This script logs channels for users while they are offline.

For this script to work correctly you will probably not have to modify any script values, all configuration can be done using the /sbnc admin commands.

Admins can configure logging settings using /sbnc logwhat
Users can configure logging settings using /sbnc set.
Users can play/erase logs manually using /sbnc playlog/eraselog Users can abort the currently playing logs using /sbnc abortlog

offlinelog on/off - toggles system on and off
offlinelog.method auto/query - toggles auto play on connect
offlinelog.inclue #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 - enable logging only in certain channels to reduce connect/play lag. offlinelog.exclude #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 - disable logging in certain channels to reduce connect/play lag. offlinelog.options privmsg,notice,join,part,kick,quit,nick,topic,mode - choose which elements to log.

Version history:
1.5 - Updated for sbnc 1.3, restored timezone setting to user settings, now uses timezone not offset.
1.4c - Added abortlog command to halt log play.
1.4b - Adjusted log play. Messages are sent in batches.
1.4 - Added support for including channels rather than excluding them
1.3b - Removed checking of channels, to allow excludes of channels your not currently in.
1.3 - Added timezone adjustment
1.2 - Fixed quit/nick events and moved to khuser/khadmin group
1.1 - Altered logging method to play via bot rather than fake events
1 - Unknown, original script by Worrum