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Custom Commands:

1.8alt1.8There is currently no official version of Essentials for any 1.8 servers. We do not support unofficial builds of Essentials or 1.8 servers, nor any issues arising from the use of these. Please take caution as unofficial copies of Essentials will often contain unforeseen bugs and exploits!
125When running Bukkit 1.2.5, use Development Build 2.9.337:
147When running Bukkit 1.4.7, use Pre Build
152When running bukkit 1.5.2, use Release Build 2.11.1:
1lenter, spamIRC supports complete sentences. Do not use the enter key for punctuation, please.
advertisingad, adv, advert, advertise, ipPlease do not post server URLs, IPs, or any other personal contact information unless otherwise requested, in which case you are to Private Message the information to the user who asked you for it - do NOT post it in the channel, as this may open your server to attack!
While it is generally accepted you will have a personal opinion on what are the best servers and plugins, you should not link to or advertise any servers, services or other products unless directly asked.
Please refer to |public.
altess or
answeranswerpleaseIt may sometimes be hard to follow all the conversation on IRC. But if people are trying to help you and need to ask you a few questions please answer them all. If you get asked three questions and only answer one or keep asking the same question time and again (showing that you don't read what you get asked) you risk to be ignored. Show some initiative and your problem will likely be fixed within a few minutes.
antibuildAntibuild is an Essentials module
askquestionIf you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for staff or topic experts or ask if people are awake or available. Just ask the question to the channel straight out, and wait patiently for a reply.
Refer to
backupHow to use the backup feature:
banformatbanmsgYou can change the banformat the same way you can alter any internal Essentials message. :: ::
{0} - Ban message :: {1} - Player who placed the ban :: The default syntax is: banFormat=Banned: {0}
blockhelphelpdoesntworkIf you are using NoCheatPlus and are having problems with the /help command, try looking through the nocheat config file for a 'protectplugins' option and disabling that.
booktutbook, books, booktutorial, joinbook, newbiebookEssentials book itemmeta tutorial:
breakdownmodular, module, modules
calmdowncalm, chill, weheardyouPlease calm down! Our helpers are under enough stress as it is.
cfglocEssentials config is located at : plugins/Essentials/config.yml
GroupManager config is located at : plugins/GroupManager/config.yml
chanchannel, notess, unrelated, welcomeWelcome to #Essentials - We'd love to assist you with Essentials or GroupManager issues. Anything unrelated to Essentials or GroupManager may be ignored when the channel is busy. To get help, read this first:
changelogchglog, chnglog, cl, clogChangelog:
cijenkins, tc, teamcityBuild server:
cmdrefcmd, cmdlist, cmds, command, commands, esswikiCommand Reference:
colourcolor, colorcode, colorcodes, colorguide, colors, colourcode, colourcodes, colourguide, coloursColour Codes:
configcfg, conf, essconfig, latestconfig, newconfigDefault config.yml @
Located at: plugins/Essentials/config.yml
confusionconfused, whatWe can't understand what you are trying to say!
Please kindly elaborate and explain what you are trying to do as clearly and as concise as possible.
Try to provide as much information as possible and re-word your sentence.
custmsgcustom, custommessage, custommessages, custommsg, nomail, tlYou can change how Essentials displays messages by modifying For information on doing this, look at
customtextcustomtxtInformation on the custom text feature can be found at
debugessdebug, how2debugTo enable debug, type '/ess debug' in-game or in the server console. Once done with instructions given to you, type '|pastie'
denypermnegate, negperm, negpermspermissions:
- essentials.*
devbukkitbukkitdev, dboBukkitDev Page:
devchangelogDevelopment Changelog:
diffdiffuseOnline tool: Download tool: Notepad++ Addon:
diydoityourselfPlease don't ask anyone to edit or fix a file for you.  If you do not understand what the helpers are telling you, ask questions!
dmcaThere has been a DMCA take-down notice for code used within CraftBukkit based servers. As such, the Essentials Team has chosen not to endorse the violation of the DMCA notice by not continuing development for any software which is in violation. Additionally, we will not support any issues arising from softwares attempting to violate the DMCA notice.
Read more at:
donatecake, donations, icecream, love, meloveyoulongtime, pay, pizza, spaghettiWe accept donations @
ecoecoconv, economy, esseco, essecon, icoEssentials Economy supports BOSE, iConomy, and Vault. If you use any of these plugins, Essentials will automatically use them. You can instead use the built in economy system.
