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Custom Commands:

askquestionIf you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for staff or topic experts. Don't ask to ask or if people are awake. Just ask the question to the channel straight out.
calmI regret to inform you that no one here will be able to assist you if you are unable or unwilling to be proactive in the troubleshooting process.  If however, you wish to slow down, read what others are suggesting, and try it, we would be happy to continue assisting you.
chatprefix, prefixes, prefixs
colourcolor, colorcode, colorcodes, colorguide, colors, colourcode, colourcodes, colourguide, colours
- essentials.*

dontpmWe prefer to assist people publicly, so that others can benefit if they have similar questions. Please don't PM people who are assisting you unless they have asked you to, or you are sending private information. It is also considered quite rude and annoying to PM someone out of the blue.
ecoThere are no known conflicts between Essentials and other economy systems, Essentials will switch to use iConomy/BOSE/Vault if it is installed.
elabelaborateStating that something is not working is not useful information. We need to know precisely what your issue is and what result you would like to achieve.
emergencyemergancyIf Essentials cannot start, other Essentials modules will be disabled and EssentialsProtect will go into emergency mode, canceling all events that could hurt your world. To fix Essentials, check your log file, you will generally have an error in your config file, or using the wrong Bukkit version.
gmconfiggmcfg, groupyml
gmymlsgmyml, groups.yml, users.ymlusers.yml: plugins/GroupManager/worlds/worldname/users.yml
groups.yml: plugins/GroupManager/worlds/worldname/groups.yml
ircmibbitRead first:
lainA computer without a controller...
latestversion'latest' & 'newest' are not versions or build numbers. Please provide your Essentials' "/version" or CraftBukkit BUILD number when requested.
Your version and build number can be found at the site when you downloaded, via a command, or in your server.log
localipLocal system IPs are in the range 127.x.x.x :: Local network IPs are either 192.168.x.x / 172.16-32.x.x / 169.254.x.x / 10.x.x.x :: Other invalid IPs: 224-255.x.x.x
lrn2rdrtfmPlease read the instructions you were given again carefully and follow them to the letter.
mcshThis chat is not associated with one particular host, though many hosts direct people here for plugin support. We can assist you with plugin/server issues, etc. We cannot assist you with billing or host-specific issues.
moohave you mooed today?
namenick, uglyname, uglynickTo change your nickname on IRC, type /nick YourShinyNewNameHere
newestversionnoPlease state your exact Bukkit and Essentials version numbers. 'Newest' is not a valid version number.
newlognew, nlogStop your server, move your server.log out of the craftbukkit directory. Start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. A new server.log will be created, please upload it to and post the link in the channel.
ontopicontopPlease stay on topic, sudden deviations may confuse users.
p3p2, perm3, permissions2-3Permissions 2/3 is no longer actively developed and can cause issues.
Get GroupManager as it's a well maintained, stable and friendly system.
pastepastebinYou can paste large bodies of text here:
pastegIf you have a problem with permissions, it would help if we could see a copy of your groups.yml from GroupManager/other permissions plugin. Pastebin groups.yml file @
patiencePlease be patient when waiting for a response.  Many of the helpers here are helping in their free time at school or work, and often get called away.
In short, your supplications will be answered, in the order in which they are received.
permpermissions, perms
pexpermissionsexThough PEX is easy to use, it currently can create stability and other issues.
Get GroupManager as it's a well maintained, stable and friendly system.
pirateoffline, offlinemodeThough there are legitimate reasons to use offline mode, The Essentials Project has no support for these servers.
As such, most helpers will give no assistance to users of offline mode servers as we cannot condone the use of pirated clients and/or user accounts.
ramRAM - Your computer's memory. Think of it like a table in a library, the bigger the table, the bigger the map and charts you can have open on it. The more RAM you have, the more space Minecraft has to open up in.
sadLain sad. Lain want you to access command but Lain cannot let you. Lain will leak tears
serverlogserver.logYour server.log file can be found in the same folder as your Craftbukkit.jar file and your plugins folder - if you do not have a server.log file, type .unhide
tmiTooManyItems formatting needs to be changed in order for it to work with Essentials. The correct format for tmi is /item {1}:{3} {2}
unhideIf you do not have a "server.log" file, read and follow this:
wepifIf your using worldedit/craftbook/worldguard with GroupManager, make sure you set dinnerperms/bukkitperms and ignore-nijibridge to false, the bukkit/wepif.yml to reduce issues.
whylogThe startup section of your server log provides quite a bit of detailed information we can use to easily diagnose your issues. The section we need is from the first line of start-up to the last line before any players join.

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command