and has exclusive features as well such as osu! stats and auto rankups depending on activity
[17:13:06] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Indeed bran
[17:13:40] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Using Mee6 for /r/admincraft post notifications is certainly a must though.
[17:14:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I personally recommend my own bot™ as an all-purpose bot, but yeah, probably we should use Tatsumaki
[17:14:50] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and please remove the level up messages if Tatsumaki/Mee6 is added
[17:15:16] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Yeah
[17:15:41] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Tatsumaki has credits and level up/profile images as well
[17:16:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Oh
[17:16:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] My bot has spigot plugin search
[17:16:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that's something cool I guess
[17:16:27] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] level up? Why do you want levels in a chat. This isn't a forum.
[17:17:14] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] This also isn't some conservative yank truck stop, you point makes no sense.
[17:17:15] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] No levelup bs please
[17:17:20] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Your*
[17:17:22] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] This isn't a game
[17:17:37] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] And mars is green
[17:17:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[17:18:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But I probably should finish my bot translation to english first 👀
[17:18:13] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Fancy
[17:18:17] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Bot source?
[17:18:24] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Whats it written in?
[17:18:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[17:18:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Yeah the tagline is in english but the readme is in portugese
[17:18:46] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ooo Kotlin
[17:18:49] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Written in Kotlin & Java with JDA
[17:19:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is in Kotlin and Java because I started developing the bot in Java
[17:19:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But in June I decided to learn Kotlin, so I started migrating it to Kotlin
[17:19:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR]
[17:23:21] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It also some very not-so-useful Minecraft related stuff too, like getting a player's skin, getting the player's UUID (and offline UUID), querying a server, etc
[17:27:32] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] That's fairly neat.
[17:42:13] <@IRCBot> [Hunter (/u/eliteduck)] Does it support English yet?
[17:42:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Hunter (/u/eliteduck) kinda
[17:42:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It has an unfinished english translation
[17:42:50] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] While almost all the commands are translated in english
[17:43:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] The administration panel isn't translated yet
[18:01:42] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There are more people here than I expected, neato
[18:05:50] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] @Hunter (/u/eliteduck) Going to test kick you, feel free to rejoin. :p
[18:05:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] rip
[18:06:43] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] good evening
[18:06:52] <@IRCBot> [chiisana] /kick @Hunter (/u/eliteduck)
[18:07:03] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] By right clicking his name. :p
[18:07:05] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] No bot yet.
[18:07:16] <@IRCBot> [chiisana] :p
[18:07:19] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Oh yay. :p
[18:07:52] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Does anyone here use zPermissions?  It seems like I'm the only one
[18:08:00] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] i do :)
[18:08:27] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There was an unofficial build for 1.12, do you know where?  It was on admincraft at one point but I lost it
[18:08:34] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] sure; lemme fetch it. . .
[18:08:48] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky]
[18:09:20] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Oh hey, suddenly administrative activity.
[18:09:24] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Perfect, thanks!  Do you know if it still works on all old versions of spigot too?  Or is it 1.12 only?
[18:09:53] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] unsure; i can test that quickly, but it should work if the ebeans is shaded to a different package
[18:10:46] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I'd love to know, thanks.  I have so many different spigot versions now it's driving me up the wall
[18:11:51] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I'm so afraid that updating to 1.12 is just going to break everything
[18:12:02] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] 1.13 will break more!
[18:12:03] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] yay!
[18:12:07] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🎉
[18:12:20] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] i read something about that; could you elaborate more, please?
[18:12:26] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] 1.12 wasn't that bad
[18:12:26] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] (re: 1.13)
[18:12:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @VanDerProtofsky no more data values
[18:12:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So now there isn't "5:3"
[18:12:42] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Probably because of the block ids not being a thing anymore
[18:12:58] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] lovely...
[18:13:07] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I can't wait to rewrite my entire skyblock config
[18:13:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So now it is only IDs
[18:13:30] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Basically, it's the changes started in 1.7 that we in Bukkit didn't get the chance to migrate and make the community cry, are going to make the community cry. Time to break it all.
[18:13:52] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] yeah is fair enough, we did get advance warning :p
[18:14:15] <@IRCBot> [it_twit] for most things it'll just be a find and replace though
[18:14:43] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Sure, but that requires all the plugins actually updating.