For details on switching to Essentials Eco, read this:
elabelaborate, explain, tryStating "This does not work" or "I need help with this" is not useful information. We need to know precisely what your issue is and what result you would like to achieve.
emailPlease do not post your contact information such as email in the channel. The volunteers will not email you regarding your issue. #essentials takes no responsibility or whatsoever regarding any spam/harassment/any other form of unwanted stuff you received as a result of posting your contact information in #essentials.
Refer to |public.
emergencyIf Essentials can not start, other Essentials modules will be disabled, and EssentialsProtect will go in to Emergency Mode, cancelling all events that could hurt your world.
To correct the issue, make a new log file for us, and paste it in here. (Refer to |newlog and |paste).
enchantenchantdb, enchantment, enchantments, enchantsFor a list of all enchantments we support, type /enchant ingame.
Full list: Full information list:
englishen, engMost of the volunteers on this channel speak English. If you do not, you may wish to find someone who does, or use a machine translator as a last resort.
entireentPlease paste the entire file requested, not just the console output or a section of the file.
essxessentialsxWhile NOT being supported by the Essentials Team, a 3rd party port for Spigot called 'EssentialsX' is available here:
We are migrating to Sponge, for more information, type |Sponge

etawhenPlease do not ask for updates or an ETA. It will be when it is out. not a moment sooner, not a moment later. Be patient, we're all volunteers!
factionsfaction, factionchat, factionschat, newfactionsDocumentation for using Factions tags with EssentialsChat are maintained by the Factions developers. Please refer to for details. Make sure you are using Essentials Reco 2.12.1 or later.
forgebukkitbukkitforge, fb, forgeIf you are experiencing plugin errors and/or issues with BukkitForge, the problem is likely within BukkitForge itself. If you get these errors, please try switching over to standard Bukkit. BukkitForge and Bukkit are not the same, thus, your Bukkit plugins may not work on BukkitForge.
forumthreadBukkit Forum Thread:
geoipEssentialsGeoIP provides Geographical IP lookup, it can tell you roughly the location of where a player is logging in from, based on public IP databases.
getbukkitbukkitrb, getbukkitrbCraftBukkit Recommended build:
getbukkitbetabukkitbetaCraftBukkit Beta build:
getbukkitdevbukkitdevbCraftBukkit Development build:
getgmTo download GroupManager, please use this link:
getlainGet Lain here:
gitcode, github, source, srcGithub:
gitdlGit Download:
gmgmwiki, groupmanagerGroupManager:
gmchangelogGroupManager Changelog:
gmcmdgmcm, gmcmds, gmperm, groupmanagercmd, groupmanagercmds, groupmanagercommand, groupmanagercommandsGroupManager Commands:
gmconfiggmcfgGroupManager config:
gmdevdevgm, getgmdevGroupManager Dev Build:
gmregengmerrorIf you are receiving errors from GroupManager and it's falling back to default settings you may be missing config entries. Back up your current GM config, delete it, and restart your server to generate a new file.
gmvidgmtutHow to use GroupManager:
gmymlsgmexamples, gmyml, group.yml, groups.yml, groupsyml, groupyml, users.ymlusers.yml: plugins/GroupManager/worlds/worldname/users.yml
groups.yml: plugins/GroupManager/worlds/worldname/groups.yml
hamachiHamachi has been squatting on a previously unallocated IP address space. This block of addresses,, has been allocated by IANA.  As such, Hamachi conflicts with the internet.  As such, we will neither support nor assist with server network issues for hosts using Hamachi for connectivity.
