This script enables remote control over a BNC account making a sort of 'TCL Bot', using a /sbnc command you control the 'bot settings.

For this script to work correctly you will probably not have to modify any values, all configuration can be done by an admin using /sbnc tclbot.

All admin control of the bot such as defining nicknames and adding host can be accessed by /sbnc tclbot
Full command help is available by typing /sbnc help tclbot
This command will return the server uptime: `- exec uptime`
This command will return the current user list: `- return [bncuserlist]`
This command will message the server as the user the current userlist: `= putserv "privmsg #channel :[bncuserlist]"`
You can enable verbose mode by supplying '-v' or '-vv' as the first parameter.

Version history:
2.1 - Added default line cap to prevent spam, use -v as first argument to skip, will also show stack trace on error with -v.
2.0 - Added /sbnc tclbot control over the bot
1.2 - Split development see tclbasic.tcl for the basic version
1.1 - Added help notes
1 - Unknown