This script is a collation of scripts to improve on the admin commands available on sbnc 1.1

For this script to work correctly you probably do not need to modify anything in the script.

For a list of commands added by this script type /sbnc help and look for the khadmin and khuser section
The command /sbnc su, gives the admin access to user settings that they dont usually have access to without using tcl, or sometimes the web interface.
Some commands are available to vadmins and also to users, the vadmin commands rely on the 'reseller' tag being set by the vadmin script.
All commands have an help file available at /sbnc help <command>

List of commands:

List of SU commands:
raw <params> - sends the raw text to the server
disconnect - disconnects user
reconnect - reconnects user if disconnected
jump - reconnect user
set <setting> <value> - sets a user setting
value <setting> - returns a user setting
settag <setting> <value> - sets a 'tag' setting on a user
tag <setting> - returns a 'tag' setting on user
log - plays users log file
eraselog - erases their user log
addhost <value> - adds an connection host
delhost <value> - removes a connection host
clearhosts - wipes connection host list
hosts - shows connection host list
traffic - displays user traffic

Values: connected (to server), onbnc, nick, seen, network, channels, uptimehr
Channnel values: chanmode <chan>, topic <chan>, chanlist <chan>, usercount <chan><

Version history:
1.7 - Removed a few commands to move them to usercontrol.tcl
1.6 - Added admin logging system
1.5 - Added disconnect command for all users and made traffic/uptime stats available to users
1.4 - Added vhost related command usingvhost and lastused information
1.3 - Found and added showusers command
1.2 - Added log commands to su
1.1 - Added msu/msimul
1 - Created the command su