If you are using Hamachi, use a different solution such as proper port forwarding, or a VPN.
helpbot, halpFor help installing Essentials type |install Other CMDs: |build (|essbuild, |bukkit) |changelog |cmdref |ticket |config |paste |yaml |listcmd
helpfilesmanualfilesHelp/Manual Files:
homeTo visit another player's home, use /home [username]:[homename]
To list another player's homes, use /home [username]: - note the colon on the end.
how2bukkitHow to set up a Bukkit server:
how2pastiehow2paste, howtopastieHow to paste:
how2pluginhow2pl, plpaste, ppasteTo paste your plugin list, open your console, type in 'plugins' without the quotes, then copy and paste the results to a pasting website. :: :: ::
how2screenshothow2scHow to take a screenshot:
howtoPlease read this guide to installing Minecraft servers:
infoeinfo, helpfile, manual, manualfileHow to set up the /info command:
WorldEdit overrides the /info command by default. You may use /einfo or use a custom alias to get around it.
installdownloadHow to Install Essentials Plugins:
ircircclient, irclientRead first:
itemspawnitemspawningItem Spawning:
javamac Java for Mac OSX:
lainI am a bot, a computer without a controller...
lainabuselainspam, wegetityouknowhowtouselain, wegetityouknowhowtouselaincommandsPlease do not use Lain commands when it is not necessary to do so, as we would like to have as much of the channel as possible dedicated to helpful messages.
latestnewest, recent, version'latest' or 'newest' are not versions or build numbers.
For Bukkit: /version
For Essentials: /ess version
listlisttut, listtutorial, playerlistFor a tutorial on the new /list settings, please read here:
localelocalYou can change the default language of Essentials by setting the 'locale' option in the config file. -
localedlgetlocaleThe messages for locale are available here:
localipLocal system IPs are in the range 127.x.x.x :: Local network IPs are either 192.168.x.x / 172.16-32.x.x / 169.254.x.x / 10.x.x.x :: Other invalid IPs: 224-255.x.x.x
longstatsLong stats:
loreInformation on lore formating can be found at:
macsignsAt the moment some Essentials signs are broken for Mac OS users on version 1.7.4 of Minecraft, this is a client bug.
A workaround has been developed but not yet implemented in the release version of Essentials, grab a development version with the workaround implemented from here:
mavenessrepo, repoMaven Repo:
mcstatusCurrent status of Minecraft services:
metacustompotions, itemmeta, metadata, potion, potionsFor more information on item meta:
mirrorgmmirror, gmmirroring, mirroring, worldmirrorFor help setting up GM world mirroring:
motdIf you need help with the motd file, read this:
multihomehomes, mhome, multi-home, multiplehomeEssentials supports multiple homes, which are configured in the Essentials config.yml, read more:
namenickTo change your nickname on IRC, type /nick YourShinyNewNameHere
newaliasesalias, aliases, nalias, naliases, newaliasYou can create custom command aliases by editing the commands.yml. See:
newbiespawnnewbspawnEssentials has support for new-comers on the server to spawn in a different place. To change this spawn location, please use /setspawn newbies
newenchantAs of 2.11.x Essentials builds, the enchantment permissions have been changed. Instead of using essentials.enchant.[enchantment], please use essentials.enchantments.[enchantment] as your enchantment-specific permissions nodes.
newlognew, newlog1.7, newlog17, newlogs, nlog, startupStop your server. Now, start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. Please copy what's in "logs/latest.log" and paste it on or and post the link in the channel. If you do not see a latest.log file, please type |unhide or if you are using MC 1.6 or older, type |newlog1.6
newlog1.6newlog16, newlog<1.7, newloglegacyStop your server, move your "server.log" (not "server.log.lck" or server.log.1") file out of the craftbukkit directory. Start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. A new "server.log" will be created, please upload it to or and post the link in the channel. If you do not see a "server.log" file, please type |unhide.
newsignsnewsignOn or about line 264 of the NEW config.yml file starts the enabledSigns section. Below this, remove the # from any sign type you wish allowed to be built. Default config.yml is located at
nocheatanticheat, nc+, ncp, nocheat+, nocheatplusTo help prevent hackers and cheating, Essentials recommends NoCheatPlus.
notservantsholdonThe helpers in this channel give up some of their spare time for free to help you and others, while at school, work and gaming. As such do not expect an immediate reply, especially when the channel is busy. If you do not get a response to your question; it might be that the helpers online, simply do not know the answer.
np++notepad++, notepad, notepadpp, nppNotepad++ is an ideal editor for most configuration files used by bukkit plugins. As most use YAML files (.yml), you have to change tabs to spaces (.ymltut can be used to find out how.) You can find it here:
To use Notepad++ with FileZilla, check out
offlinepiracy, pirateThe Essentials project does not specifically support offline mode, and thus offers no help for issues caused by offline mode or auth plugins.
