This allows the additon of virtual admins, these admins get limited control over users they add.

This is the 1.2 version of the previous vadmin script, I've not made many edits other than updating the iface support from the 1.1 version.
I am planning on revising the use of vadmins and rather making a subclass of admin, at the time of writing this script hasnt been started.
With this future script, I will try and retain compatability so both scripts can be ran at the same time, however I will be nolonger using this script

For this script to work correctly you probably do not need to modify anything in the script.

Admins can will be able to add groups or create groups from users, once these groups are created the group owner can then add users up to the group limit
/sbnc help will list a new set of commands for admins, and also introduce new commands for group owners and also other vadmins in the group
Vadmins will be able to add users but will be forced to use random passwords
Vadmins will be able to reset or delete users that are within their group
External scripts such as khextra.tcl add extra powers to vadmins such as checking who uses which vhost.

Known issues:
There is sometimes trouble when trying to use vadmin commands on users who nolonger own a group but did in the past, errors related to being marked a group owner when in a different group.

Version history:
1.4 - Added support for iface2
1.3b -fixed a few bugs relating to (un)setgroup
1.3 - Added unsetgroup command
1.2 - Added setgroup command
1.1 - Misc bug fixes
1 - Unknown