This script allows the user to set a nickserv password, and allow the BNC to auto identify to nickserv upon request and connect.

This script was originally coded by El_Rico, but has made it clear he will not offer support on edited versions of the script.

This script stores the passwords of users (in plaintext format) to their user file, for use on connect or server request, make sure users know that passwords can be recovered.

I edited this script to behave better with swiftirc, and also to do more default actions. This means the script is much more easily set up by users, with less options to configure.
I also rewrote the helpfile and help commands to allow users to understand the commands better.

For the most part this script needs no modification although modifying the default values to that approprate of the main server would be a good idea.
if { [getbncuser $client tag nickserv.reply] == "" } {
setbncuser $client tag nickserv.reply "ns" <---- this "ns" refers to what command is run this could also be "privmsg" on such servers.
setbncuser $client delayjoin 1

All configuration of this script can be done once it is loaded, and be done by the average user using the /sbnc nickserv command.
For further help I would suggest reading /sbnc nickserv help

Version history:
4.25- Fixed removing of : on onconnect/perform event
4.2 - Added custom on connect commands
- Altered ghost sequence, replaced afters with utimers
4.1 - Changes to help lines
^(KH)^ - Changes to default behaviour
4.0 - Cosmetic changes to unset
- Added the "/sbnc nickserv identify" command
- Fixed a bug that rendered nickserv.tcl useless on freenode (reported by b52)
3.0 - Changed bind structure to enhance performance
- Minimal changes to "set" output to prevent confusion about settings
2.0 - Fixed typo
- Added pattern to server bind
1.0 - initial release