This is an example script, allowing the creation of 'perform' bots, turning a BNC user into a harmless bot.

This is more of an example script, than a script to be loaded, it makes the bot respond to the !perform <action> command.
This version of the bot has 2 predfined commands other than the basic !perform <raw irc command>
`!perform msg <target> <message>` emulates mircs /msg function to do the full /raw privmsg command.
`!perform hop <channel> <part message>` emulates mircs /hop function to part and rejoin a channel.
Other commands could be added in a similar method

For a bot which can execute raw tcl, have a look at tcl.tcl.

If you intend to use this script asis, you will need to change a few lines, firstly the userlist:
`foreach user [list skate2coast] {`
I would suggest just replacing `skate2coast` with the user you would wish to run the script on, if you wanted more than one user you simple need supply more users ie:
`foreach user [list skate2coast bot sbnc] {`
If you wanted to run this on all users, you could use:
`foreach user [bncuserlist] {`

Also the line with hosts on:
`if {[regexp -all -nocase {(leet.vice.owner.of.zetascript|} $host] == 1} {`
There are two hosts given here, first `leet.vice.owner.of.zetascript` and also `` simply add hosts in the same fashion, splitting hosts with |
The syntax of this match is that of regular expressions, google `regexp` if you are unsure.

!perform msg <target> <message>
- !perform msg khobbits Hai, it's me pretending to be a bot
!perform hop <channel> <message>
- !perform hop #kh Just hopping, brb.
!perform <raw irc command>
- !perform privmsg #kh,#tcl :Hai just testing.

Version history:
1.2 - Added hop command due to user request
1.1 - Added msg command due to user not understanding about privmsg
1 - Unknown