This allows the limiting of vhost usage, set the max clients per vhost and auto set vhost on user creation.

For this script to work correctly you will probably not have to modify any script values, all configuration can be done using the /sbnc admin commands.

Admins can configure vhosts using /sbnc addvhost/changevhost/delvhost Admins can list vhost usage using /sbnc vhosts/vhostwho, and change the overide password with vhostoverride Users can list vhosts using /sbnc vhosts

Version history:
1.6 - Minor updates to bring in line with sbnc 1.3. 1.5 - Fixed IPv6 support, allowing other ipv6 ranges than /64 1.4 - Added ip to host (tcl) command for backwards resolving
1.3 - Fixed IPv6 localip expansion
1.2 - Fixed vhost list and vhostwho to track IPv6 hosts
1.1 - Seperated commands and allowed addition of IPv6 vhosts
1 - Unknown