This script allows the creation of partyline's, channels which exist on the bnc and not the IRC server.

The prefix ~ has been hard coded to work on any server. So acceptable channels would be `~support` and `~bnc`
Set the allowed channels using globalset

Admins can configure channels and other basic settings using /sbnc globalset, channels should be seperated by spaces
Type /sbnc help partyline for more information and a list of commands.
To make a command affect all users, use '-a' for the username.
After being set up, users can then interact with other users and partyline channels like they would on an normal network for example: `/join ~channel`
Once you join a channel, you will be aware that users are prefixed with a - to seperate them from normal users, these users can be noticed/privmsg'd/whois'd like normal users.
Another feature is the username `--` this user behaves as a hub, ie /notice -- will send to all online users.

Version history:
1.8 - Altered the admin settings to use globalset
1.7f - Removed mpartyline and replaced it with a modifier.
1.7e - Patched partyline channel match to ignore wildcard characters, moved some variables and added some comments.
1.7d - Patched partyline delete function to behave similar to the add function.
1.7b - Added some more info to BNC whois such as vhost
1.7 - Patched behaviour with multi client chat, the -- nick, /away messages when offline, log partyline pm's when offline, added flood warnings
1.6 - Improved partyline commands and fixed a bug related to the /version reply, and mirc treating pm's wrong after server reconnect.
1.5b - Numerous patches, including bringing script inline with the current offical version, supporting multiple sessions
1.5 - Updated script for 1.2, including sessions and improved version fix
1.4b - Added global user support, /privmsg/notice/whois -- (all users)
1.4 - Added user support, /privmsg/notice/whois -<user>
1.3b - mpartyline command
1.3 - Added /sbnc partyline command for easy control of users and channels
1.2 - Added extra version reply hacks to prevent outdated version reply bugs.
1.1 - Added support for ~ channel prefix
1 - Unknown