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Custom Commands:

8pleasecalm down! If you need help calming down, please see this link:
1.6lagAll sprint lag is currently Mojang's fault. Minecraft sprint has moved server side. Check it out on Twitter: @Dinnerbone
advertisingPlease do not post any server URLs or unrelated links unless requested. PM it to the user who asked you for it - do NOT post it in the channel!
askIf you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for staff or topic experts. Don't ask to ask or if people are awake. Just ask the question to the channel straight out.
calmcalmdownPlease calm down! If you need help calming down, please see this link:
capsNo need for the Caps!
carlgo11carlCarlgo11 is a DEV. He mostly fixes psgs' shity shit
colorcolorcode, colourcode
colorprotblackandyellow, protColor protocol: Due to IceWiz and Lain connecting to a minecraftserver, please use color codes: 8, 9, 11 and 4
dongDONG SQUAD 420
griefFound grief? Report it using /modreq
griefcheckBeen griefed? Type /modreq grief exactly at the grief if no staff are available.
joinRemember to click the "Join Website" link near your profile picture on after logging into the site for the first time.
lainLain is an IRC bot that can provide tons of info. You can use it! Just type .(a lain command)
logslogChannel Log available at:
mcbansban, bansNebulosa uses McBans for it's banning. This means that if you are globally banned, you will lost McBans reputation, possibly affecting your ability to join other servers.
newlogStop your server, move your "server.log" file out of the craftbukkit directory. Start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. A new server.log will be created, please upload it to or and post the link in the channel.
offlineAlthough there are legitimate uses for offline mode, psgs does not support these servers. As such, most helpers in this channel will give no assistance to users of offline mode, as in most cases it is used to accomodate users of pirated clients or hacked user accounts, and we cannot condone the use of these methods. Running a server in offline mode also poses a MAJOR security risk.
opgimmegimme, pmcWant op? Visit to get it!
pastieIf you have a problem it usually helps us to get a copy of the requested file (for help with server logs, type .newlog). Pastebin the requested file on a site below and give us the URL it takes you to. :: :: :: ::
patiencechillPlease be patient, and wait for a reply from one of our volunteers. Please do NOT ping/query others whilst waiting. The helpers in this channel give up some of their spare time for free to help you and others, while at school, work and gaming. As such do not expect an immediate reply, especially when the channel is busy
pexpexsuxIf you use PEX, GTFO!!
pizzadonate, donation, donations, yum, yummWe accept donations! Donators will be rewarded for their donations! Go to
psgsGet fucked!
publicWe prefer to assist people publicly, so that others can benefit if they have similar questions. Please do not ask helpers to remote control your server, come on your server, or query/pm helpers unless they specifically ask you to. It's also considered rude, and annoying, to PM someone out of the blue.
spawngettospawn, worldspawnTo get to spawn, use /mv spawn.
staffadmin, administrator, annoying, chiefmod, chiefmoderator, helper, mod, moderator, ownerPlease do not ask staff members for staff ranks. You can apply for Helper (The first rank of staff) after playing for a week, at

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command