[18:15:00] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] RIP so many plugins
[18:15:39] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] @c0wg0d sorry for being slow; it appears to be compatiable with older versions, but i am not really able to test ebeans (since it won't use SQLite) -
[18:15:56] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] else, no exceptions
[18:16:21] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Seems promising, thanks for checking that
[18:16:43] <pokechu22> Block IDs will still kinda be a thing, but only over the network
[18:16:47] <pokechu22> At least probably
[18:17:19] <pokechu22> Metadata, though, no - everything's going to be flattened.  So you won't say minecraft:log:3 for jungle log; it'd be minecraft:jungle_log
[18:17:21] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Yeah, but the ID doesn't have to be consistent technically. At least I hope they succeed in that direction.
[18:17:38] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] It seems like all the good developers are only doing private/paid plugins these days, spigot resources section is a nightmare and even the really good plugins have stagnated
[18:18:03] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Too many devs saw money and went down a sad route.
[18:18:25] <pokechu22>
[18:18:28] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] I'm just glad Sponge doesn't allow paid plugins on site. 😃
[18:18:54] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Like why can't I find a good warp gate plugin that takes players across servers on a bungee network--I use AncientGates but it has serious flaws and I can't find anything that works on spigot 1.8-1.12
[18:19:35] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] thanks for the intel on 1.13 btw
[18:20:35] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] oh my! Administration 😄
[18:20:45] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] oh what a wonderful day
[18:20:50] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But dinnerbone said that 1.13 will have better performance 👀
[18:20:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I hope it does
[18:21:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @VanDerProtofsky (also, I didn't forget that I still owe you a game on Steam :P)
[18:21:34] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I'm all about administration--I need all the help I can get.  I'm the only administrator and I have 19 spigot servers and there's not enough time to do all the things I want to do.  Sigh.
[18:22:02] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] @c0wg0d Consider AdvancedPortals?
[18:22:06] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] haha @MrPowerGamerBR you don't owe me anything at all :) your posts were reward enough
[18:22:13] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 😛
[18:22:37] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Used that to replace our old portal plugin myslf
[18:23:32] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] The main issue I have is that if I set a gate to go to a multiverse world, and then I delete and recreate the multiverse world, I have to manually reset the exit location of the portal every time, which gets really annoying
[18:24:05] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Ah, I see. That does sound annoying
[18:24:18] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Also hi there  @VanDerProtofsky  :)
[18:24:28] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] It would work with a warp sign but signs are so boring compared to warp portals
[18:24:41] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] You could do command portals
[18:24:46] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Hey!
[18:24:50] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] OH i forgot about those join messages
[18:24:53] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] I like those
[18:24:54] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] Hi!
[18:25:01] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Howdy!
[18:25:02] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] hey hey @PsychoLynx and @Griffin ;)
[18:25:16] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] all we're missing now is Z750...
[18:25:38] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] dammit van now i have to figure out where to put this on my server list
[18:26:22] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] @PsychoLynx AdvancedPortals can do commands when players enter the portal too?
[18:26:30] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Are moderators eligible to speak here? Been trying to get more involved on the technical side, been reading the sub for awhile
[18:26:39] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] I believe so. I think we're using it for our RTP portal, IIRC
[18:26:48] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Okay cool, I will check it out, thanks
[18:26:56] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Hopefully it works out for you!
[18:27:59] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @4sandpigeons what do you mean?
[18:29:14] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I'm a moderator on a smaller-ish server (no more than 20 players at a time) and I've been reading r/admincraft to learn about the technical side. I was wondering if I qualified to talk here, since I'm not an Admin yet XD
[18:29:14] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Assuming you mean "I'm a moderator on a server, can I post here?" in which case, anyone can talk here.
[18:29:22] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Sweet! Thanks
[18:29:26] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] You're interested in it, and want to talk? Great.
[18:29:45] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Sorry for the confusion
[18:29:45] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] me-me'rs in #off-topic though.
[18:29:58] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Not a problem
[18:30:31] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] all good.  I could care less what title you have on your server, but if you want to know more about running a server I would love to help 😃 and im sure the same thing goes for most people here.
[18:30:48] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] I'm all about stopping servers, actually.
[18:30:49] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Thank you very much!
[18:30:52] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Lol
[18:31:56] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] New plugin idea:  AutoReload - "Automatically runs the /reload command every 5 minutes!"
[18:32:26] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Sounds fine to me.
[18:32:33] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] I always yelled at devs who wrote plugins that broke on /reload
[18:32:43] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] Swag
[18:32:47] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Pretty much only valid excuse was ebeans.
[18:33:04] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] No better yet it reloads a configurable number of times every configurable number of ticks
[18:33:07] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I was asked to build one of the maps for my server's new minigames. After talking to our admins, it's probably going to be a Survival Games style map. I was told I could pick a plugin for it, but don't know what will or won't work on my server
[18:33:35] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Version 1.2: Now reloads 5 times every 3 ticks
[18:33:41] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Also yeah, never understood how people managed to not make things reload friendly
[18:33:57] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] I do it with all my stuff
[18:34:16] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Oh it's very easy, @HomieDion  - Don't process existing online players in onEnable() and don't clean up in onDisable()
[18:34:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Well, there are some plugins that just can't be made reload safe
[18:35:02] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Very very few.