Offline mode poses a major security risk. Helpers retain the right to refuse assistance to users using offline mode...
oldaliasesYou can create custom command aliases by editing the bukkit.yml. See:
onebyone1by1, 1x1To find out which plugin is causing the issue backup your plugins folder and remove 1 plugin. If that helped, contact us or the support for that plugin. If that didn't help, remove another one and do that until all plugins are deleted. If the issue is still there when all plugins are deleted it's probably a bukkit issue.
overrideecmd, ecommand, priorityEssentials generally will not conflict with other plugin commands, and gives priority to other plugins whenever possible. If you think another plugin is overlapping, you can still use the Essentials version by using the backup syntax: /e<command>.
ownerFor assistance with server side issues, it's usually necessary for you to have access to the server files, if you don't, please get someone who does and have them join the channel.
pastiepaste, pastebinIf you have a problem it usually helps us to get a copy of the requested file (for help with server logs, type |newlog). Paste the requested file on a site below and give us the URL it takes you to. Please make sure the paste is NOT private! :: ::
patiencedunno, heardyou, relax, repeat, waitPlease be patient, and wait for a reply from one of our volunteers.
Please do NOT ping/query others whilst waiting.
The helpers in this channel give up some of their spare time for free to help you and others, while at school, work and gaming. As such do not expect an immediate reply, especially when the channel is busy. If you do not get a response to your question; it might be that the helpers online, simply do not know the answer.

permpermrefPermissions list:
permsCommand Permissions:
pex2gmbperm2gmAutomatically convert your PEX setup to GroupManager by using:
playerheadhead, heads, phead, pheads, playerheadsTo spawn a player's head with Essentials, use item id:meta: - example: /item 397:3 <amount> <player:playername>
prefixchat, chatformat, chatformatting, format, tablistFor our guide on how to set up chat formatting/prefix/suffixes please read this page:
privateprivatepasteWhen we ask for a paste, please make sure the paste is NOT set to private.
protectEssentialsProtect is a basic world protection system, this module allows you to configure basic rules for the server to abide by, such as preventing creepers from destroying buildings, and preventing fire spread, controlling which mobs are allowed to spawn.
publicdontpm, pm, skype, teamviewer, tvWe prefer to assist people publicly, so that others can benefit if they have similar questions. Please do not ask helpers to remote control your server, come on your server, or query/pm helpers unless they specifically ask you to. It's also considered rude, and annoying, to PM someone out of the blue.
It is acceptable, however, to PM a helper information that is private, such as passwords, teamviewer details (if requested only) and so on.
queryPlease do not ping/query other users whilst waiting for a reply - it just lowers your chances of being helped!
readrtfmIf a helper links you to a wiki page or other resource for your issue, please read it in its entirety before asking for further help. It is most likely that the answer is located where they linked you.
regionfixerregionfixRegion fixer tool:
reloadDo not use Bukkit's /reload command as it breaks almost everything and will usually cause memory leaks.
Instead, use the plugins reload command such as /ess reload for Essentials or /manload for GroupManager.
rgbRGB colour codes:
server.propertiesproperties,, serverpro, serverprop, guide:
serverip Please private message your server IP or URL to the helper currently assisting with your issue. If you object, please let the helper know.
Please be advised the helpers won't ask for your address unless it is absolutely necessary to assist you in your case.  Do not post this information publicly in the channel.
serverlogserver.logYour latest.log file can be found in the "logs" folder which is in the same folder as your craftbukkit.jar file and your plugins folder - if you do not have a latest.log file, type |unhide.
serverlog1.6Your server.log file can be found in the same folder as your craftbukkit.jar file and your plugins folder - if you do not have a server.log file, type |unhide.
signssign, signtutSee for a tutorial on creating signs. See also |newsigns if you are having problems.
slongstatsschlongstats, slongSuper long stats:
spawnerrorspawnderp, spawnissueIf you are having issues with spawn points and are using NoCheatPlus, upgrade NoCheatPlus to version 311+
spawnprotectspawnradiusTo virtually disable your Minecraft Spawn protection, set it to 0 in your file.
