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Custom Commands:

advancedmetametaBattleKits does not yet support advanced item meta settings. LiteKits ( may suit your needs to a larger extent if need to use these sort of items. We hope to get this functionality in BattleKits soon.
elabPlease provide more information - answer the following questions. Which version of the plugin are you running? Which version of CraftBukkit are you using? Which other plugins are you running? Please also pastebin your server.log (type .log for instructions)
lognewlogStop your server, move your "server.log" (not server.log.lck or server.log.1) file out of the craftbukkit directory. Please start your server and let it start completely. Next, stop the server. A new server.log will have been created. Please upload it to and post the link here.
patiencePlease wait for an appropriately experienced user to help you. We Cannot help you if you wait two minutes and disconnect.
quotesPlease remember to wrap enchantments in single quotes! See for examples
uwThank you for your time. Unfortunately we will not be providing support to you at this moment. Please create a GitHub issue if this remains an issue.

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command