This script allows the creation of a 'TCL Bot', allowing users to run TCL on the BNC from channels.

For this script to work correctly you need to set the users, and hosts to be used.

The user should be set as such:
set khtclusers [list Quantum] - For a user called Quantum (this is case sensitive)
set khtclusers [list Quantum BOT SBNC] - For 3 users
set khtclusers [bncuserlist] - For all users

This section below will set which triggers are to be used, in this case - messages all debug output, and = just executes the command.
bind pub n&- - khtcl
bind pub n&- = khtclq

You also need to configure which hosts should get access, the syntax is as such:
catch {adduser <handle> <full hostmask>} result
catch {chattr <handle> +n} result

For example:
catch {adduser khobbits *!} result
catch {chattr khobbits +n} result

This command will return the server uptime: `- exec uptime`
This command will return the current user list: `- return [bncuserlist]`
This command will message the server as the user the current userlist: `= putserv "privmsg #channel :[bncuserlist]"`

Version history:
1.1 - Added help notes
1 - Unknown