Please note: This does not disable spawn protection, but sets it to the single block where your spawn is set.
spongeSponge is the successor to Bukkit, the next generation Minecraft server platform, you can find more about Sponge here:
Essentials was planning on migrating to Sponge, but development is currently stalled. There are however plugins similar to Essentials available for download.
statusmojang, serversCheck the status of the Mojang servers here -
suffocateIf you are ending up being teleported underground when teleporting and are using nocheatplus, make sure your nocheatplus is up to date.
tabstabTabs are the most common form of yml errors! Make sure you never use the tab key or if you use Notepad++ and wish to convert tabs to spaces, please read
tekkittekkitclassic, tekkitliteWhen running Tekkit Classic, use dev2.9.337:
Please note: some features in EssentialsProtect will not work with Tekkit Classic.
Tekkit Lite is currently not supported, since it does not use the Bukkit API.
ticket3.0, assembla, bug, bugreport, bugs, essticket, issue, issues, jira, requests, suggest, suggestion, support, ticketsIf you have an issue that cannot be immediately resolved in this channel, please feel free to submit a support ticket. We also accept feature requests (make sure they are of an Essential nature).
timeparamtimeThe mute/tempban/tjail commands take a standard date/time syntax. Times should given in "years(y) months(mo) weeks(w) days(d) hours(h) minutes(m) seconds(s}". You may omit blank parameters. For example: "2d 5h 30m".
translatetranslationTo help us translate Essentials into other languages, click here:
twittertweetFollow us on twitter
ucodeuc, unicodeIf you are editing a locale file and are wondering what \u00a76 means, it is used as a color code.
The \u00a7 represents the section symbol (§), and the letter/number after that, in this case 6, is the color code.
For more information how they work, view this:
unhidehidden, nologIf you do not have a 'latest.log|server.log' file, read and follow this guide:
update java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError and other "not working" issues can be caused by outdated plugins. Make sure your plugins are built for the version of Craftbukkit you're using, or consider alternative plugins.
The outdated plugin(s) will NOT work until you do so!
vanillabukkitcmd, bukkitcommands, bukkitperms, vanillacmd, vanillacommands, vanillaperm, vanillapermsBukkit permissions:
vaultA lot of plugins that interact with your servers economy, group checking, permissions checking and much more require a plugin called Vault, this little plugin allows so much more possibilities and can boost performance just by running in the background! Vault requires no configuration and can be found here:
voicenovoiceDid you mean: !voice
votifierThis Votifier listener should work with Essentials 2.10.x and 2.11.x:
warpskits, newarps, newkits, newwarps As of 2.9.4, Essentials warps and kits have slightly different permissions. When you are giving players permission to use the warps/kits, you need to make sure you add an 'S' to the permission node. For example, essentials.warp.warp1 is now essentials.warps.warp1. This was done to prevent users from gaining access to permissions that you may not have meant to give them.
wepifIf you are having problems with WorldEdit, WorldGuard, or CommandBook permissions, please make sure you have set dinnerPerms, BukkitPerms, NijiPermissionsResolver, and ignore-nijibridge to false, and GroupManagerResolver to true in the wepif.yml
wgetFor a direct download, append "?guest=1" to the download url.
whyWe need certain files because they help us troubleshoot and pinpoint your issue. Please provide the helper with the file that was requested, so that we may resolve the problem you are encountering.
whygmpexGroupManager is a stable, well-maintained and user-friendly permission system developed by the Essentials team. As such, it is always up-to-date with the latest Essentials and will never cause issues with this plugin.
whylogwhynewlogThe startup section of your server log provides quite a bit of detailed information we can use to easily diagnose your issues. The section we need is from the first line of start-up to the last line before any players join.
whywarpswhykitsWhy warps/kits:
whyyesitsmewhy yes, good observation
wikiEssentials Wiki:
wildcardFor a brief explanation as to why PEX will work with wildcard "*" nodes and GroupManager (Specifically SuperPerms) will not, please read this:
worldprefixmultiverse, mv, mvprefixIf you are using Multiverse, you may have noticed a [world] tag in your chat. To remove this, you must set 'prefixchat' to false in your Multiverse config.yml file.
Please note: Your server must be turned off completely when saving the file, since Multiverse saves config only when the server is offline.
yappWhen using YAPP, make sure to set 'use-bukkit-permissions: false' to true, in the Essentials config.yml.
ymltutyamltut, ymltutorialYAML tutorial:

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command