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Custom Commands:

*Superperms does not support the '*' node. Instead, use the op system, or just don't be lazy and properly write a perms file.
2bPermissions 2.x has been handed to rymate1234, he will handle the older version and it will be updated to the latest builds and newer features will be added.
3bPermissions 3.x is soon to come out! It will be completely different.
ambushBam! Ambush! Didn't see that coming did ya?
antiguestDeny building with this plugin:
apibPermissions has an API, read all about it!
askI will not answer a question to ask a question. I may answer a question that is a question.
If you don't give us info - we can't help you!
.caek to see common error causes. Read them before asking a question.
basicTo set commands to work for players, look up the documentation of the plugins which provide those commands for the appropriate permission nodes. Or just op everyone.
bpermissionsbperm, bperms
bugsbPermissions - "I literally cannot stop spawning bugs"
caekCommon error causes: out of date craftbukkit, conflicting plugins, multiple installations of the same plugin, yaml formatting issues, not being op, using spout incorrectly, being in spawn area, using worldguard incorrectly.
cakeChrizC likes cake. If you wish to buy him some cake, donate money to him
callhomeThat Error has to do with our stats system being offline. Please go to the stats folder in the plugin directory and adjust that config.yml to say "opt-out: true"
chatbchatmanagerbChatManager is a chat manager for bPermissions |
chatcolourcc, chatcolor, color, colourDo prefix colours not work? Do you have a chat plugin? Get bChatManager and simply configure it to work. bChatManager is a chat manager for bPermissions |
codename_bfollow codename_B on twitter!!/VladToBeHere
commonsensePlease use some common sense. Some things you must think about yourself. If you can't use it then we will kick you.
consoleAny errors will likely be shown in your server console
cookieCookie likes cookies donate to cookie to buy him cookies!
devbuildDevelopement builds of both bPermissions and bChatManager are avaliable at Use them at your own risk.
developerdevDo you wish to be a developer of bPermissions? Please contact one of the operators privately, it would be a pleasure to have another banana to eat.
donateHas bPermissions helped out your server? Is it an important part you can't run a server without? To help the developers and say thanks please donate at
dontworkSimply saying 'it does not work' will not help us help you. Give us specific details. What do you expect to happen, and what actually happens?
errorThe error you are experiencing is likely an ID: 10T error. Please consult the bukkit team on #bukkit for help in resolving this error. Simply state: "Help - I'm having an ID: 10T error!" on the #bukkit channel
examplesexample, examplefilesExample groups.yml: Example users.yml:
failburdenYou are a burden on your parents and should feel ashamed of yourself. Your language is atrocious and your use of punctuation is weak, at best.
faqRead the FAQ before asking questions!!:
forwardIf you don't know what "port forward" means then you shouldn't be running a server!
freehelpnewrule, payif you don't provide me with the info to help you when I ask for it, you will be subject to a $10 surcharge before you get any other help
gethelphelpmeHelp us to help you! We'd rather you gave us too much information, instead of not enough. Give us: pastebinned config files (see .pastebin), CraftBukkit information (CB etc.), other plugins that may conflict, any errors encountered, what you were doing when you encountered the problem, and how to reproduce.
helpNeed help with bPermissions? Ask themadman300 or rymate1234 or codename B
infoIf you don't give us info - we can't help you
jenkinsLatest developement builds avaliable from our jenkins | These are possibly buggy, use them at your own risk
lainI am a bot used for channel administration and commands that display messages so we have less keystrokes. I am hosted by KHobbits. I love madman because he is awesome.
madmanthemadman300 is our official support guy (if he's around)
mbaxtermbaxter is ambivalent to PEX donate to mbaxter to allow him to continue to be ambivalent towards PEX!
moneyMoney, money, money - makes the world loopy. codename_B likes his money. Donate to him so he can have moar money!
negativeFor negative permission nodes, prefix the node with the "^" symbol like this - "^node.node"
nextAnother satisfied customer. NEXT!!!
noentryif all they have is the default group then they don't get an entry in the file - this is a space saving measure. If you had thousands of players joining your server every day to try it out and only 5-6 stayed every day, you'd be like "why can't it not create entries for players who don't stay" a player who doesn't have an entry has the default group. This is working as intended
noobsnoobIf you can't even run a server, don't ask for help with fixing bugs with plugins
noworkfails, nwSimply saying 'it does not work' will not help us help you. Give us specific details. What do you expect to happen, and what actually happens?
nubu r nub
opop gives all permissions that are not permissiondefault.false unless they are explicitly set in which case being explicitly set takes priority
pastebinPastebin is a service run at which facilitates the sharing of information without flooding IRC channels.  Paste your text there, click 'Submit', and give us the URL the site takes you to, and we can see what you have pasted.
permissionsexAsk in #permissionsex - this channel is for bPermissions
PermissionsEX is not bPermissions, therefore we do not provide support for it. Go to #PermissionsEX for pex support.
Migrating from PEX? Use /permissions import pex!
Want to use PEX with bChatManager? It should Just Work.

readThe answer to your question is on the front page. Did you read the FAQ or anything before coming here?
rootfilesUse the files in the folders for your worlds! The root files are **EXAMPLE FILES**
rymateRymate1234 is the GREAT (apparently) DEVELOPER of bChatManager and bPermissions!
securitysecureWe will only ask for some of your files if it is necessary to help you. Any files you give will not contain any sensitive data but only data that helps us help you. If we need a file that has sensitive data we will PM you but usually we don't need those.
setuppermssetuperms, spTo set commands to work for players, look up the documentation of the plugins which provide those commands for the appropriate permission nodes. Or just op everyone.
smanlySmanly needs a new laptop. He can buy his own though
stacktracestupidIf you paste your whole server.log cos you're too stupid to know what a stacktrace looks like when it hits you in the face I'll look. Paste it in this channel and not on pastebin and you get permabanned.
step1Step 1 of using bPermissions, make sure you actually have it installed!
stupidquestionAsk a stupid question, get a stupid answer!
testTest with no other plugins and replicate the bug. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS WE WILL NOT HELP YOU
ticketYou're going to create a ticket? Good luck!
vagueDon't be vague! Give us specifics. For example, don't say "I get an error," describe the error that you get.
vanilla Vanilla CraftBukkit commands and permissions found here:
vaultProblems with bChatManager? Maybe you forgot vault!
whoareyouI am Lain!
ymlif you don't understand how to format a .yml configuartion file, USE THE COMMANDS
ymlwipeThere's a couple things you can try if your groups.yml is being wiped:
Turn off auto-save in your config
Downgrade to
Wait for a fix

youidiotI can't be responsible for you configuring your own plugins correctly or not

Dynamic Commands:

CommandTCL Command