[18:35:04] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] i think what it is, is tutorials tend to be too focused on getting something working. finalization and cleanup is not usually focused on :(
[18:35:07] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] like ProtocolSupport
[18:35:14] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] @4sandpigeons Well, first of all - what is your server version. Second, do you use Bungee?
[18:35:16] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] I meant more what mr is talking about
[18:35:27] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] protocol support things shouldn't be handled on the plugin level, so sure.
[18:35:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Actually ProtocolSupport disables the reload command if you are using it
[18:35:32] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @VanDerProtofsky as someone who just started writing Java and plugins about 2 months ago.  Yes.
[18:35:39] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] The other side is just laziness/lack if foresight
[18:35:46] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I learned a lot after following the tutorials because they were just focused on making it work
[18:35:50] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Too many bad tutorials in general, @VanDerProtofsky  ðŸ˜„
[18:36:02] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I had to teach myself how it actually worked in a real setting
[18:36:12] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Now I want to make intentionally bad tutorials
[18:36:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I followed YouTube tutorials for my first plugin
[18:36:29] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] That's easy. Take an existing tutorial and make a video out of it. Instant bad tutorial.
[18:36:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] and yes, the code sucks
[18:36:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is just static abuse™
[18:37:06] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Static abuse, needless casting and what not
[18:37:16] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] static all the things!
[18:37:22] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Loved seeing people cast a player to a player
[18:37:34] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] remember: make everything static, because all that static electricity will make your code run faster on the CPU (/s)
[18:37:42] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @PsychoLynx We'll be on 1.12. once we update, as far as I know. And I think we're using Bukkit
[18:37:51] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] my packages were title cased back then 🤦
[18:37:56] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Loved seeing people cast non-player command senders to Player
[18:38:00] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There are very few Survival Games plugins anymore, this is a serious pain point for me
[18:38:12] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] :,( Social scientist admin can't into code jokes
[18:38:12] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Remember making everything static means you can access it everywhere which means its good
[18:38:17] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] ._.
[18:38:22] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Just like making everything public
[18:38:25] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There are 3 major ones, BukkitGames, SurvivalGames, and LibsHungergames
[18:38:26] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] 😃
[18:38:39] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @c0wg0d Any idea why that is? I'm interested
[18:38:56] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Gonna recode my Sunscreen plugin to be less shit when I get home
[18:39:01] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] In a coding mood
[18:39:19] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ./apply spf45
[18:39:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] When I didn't know about Enchantment.getByName
[18:40:03] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] attention: looking at that code may permanently damage your brain
[18:40:10] <@IRCBot> [HomieDion] Also adding in a suicide command called /wrists with an alias of /throat
[18:40:24] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] BukkitGames by fblaster appears to be abandoned, but I could be wrong.  SurvivalGames by Wazzup92 is good but he has many other plugins and doesn't push new updates very often, and LibsHungergames was also abandoned by libraryaddict, taken over by Techcable and then he abandoned it, so I cobbled together a somewhat working version for 1.11 but is is full of bugs and I wouldn't recommend it
[18:40:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Also
[18:41:15] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @MrPowerGamerBR looks like my code lol
[18:41:18] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] cry
[18:41:20] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] I think SG by Wazup needs its own server to run, though
[18:41:39] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Yeah they all do I'm pretty sure
[18:41:56] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Maybe I'm wrong, but I think LibsHungergames had some "give features to libraryaddict"
[18:42:04] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Huh, ok. No wonder it was so hard to find any. Is there an alternative, for a more basic PvP style?
[18:42:15] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I remember viewing something like that in Lib's Hunger Games code 👀
[18:42:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It checked if the player's name was "libraryaddict" and, if it was, it did something that I don't remember what it was
[18:43:07] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There is a class called libraryaddict that anyone can pick (if they have permission), that's probably what you are thinking of
[18:43:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] nah it wasn't that
[18:43:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] it was something
[18:44:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But this was like, 3 years ago
[18:45:02] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I guess Hunger Games is out of the question XD Any thoughts on what else I could use the map for? It's 200x200, a sort of feudal Japanese style. My S-Admin suggested a hub
[18:45:14] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] There are minigame frameworks that could possibly work, but again, none are updated that often, the one I was most interested in myself is called Minigames, but the developer didn't have time to respond to my (IMO) gracious offer to provide documentation so I kinda gave up on it:
[18:46:16] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] This makes me wonder what the plans are on my server, since we've talked a lot about adding minigames
[18:46:18] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Welcome!
