This script will message the nickname of any user who query's or notices the user while they are disconnected. It also checks channels for highlights and replys in a similar fashion

This script was never completed, due to lack of interest, it was also modified to take heed of users who were bots as part of an previous invite hub script.
Editing this script to disable features, or remove invitehub dependancy would be relitively easy, if you have interest in this script, try contacting me in #tcl.

Version history:
0.55kh: Khobbits edited misc stuff.
-- Status when I found the script --
0.5: Added log-feature for pubm 'highlights'
0.4: Important bugfixes, layout changes
0.3: Important bugfix, layout changes (2006/06/09)
0.2: Several (Bug-)fixes, proper script header and contact information (2006/02/27)
0.1: Initial release (2006/01/08)