This script is to disable user settings, it will prevent users from changing specific settings.

For this script to work correctly you will probably not have to modify any script values, all configuration can be done using the /sbnc admin commands.

Admins can configure lock settings using /sbnc lock/unlock/globallocks/mlock/munlock

Version history:
1.4 - Fixed bug regarding lockable settings and added setting list to help
1.3 - Added mlock/munlock
1.2 - (Worrum) Updated lockable setting types
- Made globallocks set dynamically through /sbnc globallocks
- Updated errormessage given to the client, when it tries to set/change a locked setting.
1.1 - (eteran) Removing iface related procedures and bind
- Adding iface2 support
- minor improvements
1 - Unknown