[18:46:26] <@IRCBot> [Rezz] hii
[18:46:32] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Hello
[18:47:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I really want to create a MCPE server
[18:47:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] well, a MCPE/MCW10E/MCSWITCH/MCXBOX server
[18:47:54] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] is that what they call the "Redstone edition" ?
[18:47:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Bedrock
[18:47:58] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I'm not trying to discourage you @4sandpigeons it's just that minigame servers are difficult to get off the ground because players compare you to giants like Mineplex where they have giant teams of developers and nothing on spigotmc will compare
[18:48:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Bedrock engine
[18:48:10] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] or, as how Microsoft calls it
[18:48:11] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] oops, right; that'd be cool!
[18:48:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] "Minecraft"
[18:48:36] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] They already changed the Minecraft PE branding in the new MCPE beta
[18:48:39] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is now only "Minecraft"
[18:48:50] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Nukkit is terrible unless you are a programming genius.  I tried to use it as a lowly admin without much coding knowledge and I was so defeated
[18:49:00] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ./r/Admincraft MCPE server.  Where we all try to run the server together, fail, and then it burns slowly into the void
[18:49:01] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @c0wg0d yeah, it is really bad programmed
[18:49:07] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] It is a PM-MP port to Java
[18:49:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I forked it once
[18:49:16] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Tried to improved it
[18:49:20] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Then I thought to myself
[18:49:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] "Why I don't fork Glowstone and add MCPE support to it?"
[18:49:33] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And I done that
[18:49:34] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] In three days
[18:49:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] In just three days I had something more stable than Nukkit
[18:49:51] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Wow
[18:49:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Of course, I didn't implement inventories and 60% of the stuff
[18:50:04] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But you could join the server, see other players, talk in chat
[18:50:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] etc etc etc
[18:50:17] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I only stopped developing it because Shevchik started working on ProtocolSupportPE
[18:50:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] So I started contributing to ProtocolSupportPE
[18:50:35] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Which seems a better idea than forking Glowstone
[18:50:37] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] because... welll
[18:50:52] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @c0wg0d Not at all discouraged, don't worry about it. We have two brilliant coders on staff, part of the reason I'm trying to learn.
[18:51:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 1.4.7 to 1.12.1 + Minecraft Pocket/Windows 10/Nintendo Switch/Xbox in a Spigot 1.12.1 server seems better 😛
[18:52:08] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] It hadn't occurred to me, with the new cross-platform play, servers on that front must be a huge deal. Or headed there?
[18:52:40] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] @4sandpigeons Well if you have 2 coders that kinda changes things--I mean, I've used LibsHungergames for 4 years and my players absolutely love it, it just has so many bugs since 1.8 came out that it's hard for me to maintain since I know little about programming.  Maybe you could try it out and see what you think?  I had lots of ideas to enhance the plugin but no way to implement them myself.
[18:52:45] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Welcome!
[18:53:10] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] But I thought the party had just begun 😦
[18:53:39] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] It's a Discord party, it is eternal
[18:53:55] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] Except when custom emotes are disabled 😂
[18:54:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 😭
[18:54:08] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] We can only hope
[18:54:20] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Rephrase- we can only hope the situation improves
[18:55:14] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[18:55:36] <@IRCBot> [Intelli] Fineee, use your emoticons.
[18:55:46] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] :appDerp:
[18:56:06] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] :photoblob: hello emoticons
[18:56:18] * simon816 ( has joined #admincraft
[18:56:23] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] :Thonk:
[18:56:24] <@IRCBot> [PsychoLynx] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[18:56:44] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] :Clapking:
[18:56:50] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] You'll probably only regret it during the first day 😛
[18:57:03] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @c0wg0d I'll ask them about it. Be right back
[18:57:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] sadly I don't have Nitro so I need to rely on streamer servers 😭
[18:59:40] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] What's a streamer server?
[18:59:54] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] It's in the nam
[19:00:07] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] It's a server of a streamer
[19:00:22] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] ^
[19:00:22] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] :laurenHype: would be one example
[19:00:41] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] BTTV also makes emotes global, so
[19:00:45] <@IRCBot> [Matt | WizardCM] :cupFancy:
[19:00:57] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I wonder how many users a server must have to gain Discord Partner :Thonk:
[19:01:20] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Ah, ok XD I thought it was something technical
[19:01:59] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] My Minecraft Server Discord server has 402 members while my Discord Bot server has 530 members 🤔
[19:02:11] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Hey, welcome!
