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Custom Commands:

3forthe latest build download commandbouncer from:
3ifCommandBouncer won't work please follow these instructions
3uwot mate?
advertisingadvertPlease do not post any server URLs or unrelated links unless requested. PM it to the user who asked you for it - do NOT post it in the channel!
assemblaticketReport your issue at:
buymcbuyminecraftBuy Minecraft FFS! It's just 19,99€! Everyone can afford that!
carlgo11get psgsed!
entirePlease paste the entire file requested, not just the console output or a section of the file.
final This is your final warning! Do as we say or you WILL be banned!
getgmTo download GroupManager, please use this link:
gitcode, github, srcGithub:
how2readreadIf you need help how to read, please read this:
howinterestingReally? How interesting!
hownicethatsniceWell that's nice:
ipIf you are asked for your server IP, please PM it to the user who asked you for it - do NOT post it in the channel!
kittensMAX MATON! :D
newlognew, newlogsStop your server, move your "server.log" file out of the craftbukkit directory. Start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. A new server.log will be created, please upload it to or and post the link in the channel.
newrulenohelpIf you don't provide me with the info to help you when I ask for it, you will be subject to a $10 surcharge before you get any other help.
np++notepad, nppNotepad++ is an ideal editor for most configuration files used by minecraft plugins. As most use YML, it is best to change tabs to spaces. You can find it here:
offlineAlthough there are legitimate uses for offline mode, The Essentials Project does not support these servers.
As such, most helpers will give no assistance to users of offline mode, as in most cases it is used to accomodate users of pirated clients or hacked user accounts,
and we cannot condone the use of these methods. Running a server in offline mode also poses a MAJOR security risk.
ownerFor assistance with server side issues, it's usually necessary for you to have access to the server files, if you don't please get somone who does and have them join the channel.
pastieIf you have a problem it usually helps us to get a copy of the requested file (for help with server logs, type .newlog).
Pastebin the requested file on a site below and give us the URL it takes you to. :: :: :: ::

patiencePlease be patient, and wait for a reply from one of our volunteers.
Please do NOT ping/query others whilst waiting.
The helpers in this channel give up some of their spare time for free to help you and others, while at school, work and gaming. As such do not expect an immediate reply, especially when the channel is busy!
permissionsperm, permission, ppluginMost plugins have permissions support. You need a permission plugin to use the permissions.
Please go download a permission plugin such as GroupManager:
pexWe recommend GroupManager over any other permissions plugin, PermissionsEx in particular. For a list of reasons why, please read
pluginsplpasteTo paste your plugin list, open your console, type in 'plugins' without the quotes, then copy and paste the results to a pasting website. :: :: ::
psgsGet fucked
publicWe prefer to assist people publicly, so that others can benefit if they have similar questions. Please do not ask helpers to remote control your server, come on your server, or query/pm helpers unless they
specifically ask you to. It's also considered rude, and annoying, to PM someone out of the blue.
It is acceptable, however, to PM a helper information that is private. such as passwords.
skype We prefer not to give out our personal skype names. If you have any questions please ask them in the channel instead!
sparhawksparHi! I'm Spahawk. A bot created by KHobbits!
tabstabTabs are the most common form of yml errors! Make sure you never use the tab key or if you use Notepad++ and wish to convert tabs to spaces; please read here
uwotuwot?U wot m8?
versionsWe keep all our older versions here:
warnPlease do as we say or else we won't be able to help you!

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command