[19:02:17] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] Welcome
[19:02:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] welcome!
[19:02:19] <@IRCBot> [Sdr24] sup chups
[19:02:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] :loveThink:
[19:02:48] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] This dscord is nice
[19:03:08] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] If you'd asked yesterday, I could've said the eclipse. Now... nothing interesting
[19:03:18] <simon816> Nah, this IRC is better :p
[19:03:51] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Does IRC get custom emotes?
[19:03:53] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] I mean this particular discord server
[19:03:55] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] ^
[19:04:05] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] that sounds like a fascinating topic of conversation, 4sand; Eclipse, the IDE ;)
[19:04:38] <simon816> you should see /r/ProgrammerHumor for the eclipse "jokes"
[19:04:54] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] i think on IRC, it'd show up just as the custom name (e.g. :loveThink:)
[19:05:09] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Full disclosure, I had no idea. Google just enlightened me
[19:05:32] <simon816> yes, however I'm free to make my own plugin to hexchat or whatever to do something else
[19:06:26] <simon816> but cba :p
[19:07:21] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Community Birth Attendant?
[19:07:55] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] can't be ar- err, stupid question. what's the content guidelines here?
[19:08:17] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Kidding, your definition was Google's top result
[19:08:35] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] my bad :P i'm a little slow
[19:09:20] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] hardly XD I'm just trying to learn here
[19:10:21] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Maybe this is a simple question-- One of our coders was able to trick our 1.8 host into running 1.12, at the cost of our WorldGuard functionality and others. How does this work?
[19:10:55] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I was mystified
[19:11:00] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] Like with ViaBackwards?
[19:11:08] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I honestly have no idea
[19:11:14] <mbaxter> simon816: yay irc
[19:11:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] wait what
[19:11:44] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I'm not sure since I do everything via ssh
[19:11:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] do you really use a host that doesn't allow you to upload your own JAR?
[19:11:55] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] that must suck
[19:12:23] <simon816> mbaxter, figured I'd join for tha sick bantah
[19:12:50] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Since I don't know the first thing about the coding yet, all I've heard is up till now our host has been less than kind. We're switching hosts this month, as an example of the agony itms given us
[19:13:09] <phroa> I think you dodged a bullet.  Hosts should never have to advertise what minecraft version they support
[19:14:26] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I'm a little confused by your phrasing. Do you mean that version support is a selling point, unnecessary information, or that it shouldn't be an issue?
[19:14:39] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Shouldn't be an issue
[19:14:53] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Aah, makes sense
[19:15:05] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] So, unnecessary information too in a way 😄
[19:15:11] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] This is true! XD
[19:15:28] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] We're all looking forward to the switch
[19:15:47] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Me too! I'll buy one soon.
[19:15:52] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] just making sure for clarification; when you say "trick our 1.8 host into running 1.12," - do you mean running an actual 1.12 server, or allowing players on 1.12 to join a 1.8 server?
[19:15:55] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Will you play zelda first too?
[19:17:12] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @VanDerProtofsky  I misspoke there. The server currently can't be logged onto without a 1.11 or 1.11 client, but seems to run 1.11.
[19:17:35] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] And if course I'll play Zelda first. Though Splatoon 2 looks fantastic as well
[19:17:45] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] 1.12 or 1.11
[19:18:23] <phroa> oh then that's just adding 1.12 protocol support to a 1.11 server, not a restriction on what version the host will let you run
[19:18:36] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Originally it would only run 1.8
[19:19:13] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] wat
[19:19:22] <phroa> ok best of luck
[19:19:40] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] We'd been trying to update for two or three years. What I heard from the admins was we'd been having "technical problems" all the while
[19:19:58] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Much appreciated! We are switching hosts this month, which is nice
[19:20:09] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Wonder what all the technical problems were.
[19:20:13] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Me too
[19:21:48] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] When whatever our coders did got the 1.11 host working, our WorldGuard and some other administrative commands went down. I've no clue what happened, wish I could tell the story
[19:22:04] <phroa> I take it a lot of your stuff is custom then
[19:22:53] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I think so. Again, our host is less than cooperative, but from what I've seen our coders custom-tailor what they can to make what we have work
[19:23:02] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Who is your host?
[19:23:33] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I can ask
[19:25:48] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Is it a public server? Might be able to figure it out just from the IP
[19:25:57] <phroa> aside from illegal/resource-hogging stuff, the host even asking me what I'm doing is enough for me to consider switching.  so much for general-purpose computing.
[19:27:13] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] My host asked me what we were doing when we got DDOS'd a few times
[19:28:59] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] lol
[19:29:17] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] "Just trying to play games"
[19:29:18] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] 😦
[19:29:21] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] "well excuse me for being ddosed"
[19:29:29] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] We upset some kids.
[19:30:25] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] It's not a public one, no. The admin I asked apparently doesn't know who the host is, either. The server's fairly small, but I'm getting slowly more concerned with the situation we're switching from XD
[19:31:28] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] lol wut
[19:31:51] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Idek. He says the new host is called Sticky Piston
[19:32:24] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] The current server is rather blue-collar, if that makes sense. Another reason we're upgrading
[19:34:45] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] "Unlimited Storage" yeah...I wonder what would they say about 180 Gb "worlds" folder
[19:36:17] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Talking about Sticky Piston? We have a small enough userbase I doubt the needed space will get that big. But I see your point
[19:36:28] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] 144 EUR/month for 16 Gb of ram, k lol maybe that's why
[19:36:38] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] yeah I was checking them out
[19:37:40] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Speaking candidly, I'm sure budget is part of the decision.
[19:38:14] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] Woo budget!
[19:38:19] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Oh, yes
[19:38:52] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I'm realizing some of this is probably cringey for the more professional of us here XD
[19:38:58] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] the higher options are kinda expensive
[19:39:07] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Yeah, I bet
[19:39:15] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] everyone started at some point
[19:39:17] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] don't worry
[19:39:47] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Thank you kindly ^^ We have a good staff and devoted players, we do seem to be growing
[19:40:12] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] what kind of server is that if you don't mind answering?
[19:42:28] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] It's a small, paid server for kids with problems socializing.  Is anyone here familiar with this Golden Shovel business? We're adopting it, again, update, and I'm wondering how it'll be configured
[19:43:04] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] golden wot
[19:43:19] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] as in, using a golden shovel to claim areas for protection? if so, that'd be GriefPrevention IIRC
[19:43:19] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] oooh, server with goal of helping people. cool
[19:43:57] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] The GriefPrevention plugin. Worth a Google, it's an interesting concept. Yeah, VanDer knows the one. We don't want it to allocate block power so slowly it's a disgusting grind, but not so fast that kids can claim huge tracts of land all at once
[19:44:14] <@IRCBot> [mbaxter] everyone loves GP 😃
[19:44:24] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Haha, that's good to hear!
[19:44:32] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] neat @4sandpigeons
[19:45:14] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Thank you. It's a challenge to keep the players comfortable in the environment, but I love the community
[19:45:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I like GriefPrevention
[19:46:36] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] that's the most important thing
[19:46:39] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Only a handful of our players are very ambitious players, farms and manors and such. It's them I'm worried about, since we haven't decided how fast to hand out this 'Block Power' witchcraft
[19:46:47] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Again, thank you
[19:47:55] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] @MrPowerGamerBR On your server, is there a specific rate you use for the allowance per hour/day?
[19:48:16] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Since you said you're a fan of the system, I mean
[19:48:47] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @4sandpigeons :Thonk:
[19:48:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I don't remember what I did set
[19:49:08] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but I know that I changed it from the default
[19:49:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] the default is just too slow
[19:49:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] probably from 100 -> 250
[19:49:30] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I also give claim blocks when someone votes on the server
[19:50:07] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Lol, fair enough. And ok, that makes sense. We don't have a voting system, given our audience, but I've thought about awarding blocks for certain accomplishments
[19:50:52] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] To encourage more ambitious builds in Survival, for example. I'd have to clear it with the powers that be, but that's something I'd love to oversee
[19:51:06] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Welcome!
[19:51:09] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] Welcome!
[19:51:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 👋
[19:51:12] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] good evening sir wookiee
[19:51:20] <@IRCBot> [SWfan85] Rwaaaaarrgh
[19:51:46] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] @4sandpigeons i wonder, if the new 1.12 advancement systems could be used in this way. that is, reach a certain advancement, get more claim blocks
[19:52:05] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I'd love to do something like that
[19:52:07] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] tho AFAIK, there aren't many advancements that lend themselves to ambitious builds
[19:52:36] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] What options are there for custom advancements? I've only read about them some
[19:53:08] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Is there a template, or some sort of limitation?
[19:55:34] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Maybe for placing/removing set amounts of blocks. Stone bricks, and the like. Doing some reading now
[19:56:15] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] apparently, it's as simple as just dumping json files into the world's data directory ( ) - this seems like a vanilla mechanic, which is nice. no client-side mods or even resource packs will be necessary
[19:57:37] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] That's good. Can I run a command like that (give so and so block power) in that sort of file?
[19:57:49] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] as you have probably found, advancements have a wide range of triggers:
[19:58:22] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] and i think so... if a "function" file is made of them
[19:58:31] <@IRCBot> [SWfan85] "Block Power" sounds like fun
[19:58:41] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] (sorry for my unsure answers; also learning about this as i research)
[19:59:19] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] It is definitely fun XD But also runs a risk of player lashback, I think
[19:59:28] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] And not at all! This has been very helpful
[20:00:16] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I see what you mean with functions being an option! Reading about triggers now, seeing if I can find an appropriate one
[20:00:49] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] woop :) of course, there is also appropriate plugin API:
[20:01:13] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] (though it appears plugins can only react to advancements, like a custom trigger. custom advancements still have to be created via json)
[20:01:40] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] How about curing zombie villagers as award-worthy? A set amount gives you block power as funding towards the city
[20:02:36] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] hmm, as in; curing a zombie villager will assume that the player paid for the gapple and potion needed, or?
[20:03:55] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] More like, curing a set amount of zombie villagers will assume the player's put the effort into building a custom village. Block power can be awarded in increments as a village size estimated from the number cured grows
[20:04:34] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] gotcha; i reckon that could work :)
[20:04:39] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Maybe that's overthinking it, though. Can Advancements check more than one trigger? Maybe it can also check doors placed
[20:04:54] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Something like that could be abused, though
[20:05:31] <@IRCBot> [c0wg0d] I used AdvancedAchievements and it's fantastic.  It can award for blocks placed, though of course it could be exploited if a player were determined
[20:06:33] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] And maybe that kind of determination should be lauded XD But I want to encourage artistic builds, and placing two hundred doors in a Plains biome somehow doesn't sound right
[20:07:20] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] Reading through these examples, can an amount be put on any of these triggers?
[20:10:53] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] hrm... does not appear so. i was hoping to find a workaround by reading the player's "door blocks placed" statistic, but it appears there is no such trigger for statistics...
[20:13:06] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] That's disappointing,  but thanks for checking. On the Hermitcraft server (big streamer server, now I've learned the phrase), there are some advancements such as "mined 1,000 obsidian blocks," but this must either use a specific plugin or be homemade.
[20:14:25] <@IRCBot> [4sandpigeons] I've gotta go, I've been on mobile and battery's getting low. Thanks for the help everyone!
[20:16:45] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] np! take it easy yo, thanks for the convo (and yeah, with Hermitcraft i'd assume custom plugin)
[20:23:05] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] so, how has everyone's update progress on 1.12 been going? (none here - motivation lost)
[20:23:44] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] Done some time ago
[20:23:51] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] went pretty smooth
[20:24:23] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] that's good! how long'd it take?
[20:26:21] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] umm I would say no more than a week with testing
[20:26:43] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] I don't recall any problems here
[20:26:56] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] And I have over 100 plugins so that's saying something
[20:27:15] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] neat
[20:27:20] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] 58 here
[20:27:42] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] well it kinda don't since some plugins can be enourmous and some could be written as scripts
[20:27:45] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Did ours over the course of a week
[20:28:03] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] wasn't too bad.  Biggest issue was a custom plugin I wrote that I was trying to get fully ready in time.
[20:28:34] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] jeez... that's almost as many plugins as mods in a FTB pack :P
[20:28:36] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] my biggest issue was silencing the advancements on the whole server
[20:28:52] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I don't think I even bothered
[20:29:05] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] we hit 30 players at peak, and its just not a huge deal
[20:29:25] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] My server is still on 1.11.2 😭
[20:29:40] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] just wait for 1.13 🙃
[20:29:46] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] I ended up putting every advancement under "disabled: " in spigot.yml XD
[20:29:51] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Anyone else just dislike the update cycle?
[20:29:55] <@IRCBot> [Griffin]
[20:30:05] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] That was my original list
[20:30:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] > Skript
[20:30:06] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🔥
[20:30:11] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I feel like for the time they spend updating, they don't push out a lot of content
[20:30:57] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] for our server 1.12 was a huge one
[20:31:03] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] since it's a creative one
[20:31:31] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] do you run a creative based server?
[20:31:35] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] yup
[20:32:08] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Thats cool.  I've only ever played on and ran economy survival ones
[20:32:22] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] same but for creative lol
[20:32:24] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] same on econ-survival
[20:33:30] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] My biggest challenge now is that since spigot plugins are being abandoned left and right, i'm scared i'm going to have to re-define the entire server structure and how it runs just because the system we run on took advantage of plugins from 3 or 4 years ago.
[20:34:00] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Yes I've got a bit of that issue too!
[20:34:00] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I was going to update my server to 1.12 but I just don't have the motivation for it
[20:34:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Once my server was a 120 daily server
[20:34:09] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] now it gets 30 😭
[20:34:22] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] oh I forgot that I had trouble finding working/free/easy to configure voting plugin
[20:34:42] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] most of the popular ones just suck
[20:34:53] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] i think i've hit burnout myself, MrPowerGamerBR. and part of it is indeed the update cycle; it gets old after a while
[20:35:12] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] ⬆
[20:35:22] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Like, I don't want to let me players down, but its just hard.
[20:35:29] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] yeah the updates are way too often for us xD
[20:35:33] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] I want to do this for fun, but it can become a drag after a bit
[20:35:37] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] I've heard good things about SuperbVote @Feriach, ahve you tried that?
[20:35:41] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I just don't know why people stopped joining my server
[20:35:51] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] what type of server is it?
[20:35:58] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Survival
[20:35:58] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] Yeah that's the one I've ended with @Griffin
[20:36:02] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Do you advertise at all?
[20:36:05] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but tbh my server already had a long run
[20:36:14] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Since November 2014 alive 😛
[20:36:28] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @BranFlakes well, it is on MC-MP
[20:36:32] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] We've been going since December 10th 2010.  Never really ran above 100
[20:36:35] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] mine since 2011
[20:36:43] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] One the first page of Minecraft-MP (servers in brazil) if you search for "minecraft servers"
[20:36:44] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] MrPowerGamerBR I'm exactly the same except mine started March 2014
[20:36:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] And I never advertised before
[20:36:52] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but it did get to 120 players
[20:36:54] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] for some reason
[20:37:01] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] I wish I had 120 players a day lol
[20:37:06] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] same
[20:37:15] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I tried resetting the server to bring new stuff (after the player base dropped a lot)
[20:37:24] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Right now I'm lucky to get maybe 3-4 a day
[20:37:24] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but it didn't work 🤷
[20:37:31] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] You dont want 120
[20:37:31] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] lol
[20:37:33] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] atleast I dont
[20:37:40] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Im scared everything would break on me
[20:37:47] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] ^^^^
[20:37:47] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] but at the same time I'm happy that I don't have that many whiny kids to deal with
[20:37:48] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] same
[20:37:51] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] I would love to see what 120 people would do to my network
[20:37:53] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] I also wanted to do a lot of things for the reset
[20:38:04] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] @Feriach thats my whole player base 😢
[20:38:09] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] rip
[20:38:11] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] But in the end I just got burnt out trying to develop a lot of things in such short amount of tme
[20:38:13] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] I have it hard locked at 50 because I've never tested my shit code with large amounts of players
[20:38:20] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] it's like the AA meeting rn 😄
[20:38:25] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] I have mine at 100
[20:38:32] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] Haha ikr
[20:38:39] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Admins Semi-Anonymous
[20:38:52] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] ^
[20:39:04] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] hi, i'm VanDerProtofsky, and i just can't seem to quit
[20:39:10] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] 😄
[20:39:19] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] After I resetted my server I simply can't find motivation to work on my server
[20:39:32] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Before I was always like "oh, I could do thing XYZ for my server!!1!"
[20:39:35] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] but now? nah
[20:39:36] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] > Several people are typing
[20:39:38] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Hi, Im BranFlakes, sometimes people call me Bran.  I got handed this and I can't seem to let it down.
[20:39:57] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] I say that to myself from time to time but then some random player thanks me for hosting the server
[20:39:59] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] and it's back
[20:39:59] <@IRCBot> [mattboy9921] I started with a spare desktop vanilla server and now I have a freaking server room in my basement 😆
[20:40:01] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] Honestly, I would love to do a different game.  but oh well
[20:40:04] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] @Feriach yeah
[20:40:12] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] if I had people saying that to me 😭
[20:40:31] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] before I had a bunch of screenshots of people saying things like that to me
[20:40:33] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] thank you for hosting the server mrpowergamer
[20:40:36] <@IRCBot> [Griffin] <3
[20:40:47] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] ^
[20:40:48] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Or when someone did something related to me (like those Minecraft statues)
[20:41:04] <@IRCBot> [VanDerProtofsky] yes, thank you; you're a big deal in the Brazillian Minecraft community
[20:41:08] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] see, you gotta build them yourself and WE them around in players places
[20:41:12] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] that way they have to worship you
[20:41:15] <@IRCBot> [BranFlakes] its all they know
[20:41:17] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] ahaha I remember a plague of Minecraft statues on my server 😄
[20:41:18] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] 🤣
[20:41:23] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] Someone did draw me once
[20:41:26] <@IRCBot> [MrPowerGamerBR] my Minecraft skin of course
[20:41:42] <@IRCBot> [Feriach] now I think they are all gone